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    I recognize that it's unlikely they will tell us here but- when is new content arriving? DLC, maps, Jasons, maybe counselors? The only news recently is that there will be no Pamela and that's the exact opposite of when new content is coming. The game has seen a steady decline, mostly due to server issues and exploits but once you get past those you find how little the game has to offer. It's fun, but repetitive and there's very little incentive to grind past Level 31.
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    .......so when does this game leave early access?
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    ...mysteriously dying when being thrown through an open first floor window. I can excuse the giant axes, the crouchy roof dwelling, the late patches, the dashboarding, the palette swaps... ...but suddenly exploding with blood as I fly three feet through the air is just seriously, seriously dumb, and we are all dumber for having seen it.
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    Scared the shit out of someone the other day. I'm Jason in the clip, this POV is from my victim. DISCLAIMER: Turn down volume a bit. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/XxDaddyDakxX/video/33636224 Afterwards he sent me a message saying: "i actually. screamed loud asf when i opened the door and you were there" "you are the best jason ive played also the only person who knows how to use stalk" @Ghostboy20 @bewareofbears @Brigadius
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    Stalk and Destruction work well together for this reason. A couple councilors are barricaded in a cabin, jason enters Stalk. He walks up to a door and hacks it down in 3 hits. The councilors inside are taken by surprise, and panic. Most other Jason's would give away their position long before he even approached the door. Giving the councilors a heads up. More time to search for pocket knives and form a plan.
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    Jason should be able to press e to hide next to a window and wait for a counsellor to pass by for a grab kill by pressing e again or they can make bushes in game that Jason can disappear into or even hiding in a closet in a house and then jump out to start killing
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    Part 9 looks like a fucked up testicle with a partial mask covering it.
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    Number 12 for sure, that 10 foot magnet grab needs to be toned down a bit, but I'm sure I'm not the first that has stated this.
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    The boat is easier to fix (less parts) and as a result is riskier. You gotta risk it for the biscuit! I think its fine how to it, i'm fully aware that if i take the boat i'm at a higher risk. You just have to make a judgement call based on what everyone else is doing and how preoccupided Jason is.
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    True but can't that be said about any game if you think about it. Call of duty for example is ultimately the same thing over and over again and millions of people still play it. Wes said they are redoing the gore effects to allow for more customization options he alluded characters with jackets like bugzy and Adam can mix and match their outer and inne pieces.
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    Something, something- birthday time-ish, something...
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    Happy birthday
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    We all were laughing, Jason then showed up was like "How did you guys flip this?" And thought he could unflip it if he it it. The other guy was dying, he was trying to figure out what had happened. That was by far one of the best lobbies I ended up in. Everyone was having such a good time and no fighting. Only person we had an issue with was the team killer who just didn't play well with others. I'm fine with team killers but the whole lobby was cool so there was no point in team killing them.
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    Thanks, David and Rik.
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    I know the ring around the rosy feeling all too well. Had a Chad running around a Picnic table for a solid minute, and unfortunately my ping of 200ms doesn't allow me to effectively shift grab in close quarter situations, so these encounters can become incredibly frustrating. What was even more annoying about said Chad, is that after his little run around, he kept window hopping, and when I eventually cornered him ready to burn him to a crisp at the fireplace, he instantly ragequit All I want for Christmas this year is an abandoner stacking penalty system
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    As far as I seen, the only time Jason didn't find me by sense is when I was in a hiding spot. Can't sense get nerfed that we don't need to be in a hiding spot in order to bypass sense if Jason is close? I find it silly that I have to rely on perks which work off RNG for bypassing sense. In my opinion, I should have a 90% chance of not being sensed if my character has a calm facial expression in a lit cabin where I have not even visually seen Jason yet.
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    Hows shit like this even happen in a completed game?
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    A smoother launch would of helped. I'm sure you know that saying "You only get one chance at a first impression" and Gun blew it big time. The only purpose of beta from what I can tell was to create hype cause 1/2 of these fucking glitches should of been caught easily..plain and simple, no excuses.
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    Nope. Nor do we need the "Abandoned Camp" map that's going to recycle the same things the existing 3 maps recycle.
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    I agree. They also need to fix getting into the boat from the water. Right now it's very, VERY finicky and you have to be in the exact correct pixel to get into the driver's seat of the boat, otherwise you'll get into the passenger's seat. ON TOP OF THAT, you can't transition from the passenger's seat to the driver's seat and stay in the boat, you have to get out completely and get back in. What? Excuse my language but that's retarded. So yeah the difference between normal and enhanced water speed is too great. Enhanced water speed needs to at best be as fast as the boat or only slightly slower. Any good Jason will morph ahead of the boat first before trying to attack the boat, so it's not like water speed is even an issue if you're Jason. If people could throw items out of the boat and the car like firecrackers, or aim the shotgun or flare gun from the passenger seat, then that would help a lot.
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    Nice lol cant wait to see those glitchers kill themselves. Thanks. It means if you manage to get up on a roof you will automatically die. Problems are common when it comes to coding, no matter how skilled you are. They are trying their best.
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    I disagree. The man who compiled this data even admitted that he made those guides for team oriented gameplay and you certainly don't have to play that way and the devs said so themselves. I've gone many games either surviving the night or escaping to the police playing as both A.J. and Jenny, the two "lower tier" counselor's. I've gone games as A.J. and Jenny without so much as Jason even seeing me. Most of the time, especially as Jenny, I'm the last counselor alive. Everyone else has died, but because I run stealth, I'm usually the last one to run into Jason. It's an easy way to get time xp too. Dont fight Jason unless you have a gun or a pocket knife. Otherwise, you're dead. Stealth gameplay certainly has its place. Let the rest of the team find the phone fuse and call the cops for your benefit, while you stay away from everyone and run sense avoidance perks. Then when the cops are called, quietly make your way to the exit.
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    We are putting kill volumes, those require testing so that people don't die in regular parts of the game.
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    The FRIDAY THE 13TH timeline is a total disaster, and pretty much impossible to make work in any sort of satisfying way. This is the best I can do, and I ignore pretty much anything but what is in the films. Part I - 1979 (Pamela's tombstone in Part IV) Part II, III, IV - 1984 (Paul says the events of Part I happened 5 years ago) Part V - 1989 (We know Tommy was 12 in Part IV, because he's credited as being so in Part V, and to the best of my knowledge Tommy's age in Part V is never given, but he looks at least 17 in the film, and he can't be any older because then he wouldn't be in a halfway house for minors) Part VI - 1990 (It is a huge stretch to say that Tommy is only 18 in this film, but whatchagonnado?) Part VII Opening - 1990 (Jason still looks relatively intact in the opening scene with Tina killing her dad) Part VII - 1995 (Tina looks, at the oldest, to be 12 in the opening, and, at the youngest, to be 17 for the rest) Part VIII - 1995 (Nothing really specifies a date in this movie) JGTH - 1995 (Nothing really specifies a date in this movie) FVSJ - 2009 (This movie has to be set between FREDDY'S DEAD, which is set in 2001, and the opening of JASON X, which is set around 2010. Since, in FREDDY'S DEAD, Krueger has wiped every teenager out in Springwood, and by the time this film starts there is at least one High School worth of kids, I try to set it as late as possible.) JASON X Opening - 2010 (the cryochamber that Jason is frozen in is later said to have been manufactured in 2010) JASON X - 2455 (Explicitly stated in the film) Obviously, none of this makes the blatantly 80's fashions in Parts VI, VII and VIII make sense, but there is just no way to make those movies take place in the 80's. I just assume that in the Friday universe that 80's fashion hung on for a much longer time. As if it wasn't horrifying enough.
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    I wouldn't necessarily enjoy it, but I'd dress up the kids and go watch it.
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