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    How else would a phone box grow?
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    I recognize that it's unlikely they will tell us here but- when is new content arriving? DLC, maps, Jasons, maybe counselors? The only news recently is that there will be no Pamela and that's the exact opposite of when new content is coming. The game has seen a steady decline, mostly due to server issues and exploits but once you get past those you find how little the game has to offer. It's fun, but repetitive and there's very little incentive to grind past Level 31.
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    .......so when does this game leave early access?
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    ...mysteriously dying when being thrown through an open first floor window. I can excuse the giant axes, the crouchy roof dwelling, the late patches, the dashboarding, the palette swaps... ...but suddenly exploding with blood as I fly three feet through the air is just seriously, seriously dumb, and we are all dumber for having seen it.
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    Just a small hotfix for the perk issue that was going on with PS4 users.
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    So, I don't own a Playstation 4 yet, so the only way I can play on the game is at my cousin's house. He's a well known member on here wildthing73 and I was at his house yesterday to play the game. At first I was just connecting to Quick Play matches, which I had no issues connecting to on the newest version of the game... and for the first few games on there I had fun playing with some fairly legit players. But then some of them left and a few more players joined, it turned out they were team killers, so after a couple of games suffering with playing with them... I dropped out and tried to connect with a different group in Quick Play. I found a group of very young kids playing the game and after playing two games with them (one as a counselor and one as Jason), my cousin decided to try and get a private match going. This was where the real fun of the night began, as he connected with a player who is a friend on both of our accounts CowardlyBadger and then he in turn invited a few of his friends and pretty soon we had an almost full group and were playing a few games. During this time I leveled up to 13 and equipped part 2 Jason because I wanted to play with him, and that's when the group asked if we wanted to try a legit Jason kill, everyone agreed and in the first attempt I was Jason. I'm not as good playing this game as my cousin, but I was aware of what the rest were planning with killing me, my cousin warned me not to try grabbing anyone unless they are solo away from the others. I didn't listen the first 2 encounters and tried grabbing and the rest of the group let me have it. So I finally just started swinging my pick axe and killed one of them, but soon after they knocked my mask off. But I was still sure I had a strategy to not allow them to kill me, I ending killing a member of the group that I was able to grab before the rest could save him. Then not long after I killed a third member, I came upon the rest of the group and went to try slash them all. I'm still not very good at following my character with the camera, so I was completely unaware that the girl with the sweater and Tommy were there and didn't even see the girl use the sweater. So, I was hit and fell to my knees and Tommy killed me. Even though I died, it was a thrill playing it and I wasn't even upset and congratulated the group on a job well done. Then we played a few more times trying to kill Jason and me and my cousin were pretty much alternating playing on my account with the group. My cousin changed Jason to part 6, because that is his favorite and we agreed if it was a counselor I'd be playing, if it was Jason he'd play. The group then decided to go for another legit Jason kill attempt, but this time it was my cousin playing as part 6. I'm still amazed at how good he is at this game now, the group gave him some good shots, but they were never able to get his mask off. He ended up thwarting their attempts to kill him and killed all 6 of them. The 2 kills that impressed me most watching him was his first kill, in which he used his sense then shifted into and back member of the group and grabbed him and killed him before the rest of the group even knew he was there. The victim yelled, "Oh man, you and your damned stalk"... but he didn't have stalk activated yet. Then later in the game he did enable stalk after using sense to figure out that everybody was in the main Higgin's Haven house, the back door by where the car was was already broken down, and he walked into the house then enabled stalk and waited in the kitchen watching through the doorway with the fireplace visible. Soon a member of the group went over to the fireplace to pick up a poker to defend himself with, and that's when my cousin shifted right into him and did the fireplace kill on him before anyone even knew he was there. It was awe inspiring and I can't wait to be able to play the game more to get as good as he is as Jason!
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    While I want new Jason's, kills, counselors, weapons, clothes, etc... the thing I want first and foremost is new maps. As much as I wanted to see single player too, I'd actually rather have some new maps first. Shake things up and reinvigorate things that way, since you don't have things memorized! Everything else I'll wait patiently for, but would love to see some new maps soon!
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    I don't know about the official word, but Jason has traps; Jason places these traps; a counselor sometimes intentionally runs into one, sprays him/herself off, then fixes the (fuse, car, etc.) while another counselor covers him/her while s/he does it. Traps are fine the way they are, in other, unofficial, words. No exploit at all. Because if counselors stick together, Jason really hasn't much of a chance. 7-on-1, the math is easy! So he needs all the help he can get, IMO...
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    I'd say the biggest issue at the moment is not the elephant in the room, but the 30 foot axe in the room. ?
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    Cut! Jason flew off the map again! Cut someone left the game while in the car and it's destroyed! Everyone take five! I'm not getting paid enough money for this.
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    One thing I've been mad since it was discovered is Mrs. Voorhees Sweater. Only female counselors can use it. And this even worsens te situation due to the sweater being necessary to kill Jason. Friday The 13th fans! Remember the times when Jason was folished in the movies? There were 2 times, Part 2 and Part 4. In Part 2, Ginny foolished Jason into thinking she was his mother with her sweater. In Part 4, Tommy grabbed a newspaper page speaking of Jason's drowning and ran into the bathroom( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) to shave his head and looks like him when he was a child. The he foolished Jason and killed him. So, my point is if a male counselor reaches Jason's Shack, in the altar's room he'll find together with the sweater this specific newspaper page to shave his head and looks like kid Jason! Then the male counselor can do exactly what a female counselor with the sweater can. And that includes Tommy killing Jason.
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    Update 1.08... give Jason the ability to call the cops back and tell them it was a false alarm by a counselor who had done too many magic mushrooms.
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    nice story. I too had some pretty good matches yesterdays as well playing with a couple of British people, we kept giving each other crap being that I was the 4th of July. Those damn loyalist red coats were a blast to play with. We worked really well together to put a couple of team killers and Jason helpers in their place.
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    They could adopt a feature similar to GTA V with bad players getting put with other bad players based on reputation. If you're racking up team kills and quitting early every game, your account can be flagged and pits you against other less than reputable players until you decide to behave.
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    We review each report. It is very, very, very unlikely a ban would occur simply because someone claims you will be. We have to check each circumstance.
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    I have to fight the urge to do this. Some people are good at kiting Jason around the map and making you waste time. You gotta know when to let go. It sure is satisfying to catch them and squeeze their head for the trouble of running them down, but it's even more gratifying to catch them by surprise after they think you've given up. That's my take, anyway.
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    "ANNNNND.....CUT! No one with half a brain cell is going to find this plausible as a kill scene!' That can go in the outtakes comedy reel during the end of the movie credits. ?
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    My playstyle is true to Jason in the movies. Keep you on edge, almost ready to crap yourself, and pulling off the kills at just the right time. It's all about creating the perfect atmosphere.
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    I think they'll be well aware of how long a cooldown takes for each Jason. They'll be able to differentiate between a player and a hacker. They're gonna receive a lot of reports from people with dumb-founded judgement. If you haven't done anything wrong, I'm sure you'll be fine.
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    I mainly play part 8 I trap the phone. Then check on the cars, and cut the power boxes,break down doors, if I run into a councillor within the first minute I usually ignore them, as I don't wanna be to distracted off the start. Cutting power and collecting knives is my main objective in the first 2 minutes. I only go for easy kills at the start. When Stalk activates I become a stealth Jason. I frequently use stalk to over hear peoples plans. For example the other day I activated stalk and overheard someone say they found the fuse, and they are gonna bring it to packinack, so I morph to packinack, and walk inside and and reactivate Stalk and wait upstairs by the phone. The councillor arrives with a friend, they deactivate my trap with a pocket knife, they think they are being sneaky, but I hear everything. >:D Chad repairs the phone (for some reason?) He's making lots of mistakes, while poor Kenny goes inside to look for it, as soon as he enters the room I grab him and kill him. The guy nearly had a heart attack, and he was dead before he was even finished crapping his pants. Chad still doesn't know I'm inside, due to stalk, and he's confused because Kenny screamed, so he runs inside and up the stairs while I shift right to him and take him out. I love playing like that. The less risky thing to do would be to kill them before they even repaired the phone, but it was worth it. Camping objectives in stalk, and waiting for them to fall into my trap is so much fun.
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    Agree. We already have 6 Jason's (7 if you count Savini) we desperately need new maps. Playing as Jason X on the same three maps will get old quickly. Maps simply have to be the main focus for this game to move forward.
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    1. Morph to Phone - Double Trap; Prep phone house (destroy doors and windows) 2. Morph to Car - If 2 seat, Trap Battery. If 4 seat, Trap Battery and Gas; Prep 4 seat house 3. Start focusing down one counselor at a time. Always keep in mind the boat if there is one. Listen for audio cues of spilt gas, phone fuse mistake, or prop failure. 4. Try and keep Morph available for emergencies. Dont waste it by blind morphing. Tips: Dont rage if they use shotguns, flare guns, or knives early on. These are limited and if they waste them early on then they are SOL later. Dont get distracted by the Sweater grabber. They are probably not going to kill you, but if you see her focus her down. Do not get tunnel vision on Tommy Jarvis early on in the game. He's too fast. Wait until you can use a stalk-shift combination later on.
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    Idk, the players sure have discovered a lot of bugs and glitches.
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    This is me as Jason in the clip and is by far my favorite way to play. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/XxDaddyDakxX/video/33636224
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    Will you be incorporating the 30 foot axe into the film? "Friday the 13th Part 13: The Attack of the 30 foot axe" could be a catchy title. I'm glad you've decided not to film in public lobbies as you'll forever be shouting "CUT! Can you come down from the roof please?" "CUT! An actor has got stuck in a tent again!"
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    Scared the shit out of someone the other day. I'm Jason in the clip, this POV is from my victim. DISCLAIMER: Turn down volume a bit. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/XxDaddyDakxX/video/33636224 Afterwards he sent me a message saying: "i actually. screamed loud asf when i opened the door and you were there" "you are the best jason ive played also the only person who knows how to use stalk" @Ghostboy20 @bewareofbears @Brigadius
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    Stalk and Destruction work well together for this reason. A couple councilors are barricaded in a cabin, jason enters Stalk. He walks up to a door and hacks it down in 3 hits. The councilors inside are taken by surprise, and panic. Most other Jason's would give away their position long before he even approached the door. Giving the councilors a heads up. More time to search for pocket knives and form a plan.
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    Jason should be able to press e to hide next to a window and wait for a counsellor to pass by for a grab kill by pressing e again or they can make bushes in game that Jason can disappear into or even hiding in a closet in a house and then jump out to start killing
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    Part 9 looks like a fucked up testicle with a partial mask covering it.
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    Number 12 for sure, that 10 foot magnet grab needs to be toned down a bit, but I'm sure I'm not the first that has stated this.
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    The boat is easier to fix (less parts) and as a result is riskier. You gotta risk it for the biscuit! I think its fine how to it, i'm fully aware that if i take the boat i'm at a higher risk. You just have to make a judgement call based on what everyone else is doing and how preoccupided Jason is.
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    True but can't that be said about any game if you think about it. Call of duty for example is ultimately the same thing over and over again and millions of people still play it. Wes said they are redoing the gore effects to allow for more customization options he alluded characters with jackets like bugzy and Adam can mix and match their outer and inne pieces.
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    Someone was messaging me claiming to be from gun media and saying he would ban me, here's the messages with his Psn name
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    The worst part.. most of them are axes.. even if that particular Jason never used an axe once in the film. Really weapon kills can be shared across the weapon regardless of which Jason uses that weapon (though I'd hope there'd be some more Machete kills) Part 2: Pitchfork, Spear, Pickaxe, Panga Machete (in other words a curved Machete, so it could get a few different kills) Part 3: Axe, Machete, Pitchfork, Meat Cleaver Part 4: Double Bit Axe, Machete, Meat Cleaver Part 6: Spear (fencepost), Machete Part 7: Tent Stake, Axe, Machete, Brush Hook Part 8: Fire Axe, Wrench, Electric Guitar Part 9: Spear (metal post), Machete
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    I would. There's no reason to hold on to it. You're not doing yourself any favors by holding it and not rolling any perks.
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    This isn't a fighting game, tiers don't exist. This guy is all opinions in terms of who is good, but his data on abilities and perks is decent. If characters like AJ were low tier, I wouldn't escape 5 times in a row with her. Good players don't need tiers.
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    I've seen this happen too. I'm not really sure what the explanation for it is. But I have 2 theories about when this happens. 1. Someone else was in the house and had Home Body, which makes the house not glow red, but may reveal other players. 2. This I believe is the most likely scenario, but if they have maxed out FEAR, then maybe it'll let you exactly pinpoint a player.
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    If only you played on PS4. I'm interested in these kinds of things.
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    Savini Jason, hack them a few times and get rid of the pocket knives, then when they don't expect it go for a huge STALK SHIFT grab. Had so many people scream.
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    Have you ever watched any of the films? Sex is an integral part of films. It's the entire reason jason kills. And this is an m-mature rated game. Just because you are weirded out and are uncomfortable by a mechanic, doesn't mean it shouldn't be a mechanic. If anything, just avoid it in game.
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    I like to actually be scary. I don't talk into the mic when I'm Jason. Nothing ruins the atmosphere more than some little voice saying, "I'm going to get you, OUCHIE, a pocket knife!". I like to use stealth and let the counselors come to me. I've cause a lot of jump scares that way. If you're in a cabin, I will shut off the lights and break all of the windows to toy with my prey first then go in for the kill.
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    Psh. What's wrong with you, man? Then that would ruin player discovery! But seriously small questions like this deserve answers as the game doesn't make it clear. @GunMedia_Ben So how about it? What happens to items, both small and hand held, when you die under a bed?
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    It's little questions like this that would be nice if developers dropped in from time to time and gave answers to. Would take all of ten seconds to clear up, then forum members would be able to enlighten others if the question crops up again. For the record I have never seen an item alongside the bed of a killed counselor and don't recall items respawning in the same room either.
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    What @Kodiak said. I recommend not getting info from the game support twitter. This isn't the first time they've been wrong.
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    Yes, I do agree. Them blocking out what they said makes it weird. They also could have been Jason for all we know and the person was angry because they killed them. We don't really know. It is weird and I would like to see what they said. If anything he could be in the wrong as well. Edit After doing some research and looking up the users name I came across this channel and it's spelled the same. In the video it shows them glitching. So unless I have the wrong user but it looks like they are both in the wrong here. @lHeartBreakerl
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    *Once quick play is up and running and actually works constistantly* Dead by Daylight has the option to join a game as either the killer or the survivor. Resulting in you joining a game with players who are looking for your desired preference of play. This option would be nice because it gets quite frustrating playing game after game hoping to finally be jason but it never seems to be your turn. I have my spawn preference set to Jason, but so does everyone which is probably the problem. I can imagine that most poeple wouldnt want to be Jason constantly because playing as survivors is pretty awesome, but the option to sucessfully be him when you want a change would be nice.
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    Definitely. They were either completely blind to the games problems,or naively thought that players wouldn't discover the numerous bugs and glitches. Taking in everything we know so far,I would bet the latter. And once everything is finally sorted out (IF it's sorted out),I wonder what kind of damage that single player update is going to do.
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    Agreed. I think the game is fun but I'm slowly getting tired of the maps already. We know the single player update is coming this summer(at least it's supposed to) which will add a whole new layer of content. Wes also said on twitter he's working on new clothes and it's confirmed new maps are in the works. Ideally a counselor clothing pack and a new map will come with this update. It would definitely sastify our appetites for a while.
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    Welcome to the forums
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    He is definitely coming as he's one of the more requested Jason's. My guess is he'll be the first DLC Jason offered, and I can't wait.
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