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    And that, ladies and gentlemen...is how you get an instant suspension.
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    There's a legend 'round here.... A game finished,but not released. A curse on gun and illfonic.... A certification curse.
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    And now we can't post in the other "Why no release date".....I'm not one for conspiracies,but....
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    I just want GunMedia and Illfonic to know,brothers,that if they are feeling weighed down by the pressure of certification,and the floodgates are open dudes,and the water is rising,rising,flooding everything - When it becomes too much to handle,just grab onto the largest arms on the forum,and I'll swim us all to Crystal Lake and drop the big leg onto this Jason Jabroni,and then we'll swim to Microsoft and Sony's HQs brothers,and they will have to answer to me as to what the certification hold up is. And when you've got the largest pythons in the world attached to a frame cut from granite,I'll get this game to pass certification brothers!
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    No idea but one things for sure. We'll know within the next 9 days.
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    Is this where we make a girl on the phone joke? Wow. You're talkative, BoB. Good luck with that one. As for me, my strategy will be run, evade, survive. We'll see how it goes. As far as being Jason? Kill.
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    Feel free to create a topic I'm off topic for such things. Just make sure you keep your creations to that one thread.
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    The forum was upgraded. The old format was no longer supported. Forum look has changed however the rules have not. Please conduct a search before creating a new topic.
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    This is Michael Cole and I'm here with Daniel Bryan. Daniel, we're less than 10 days away from the end of Early 2017 and Gun has yet to announce a release date. Do you support this silence and are you happy about there not being some sort of announcement being this close to the end? Ok...then. So it's safe to say that you think that there should be some sort of announcement, preferably one with a release date very soon. And not that dev talk never ending very soon, like in the next day or so? There you have it. Back to you, Wes.
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    I let my friend borrow my box set he said he never liked them i told him he was wrong a herbert and should be hung in public
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    Huh... The Why No Release Date Yet? thread is locked and I cant put new comments into it. Is that because of the forum restructuring?
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    You can just click on Online Users at the top to see a list of everyone and what topic/forum they're currently viewing.
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    I just was checking out twitter and hobbs is talking about blocking people asking for release date and/or letting people know about the count down to release or delay. Im guessing its just twitter. but i like all the guys at gun but hobbs he is rude and not customer friendly. I hate seeing business owners who treat customers like that.
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    Ugh. Not digging it so far.
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    So one huge issue to note is profile pics/avatars are now absolute horrendous quality when you upload a new one. Reuploaded my pic to mine thinking with the forum upgrade it'd be BETTER than the crappy quality of the old one but it was actually WORSE now and looks all pixellated as anything regardless of what resolution I use. Also personally hate the new cover pictures as no matter what size or resolution you use, you can only see the top portion of the picture. :/
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    Very cool- great mask. That first glove is still a beauty but the second is a masterpiece.
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    Neet! (Snaps Pictures) When I clicked leader boards I thought it was IN GAME leader boards for a second. I was all hyped... but this is good too!
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    My glove came in the mail yesterday The mask is one I bought a few years ago and gave to a family member but I had to get some pics with it because it's a Freddy vs. Jason mask. Anyway, I'm very happy with the glove.
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    jason is op and suppose to be! their might be people bitching about dlc only because they will have to put out maps and other content much faster then their doing now in order for the game to remain alive. We should all know it will be the end of aug or sept before they release single player/bots. so I dont see much bitching their other then making a date when the time gets closer. these guys might get more organized after the release in order to put something out in a timely manner. Where going to need more maps within the next 6+ months for the game to remain a float. I feel this game should have released with at least 6 maps from the start and add more as time goes on. The fact is its time for a release/date! I feel their past cert with all the little info tags we get here and there
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    What if there were magical tomes of occult lore that described ancient occultic rituals that required the blood of woodland creatures, so to cast the spells contained within the tomes you have to first harvest the souls of the wicked woodland creatures which would then allow you to cast the spells which causes the woodland creatures from around Camp Crystal Lake to become possessed by demons and descend upon Jason to feast on his flesh and defeat him.
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    If that wasn't enough, I assumed my chunky drag queen cheer pushed it over the top. But *shrugs*
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    ' Wes! Tis I, your long lost cousin and former member of The Vaudvillains, Simon Gotch. You can tell we're related because of our glorious mustaches. It runs in the family. Now Wes, it is time that you come back around and tell us the release date so that we can start making plans for our evil......plans. Tata.
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    Games are not tied to a specific day however they generally are early in the week or late in the week. Games usually release on a Tuesday or a Friday however it is not a rule, it just makes it easier to choose beginning or end of week.
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    Welcome to the forums! Glad you managed to get all-in with the game on Backerkit. Hope you enjoy this place and the game itself.
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    Had to vote Toby for his ability to find survivors anywhere across the map. How about an eight legged counselor? Part Arachnid, Part Human...All Darrin. A Spider Human hybrid, fueled by dark magic and bloodied weapons that feasts on the brains of people that don't always type in Upper Case all the time, continually becoming stronger.
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    *10 days until the end of early 2017*
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    Welcome to the forums
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    Guy on death row on his way to the lethal injection table.
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    who wouldn't want to be escorted by a man in uniform?
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    Best thread on the board currently. By the way... What I'd like right now is for all of you FAT, OUT OF SHAPE, CRYSTAL LAKE SWEATHOGS to keep the noise down while I put my mask on and show the fanbase what "Early 2017" is all about... Hit my music!
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    Maybe they can smell what were cooking?
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    LMFAOOOO!!!!!! Oh my God, i'm Fu**** cryin' over here!! GREAT STUFF!!!! XD
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    Do ya know what happens when you keep us waiting like this Gun?? Do ya know what happens when you keep us dangling on a hook with no release date? Do ya know what happens when papa doesn't get his fix? Do ya?! HUH?!?! YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!!
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    I know there's already a thread on the release date. But, I figured since the last post was in March & that thread seemed like it was dead I'd start another. Do you guys think now that we're getting towards the end of April they'll make the release date timeline of early 2017 or will there be a delay? Just wondering what you guys think.
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    They usually are, but there's no official law saying it's a must. Hence you see Nintendo games released on Sundays, and sometimes (maybe Bioware or Bethesda) games are released on Fridays.
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    Let's be straight up, this post is for my reasons only, and the rest of you can rant or cuss at me, it's all good. That being said, let's get to the point........... Here we go......... I work full time hours Monday-Friday, limited vacation time. Wife, 2 small kids, 3 year old and 1 and a half. I'm busy almost ALL the time. I've been trying to save some vacation days for the launch of this FANTASTIC game that has been a life long dream game of mine. BUT, here's where the cool part comes in..... I'm having surgery soon, not excited for that at all, and will be off work for 6-8 weeks. Know what that means???? RECOVERY!!!! So, long story short, I'm hoping the game launches around my surgery/recovery time so I can enjoy it for weeks on end without missing out because of work, and I won't have to burn up vacation time! What a WIN/WIN/still sucks cuz of surgery pain/ situation! Let's make this happen boys! I could use the pick me up! And it would give me something to look forward to while I'm down! See you in MAY????? SICK
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    The obvious problems that most new online games have: long game queues, bad server performance relating to loads of people playing or other factors unforeseen, hacks & exploits, afk players, especially Jasons, and the inevitable DDOS attack that seems to follow.
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    So, Just when you thought they couldn't fuck up any more they mess up a mechanic that they COULD of fixed their game with. On top of this they seem hellbent on making Michael FUCKING Myers the weakest killer in their game.... They are going to implement a mechanic (Blood Rage) that makes the killer faster as he chases survivors. Basically it seems made to counter survivors doing looping behavior by giving Killers a speed boost the longer they chase. I was totally on board with this idea, it sounds like it has potential! Than they go ahead and crush everyone's dreams by making it so it DECAYS WHEN YOU BREAK A FUCKING PALLET.... So the anti looping Mechanic is countered by.... looping. (Slow Clap)
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    1. Clothing customisation will be in the base game, I believe it'll be a colour palette change of existing clothes. 2. The alternate Clothing Pack won't be available after release, so for the relatively small price - well worth grabbing now.
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    Best way i have seen yet to say quit bitching love it
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    I'd say since we started this project, there's been an overall actual demand of around 30 or so refund requests. Of them, most stated that 'due to unforeseen issues,' and the like meant they wanted their money back a year or more after their initial donation. We've had less than 10 actual people demand a refund due to their perception that they don't believe we're coming out. Let me be very clear on this; the Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform where people give money to a team asking for it. We promise goods/services in exchange for funds not as compensation, but as a means to fund and create a project. People believed in our project enough to support at $823K+ on the initial Kickstarter, and have supported us to $1.2M in funds on Backerkit. We promised a game delivered to you that will let you play as Jason Voorhees our counselors. We were able to fund an additional promise that gets you access to playing as Jason in a single player experience and offline AI bots. For that, we delayed slightly and will roll content out to you as quickly as possible. Those that supported us paid no additional funds, and everyone after was asked to give at minimum $40USD over the original $30USD to get access to the game. A donation was given, a promise was made and thus far we are well on our way to fulfilling that promise. The team spends every single day working on it. We're hard at work juggling more than our team should be given our size. We're working on a major franchise with a game that's been demanded by fans for over 26+ years. Everyone is chomping at the bit to get access because we are thiiiiiiis close to release. We understand that. However, as I've said and will continue to say; we're going to get you a working, fun, awesome game that makes people happy every single time they turn their console on to play. The thing is, we want to be sure before we make any concrete promises. I honestly don't understand the desire from people saying 'release it now and just fix it after.' Why would anyone want us to rush a broken product? Sure, no game is 100% bug free....but why not work to ensure everything works as best as possible before release and be sure about the exact release date? We're working hard to deliver on our promises, and the support we've received from all of you has been great. The criticism keeps us grounded and keeps us accountable while the support makes sure we're motivated each day. We're almost there, guys .
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