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    @SonofOdin6039, that would have been a nice alternative use of the gas.
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    See, this is what happens when 10-year-olds are allowed unsupervised online gaming. It kinda makes me miss the days of playing Quake II online. Back then, the majority of players would tell each other GG after every (or at least most) matches, even if you flat-out sucked and came in dead last. What's so hard about NOT being a total enema-nozzle to a complete stranger you just met 5 minutes ago? Yeah, you got killed with the sweater. So what? You can always try again next round, it's not the end of the world and it's certainly not worth being a salty brat over.
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    Boats for Bots?.... Please
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    I'd say rework the perks, rather than remove them. Add a a couple new ones.
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    Does anyone know what the hidden meaning is when The GUN MEDIA guys respond with GUN IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE ANYTIME SOON. Everytime The Gun media guys gets asked about their next project they respond with a strange hidden message mantra and they say GUN IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE ANYTIME SOON. What does GUN IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE ANYTIME SOON Actually mean. maybe it means the Gun Media guys are working on a HUGE HORROR TITLED VIDEO GAME. I Hope we have an answer and questions with Wes Keltner or Matt Shotcha so we can ask and learn what the slogan GUN IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE ANYTIME SOON actually means.
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    Design your own counselors. Design your own maps for others to play on (like Super Mario Maker) - I live on a farm and would love to be able to recreate it in game. 😭
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    The developers have pretty much said we're not getting anything new, even if the lawsuit is settled. That could change, but it's not likely. In the meantime, bug fixes are better than nothing.
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    The lawsuit prevents new content, including new game modes. It's too bad, because it would have been nice to see other modes, such as Paranoia.
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    These new private match options are fantastic, never thought I’d get to try so many fun things this late in the camping season. Good job guys, really.
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    tiffany cuz she gots the buttox from heaven but only when she is in the thong
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    I was about to say the same thing. That would be awesome, along with the ability to toggle rain on/off and customize counselor's clothes and perks. @mattshotcha, any chances of something like this happening in the future?
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    Now if only there's a modifier for offline bots, that would be awesome
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    Since we all new there’s no more new content for this game, I’ve always kind of had this idea and I wanted to see what other people’s opinions would be. If the lawsuit hadn’t happened, who thinks that a Freddy vs Jason game mode would be really cool? My idea on how it would go about would be two killers obviously, Freddy and Jason. The counselors have to try to get away from them both. The maps for this game mode would be a little bit bigger only because Freddy and Jason shouldn’t come across each other until towards the end. The person playing Jason and the person playing Freddy should both try to kill as many counselors as possible, and obviously they are trying to get a higher kill count than the other. Like the movie, they will get mad at each other for “stealing” a kill. And at one point in the match, there will be a final face off between the two of them. Now, similar to how counselors can either try to survive, escape, or take down Jason and kill him, for this game mode the counselors can try and do the same. The equivalent of defeating Jason for this game mode would be somehow managing to get Jason and Freddy to come across each other before all counselors are dead, and that way they will obviously fight each other and once one is defeated, then any counselors who are still alive have survived. And essentially the killer who defeated the other killer would be the one with the victory (? not sure how that would work. Maybe it could be that the match just ends for everybody and it would be like the ending of Freddy vs Jason, one is not truly defeated). I know if the lawsuit hadn’t happened they’d still need to get the license to use the character and all, but I just think that would be a really cool game mode. Maybe there could be a map from the movie as well, like the cornfield where that party was happening, or Elm Street. This wouldve been a cool way to bring other horror villains into a game that’s focused strictly on one horror villain, which is Jason. This would’ve been a separate game mode because of the fact that this game is called Friday the 13th: The Game so obviously Jason is the main star of it. It wouldn’t be unfitting into the game though because FvJ is technically apart of the Friday the 13th franchise.
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    I made a Tierlist! I think LaChappa is the worst overall. Buggzy, Mitch, and Jenny are also pretty bad.
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    I often wondered about this as well. It would have nice to have gotten a much needed rework, to add a bit more spice to the game. If we ever got another game like this, I'd like to believe some kind of perk system could be implemented that the players would come to enjoy more than this one. We'll have to wait and see if a future project rectifies this. As everyone doesn't play the exact same way, there's nothing wrong with leaving the perks in, even if they aren't widely used. For the handful of people that may find use of certain perks, others may just choose not to use them at all. Use what you enjoy, and forget about the rest.
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    And its easier to draw in players to a lobby by notifying PSN communities of the game of a lobby that is being public hosted (randoms appeared faster than expected, and that continued across multiplayer matches). it is good etiquette to keep the map selection random, and ready as soon as possible, but even if one doesnt ready up, the timer will start the match eventually. each match is still different and intense! and its great there are still passionate fans playing it online.
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    About a week ago, I was picked to be Jason twice. As usually happens anytime I'm him twice in a row, i msged few of the counselors and told them to fix something and take off, then walked outside and dumped all of my traps at the shack entrance. Literally 10 seconds after I'm done, an AJ shows up, runs right past me and into the pile of traps, heals up, steps in another one, heals up again, then runs in, grabs the sweater, and hauls ass. It was so amusing I just let her take off with it. A few minutes later, I Morph over to the main lodge to fuck with the counselors a little and show up just in time to see them crowding together on the porch with some douchebag driving around trying to run them over. They see me coming and start clicking their flashlights, so I come over to them and TK-glitch the car the next time it comes close. Driver turns out to be the AJ who took the sweater. She runs off (presumably to try and fix the boat, though good luck running anyone over with it) and the counselors still alive hang out in the lodge for the rest of the round.
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    My guess is we will see and get something like this, in maybe 2-3 years. With all our given feedback, discussed ideas, elements, scenarios and „what if this and that“ from this forum someone now just has to take a big whiteboard and is able to create the layout for a perfect new game. It would be a real waste of a chance for any software publisher / developer to not exactly do this (take our think tank) once the lawsuit is over and the rights’ situation is crystal (lake) clear. As much blame the current publishers, developers received for the glitches: we should keep in mind that we wouldn’t be here at this very Point at all. we wouldn’t have anything to discuss, suggest, blame or enjoy about. so I am grateful for all the details we can enjoy and that we even got here and I do not mind if the same persons would get the (call it a second) chance to create this something, what we all wish for and maybe what they had always on their minds, but were forced to stop once the lawsuit had started.
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    Flashlight? Not really but it might matter a tiny bit if its not true No Fear, which needs to be the full 20% to be True No Fear. I've said before that I've done 19% for a long time, and it's still really strong, since you won't go into full deep fear. You got the right idea by having Thick Skin. She really goes as far as you are skilled at this game. She gives you stability, doesn't make you magically a better fighter. What is nice about her is you never need to blame the game's innate randomness (that aren't glitches anyhow ). Sure you might have gotten shift-grabbed when someone like Vanessa might have avoided it w/ her speed, but you can say to yourself if there was anything you could have done better to avoid it. I rather live with that than I gotten killed because I tripped while trying to bait a Jason into something .
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    i have had some thought on this idea myself and maybe have it so it is just jason at the start of the match and a player can find a certain item which will cause freddy to possess that person and thus bringing freddy to the real world which the player that finds the item gets to control freddy and then he can either go for jason or kill other counselors. maybe have the item spawn at like 3-4 mins in so freddy cant come too soon.
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    I like it general. I think the idea of getting Freddy and Jason to interact early would be heavily exploited though. The counselors would just have to huddle together in a small area, unless you give the killers something more viable at range than a handful of throwing knives.
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    No fear Jenny= 10% preparedness, 10% nerves of steel, and whatever other perk you choose to run. Smart people run 17+% thick skin.
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    Your right i over reacted. I Guess im just hoping and waiting for a HUGE Announcement of something awesome. Well i hope at least Beyond the Stream may return on special dates through out the year 2020. It does seem though that Wes Keltner hanging with Jason Blum the owner of Blumhouse ,it seems Wes Keltner may have mentioned horror video games to Jason Blum and other celebrity connections. But i do understand no matter what Wes Keltner does or says we still will have to wait patiently for when Gunmedia is ready to announce any new game titles. I Just hope 2020 would have some exciting video game news from Gun media and if it doesent we will have to just enjoy Friday the 13th.
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    And here we go again. Anywhere in Matt’s response did you see him say there was a major horror franchise game in development? No. He didn’t. Horror games could mean other games like another Layers of Fear or anything for that matter. Stop going off the deep end every time someone from Gun says anything.
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    Hahaha exactly. Except in this, the teamer is your friend, and you dont know who to trust. At least in a private match you can kill the teamer.
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    I am pretty sure this is tied to the environmental kill issue where the kill glitches out and counselors register killed but eventually break out of Jason’s grasp and continue playing...... Matt said this issue is being addressed with this months patch.
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    Welcome to the forum! We've had a few Switch players posting their intros in this forum @Slasher_Clone has good suggestions there. For the Xbox there's the Gamertag thread and the Good Sportsmanship Club in General forum, but yeah, for the Switch there's nothing specific as a group yet. Please take a look at the Rules & Regs forum for guidelines about using this place, and I do hope you can find some fellow Switch players here.
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    That isn't Ben Solo to me....Ben Solo is the son of Luke! not Han! I swear this new canon is just terrible!!!!
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    @MonsterManiaMadness, check the following link out: http://jasonlivessince1980.blogspot.com/2017/01/a-visual-history-of-hockey-masks.html "the masks were painted an "off white" enhanced with a "slight aged patina" and given an "almost automotive finish" to enhance the look for night-time shooting." This may not answer all your questions, but it's got good information. **edit, just noticed @OCT 31 1978 sent you a link to the same blog, lol.
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    It always comes down to Lighting. both pictures are in different lighting conditions the first with an over head white lighting, the second in a more harsh Yellow you can tell from the way the clothing looks and even the color of his skin. Your best bet is to use the production stills for reference as those probably don’t have any extra or harsh lighting on them and may even be the most accurate.
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    @mattshotcha Are and When will Beyond streams be returning? any chance the community can get a list of what’s next on the priority list of bug fixes? ( so we can possibly ask or address any “would be nice to add/change” suggestions.)
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    Luckily I don''t need to deal with this crap no more since I just play offline bots now which I find more fun anyways. It's hard to trust anyone now especially the Vanessa's and Bugzy's, the most screwjob counselors online . I also have some different opinions about the rage buff for Jason which they should fix up like have some stun chance for him or something since you can put him in rage for the first 5 mins by teamers I just find it unplayable to play as a counselor. Atleast when I play as Jason, I like to have fun, can careless if I die or anything else that makes the counselors almost victorious. I'm level 150 now so why should it matter now right.
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    @Friday-Fan-88 For me, its just a goal to have them all. I actually have only listened to 1 tape and am waiting to find them all to hear them all. How do you give up looking for tapes? You don't open any drawers anymore? I don't expect to find tapes unless its during a tape chase event. They are just an extra surprise when I'm looking for other items.
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    Im hoping for a HUGE SURPRISE FOR THE FIRST FRIDAY THE 13TH OF THE YEAR 2020. Something at least. A BEYOND BROADCAST FROM GUNMEDIA SOMETHING PLEASE. For Goodness sake Friday March 13th 2020 will be the first Friday the 13th of the year. I May message Randy Greenback on facebook and Matt Shotcha on twitter we deserve SOMETHING ON THE FIRST FRIDAY THE 13TH OF THE YEAR.
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    @Strigoi, your missing the point. Axes and machetes don’t have to be used to demask Jason. All weapons can be used on him to demask him. It makes it even easier once he’s in rage mode. All weapons do maximum damage to his mask HP while in rage because he can’t be stunned. No one wants the counselors to be sitting ducks, but the Jason kill should have to be something challenging instead of being the easiest objective for the counselors. Jason getting out of the sweater stun is something I never see. As long as the sweater girl has any idea of what their doing, the sweater isn’t the problem. It’s the over anxious “helpers” that run up and smack Jason with a low stun chance weapon or just Tommy in general using an axe that isn’t a guaranteed stun. Sorry if you think I dislike everything you post or have to say. There have been several things you have said in the past that I have agreed with and have given you a like or thanks. But when you start posting things like “Jason is too OP” or it’s impossible to kill Jason, I and several others are going to disagree with you.
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    Force counselor preference for anyone who isn't playing solo. Anyone who has a problem can f*ck off and play a private match. This should have been the fix from the start. Partied up players shouldn't even get the chance to get Jason. I get people can still team if they happen to run into a buddy in quickplay by chance, but disabling the ability to get Jason while being partied up would help significantly. Sure some people play clean, but I would say out of 10, no, 100 matches with people who are partied up and get Jason, 98-99 times they team in one way or another. It is almost never a clean match. At the very least, they let their friend escape alone in the 4 seater which screws everyone else. At the very worst, they give Jason rage at the start of the match and lead him to other counselors. Just leave playing as Jason to solo queuing players and this issue, not completely, but mostly dies out.
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    That's not necessarily one taking things too seriously. People have their play styles and preferences. They could find better ways of fulfilling their needs besides suicides. As far as people taking this or any gamer seriously or not, it's their right and choice to do so. How you, I or anyone else feels about it doesn't seem to matter in the least. @GamingNerd93, it's a crazy world out there in QP. I wonder at this point how many people play as intended, regardless of their level.
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    People have their reasons to suicide. It's not anyone's place to judge them for that. I don't condone it myself, but people will do what they do, regardless of one's stance on the matter.
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    They made the change a little while back. It's one less thing to ruin the game for decent players.
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    The member doesn't seem to log in as often as many others here. Some people like to respond to every message directed towards them, no matter how long it's been.
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    The misunderstanding and/or willful ignorance of how game development, merchandising, and business in general work that is on display in this thread is impressive and mind-boggling all at once. I'm going to have to bow out before I pop an aneurysm trying to explain what should be plainly evident to those who care to think rationally about this issue.
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    Exactly right. JGTH was the first film to reverse the damaged eye for whatever reason, which made it chronologically wrong. Hence the devs asked the fans if they wanted to have the issue corrected for the model, and the fans said yes. Nothing more to say about it really, it didn't make sense to keep it 100% movie accurate, because that particular movie got it wrong. The damaged eye should've always been the other way around in JGTH. TL;DR the in-game model is the correct one, based on Jason's history.
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    Yikes, uh.. have you ever played as a Jason with +shift? Yes, it is noticeably faster moving than neutral and -shift Jasons.
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