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    Toyfair is off to a great start with neca announcing ultimate versions of the lost tribe from predator 2 as well as an ultimate and retro ghostface!
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    Welcome to the forum @Lucky1994. It sucks that people ruining your fun by teaming and cheating. This thread may help you track down some decent players. I wish you the best of luck. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/
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    Banned for exploits? Most of the f13 player base would be gone if that were the case. and question, so you consider someone health spray cancelling as bad as someone who follows Jason around like a puppy dog and helps him?
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    This is great news. Thanks for the link buddy.
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    I agree. It's too bad that company went out of business.
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    I think a good story in a game genre like this would go a long way in terms of replay value.
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    Don't forget about the oversexed ones as well.
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    Hopefully, future games in this genre keep that in mind from the beginning. There will be other games in the future. A story mode would be ideal from day one in Halloween, or any other slasher based game. Even another F13 game with a story mode from the beginning would be a great thing to have.
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    As you can see in the screenshot provided: Thai twitch streamer's online lobby - everyone except one Chinese guy has 200+ ms Developers of F13 Game, please reply to me. I have made numerous attempts on Twitter, F13 Game Forum, and Steam discussion forum, but with no avail. Asian servers, will they be added to the game or not? We bought the game only to play on 230 ms?
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