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    Beginning the first of July and continuing over the last ten days, there have been hacking attempts on Friday the 13th: The Game affecting matchmaking, gameplay, and player progression. We are in the process of conducting our own internal investigation and have engaged a third party international computer forensics company. We are working with our development partners toward preventing further disruptions. These attempts and the harm to our player base constitute a crime. So, in addition to our other efforts above, we will also be fully cooperating with any resulting law enforcement investigations. We have not detected any loss of or unauthorized access to any personal or financial player information. Due to the criminal nature of this intrusion and the ongoing investigation as to its origins, we are currently unable to share additional information.
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    Let me get this straight... The servers are down because some cocksucker got butt-hurt about getting banned (presumably because he was hacking/cheating/being a douchebag) and decided to act like a spoiled brat about it instead of growing the fuck up and refraining from taking it out on everyone else? Somebody REALLY needs to get a life. If you're upset about getting banned, that's your problem, not ours. All you've done by fucking with the servers is demonstrate what a little bitch you are. It might take a while, but eventually the problem's going to be fixed and normal play will resume. Server problems are temporary, being a butt-hurt little fuck-boi is forever.
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    Players have continued to play this game even after waiting months at a time for a patch. Even if a patch takes longer than six months, there will still be people playing, even if it would be fewer players.I Also, this is an English speaking forum. If you wish to quote and/or respond, kindly keep both in English when you post.
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    I wouldn't say things are "ok" but if you can connect and play, by all means. There's no damage you'll do by trying. The team is still investigating our options at this time. EDIT: I feel like I shouldn't need to say this, but here we are. If you make a forum post trying to justify why you cheated in a game, you will be forum banned. It's an infraction commonly called "Advocating for cheating/hacking." also known as "Promoting cheating and hacking."
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    Consider having a read of this article. Reading is fundamental. https://www.thespruce.com/forum-etiquette-1216951 Incidentally, a male witch is a warlock.
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    They have to be careful how they word their response to the current situation, lest something said is taken out of context. No matter what is said, a portion of the player base won't be happy. That's always the outcome of bad news. Some problems are not so easily diagnosed, or solved. It would be nice if life worked that way.
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    Players who ONLY slash as Jason are the equivalent to Players who ONLY play as Vanessa. Their only concern is making the game as easy as possible. Is it fair? Absolutely. Is it lame? Absolutely.
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    That is the longest run on sentence I have ever seen. That's actually quite an accomplishment!🏆
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    Guys, trust me... you DO NOT want the dedicated servers disabled. It's far better to put up with time-out errors until the servers are fixed than it is to get booted round after round because some whiny-ass 12-year-old (whose mother really should have just opened her mouth instead of her legs) decided to quit and kick everybody out because he wasn't Jason/got killed early/had his sweater stolen/got slashed to death with 2 PK's/etc... Unless you have heard the high-pitched bitch-whining of an entitled little waste-of-sperm telling everyone that if he doesn't get to escape then nobody gets to play, you have absolutely no idea whatsoever how bad it used to be without dedicated servers.
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    Sounds like the hackers are trying to hold the servers hostage over being banned for cheating. This would be a golden opportunity for the devs to look like heroes by releasing the unfinished version of Uber Jason as a parting gift to the playerbase as well as the Pajama pack with no charge. This way here, the devs look like heroes while the hackers who have peddled the unreleased content since 2018, would in turn look like jackasses preventing people from playing with new official content. I know know...but still. Golden opportunity for a PR win here.
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    Servers are dead but memes will never die.
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    Not really. They could just take down the dedicated servers and have us be able to play on P2P. Since those actually work. Instead we get silence from them for the most of this time and nothing happens.
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    I bought this game and thought the developers would support it.
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    @Laotian Lam,I agree with taking the time to fix things right. The player base can't bear a rush job that makes things worse. @F13 Seppuku Squad, hosts quitting is a risky option, but would allow people who don't quit to play again. As far as having friends, one could always make new friends. There are some decent players in Quick Play. @aurllcooljay, that was a very interesting topic you made. I wasn't aware of so many of those things you found. @tyrant666, those were some dark times. @Liquid Swordsman, I have ideas for about 36 similar games. The server issues have given me some time to develop them a bit.
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    No one said you couldn't post here. This is an English speaking forum. Use a translator if you wish, but kindly post any quotes and responses in English. Also don't respond with an entitled attitude. Even if you don't like the rules, you should respect them. @Dragonfire82877, I'm surprised that such a thing wasn't done. Hopefully nothing worse happens regarding this game. @Laotian Lam, you beat me to it.
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    A few things about your post: 1. Hackers are not necessarily "nerds" playing around. They can be people who can have very malicious intentions, and cause massive damage and cost. It sounds like the bunch behind this are of the gray hat variety. 2. Hackers have done far more damage to other targets that are not this game. I'd be much more concerned with incidents involving national security or financial institutions. 3. I agree that the punishment should fit the crime. However one must be careful with accusations, otherwise you could have a witch hunt on your hands. Anyone that has information relevant to the matter should submit it accordingly, and then leave it to the appropriate person(s) to take it from there. 4. A strong enough sentence may or may not stop hackers. Like any type of criminal, some will back down, while others will push the boundaries. Most of us agree that something needs to be done. Let's hope things are done the right way. Hackers might just do it because they can. They don't need a specific reason. Patches take time. It could take longer than six months. Let's hope it's sooner than that. I agree fixing the servers is necessary. If they need to shut them down for a bit to do that, then so be it. Implementing such a thing this late in the game is very unlikely. The "Salt Mines" was an attempt to curb bad behavior, and didn't quite work out as intended. I'd be willing to make that sacrifice, even if others wouldn't.
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    Does NOBODY have any patience anymore? All you armchair Game coders/developers who think it's so easy go apply at Gun media and help them out instead of complaining.
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    Due to the existing problem of freezing the game on dedicated servers, could you please disable the dedicated servers so that players can play on their hosts as before when there were no dedicated servers
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    It's a shame this is even happening. The game has more than enough issues without this one. People don't need money for doing the right thing. Cleaning up the player base is its own reward. I think that hackers would less likely turn on each other for money, mainly because they would lose respect, trust and credibility in their social circle. As the old saying goes: "Snitches get stitches". It sounds like they either took a day off, or they are seriously screwing with the player base.
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    I enjoy the performance of Part 8 myself. All of a sudden I'm having carnival game flashbacks. I tried my luck a lot back then. Welcome to the forum. I was thinking Bourne myself.
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    There's an awful lot of finger pointing and naming/shaming going on. You know what they say about curiosity and cats? One can learn about such things, as the internet has lots of information out there. This forum is not an appropriate place to ask such questions. That is a lot of trouble for PC players to go keep going through. I feel for all of them. There is never any justifiable excuse to cheat in a game. If one can't play by the rules, then one shouldn't play.
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    I feel like you overestimate yourself.
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    At least we're being kept in the loop.
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    That's the million dollar question. I imagine people will play other games in the meantime. That's what I plan on doing.
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    This is one hell of a mystery. Hopefully you can get your perks back. Let's keep politics out of the equation. There's enough to deal with as it is. As far as we know, there's no solution yet. The official word is that it's being looked into.
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    Agreed! Some things you just don't appreciate till they are gone. Now I do miss being able to play the game, even with its problems. One problem being that my CP and perks were wiped out a few days prior to the servers breaking down. 1300 hours on Steam and playing since June 2017, never had an issue with perks until then. Even if they do bring the servers back I doubt I'll see my perks again.
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    You would think Trump would have been in charge of this by reading all that. LOL!! This game is done. Ahh well. For all the problems it had, we got our money's worth. Definitely played this game more than any other on this gen's consoles.
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    The turbulent history of this game. Not necessarily in chronological order. Not gonna post documentary videos from Aldermach/Beware or Pappus since that would just result in a deletion of the post. 1. Beta delay 2. Release delay 3. Backlash for giving out keys to streamers before release, which led to spoiling how Jason was killed 4. Singleplayer not released or even ready at launch, but used to justify a price increase 5. Various people having to jump through hoops to get their backer rewards 6. Savini being accidentally released 7. Savini code scandal 8. The silence (resembles our current predicament) after launch 9. The banning scandal tied to Dilly Dingus 10. Paranoia started, then stopped 11. Uber Jason/Grendel started, stopped and replaced by Roy/Pinehurst instead 12. Removal of friendly fire, which was controversial, whether for or against 13. Jason nerfs through intentional and unintentional means 14. Savini workshop vanished and never heard from again 15. The Savini Jason redesign, originally meant to be a Jason between Parts 2 and 3 or 1-2 according to Tom Savini if I remember or somewhere in there, instead he was designed to be more post Part 9 and theoretically based off someone from Illfonic appearance wise 16. Glitches and bugs throughout the game's lifecycle...some cured, some still around since launch 17. Engine upgrade which basically crushed the game and didn't do much in the way of making it smoother in terms of wide opinion 18. NES Jason to be reworked and made his own with different music, instead it never happened 19. The Rage change, whether for or against 20. The item locator on the map change, whether for or against 21. The dedicated servers dead (our current epidemic) As you can see, the history of this game since its birth has not been without major controversies and I'm sure I've missed some
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    Or play offline or Story mode. Both makes fun too
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    I take my time seriously.. I work alot, when i have time to play a game, i want to enjoy myself. Jason players who only slash are not fun to play with. So, that wastes my time. Which brings me back to 'i take my time seriously'. If anything its the Jason players who only slash or choke that take the game waaaaay to seriously. The Jason players that kill with style, are the ones what make this game worth playing and make it enjoyable.
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    Everyone is aware of the current state of the game, while there have been reasons posted on various sites and social media platforms i would like get some info directly from Gun. Not so much as a timeline of when things will be fixed but the information regarding who the alleged hackers are has been posted all over and seen by members of the team. @mattshotcha can you provide any information regarding this? Is the hackers being looked into, is the issues absolutely the result of hackers or other underlying issues.
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    Jason has a responsibility to kill for Mother. How he kills is up to him.
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    They tried something similar to that before. It was called the “Salt Mines.” They didn’t work. I for one wouldn’t object to them disabling the servers until they’re fixed to allow players to play. I personally wouldn’t be playing until the servers are back up and running though. That’s just my opinion on it.
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    Well then, as some of you already know....I have been making Custom Versions of Neca Jason figures that haven’t been able to be released because of the Lawsuit. My hope is one day soon this Thorn in the The Franchise’s side (And Ours) will be over and Neca will eventually be able to release these Guys officially....... But because I am impatient and can’t wait any longer I decided I would make my own versions...... I have already made J8, J9 and JX (pre-Uber).....and the feedback from you guys Has been amazing and extremely positive....... So with this last custom In My Kane Hodder collection I wanted to hit it out of the park...... I knew it would require more sculpting And have More details then any of the other figures I previously did with all the Bones and deteriorated Skin throughout the body....... I also wanted to To give J7 a re-movable mask because he is unmasked for the longest Period of time in this film and for me It is the most Iconic unmasked Look in the entire franchise. So Without further delay......I proudly present.... Jason Voorhees as he Appears in.... (to the best of my ability.) Friday the 13th part 7 : The New Blood. Enjoy the photos!!! Let me know what you guys think!! ” Need a little touch up work my Ass.” @Dragonfire82877, @Fair Play, @Carlso,@Big Daddy J@Jason Lover, @F134Ever86@Jason Todd Voorhees, @DontZzz34, @Dogmatic, @Slasher_Clone , @RetroJason89
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    This years Election will be Brutal with celebrities Like Kanye West AND EXTREME On both sides. can we add a political religious section to this forum. Im OBSESSED With STRANGE CONSPIRACIES OF THE UNKNOWN. Mystical prophecies. Politicians and Aliens making secret deals. Mad Men Screaming of The End and The Anti Christ. Strange Oracle seers and Dark Prophies from the Dark Gods. Preachers having strange dreams From God. Bible Prophicies. Dark Humanistic and Atheistic Doctors in labs creating evil viruses. Human Animal Hybrid weapons of war. Strange Psychadelic experiences with etheric and astral beings. George King And The Aetherius Society. Haunted Houses and Occultism.
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    This is a forum for Friday the 13th: The Game, @Strigoi. It is not a forum for discussing 'strange conspiracies', religion or politics. There are other places you can go for that.
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    Agreed, I'd rather deal with hosts rage quiting and choppy connections then not be able to play the game at all.
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    if at the moment they don’t have the opportunity to quickly fix the problem, it’s better to turn off the server and let the players play on the hosts
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    fuck no. nothing good will come out of a religion centered forum. no comment on the other since i dont live in the us.
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    I spent like a full year looking for the tapes. Finally got them all and holy shit, they are amazing. Funny enough, now I find a tape EVERY match
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    Just wanted to drop in to say that the team is investigating and working on the recent server issues. I, unfortunately, do not have anything more to confirm at this time. I'll update you all as soon as I have more info.
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    Well... Jason has been killed by the devs and the playerbase already so many times before. Its only natural that now the next step is being killed by the servers and the hackers that still populate the game. All this tells me is once the devs pull the plug on the dedicated servers, the castle is gonna fall down completely. Going back to P2P will be the end. The remaining playerbase won't be mature enough to keep it going.
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    The ending of the match as it is now is fine. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. @Laotian Lam, I wouldn't want longer matches either. @glowing ooze, I checked Jason's wallet once. I found $13, a photo of Pam, and a ticket stub for Halloween. @OCT 31 1978, there was evidence of a credit card having been there, but someone already took it. Given the scratch marks on the wallet, I suspect Freddy.
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    Can you tell them to stick to American elections and leave important things like F13 The Game alone?
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    Even if we could add new content I would vote no for this. Pretty much any idea that will lead to matches dragging on longer than they already do will get a no vote from me.
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    NO, and I wouldn't mention it again.This thread will get shut down or removed. Kodiak has little tolerance on that subject due to past topics relating to that.
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    Is anyone else not being able to play a game? I can play an offline game but im on Xbox and I can’t play a game if I finally get into one I can’t do anything can’t open doors pick up anything all I can do is run been like this for two days now heellpp
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    In the ten years it will take for the lawsuit to be over I think that we will be in PS6 territory.
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