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    Fucking troll. Leave the forum alone from your constant spam about the Jason kill
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    It’s definitely a horror game: you just have to ask any newcomer Jason player how he feels after he had just been the main protagonist of camp crystal lake‘s latest piñata party. Pure horror watching all those dancing half naked counselors with their machetes and axes coming for you, getting beaten up or stunned by simple pans whereas counselors jump from 2story windows without getting even harmed; and you by yrself becoming traumatized by mom‘s sweater and finally head splitted in slow motion.
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    In before this one gets locked. @Strigoi, holding the keys hostage won't force players to kill Jason. They still have the boat, the cops, and surviving the night. Don't try to dictate how a lobby plays. Play your part well, and others may aid you if you are a team player. Patience and good communication go a long way. @YouAndYourFriendsAreDead, I could see that happening. I hope not. @HaHaTrumpWon, I like that name. It would be the name of a player in a YouTube video called "Don't Be This Player". We just need a good narrator. @Dragonfire82877, I could probably name the 15-20 members that still frequent the forums daily. The big question is, who will be the last member standing? Place your bets people. @OCT 31 1978, you asked a lot of the questions I was thinking of.
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    Rage isn't the topic here. And Rage isn't being tweaked right now. But anything we change is going to be carefully balanced, taking Rage into consideration.
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    It is. But it's not going to be a major sweeping change, as that is problematic in other ways. It's also not going to be a massive change, since the community is still divided on this. I'll share more on this when we have it.
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    I made the adjustment to the poll question. An intriguing idea. Welcome back by the way.
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    I find that threats like those stop when you present evidence of who they are, and where they are.
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    That is the only real reason not to escape right away.
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    If tommy kills Jason then yes, it is obviously a victory. If Tommy helps counselors escape and then escapes himself then yes, it is a victory. If Tommy escapes and there are still counselors running around then it is a hard NO. Tommy leaving while counselors are still alive is about as big a FAIL as you can get in this game.
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    In the early days of the game, I caught someone off guard with Stalk, and they literally scrapped their pants. I have to respectfully disagree. Harassing messages could still be a thing. If a player messed up the Jason kill, or a player ran you over, you would still get potential messages you don't want. No matter what changes you make to this game, harassing messages will be a part of the experience. It was the biggest selling point for me.
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    I have a feeling it’s more like 15 people that still frequent the forums. Strigoi probably has 5 accounts of his own.
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    Are you effing kidding me? Dude, that is about as scumbag as it gets. Please tell me you dont play on Xbox.
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    1 - You dont need a machete or axe to take Jason's mask off. They just make it a lot easier. Ive seen Jason's mask fall off from stepping in a trap. 2 - I have no idea what the CB radio has to do with pocket knives. 3 - if the lobby is so bad that it takes all of them to fix 1 power box then they had no chance of killing jason anyhow. Rather than show Jason where the CB radio is, it would be a lot more simple to just have it broken when the game starts. That way calling Tommy requires the same skill check as every other win condition (cops, car and boat).
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    Welcome to the forum @aubrey42. When you get your channel up and running, post a link here so we can see what you have to share.
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    I voted yes only because of the violence. Other than that, it definitely doesnt feel like a horror game because, like you said, Jason is weak. And there are a handful of players that come on this game only to beat Jason up and then eventually kill him. And that takes away the whole horror atmosphere from the game. About the whole stalk-shift-grab stuff, although I do that a lot and I’ve seen some Jason’s do it in Quick Play also, that feels nothing like the movies because of the shifting part. It doesnt happen often but when it does I really appreciate the moments when Jason is in stalk and is already in the house and walks through one of the doorways at the same time I do, now that’s a good jumpscare like in the movies.
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    To be fair, the horror element lasts only as long as you are a new player. If you already spent more than +1000 hours, honestly less for many player, you are no longer an "harmless" victim but instead an member of an Elite "Jason Task Force". You are not going to frighten anyone, you're lucky if you manage to catch someone off guard for an good Jump scare.
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    Played an offline challenge today and I noticed The single player offline challenges are running terribly. It doesn’t feel smooth whatsoever. Anybody else experiencing this issue? I noticed this on challenge 10 btw
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    Same here. I'll play this game until the servers go off for good, no matter how long that is.
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    If you are in a group of good and competent players, Killing Jason is the easiest one on 99% of all Jasons in public lobbies.
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    I also love slipping away in the midst of a chaotic situation.
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    I always tell people to go before they play so things like these are less likely to happen. It wouldn't take much to beat the look of the classic NES F13. I still enjoy it for what is was. I still enjoy this game, despite the bugs.
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    I feel ya, man. In Quick Matches Ill usually start with my Mic off. If there are people with Mics that seem like they are fun then I will turn it on. Afterall, this game is most enjoyable when you have a fun lobby that talks. Best people to play with are those who actually get scared (usually noobs). I laugh my ass off hearing their heavy breathing and panic attacks when Jason shows up. Its why I keep playing. I literally feel like im a camp counsellor leading scared children to safety.
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    I'm just curious, are you that starved for attention that you find fulfillment in shitposting on an F13 board with, like 20 people left that still frequent it? Or do you have a gimmick like this for a bunch of different message boards, and it's kind of a collective thing?
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    Hangs onto car keys. Gets betrayed anyway. Bad Luck Strigoi.
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    Every map has some designated med spray spots, I’ve memorized some of them so here they are: Crystal Lake Small: 1 or 2 in the bathrooms, 1 at a random campfire, 1 in the boat shop, 1 on the front balcony at the cabin above the workshop, 1 at the lifeguard post at the shoreline next to the car spawn. Packanack Small: 1 on a barrel at the barn at the west exit, 1 in the small green cabin next to the campfire at the main lodge, 1 on lifeguard post at the shore down the stairs from the main lodge, 1 on the small island north, 1 at a random campfire. Higgins Haven Small: 1 in the barn, 1 at a random campfire, 1 at the graveyard, 1 on the porch at the main ledge between two chairs, 1 on a stack of books at the top of the stairs inside the main lodge. Packanack: 1 on the balcony on the second floor of the main lodge, 1 can sometimes spawn in the downstairs bathroom behind the door, 1 can sometimes spawn at the same lifeguard post as Packanack small, 1 at the barn, 1 in the small green cabin next to the campfire at the main lodge, 1 at a random campfire. Higgins Haven: 1 on a stack of books on the second floor of the main lodge, 1 can sometimes spawn in the bathroom in the main lodge, 1 at the docks where the boat spawns south of Evergreen camp, 1 at a random campfire, 1 at the graveyard. Crystal Lake: 1 in the workshop, 1 on a barrel next to outhouses by the archery, 1 on the balcony at the cabin north of the workshop, 1 in the boat shop, 1 or 2 at the bathrooms, 1 at a random campfire. Jarvis House: 1 in each bathroom in the main lodges, 1 on a barrel next to the docks on the east island, 1 at a random campfire OR at one of the boat spawns. Pinehurst: 1 in the bathroom at the main lodge, 1 in the upstairs bedroom w/bunk beds, 1 at a picnic table at Stoneside next to the campfire, 1 at a picnic table at Camarillo, 1 at a random campfire. Always check all bathrooms and side rooms as well on every map, they can spawn there too. Edit: Medic is very good, but only if you can roll it with 0% damage taken increase. I wouldn’t suggest using it otherwise. 😊
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    if you dont like my posts then leave me alone. i have done nothing wrong.
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    I'm sure if we all had it your way Jason could randomly sneeze and his mask would fall off.
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    @Strigoi this whole poll thread by @Fair Play was about to find out what the majority of players (at least here in this forum) would think about some changes for the Jason kill. Judging by the votes (pls look at them) the majority would be fine with some changes, reasons might differ, but mostly on the fact that it’s too easy right now. Nobody votes for heavy impact changes, but Jason‘s mask just tanking 2 more hits before falling off or Tommy’s box being broken at the start would be a nice step in the direction. By changing this nobody will need tons of axes or machetes to cope with a mask that just needs 2 more hits. You also don’t need a whole lobby for fixing a simple power box or more pocket knives. let‘s just wait what the devs have in mind for us.
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    Several counselors need speed, stamina and luck need to be nerfed if people want more 'horror'. Or you can just avoid using certain counselors. For example, I don't get discovered early in the game very often with AJ but I tend to shit my pants when it happens because it's relatively hard to kite with her due to her skill set. I kind of like the idea of giving Zombie Jasons earlier stalk. Any counselor with decent speed/stamina will leave a Jason who can't run in the dust until they get shift.
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    aw sure ya can, champ. keep at it! FIBER the 13th... i love that one 😂
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    She might have had a really rough connection or a spike that lead to that behavior. Especially considering the missed skill check sound. If she wasn't able to control her character due to a spike in connection, she'd repeatedly miss the next click of the skill check. She may have run off, but due to the connection being poor, she looked to be in the animation still, explaining why she was getting further away but still looking to be completing the fix. I'm glad to get the report, however, as I now will keep an eye out for similar strange behavior, just to be safe. Thanks!
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    Because it's honestly is. Unlike any other objective, there is no major moments when an counselors is unable to defend themselves involved with killing Jason. Cop call and vehicle repairs all have moments when counselor becomes completely vulnerable. Once the requirements (Tommy, sweater, and mask off), and Jason decides to run (or hide in the waters 😂), other objectives now become free to complete with the sweaters protection. Any team looking to "win" a majority of their games should go for the kill as soon as Tommy has spawned since it's very decisive. Hopefully as @mattshotcha has alluded, that it is evaluated to bringing this closer to a true balance. As is, with strong players involved on both sides, too much of the game is determined whether or not Tommy was called or prevented.
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    Haha I'll be here til the end. As I've said before, this is the only online game I enjoy; and I check fairly often for new info. Although I've slowed down a lot on that over the last year or so. Also, OP is a really specific type of troll. Someone here made him mad, and he won't rest until... I don't know, he'll get off on something, I guess.
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    I have no issue with giving actual helpful constructive criticism of gameplay. But if someone goes out running their mouth talking smack to try and mock someone, it's a different story entirely. Shooting Jason while he's standing in a doorway with a shotgun as he's no threat to you, to me, is even more of a fail than Jason missing a quick knife throw.
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    I was under the impression he doesn't have the rights to the Jason character, including Baghead and the hockey mask, since those appeared in the sequels. Only the Friday the 13th aspects from his contracted script for the original movie. But then again, I could be wrong. This whole lawsuit is confusing as hell sometimes
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    This is why I don't use a mike, so I can ignore the toxic players. I made a thread about this a couple of months back called Toxic Little Bastards. Silence is golden. Cheers and game on, my friends
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    I do the same thing. If the Jason is teaming and he manages to grab me then I quit, although it’s not really considered rage quitting because it’s for a good reason. He doesn’t deserve the kill. If I catch the teaming before that, I’ll suicide and spectate and try to report them to jasonkillsbugs. I agree, while low level players do team, probably because they aren’t familiar with how the game works, a lot of high level people team and troll, and it’s frustrating because I’m a level 150, I’ve been playing for a While, and if I’m bored with the game, I’d never grab the car and run everybody over or team with Jason, that’s just stupid. People like that should stop playing the game if they’re that bored. For me, what helps with if I get bored is changing up counselors by putting it on random. But no, these guys have to ruin everybody’s game. For some reason I also noticed it happens more now than anytime before. Probably because now more people are max level. It’s sad that they’ve been playing the game that long and still can’t accept dying. Quitting at the very beginning of the match is one thing and even though it’s annoying, at least they aren’t doing it right in front of your face so you can’t get the kill. Even though I really dont need CP it’s always frustrating to see a high level player start flashing their light at you and then when you kill them, they rage instantly. What was the point of that?
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    I’m guilty of rage quitting, but only if the Jason is using exploits, or is teaming. Otherwise I don’t. It’s really frustrating as Jason to deal with it, and you’re right. It’s almost always high level players, I noticed that they troll/team/quit a lot more often than new players.
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    You are missing Restfull perk. My favorite build is Tiffany with Restfull, Marathon and Thick Skinned. She is a cabin-looting machine. Terrible at fixing shit but she can pretty much spend the entire match sprinting from drawer to drawer and cabin to cabin collecting parts and dropping them off. And Id argue she is up there with Vanessa as one the hardest for Jason to kill.
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    They'll decide what they feel is a priority. As long as the major issues are potentially fixed, I don't care about the order of things. Multitasking is possible, but taking it slow and doing it correctly makes more sense. Just doing my part to help with the process. I'd do more if I was able to. I'm glad someone appreciates the effort. Most of my polls are comprised of long standing members, for which I am thankful. I only wish some of our former members were here to contribute to the process as well. Skewing could happen from either perspective. Let's not encourage that kind of thinking, and hope people voice their honest opinion, and leave it at that.
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    Thinking about it now, I think it wouldve been cool if we had to find flashlights just like everything else. For the shotgun and flare gun ammo, that would also be cool, but I personally think it’s better off without ammo because two or three shotguns with only one shot spawning per map is more than enough as it is because of the fact that today, so many people come on this game strictly just to bully Jason around and try to kill him. But if it wasn’t this way, I agree, ammo spawning around the match and the counselors having to find it if they have a shotgun or flare gun would be pretty useful. That could help with the fact that Tommy Jarvis knows what he’s getting himself into and comes to the camp with one single bullet, and so many Tommys still miss the shot completely. 😂😂
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    It's not semantics. The two things are very different. Apples vs oranges is not just semantics. If you find any conversation with me so pointless you can feel free to not reply. No one tagged you in and requested you come to the thread, misread everything I've said, then storm off in a huff because I asked you to actually read my replies. You opted into that. I think if you actually read what I've posted you'll see that nothing has been pointless and I'm doing what I can to fix the situation, in partnership with the team. It's far too early to go into details on the specifics, but we're investigating our options on the topic. And escape is still, and will always be, the INTENDED, BY DESIGN, primary win condition for counselors. You can use a spoon as a back scratcher, that doesn't make it a back scratcher. The reading between the lines of that is that we'll investigate ways to change the game that play into the original DESIGN. Again, not semantics. That's all I can say on it right now.
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    @+dex I always add the Norwegians and English. Right as i'm writing this, everything i am hearing are angry russian teens and children, fucking hell :)
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    keyword is may. I hear ya but I’m not into that
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    @999enits, the best advice I can give to anyone is to not do game sharing. http://f13game.com/code-of-conduct/ http://f13game.com/f13game-tou/ 1. Dead By Daylight is not a dirty word or anything, so there's no need to censor its name. If you are enjoying that game, continue to do so. I play both Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13: The Game. I feel no shame in playing either one. 2. Name one company this is still developing new F13 merchandise, outside of stuff that was in development before the lawsuit stopped things. 3. Which mental illness has the symptom of defending the developers, or anyone else for that matter? I'd like to look it up. 4. If you put in 600 hours on the game, how can you say you were scammed? Wouldn't you have asked for a refund well before that point? Can any Switch players of the game weigh in on whether or not that version is currently "unplayable"?
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    Little kids are probably not gonna go away from this game any time soon, if ever. Make the most of it, and use mute as needed, as you are an adult. I watched my first film when I was 10 or so. I'm sure many of us did the same at some point. As far as babysitting here, shouldn't we be getting paid for it? 😎
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    Strange fun and wtf fun, those are good times... 😎
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    The best punishment to exploits like those is the removal of them. Take them away, and the ones using them are punished by lack of access to them.
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