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    I'm sure if we all had it your way Jason could randomly sneeze and his mask would fall off.
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    1 - You dont need a machete or axe to take Jason's mask off. They just make it a lot easier. Ive seen Jason's mask fall off from stepping in a trap. 2 - I have no idea what the CB radio has to do with pocket knives. 3 - if the lobby is so bad that it takes all of them to fix 1 power box then they had no chance of killing jason anyhow. Rather than show Jason where the CB radio is, it would be a lot more simple to just have it broken when the game starts. That way calling Tommy requires the same skill check as every other win condition (cops, car and boat).
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    @Strigoi this whole poll thread by @Fair Play was about to find out what the majority of players (at least here in this forum) would think about some changes for the Jason kill. Judging by the votes (pls look at them) the majority would be fine with some changes, reasons might differ, but mostly on the fact that it’s too easy right now. Nobody votes for heavy impact changes, but Jason‘s mask just tanking 2 more hits before falling off or Tommy’s box being broken at the start would be a nice step in this direction. By changing this nobody will need tons of axes or machetes to cope with a mask that just needs 2 more hits. You also don’t need a whole lobby for fixing a simple power box or more pocket knives. let‘s just wait what the devs have in mind for us.
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    Wow. How did you come up with these ratios to adjust the “balance” for the game ? “It will take a full lobby of people just to turn on the Jarvis house power...” If Jason even knocks out the power to the CB radio house it will still Take the same amount of players to fix it.....one just like always..... If the Jason is guarding it then attempting another objective might be in order or use team work to get him away from it.... these options will still be there. I think we should just wait to see what the developers have planned.....no reason to act like the sky is falling....
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    Not in the least. I said "interesting perspective", as I found it interesting.
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    That is the only real reason not to escape right away.
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    Matt said recently he would be putting a list together For the community on what’s on the next priority list to be fixed.
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    Thank you @Fair Play those are some talented guys that sculpt these figures for Neca, I just add to their existing work.....without them these customs wouldn’t be anywhere as good as they came out. I agree 1000% with the Jason lives mask it just doesn’t look right on his head I love the sculpt for him without the mask but the rubber mask just isn’t shaped correctly or sized correctly to his head. As for the JGTH custom I did indeed use a Dream sequence Jason for the body....with a re-sculpted Roy burns Head and weathered mask....and hot glue sculpted hair. I resculpted the sleeves on the shirt to make them longer and closer to his hands, then added the rips in the knees, legs and arms....cut out the torn areas in the shirt added some more sculpted details to the hands to give them that rotted and bone showing Texture.....repainted it completely a gun metal Blue with a mix of gray for the shirt. still not 100% sure what I want to do about the Jason lives mask but I know I will probably use the Dream sequence dirty mask and head sculpt somehow. *****Edit @Dragonfire82877***** here is what I came up with For my Jason Lives Neca figure...... I removed the straps on the Dream sequence Dirty mask and the straps on the Jason lives Mask...... Resculpted the Dirty mask head sculpt to match to the best of my ability the original Jason lives head sculpts details... Repainted it to match his green/ brown Rotted zombie skin color... I then used the straps from the Jason lives mask and glued them to the Dirty mask head sculpt to give it a more accurate look and correct straps.....And presto....instantly better than the Mask that came with it.
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    1. Rob Dier 2. Chad comes from money. 3. Jason couldn't create as exciting an atmosphere if killing at the first second was a thing.
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    These suggestions are all ridiculous . making the Jason kill less accessible will put the game out of balance. there is only 3 axes and 4 machetes each map match. what about players who are 150 and enjoy the Jason kill. good Jasons can slash and kill everyone with enough experience.
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    If Jason's mask becomes harder to remove then there has to be more machetes and axes added to the game for fairness and balance. If The Tommy Jarvis house radio house becomes more visible to Jason players then more pocket knives need to be added for fairness and balance. it will take a full lobby of people to turn on the jarvis house power,making the game unreasonably difficult and broke.
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