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    As discussed on BEYOND, this patch is coming in as soon as it completes the process. The patch is rolling out to certification now and should be on it's way to players soon. Keep an eye out here for the date, or on our social media channels. EDIT 1: The patch is now live on Steam, rolling out on PS4, and on the way shortly on Xbox One. PATCH NOTES: GENERAL & FINE TUNING Various Quality of Life fixes implemented to the Virtual Cabin 2.0. Removed helium from various floating objects on all maps. Resolved an issue with environmental kills not displaying on Higgins Haven Small. Fixed an issue with the Emote user interface. Dance like nobody's watching… Various Quality of Life fixes for Menu items. ENVIRONMENT AND COLLISION Resolved multiple issues that allowed players to reach rooftops on all maps. Resolved multiple issues that allowed players to reach areas that Jason could not reach on all maps. Made areas where players were stuck less sticky. Fixed an issue where the Shift ability would allow Jason on rooftops. Cars no longer damage players through walls. Fixes applied to prevent counselors from parking the car and blocking Jason from reaching them. INTERACTION LOCKS Corrected several scenarios that caused players to suffer an interaction lock including: COUNSELOR: During bear trap deployment or interaction. While performing blocks. While weapon swapping. While weapon swapping and entering combat stance. During small item use. While dropping items. After using the map. After aiming the flare gun or shotgun. Dodging while dropping a weapon. JASON: When shifting and interacting with items, environment, or counselors. When shifting into water. (He really wasn’t a good swimmer.) JASON SPECIFIC CHANGES Using the sweater to stun Jason while he is already down will not activate the next phase of the kill progression, and will not allow players to kneel him directly from the down state. This was an unintended effect where players were able to stun a stunned Jason, leading to the Tommy Jarvis kill on Jason. Fixed an issue where Jason shifting to avoid the sweater stun animation still allowed counselors to bring him to his knees without the stun.
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    Hey gang, expect some news early next week. Tuesday most likely. I wanted to get you a status update before the weekend, but it's not firm enough right now to do so. We're working on sorting out what happened with this patch, but also some of our processes here so that we can minimize this happening again. As I said, news/status update early next week, fingers crossed with an ETA, but at the least, a status check in.
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    Was in a group of three tonight for a few rounds and on the last match we were up against a Savini who was teaming with at least one of the counselors. This became evident when he conveniently showed up at the phone house despite me repairing it flawlessly. Jason was after one of my teammates at the time when suddenly he stopped mid-chase and morphed to my location as I was running in to make the call. I stunned him and began to flee the scene as he trapped the box and commenced to tunneling me for a couple mins. My buddy makes it to the phone house and before he's even half way through the animation of disarming the trap, Jason stops coming after me and morphs straight to him and kills him. Me and my other partner turned our focus to one of the cars as Jason was now camping the phone. Wouldn't you know it, before we even made it there with the gas he was on us. At this point I switched over to game chat and proceeded to tell this guy what a drizzling shit he must be if he needs Savini AND a spotter to play this game, while also pointing out that despite those advantages he still had only managed to get one of us half way into the round. As I was in the process of switching back over to party chat I could hear one of the counselors tell Jason "kill me so I'll get Tommy". Jason morphed away to presumably do just that. Problem was, they forgot (or never knew) the one other person Jason killed was one of us, who just so happened to get the magic Tommy token and came back. So now, the group is back together, and it's Adam (me), Vanessa, and Tommy, and we're like "F this asshole" and made a beeline for the shack. And since Jason's buddy was now dead he lost access to the map and couldn't quite tell right off hand where we were going simply by watching our screens. We made it to the shack and Vanessa runs in to grab the sweater. Jason shows up immediately where Tommy is waiting with eyes on the target; BOOM. Down he goes. I run in and grab the ax (Vanessa already had one). Jason gets up and I combat-stance attack; off comes the mask. Vanessa passes her ax to Tommy and prepares to activate the sweater when suddenly..........this paper Savini loses his macho balls and morphs away. He had been all hellfire and brimstone with relentless pursuit when his buddy was calling spots for him. Expecting him to sneak attack us with a shift, we all calmly strode back into the shack to reduce his open field advantage and commenced the dancing, flickered our flashlights, defiled Mama V's poor decrepit head in what resembled a cult-circle tea-bagging, and all of us switched over to game chat and heckled this asswipe mercilessly for cheating, and like a typical bully, running like a little bitch when the tables were turned. We figured he'd quit, honestly. All his advantages had been neutralized and he was demasked. To our surprise, he came back. He set traps in front of the entrance to the shack (uh.....ok) and tried to melee us through the walls. When that didn't work he tried knives and couldn't hit us. We were still trolling our assess off both verbally and virtually through emotes/dancing/flashlights/teabags. Right around this time the two-minute warning sounded and he began to realize we weren't coming out, and if he wanted to end the fun he'd have to try his luck and enter. By now we had all stopped moving completely to try to lull him to a false state of security, and..................................... IT WORKED! He finally shifted into the main room with what I'd estimate to be about 50 seconds left in the round. We all simultaneously started to move, and he lunged for me and missed, and feverishly tried to get his big ass into the doorway when Vanessa struck; sweater time! Tommy lined up behind him and entered combat stance with the ax. He strikes and Savini hits his knees. Tommy then calmly, almost arrogantly strode around him and stood there for a second to let him think about it, then.....checkmate! I gotta tell you; I HATE Jason teamers. But, a damn Savini cheating? That's sacrilegious and downright nutless. Watching that bastard faceplant after it looked like he might eventually clear the room with the cowardice was so satisfying. We all cheered and laughed our asses off. Other players we hadn't heard from up till then also chimed in with laughter. One of them said something to the effect of "HAHA!! Killed that flaming dick!" 😄 Going in, we had said it was our last round. Damn fine way to end the night.
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    While we wait for the roof glitch to be fixed, to those who continue to exploit, let this be your warning! (tbh, I have no clue how this happened) Furthermore, upon hanging you from the roof, I will then make you my love slave. You will be dead Spiderman, and I will be Mary Jane -- and that's just the beginning of the sick, awful things I will do to your body!
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    I have yet to see a patch where fixing one thing does not break (often re-break) another. The worst for me after this patch is having to kill counselors over and over again because environmental kills fail after triggering them. It used to be only once in a while that a counselor would be "dead but not dead." That said, I've gotten a few snickers out of Jason looking like Darth Vader using force choke. I call the image below, "You've disappointed me for the last time, Tiffany." 😉
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    I guess you could say it snuck in... through the back.
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    If you want friendly fire, play in private lobbies. Bringing back team killing would be an even bigger problem...besides what do you think these teamers you're complaining about will do? Instead of chasing you down with a car, they'll just shoot you. The reason why Gun can't do a whole lot about teaming is that it's not always completely egregious.
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    Update from the Beyond stream: For anyone who missed the stream Mattshotcha said the hot fix that will hopefully end the Roof glitching is being retooled by the team and they hope to get it out to certification and us ASAP.... This hot fix will only focus on the actual interaction mechanics that allow players to gain access to all roof areas around the maps..... they believe that they will have this issue completely buttoned up with this upcoming Hot fix...after play testing the teams most recent build.... The following patch after the Hot fix will then address the environmental kills that have not been registering and allowing players to accumulate hundreds of kills per match... Matt also mentioned the knife throw car glitch and Victoria’s pants also being next on the teams cross hairs.... He also was asked about Jason’s mask hit points and him being easier to kill since the rage buff... and that the team was looking into these as well but they didn’t want to make any changes that were too drastic with Jason’s gameplay... I wanted to post something in this thread for anyone who hasn’t seen the Beyond Episode and wanted to know where we are with the most recent developments.
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    Show me your best clips of you knife killing a counselor from a distance. Here’s one of my personal favorites. Tip for new Jason players- if someone jumps out of a 2 story house instead of morphing outside. Knife kill their ass
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    People assume this company is a AAA dev team when they arent so yeah mistakes happen and we shouldnt dog them for it. Edit: if you gonna laugh react atleast respond instead of hiding just saying.
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    The team is combing through what has been reported since the patch rolled out and we're investigating each case. We're not only looking at what has been reported as a new issue or regression, but also any problem areas where the patch should have fixed an issue, but it is still being seen/reported. It will take a day or two to have a more detailed update than that, but we're looking into it as quickly as possible. I wasn't accusing anyone of lying. I wanted evidence to identify if it was the method fixed so that I could take that back to the team to look at it. I need the evidence to make the case as well. I believe this has been reported, but I will ping it to the team again. We're looking into the patch and identifying what went wrong. Death animation issue is under review and investigation. There is always testing with our patches. What went on here was definitely a misstep but we're investigating righting the ship, as well as ways to limit this type of misstep in the future. No, this was a patch. We will be looking to submit a fix as soon as possible, outside of our planned patching schedule. While I wasn't present in the discussions over the weekend, I assure that all the information has been reported to the team and we're looking into it. I will not have a status update for another day at least, though. Sure, because we're the size of Valve, EA, Ubisoft, etc. I understand this is a tough situation, but with a team of this size, turnaround time is going to take a little more time than some of these massive companies. That does unfortunately leave us all in limbo at times like this while the crew works on things. I will have a status update as soon as we possibly can. Reported these to the team for investigation. I do not, unfortunately have an update yet. I don't know that it's time to "hang em up" as that's a bit serious talk for what is going on here. The weekend was a bit of a scramble, but as I said earlier in this reply, I have no update just yet. The team is hammering away and I should have an update tomorrow, even if it is a smaller status update for you all. The patch did not go as planned and that is definitely something we're reviewing, both as issues with the game, and the process. But I don't think anyone deserves to be hanged for it. With the transition and subsequent work put into the game to sort through some existing issues, a rollback is not ideal. Better to work forward, as much as that seems counter intuitive. This has been noted and is on the list for investigation.
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    If by "bigger fish to fry" you mean neglecting actual and legitimate bugs and glitches in favor of enhancing the realism of a bitchy blond chicks digital ass.
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    Ki7LumiN4Ti is talking about cheaters when i have video proof on my fb group of him being one of them dude thats comical
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    If they’re making it obvious to let you kill them. Then don’t do it. Go kill other people and don’t give them what they want. It’s pretty easy to counter
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    It's working again. All the Jason-mains should file a class-action suit for "Emotional and mental hardship caused and exacerbated by inability to commit mass murder for a period of 6 hours or more".
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    I love creating a jump scare 🙂 Heres more
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    I've been reading all the posts and the debate on Post Rage Jason and buffing him up and how a lot of players think it's too easy to kill Jason. Having been playing this game for about 2 years, I've enjoyed every aspect of the gaming experience. I truly tip my hat to the creators of this game. Being a fan of the franchise and having watched the movies over and over again, I was reflecting on how Jason was able to wreak havoc early in the movies because no one knew he was actually there (except for tommy in part 6, of course). Once the match starts, I play on the basis of planning for whichever jason appears, whether he runs or not, breaking through doors easier, etc. I wonder what the experience would be if I did not have that intel right off the bat. To me, having to guess while trying to survive would add to the authenticity of the spirit of the game. As the game would go on, then you realize what you're up against and play accordingly, or winging it. Just a thought, no hard feelings whatsoever. Cheers and survive the night
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    Multiple atmosphere changes ended up ruining the gameplay in hindsight. Things like the longer door animations l etc. There are worse changes though I was thinking about. Being able to overadjust the gamma should have been removed immediately. We got people out here running 3 and 4 gamma looking like the middle of the afternoon because they “can’t see” AKA just want to run around. Sound pings were ruined at launch in favor of letting mediocre Jason players spam sense to find counselors continuously with no effort. This has made it harder for counselors to rightfully play stealthily and forced the meta to become nothing but counselors running around and speed looting leaving doors open and windows closed. Might as well, right? Instead of Jason having to legitimately hunt counselors, going toward the slightest ping, Jason just spams sense and crutch plays while counselors run around and scream over everything. The bad programming for counselor screaming has also added to it. When Jason is in stalk no counselors should be crying out, period. The game was initially designed, packaged, and promoted as a game that would force counselors to use stealth, walk and crouch around, and be very quiet otherwise they’ll create pings that Jason will see. Letting sense do all the work for Jason and not penalizing counselors enough for running has completely destroyed the intended dynamics of the game. The sense ability should be delayed or, as many have begged, replaced with stalk in order. Whatever Wes tried to explain-away about stalk being too powerful early on is BS. Jason is stealthy early in the films and should be stealthy, it’s SUPPOSED to be difficult to detect him. Sense being available so early AND being able to spam enablesJason players to abuse it as part of the game mechanics. Take this away and make Jason have to hunt better. I also propose a decrease in counselor speed and higher generation of pings. The ridiculous range in the music cue is already enough. To counter this, stalk and sense should both have a continuous duration and cool down, once used it works the intended duration and cannot be toggled off or spammed. This will force Jason to use his abilities more strategically and counselors will just have to get better at anticipating. Making gameplay more difficult for Jason and counselors makes for better matches. Sigh
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    I think it was mostly just a quick way to reuse assets and increase the number of maps in total. I honestly think they had plans to do one map for each movie and they figured that would still be to few maps to keep people playing by introducing small maps they could essentially double the number of maps the players would have access to. If this had happened we would have ended up with a rather large selection, as it is, even with the three extra small maps it feels like we don’t have that many. This isn’t necessarily the maps fault, it has more to do with the sameness of it all and repetition. I don’t hate the small maps but I’m definitely sick of Packanack small, it get selected twice as often as any other map. Personally I think that’s a bit much and not the smartest move on the hunters part, Higgins small is a better map for it imo. You can rush at least two objectives with far less chaotic objective spawns and it’s a small detour to find out where the shack is while you’re doing them. I’d rather play on any of the big maps, so that should tell you where I rank the small ones. They just aren’t as fun and I think it comes down to how Jason isn’t balanced for them. The timer should be shorter on small maps, there should be an increased pressure to escape. Jason’s powers should recharge faster, if a car gets fixed on a small map and you go chasing it and miss, it’s not just gone they’re likely done another objective before you can Morph back as well. Rage should start earlier or increase more with every hit and lastly running the clock should end with a death animation. Jason Morph Grabs you and preforms a random kill from his selection or an environmental if there’s one close. If I had the opportunity, I’d trade all the small maps for one more unique large map. Which leads me to the idea below. - Idea Not sure where this falls on the content thing but they could ‘fix’ the small maps deficiencies by stitching them together into a larger map. From my understanding Crystal Lake is just across from Packanack and Higgins is just a bit above or below one or the other. If they connected the water of CL and Pack and lined up the gates to Higgins with another exit gate you could run between them. I think you could even use the first SPC to give access to a road around the end to connect CL and Pack that way too. The water would be the quickest way between them but would come with certain risk that’s missing from these maps. There would be lots of cool things that would happen if this was done, there would be 6 spawn points for the shack. The possibility of two fuses and/or fuse houses spawning. Maybe two CB Cabins too. It would be cool if each map got one vehicle, that way you still have a decent chance at escape. Running to the cops could end up taking a very long time if they come to the other side from the call or where you happen to be. Ideally they’d all be loaded as one Pinehurst sized map and not require any loading screens or other new content. If they can’t move the SPC maps to multiplayer (no conformation at this time), maybe they could do this instead. It would be cool if you could set a preference to load this map if any of the small maps are being played non stop. You’d earn tickets and each would increase the chance of this map loading instead of a small map. It could also just be a regular map that some people would select as well but the chance of loading onto it would be cool. Edit - Thank you, I appreciate the support guys. I hope you like it Matt, sorry I keep making more work for you.
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    I am honestly not sure why they even changed her ass? Did anyone ask for this? WHY would anyone ask for changing a character's ass in a videogame?
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    These issues should’ve been fixed in 6 months after release, at the earliest. Yet after 2yrs, the same problems are there, with newer ones? What should your fan base think?!? Later updates, more of a broken game? That told me a lot. Yes, they tried to get a good patch out or proclaimed that. With what was stated and was presented...two different things. No matter what your company rank this is....UNACCEPTABLE!! These issues should’ve been fixed! It’s still the norm to say that it’s ok to accept that?!? Come on...smh. 🙄
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    Dancing my way out of the police exit every time was fun. They should have left it alone. Don't worry though because they broke environmental kills to make up for it. 😄
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    I feel like the only thing successfully 'changed' in this patch was Vicky's ass and if the goal was to make it bigger or stand out more...to me it looks flat as hell with the only real change being the baggy pants around it. So even in technicality, her ass ain't any better than Tiff, AJ or Jenny and its only probably a bit better than Deb, Vanessa and Fox. Its pretty bad when 'ass' is pretty much the only thing you can critique in a positive or negative way depending on what you think of it and the rest is basically the run of the mill failure we've seen since 2017. When you look back, at least the content they launched over 2017 and early 2018 actually provided more entertainment and interest to the game, but we know that's dead. The fixes have ALWAYS been at best mediocre to more conveniently failing. Remember when the engine upgrade was supposed to 'fix the car issues'?... 🤣 We're at the point where the whole 'go to JasonKillsBugs' feels like a nice way of saying 'just go there and we'll pretend to fix it' since these issues have been going on for so long that going there shouldn't even be needed. They are clearly visible to anyone who opens the game up and plays it. Not trying to be dick here, but c'mon.
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    I don't get why it's so hard to fix glitch areas on the map for this game. I seen other game companies patch issues super fast where players were doing some sort of glitch or exploit, so why does it take them so long and multiple patches to patch exploits/glitches for this game? Why focus on a Switch version of this game when they can't fix the current state of the game? It makes no sense to me.
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    I've gone through this thread and cleaned it up. A few important points before ANYONE posts any further: #1 - If you're new to the forum and haven't read the rules, we will know. Read them through once thoroughly; ignorance won't stop warning points being handed out. #2 - As we have to keep repeating on a weekly basis, Savini Jason is not going to be made available for sale. It will never happen, so stop asking. #3 - Double posting, antagonizing other members and derailing of this thread will not be tolerated. Stay on topic, don't be abusive and don't double post.
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    I feel like I’ve never brought this into a public scale with the forums, but here’s a short way to simplify what I’m trying to say. For the past year, as a female player i really cannot tell you I’ve Gone a day without getting called vulgar and inappropriate shit (even after I tell them I’m 15 and to stop clearly). This is what the main driving away factor is currently, isn’t the game but honestly the fan base... Im 15, but even after i point that out, I still get called sexual and vulgar shit on here. Also here’s a main point, Every single time I’ve played this game, which could be around thousands of times now, I can’t get by without being targeted after clearly they’ve made me uncomfortable, and though my friends I play with who are a bit older than me know better and always defend me, this toxic part of the fan base (College guys who think everyone wants them), atleast I’m presuming, is probably one of the biggest forces driving players away that we never talked about. We need a real report system, and we need REAL BANS. Especially when shit like this happens. I hope I didn’t trigger anyone, and I’m sorry if I did something wrong with this post or it goes against your opinion, but I’m honestly done with this shit, and I feel like bringing it here publicly will help me start conversation about this and help me almost cope in a sense. Thank you!
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    Nowhere in these notes,or anywhere else is the biggest problem with this game being recognized, the cheating/Jason helpers. Add the rage change from last update and you have a major game breaking issue that NEEDS to be addressed, please..
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    I think the game needs to go back to the original way where when you find the gas, battery, keys, fuse, boat propeller and drop them they don’t show up on the map forcing players to really communicate with each other and tell each other where the last saw it!! It was more challenging and fun that way!
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    They have animations of him bending/kneeling over. They can reuse that for him requiring his mask. Since we don't see Jason put his knives in a pouch, we don't need to see him put the mask back on. It can give him back hp too. Maybe the second time it comes off, the mask is destroyed like in part 7 & reboot.
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    I am still around, Matt has the most up to date information so I dont have too much to share as I am a volunteer outside of Gun and he will have specifics long before I do. I am mostly doing work on the back end these days but I am still here reading your posts and ensuring we maintain a welcoming environment to discuss the game.
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    Regardless of what slasher based game is made next, it needs to do a top notch job sticking as close to the source material as possible. At the same time, it also needs to provide a stellar gaming experience. In the right hands, all of our favorite slashers could get a game that would do them justice. You are right about that. I've got ideas for close to 30 slasher based games.
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    Nightmare on Elm Street, is the one I’d most want to see. I feel it has the least chance of being made though. To hard a concept for most developers, it’s possible with some more ground work though. Halloween would probably be the most likely to get made and could help build a very specific mechanic to help with the Nightmare game but it’s unlikely they’d listen to me about it, lol. The mechanic in question would be a way to segment a power charging mechanic, with Micheal it would be done by stalking to unlock kills, for Freddy it would be about scaring the players to build up the power to get a kill. I think it would work by observation and manipulation of the environment. Michael would leave a backdoor open or unscrew a lightbulb to generate fear. Freddy would change the environment directly. It’s unfortunate that Micheal doesn’t use traps because I’d want triggering and escaping from traps be part of the generating process but maybe that could be a survivor mechanic in Halloween and a Freddy mechanic in Nightmare. Childs Play has a bit of potential if it’s a slower game or an addition to an existing game. Ghostface could be an epic open world game for a whole class of players, having twenty possible targets could be fun. That’s all I got for now.
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    Actually, without speaking for anyone, I think you’ll find that those of us that are still posting regularly, do care about the aesthetics. There’s quite a few examples of how the quality has decreased, I’m hoping things like draw distance will be addressed when there’s an opportunity, hopefully some other things will be returned to there original quality along the way. Not sure if it would be worth it to straight return to the original code, maybe one day they’ll get it set up to run as a LAN and playing the original version will just be another option you could choose. It would certainly be a unique move on the part of a publisher to make all the versions of their game available to be selected. That way you could see the evolution of the game through each iteration, the tournament guys would probably love it. With the ability to see a game this way, you could possibly appreciate it more. Sure most wouldn’t get much play but still, it would be interesting. Sorry got to rambling about pipe dreams, 😋.
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    Which makes it look even more like they were just looking for the first chance to abandon this game.
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    Go back and re-read what they said, neither of the people you’re arguing with are really against you. They’ve tried to explain, not only why rage was introduced but also that some of us feel that the firecrackers or flare gun should still stun. Not that they do stun but that they should. Relax man, We’re all fans.
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    gun media has nerfed Jason in every patch, except the rage patch, which only stopped group beatings which would never had taken place if they didn’t nerf him so much, his grab sucks and was made worse With the new animation, his combat has always sucked, his hit box is aweful , how many times have you swing and missed only to have a counselor knock you flat on your ass. Jason will never be what he was at launch, Gun has catered this game for the weak minded “me too” entitled baby’s .
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    Jason has been a bitch since the 1st patch. No amount of "rage" will stop that. By the time rage hits, someone will already have the sweater, you'll have had your ass knocked into the dirt 50 times by a hit squad and maybe even your mask is gone. Meanwhile all you can do is get some good slashes in, or lunge like an old slow woman at a counselor. May as well give him back his force grab. At least that HELPS against the hit squads. I was finding more counselors with pocket knives this time around too
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    So I was thinking about this. I'm not sure if leaving the glitch spots in is even possible while trying to fix the codes, but if it is, what if you made them instantly kill the players who went there? So far as I can tell, none of these spots are accessible without deliberate action, and it'd be a great way to punish the people attempting to abuse the trick and hopefully either drive them out of this game or at least make them think twice about trying others. Also, counting it as a suicide so there's no coming back as Tommy would be prudent, I think. What do you folks think?
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    It's too bad that costume packs would count as new content, which we can't have. Unless... Patch Notes Fixed an issue where clothing was unintentionally covering counselors' asses.
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    The time required to put in these bug fixes is a bit alarming. I was expecting a little more frequent of patches when it was announced that all focus would be on this area. Smaller team does have an effect, but shouldn't be at this scale. If we have to wait another 3 or 4 months to get the car/knife glitch worked out I will be really disappointed. That said, I can't wait to test out the new patch when it drops and see what is and what is not fixed, and hoping for no new bugs/glitches being created at the same time..
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    you can believe what ever you want, im just saying I hear just as many dudes getting harrassed on a daily basis(obviously more guys game them women)but It 100% happens to both. Cut the gender me too bs already. Because im a guy i should be able to take it better then a girl? Give me a break if that isn't slighted in the least bit. Where are my rights!!?? Oh i dont have any, im a dude... but like I said sticks and stones..
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    @aurllcooljay Then by that logic couldn't clothing assets be tweaked/changed as well? For example....Chad wearing his Kobra Kai top and speedos at the same time? Or new colors for the existing outfits? Or the pajama pack that was obviously done before the lawsuit thing since it was teased? They won't allow that stuff, as covered in that thread and elsewhere but a new ass is okay? I'm confused.
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    I'm a fan of perler beads and Friday the 13th, so I combined them! Here are some mini counselors I made. And of course after I took the photos, I realized I forgot Shelly 😢 I would love to see your fan art as well!
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    I really want to be able to play as a counselor in offline mode. Just in case if servers ever go out
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    Today for the second time I had a difficult time getting into a full lobby. It was a sad feeling. It was like watching an old friend on his death bed waiting for his inevitable end. There are many reasons for this that have already been discussed at length. I'm not here to talk about these things it's a waste of time. I am here to talk about what the game has ment to me. I am forty years old. The first Friday the 13th film I saw in theaters was part 6. The game has always brought up memories of nostalgia and it is a load of fun when it was firing on all cylinders. I drive 70 miles to work every night and for the last few years my radio has been set to 103.5 Bob FM Austin for these long trips. It's a 1980's music station where you can listen to all the old hits. Friday The 13th The Game had a lot to do with that with it's 80's retro style. The past becomes a powerful thing when you grow older. Nostalgia makes you remember people you used to know. The places you used to go and the person you used to be. I really have a lot of fun with Friday the 13th the game and I am sad to see it dying. I honestly don't know what I am going to replace it with. It sure won't be Dead by Daylight because it isn't any fun. I would like to thank @mattshotcha, @wes and the team at IllFonic. I don't know what is wrong with the game now because I can't even log into it. If you make another game like this I will play it. And I will be here until it is gone forever. But I will no longer be engaging with the forums. If you're interested in playing with me come by my Twitch channel Cat and Six Gaming and say hello. It has been my genuine pleasure. Six
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    I really don’t believe y’all get it. The game is not rolling out content because of a recent lawsuit and they do not want to add content and risk being the target of another one and risk bankruptcy. If this weren’t so then Jason x along with a Grendel map and even a new game mode would be in the game or be on the way as we speak. However, this is not true so we must wait for a solution to be found soon.
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    If I'm wrong, I will apologize.
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