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    Sure, a jab. Cause that's the first time in the history of film where Jason has been hit with a weapon but unaffected. You should make sure to stretch before you reach that hard. Don't wanna pull a hammy.
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    Strigoi, I got your question via PM! We'll chat on it in stream for sure! I love this idea. I will create a master thread later today for next week's BEYOND. We can have people fill it in and I'll lock it after the episode and make a new one for the following week. For this week, I'm up against the wall as I go live shortly, so we'll shoot for a good thread of questions for next week. I appreciate that feedback. I agree, while we try to answer everything brought up, not everyone can attend.
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    Now we just need to make them dance and they'll be just like real players that do nothing all round.
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    Since I couldn’t manage to afford to go to the Crystal Lake Tour this Friday the 13th, I had the opportunity to go to a Friday the 13th trolley tour in Blairstown NJ, which I really enjoyed. While in the trolley, between stops, the original movie was playing. I also was able to get some shots. After the trolley tour, I stopped at the museum where I was given a free copy of the book of the planning of the Friday the 13th movies (got it free because my attendance of the tour. Each 13 people per tour received a book and a small “goodie” bag). It was especially cool because while in the trolley with the movie playing, we paused the movie as Annie was walking past the cemetery just as we arrived in front of the cemetery and got out to check it out. It was also very weird because most people on the tour and walking around the town were from different states, and even different countries. In the trolley, besides the tour guides, the people I came with and I were the only people from New Jersey. 😂 Opening shots of the movie locations: Cemetery: Entrance to Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (unfortunately I couldn’t get the sign because it was covered with the Crystal Lake Tours sign or something I believe since they were having tours today & yesterday, but in the background Jason’s woods are visible. We were also in the “this-is-the-part-where-anything-can happen-and-we-can’t-call-for-help-zone” — There was no reception whatsoever in that area which made things seem even cooler): Some things from the museum (which isn’t fully done yet, they’re adding many new things in the near future): Blairstown Diner, which I ate at afterwards, and also bought a sweatshirt from: *Keep in mind most of these pictures aren’t edited. I also might add more as I look over more of them.*
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    santa DOES what nintendon't ..sorry 😅
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    @OCT 31 1978 I concur! The difficulty level should not be catered to the random bellow 30lvl players. As in any other other game: Play->learn->thrive. Jason kill is pretty easy, demasking is way too easy. Only kills we ever have problems with, are the top tier Jasons. Though we've killed a few of those too. And yeah, I've encountered these "I've never been killed" -Jasons.... It's not hard to run away or hide in the lake. News flash! Hiding to avoid getting killed don't make you good...
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    @OCT 31 1978 and @mattshotcha i appreciate this information. if its down to the wire on this stuff id like to subjest: 1- context kills be fixed. 2- if the car being booted into outter space is too complicated and far too deep of a problem to be fully cleaned at this point, for it to at least kill you when you glitch off the map so the match isnt stuck in limbo. 3- maybe give the mask a tad more HP if its an easy buff, to make the jason kill a little more tricky. 4- tweek the perk rolling system so its less fustraiting. id be happy with that. im glad so much work is still put into this game. i thank you all for your time & effort.
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    That's why I tend to be cautious when clicking on Youtube videos. There's a lot of clickbait out there. The creation of Friday the 13th: The Game has opened the door to potential similar games. I'd like to see many more, as long as they are made by companies that plan their product thoroughly, and care enough about the source material to make it as close to a movie, while still maintaining the balance that a game needs. I tend to be very selective when it comes to the games I invest in playing. There are some crappy products on the market. Hopefully, we never see another game in this genre that suffers from that problem.
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    If the developers wanted us to be able to choose the order, I'd like to think they would have given that to us from day one. It's good to see you back to posting here. You've brought up some good conversations in the past.
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    And yet you complain venomously over Jason being too overwhelming and killing players all the time.....or too easily.
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    People saying there couldn't be a story mode, simply lack the imagination needed. That said, for this kind of game, it'd be a hell of an undertaking. The single player challenges I'm sure were a big investment in time, and resources. In order to do it correctly you'd have to basically write a movie plot. Probably several of them. That's alot of cinematic animation. Not to mention alot of dialogue. While a game like Friday could certainly have a story mode. The costs would be prohibitive for all but a Triple A studio.
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    Look at the date of the quoted post. That's one nice Christmas gift to the community.
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    Alright, @mattshotcha has spoken. I'm a little perplexed why I got called a troll for wanting to show him in a stream just how easy and often Jason gets killed though. A stream which he would experience firsthand how easy it is and a stream that would be kept for posterity by Gun themselves. Me, or others, showing 100 different clips is meaningless because we can just dictate the parameters of the kill and it can be brushed aside. Just like @DontZzz34 and @Seraphic King video got brushed aside. Killing Jason will remain the easiest, most efficient, and most rewarding "victory" So be it.
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    I am also on PS4 I cracked the trophy a while ago so I don’t believe it is glitched..... I also had a hard time with it..... There is a trick even though you think you have done all the kills it requires you to do a few kills multiple times on different objects or inside a cabin or outside to get the specific kill to count as done....... I put together a list of all the Kills and whether you have to do them multiple times to count for another member..... you can use it as well hope it helps!!! 😉
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    That fucker managed to avoid me the whole rest of the match found him in a closet after rage kicked in !! lol and everyone says the bots are dumb that Lachappa AI was on point !!
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    i'll be honest with ya.. offline bot chappa lays me out all the time 😅
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    I escape/survive the night quite a bit on pinehurst. of course if you are just concentrating on looting and not getting parts to objectives, you will get behind the clock on Jason and be in some trouble. Dropping a part on the map when it is at opposite side of map helps no one. Run that shit on over and worry about getting your meds and knifes after you have done your part. Survive the night you can setup nicely. there is usually a big cabin up north and 2 small cabins with traps. There is always 2 big cabins and a small with trap over at camarillo. across the bridge at turtle pond is a big cabin. can work down to 2 small cabins to make hop over to southern camp that usually has 2 more big cabins. from there is reckless ridge house and then barn up north. and that still leaves you with the main house that has all sorts of rooms with doors and exit windows to gain some stamina and continue onward. Manage that stamina and dont blow your load and it is possible to survive.
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    All I hope is that the devs will make offline games count towards the trophies once the game is officially done for. Wouldn't be a slap in the face towards the people who played 2000 matches and seems to be more 'fair' to everyone that still wants the trophy.
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    This is an issue that a lot of people feel strongly about. Where do you fit in the grand scheme of this? @mattshotcha, perhaps you and the team could use this information in your balancing efforts in the future.
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    I understand you are having issues and so are others and it sucks.... it doesn’t mean the developers are destroying the game..... they have said they are looking into it. It may not be as cut and dry are unplug it and plug it back in. I am on PS4 and get into matches in as little as a minute and as long as 3 minutes since the patch my experience hasn’t t changed when it comes to logging in.....our experiences vary.....I am sorry you are frustrated and I understand it. I don’t think it’s because the developers are doing it on purpose....the only suggestions I have... is be patient I am sure a fix is coming this has happened before it may not be the same issue but they did get it fixed. Fingers crossed 🤞 for news on tomorrow’s beyond stream!!
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    Imagine the shockwave throwing all nearby counselors into the lake as well, and leaving them all deafened... even funnier.
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    @FridayThe31st Good luck with a boat escape 🚤
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    Suicide ghost bug?... I have never seen that one before either. I wonder what that one looked like from the counselor's perspective. The car glitching does a bunch of crazy stuff that I have seen... teleporting the counselors in the car outside of the map... into rocky hills like in your video (they cannot exit the car when that happens)... underwater for swimming lessons (that one looked really weird from spectate mode)... and it once propelled @badassgixxer05 into orbit in a seated position... Chad officially became the first counselor in orbit, complete with a model of the earth in the background. I have also read on this forum of it throwing a player onto the roof of the small cabin near Packanack lodge since the last patch, but have not yet seen this one happen. I also saw a similar bug with a drawer last night, but the player could not move like you were. He was stuck, holding the drawer as if he just finished pulling it open... and was stuck like that, starting at the fuse. All he could do was turn his flashlight on and off until Jason grabbed him and tried for an environment kill that glitched. This one happened in Violet's room in the Pinehurst main house. I also saw a Bugsy glitch out while calling the cops last night. He was able to get out of it after two minutes or so, but the phone hung in mid air and we could not complete the call... so I took the four seater and manage to get three others out with me. Crystal Lake small for that one... phone house was east of the bathrooms. Edit to avoid double post.... @DontZzz34 Two games as Jason with the old mouse and 50% of my throwing knives glitched in both matches... Not sure exactly how many games I have played with the new mouse now, but have not had a single quick throw glitch with it at all... yet every time I use the mouse with the screwed up mouse wheel button, I have the quick throw glitches quite often. It does sound like the faulty button is the cause from the matches I have played at least... and if it is caused by even a slight fault in the button, I doubt that anything can be done with it... but it would be good to let them know the cause I found. So I will send a report as soon as I get some screenshots or video of it... and never have to use my crappy mouse again. Yet another edit to avoid double posting @mattshotcha Steam is suddenly having an issue tonight (with no updates on steam or F13)… in which players are not seeing invites that are being sent. The option to join a friend's game through the friend's list is also missing. One friend did see an invite, she was playing Dead by Daylight.... no one else I invited and asked actually saw an invite.... People in the steam community have posted that this is a steam issue... I do not know if this is true or not. I was playing this afternoon and the invites worked fine. Also.... the drawer closest to the speakers in Violet's room in Pinehurst main house is causing people to become stuck holding the drawer open without being able to take what is in the drawer, or get out of being stuck without Jason slashing or grabbing them... but I did not think to take screenshots. I have seen this happen three times now since last night... I just thought you should know. Yet another edit with more info. The option to join a game through the friend's list is apparently still there if you are not in the game at the time. Is there an award for most edits in one post?... one more is needed here. @mattshotcha The invites are working on steam again... I thought you would appreciate the update on that... if you had already seen what I stated above in this post.
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    Instead they should have just fixed block/swing delay get into block faster meatshielding longer invincibility frames from damage/stuns after animations/etc more mask hp in rage mode less stun chance instead I’ve said it 10000 times but this is what should’ve been done instead of the rage buff. But of course the devs aren’t going to listen to their playerbase... this would’ve solved the problem. Any decent to good Jason would sure and shit not be a piñata and groups who want to beat on him all game would pay the price.
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    It's a good thing when a minus defense/low hp Jason gets stunned though. They can damn near sneeze their masks off anyway. So before you complain just remember what's going to happen if they fix this. You know, since there's nothing wrong with mask hp anyway...
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    Costume/Latex created is by J3 Jason Costumes Part 7 Jason Hockey Mask is by Joshua Dedman Part 7 Jason Hood is by Kyle Nielsen My legit and official and 1st Professional Part 7 Jason costume! Just to inform all these talented men work and dedicate themselves to their crafts and to me they are one of the best in the Indie Market! I spent a total of $692.60 total for this dream cosplay! So if you are wanting to buy from them make sure you have patience as they will send updates and other questions to help you out! And taxes and shipping are also different! Full Body pics will be uploaded soon. 💚
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    I see you disagree that’s cute, I believe this is what @mattshotcha was talking about when he said lots of people do voice their opinions here as to comments as useless as this.
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    I’m actually going to a tour of the original filming locations. Before the tour though since it’s at 7 PM, I’m going to get a bite at the Blairstown Diner, and then after the tour, at 10 PM, I’m going to the cinema on Main Street in Blairstown and seeing a screening of Friday the 13th (1980). I’m also going to visit the museum a bit before everything else since it closes at 5 PM I believe. I’m really excited for this. Second best day besides Halloween. 😈 When I get home I’ll marathon Friday the 13th movies and as usual, play the game.
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    The best horror movies are the ones that have social undertones beneath the surface and tell a good story. Th Just to name a few IT Follows (STDs), The Thing (mistrust and deception among society) Dawn of the Dead (commercialism). Nightmares, red white and blue does a good job of examining the changes in horror films through the decade.
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    @Somethin Cool what perks did you have on in that video? Also a lot of the complaints being made here are focused heavily on Jason being de masked right on wake up in one hit. That’s not laughable at all. That’s just unfair for Jason to have to deal with. I think we can all agree indefensible hits and one hit de masks are ridiculous.
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    Hi Gun Media, First of all thank you for bringing this game to the Nintendo Switch, I absolutely love it, I've poured over 80+ hours and I can't get enough. Now I've seen bug reports here so I'm also gonna post my own, not sure if these have already been found and patched but as of today Sept 9, 2019 they still persist. -when joining friends, if the lobby is full and you fail to join you can no longer select quick play and some other menu buttons are disabled -car wont go in reverse. Now im not sure if this is a ping issue? But i play with a contant 140-150 ping and the car just wont go in reverse for some reason. -emotes for certain counselors cannot be set So far these are the most game breaking for me. I really hope you guys can patch this up soon. Stay awesome!
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    The fact Counselors are allowed to do this and it can be done is ridiculous. This is pretty much a 1 hit de mask. Sure is close enough to call it that. Any sort of prior damage and you got a 10 strength counselor his mask will come off. It’s not too hard to shoot Jason and then hit him once. Jason shouldn’t be so fragile to the point where as jason you have to be so worried to get shot once or hit a couple times with a machete or axe. It’s flat out wrong on so many levels. And ive seen this happen several times as counselor and it’s happened to me as jason and I’ve been killed over this nonsense indefensible hit to. And getting tommy and a sweater girl isn’t hard if it’s a kill squad who knows what they’re doing...... 1 person let’s jason kill them OR they can even set a trap and kill one another. One suicides. And there they got tommy as they wish Just like that. Then all they have to do is get sweater. Not that hard and the specific parameters aren’t that hard to get. You’d know this if you played with a kill squad for 1 night and see how broken/OP this set up is. I can share several clips from real games from this nonsense happening..... if you want to see them. And not just from me but from several other players as well have them to. And if we do share it you’ll tell us we don’t know what prior damage was done to Jason like you did before... @everyone post clips on clips on clips of Jason kills
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    The rage buff, however dumb it may looks to you or anyone else, was a necessity to address the pinata party that was plaguing the game more and more. How much do you want to bet that most of the ppl complaining about it are probably the very same who cannot beat Jason for 20 mins? Don't you think it can be a possibility? Even worse, who knows if part of those saying that the kill is already hard enough are not ex-pinata-Jason-party adepts who are now going for the kill every game they're playing considering how easy it is in reality? They're certainly aren't going to say that the kill is hard to do because they don't want their new go to m.o. to be made harder. As for saying the rage buff should be re-addressed before they make any change to the Jason kill, I don't believe those elements are part of the same gameplay category. While the rage buff may have an impact on the difficulty of playing as a counselor and their survivability chance diminishing the moment Jason gets rage, the kill being easy is affecting the whole escape methods balance. Like I and many others have said before the kill should be one of the hardest way to win a match and making it harder would not help Jason kill anyone faster or easier. Many ppl like you(and Matt & the devs for that matter considering the quotes you brought up) seem to make the mistake of bringing those two things next to each other as if the rage buff made Jason harder to kill but those two things are mostly unrelated to each other. Even if there's ten times more ppl thinking that Jason is unstoppable post-rage, it doesn't mean that the kill itself isn't easy to pull and it certainly doesn't mean that the former game's aspect should be addressed before the latter. And like OCT 31 1978 pointed out, they(the devs) also said before that the ratio of ppl liking/disliking the rage buff was mostly 50/50 so why should it be a priority to address it over the Jason kill?
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    @SonofOdin6039 Deborah to you as Jason “ I live my life a quarter mile at a time !! Ride or die Jason !!!!” 😂
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    Or just make Jason killable final 5 minutes so tommy can still try and save others there has been times I’d fill up a entire 4 seat car go to exit and let them take the car and escape and go 1v1 Jason as tommy should 😁 When have they payed attention to our suggestions? 🙁
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    @Strigoi These changes are to balance the game. Jason is way too easy to de-mask and way too easy to kill. One Buggzy shouldn't be able to de-mask Jason in the first minute of the match, let Jason kill him, another counselor just straight suicides and then Tommy is back at minute 2. Tommy and then Vanessa meet up at the shack by 2:30 and the kill is done at the 3 minute mark. In optimal conditions, you can do this every round, in every QP lobby, if you enter one with just 2 friends. In non-optimal conditions, you're killing Jason at the 6 minute mark, every round. It should not be that easy or quick to kill Jason...yet here we are and that's the state of the game right now.
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    All this does is basically confirm what's already known IMO. We'll get one solid fix every 6 months or so, then have to worry if something else breaks. Everything else up to and including changing the meta, overhauling the game in any meaningful way on Counselor or Jason side is all pipe dream stuff. Point being largely the game we have now is the game its going to be 6 months from now, a year from now, give or take dedicated servers. This after the game made a killing between backers and launch sales. You can throw all the lawsuit nonsense out the window. Here's what actually changed in the core game since launch for those who remember that far back. 1. Removed Jason's godframes after a stun, which helped protect him from being chain stunned or damaged. 2. Removed Jason's meat shielding when grabbing counselors, so he could keep them from freeing the counselor. 3. Added a force shield around windows that prevent Jason from interacting with them when a counselor is using them, also added a prompt because players complained Jason couldn't break windows without combat stance. 4. Added a fuse after beta feedback showed how easy it was to call the cops...arguably can be today if the lobby is loaded up on the right perks that make traps pointless. 5. Added a map marker for gas, the keys and battery because it was too difficult to find the items for counselor. Yet counselors that I've seen don't even bother marking the items by picking them up and instead ignore them or miss them. At this point, you might as well go the extra step and just mark them the minute a counselor enters a cabin. 6. Gave Jason a 'speed' increase and two extra knives after the Crystal Lake armory update combined with the nerfing ofJason's grab range made Jason a bitch that nobody wanted to play as for a good while. 7. Changed Jason's grab animation to 'look better'. 8. Made Jason unstunnable in rage except for shotguns and demasking. 9. Made firecrackers and flare guns stun Jason post launch after beta complaints about not having enough ways to fight Jason. Moved the flare gun from an inventory item to an item you can hold. 10. Made single entrance cabins or rooms have unlockable doors to prevent counselors from locking items in rooms, then leaving them via a window. 11. Removed team killing because trolls began taking over games. So that's about it unless im missing some? Roughly ten things that really changed throughout the games life cycle. Some of those are merely quality of life changes after months of complaints. Sure content at the time may have taken up some resources from making changes to the core game. However when you factor in the content was merely clothing packs, 2 new maps, 2 new Jasons, 4 new counselors, a cancelled gamemode after being hyped, a cancelled new Jason/map after being hyped, technically 2 cancelled Jasons with the retro rework that never happened. It really does feel like mismanagement killed the game more than anything else. Point being after this long rambling rant. The game you have now is the game its likely always going to be forever. So for all of us that look forward to something that's going to change the narrative of the game or spice it up in any meaningful way. We're holding onto a dead dream. A lot of people around here (more so twitter and other platforms) will probably blind buy a Halloween licensed game by Gun and company if they decide to go down this road again with another major horror franchise in the hopes and 'promise' that it will be like Friday the 13th, but better. I know I'll be waiting for sure. It would take a massive uptake in quality and turnaround with this game for me to consider another title even similar to this one from these publishers. Not a personal attack, just the rambling of one of the many disgruntled types who are still around whereas many others left.
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    Glad to hear it buddy!!!
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    It can happen with more than one. I had a pair left once in that situation.
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    As of right now Victor Miller The writer of Friday the 13th owns the rights to that film and all characters in the Film and the ones used only by name....Jason.....in the United States only. This decision was made based on a terminations of copyrights law implemented in the United States that allows writers of their works to regain ownership for renegotiation purposes. Horror INC /Sean Cunningham owns the rights to the franchise outside of the United States... including the Adult killer in a hockey mask..... At present time Neither can go forward with a film because of said split ownership.......Victor can sue Sean because all future films based on his characters are derivatives of his original film........ And Sean having the rights to the franchise and Adult killer in a hockey mask......Definitely doesn’t want to pay royalties to Victor Miller for the characters name.......with both being able to support the claims of ownership...... (Victor owning Jason’s name and Sean owning the rights to all of Friday the 13th’s many sequels and the look of the Adult Killer in a Hockey Mask.) ......they must both come together to make any future decisions about the franchise.......but it looks like neither party wants to do that......as talks between the two have not panned out and Sean has pushed through a full appeal to the original decision. So with the full appeal Horror Inc continues to try to prove the idea that Victor Miller worked on the film as a work for hire and continues to press the courts to make a decision on who owns the rights to Adult Hockey Masked killer Jason Voorhees.....So that the franchise can move forward unimpeded by lawsuits... If Anybody can think of anything I missed add to it.......
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    I had an offline match with 8 pocket knives. Even the bots want to hack the game now.
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    Solo wasn't bad. Not great, but really how is anybody going to fill those shoes. Last Jedi was kinda painful.
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    Looking to bring this to attention again and help get this request fulfilled. Crossplayers from the Xbox/PS versions to the Nintendo Switch version are all dealing with this same limitation and we are wondering why this was even a designed control. All joysticks work the same, so what differs from the Switch's joystick? Why is there a limitation to where it cannot function as a jog control in all directions? Having to hold up on the left joystick to jog while controlling your direction with the right joystick is such a lacking design, where it should be just like the Xbox/PS joysticks that let you control your walk, jog, and run within one motion. Please consider fixing this and realize that it is such a flawed control design that makes the game less functional on the Switch. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing it on the Switch. But being spoiled to the Xbox/PS controls makes it harder to play on the Switch and is definitely not one of those "I'll get used to these controls soon" moments. About a week into playing the game still and I cannot get used to how the joystick works and irritates me. I have to constantly remind myself to hold straight up with the left joystick and control my direction with the right joystick. It's especially annoying trying to open drawers that are right next to each other with this control scheme. Please consider fixing this.
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    Make some kind of changes. And no, I dont mean another tractor at Pinehurst. Tweak the perks. Update the loot on the Pinehurst map(thats why everyone hates it, its huge without adequate stuff to survive). Include the weapons that are already in the game files, ie the pitchfork.(What can you be sued for if you dont charge for it?) Do something that may make players who have left want to try it again. Im sorry, but 6 months for a roof glitch isnt it. You may have to think outside the box, but there is new things you can do--without new DLC(ala Rage mode) that may spark some interest.
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    I play my Switch solely for the handheld functionality. Might sound silly, but my optimal, comfortable me-time is being able to play my all-time favorite games (Mk11, F13, and DBD) on the couch while my TV is on playing background shows. I've spent years playing console and being in the top 5 online for the past two MK and Injustice games, and have 1000s and 1000s of hours on consoles for the latter two games... sometimes I just want to play casually and conveniently. So I haven't tried the Pro controller, but I think I read it's the same for that. I considered trying the Hori D-pad Joycon, but I can't imagine it being any different. I would hope the dev team could find a 'band-aid' solution like toggling jog, or making jog the default movement at all angles and getting rid of walk altogether. I doubt walk is used even rarely if at all. Certainly would be a lot better than the mess it is now.
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    i haven't played the game for a few months but today i installed it and it took me around 20 to 30 min to get a 4 people lobby (2-3 min per search) so yeah this games is almost death now at least here in EU
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    Thank You @F13 Seppuku Squad I have even put posts on here under Patch Notes 1.35 Upcoming which @mattshotcha started himself and the community has carried on. Servers as they call it just ain't there and if someone does get in to a lobby it's usually a P2P lobby which only has about 4 people in it and that situation only arises if you do quick play and leave the controller sitting for up to 7 minutes if your lucky and even then it's no good if your a Jason player due to how laggy the game is, no good getting a 200ms ping and your struggling to get a knife off. Every time the game starts to move forward they always end up taking a step back or in this case 7 days and counting, patches are all very well and i sure am glad there getting there with them, but to have no servers to play the game on at the moment is sacrilege. I love playing against randoms is sure a lot of fun and some nice outcomes. But alas no servers in the whole of the United Kingdom means no game play for me and thousands of other people here and around the world and that's a helluva lot of people. Here is the link to the last twitch stream that GunMedia did on Thursday the 15th of August 2019 go to the 17 minute mark and watch and listen to what @mattshotcha says to my comments regarding the situation that's been unfolding over the coarse of a week now, all i wanted was answers to my questions which we are all certainly most entitled to by now. Maybe watch it all and you might pick bits what i missed and form your own opinions on the matter.
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    I'm going to be Jason From Friday the 13th part 6 for Halloween and so far I got everything but the dart from in the pouch, I don't need the knife part I'm looking to make just the stick and the little string that came off them since that is all that is seen and for the life of me i can figure out how to make them them. I also need help figuring out how to make the fence post that Jason had at the beginning(I was think about not making it as he got rid of it fast what do you think)
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    Yeah, actually I do. In case you don’t know, there is a competitive scene outside of this trash QP you play and these players would absolutely destroy you. If you are really up for the challenge, I can arrange it in a heartbeat. You think I am full of shit? I can prove that wrong in a minute.
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    This seems to be stirring up a lot of debate. @mattshotcha, this may help you get a feel for how the members feel.
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