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    Since I couldn’t manage to afford to go to the Crystal Lake Tour this Friday the 13th, I had the opportunity to go to a Friday the 13th trolley tour in Blairstown NJ, which I really enjoyed. While in the trolley, between stops, the original movie was playing. I also was able to get some shots. After the trolley tour, I stopped at the museum where I was given a free copy of the book of the planning of the Friday the 13th movies (got it free because my attendance of the tour. Each 13 people per tour received a book and a small “goodie” bag). It was especially cool because while in the trolley with the movie playing, we paused the movie as Annie was walking past the cemetery just as we arrived in front of the cemetery and got out to check it out. It was also very weird because most people on the tour and walking around the town were from different states, and even different countries. In the trolley, besides the tour guides, the people I came with and I were the only people from New Jersey. 😂 Opening shots of the movie locations: Cemetery: Entrance to Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (unfortunately I couldn’t get the sign because it was covered with the Crystal Lake Tours sign or something I believe since they were having tours today & yesterday, but in the background Jason’s woods are visible. There was also no reception whatsoever in that area which made things seem even cooler): Some things from the museum (which isn’t fully done yet, they’re adding many new things in the near future): Blairstown Diner, which I ate at afterwards, and also bought a sweatshirt from: *Keep in mind most of these pictures aren’t edited. I also might add more as I look over more of them.*
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    There can be a story mode for some character like Robb or Duke that's looking for Jason, like a resident evil kind of experience.
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    If the developers wanted us to be able to choose the order, I'd like to think they would have given that to us from day one. It's good to see you back to posting here. You've brought up some good conversations in the past.
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    And yet you complain venomously over Jason being too overwhelming and killing players all the time.....or too easily.
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    People saying there couldn't be a story mode, simply lack the imagination needed. That said, for this kind of game, it'd be a hell of an undertaking. The single player challenges I'm sure were a big investment in time, and resources. In order to do it correctly you'd have to basically write a movie plot. Probably several of them. That's alot of cinematic animation. Not to mention alot of dialogue. While a game like Friday could certainly have a story mode. The costs would be prohibitive for all but a Triple A studio.
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    Look at the date of the quoted post. That's one nice Christmas gift to the community.
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    Alright, @mattshotcha has spoken. I'm a little perplexed why I got called a troll for wanting to show him in a stream just how easy and often Jason gets killed though. A stream which he would experience firsthand how easy it is and a stream that would be kept for posterity by Gun themselves. Me, or others, showing 100 different clips is meaningless because we can just dictate the parameters of the kill and it can be brushed aside. Just like @DontZzz34 and @Seraphic King video got brushed aside. Killing Jason will remain the easiest, most efficient, and most rewarding "victory" So be it.
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    I Started playing the game yesterday at 7pm kept playing till 2 am lol good lord!!!😂 Found a Pamela and 2 Jarvis tapes in the same match!! So happy 😁 need 2 more Jarvis and 3 more Pamela tapes now!! I will start playing again some time in the evening. I Started my New line Cinema Jason movies Marathon today! Just finished Jason Goes To Hell! I love the music and Kills in this movie and definitely can appreciate the Film makers attempting to change the Jason’s mythology.....I like how you don’t know Who the killer is in the Climax....those moments are similar to the First F13 when you didn’t know who was killing everybody. Starting Freddy vs Jason now!!!
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    I see you disagree that’s cute, I believe this is what @mattshotcha was talking about when he said lots of people do voice their opinions here as to comments as useless as this.
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    Savini was a backer exclusive offered before the games release to fund the development of the game. The developers have said He will not be offered to the public for purchase again.
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    Just got double XP. Searching social media now to see if the details of what’s going on has been announced. Edit: announced on Twitter: Double XP and CP and guaranteed tape spawn in every match. https://twitter.com/Friday13thGame/status/1172543711328309248?s=20
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    Oh fuck yea homie!!! wow tv looks and feels so different now. I recorded that same USA marathon. The announcers voice is just one of those memories that I have as a kid for some reason that I will remember for ever.
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    I’m actually going to a tour of the original filming locations. Before the tour though since it’s at 7 PM, I’m going to get a bite at the Blairstown Diner, and then after the tour, at 10 PM, I’m going to the cinema on Main Street in Blairstown and seeing a screening of Friday the 13th (1980). I’m also going to visit the museum a bit before everything else since it closes at 5 PM I believe. I’m really excited for this. Second best day besides Halloween. 😈 When I get home I’ll marathon Friday the 13th movies and as usual, play the game.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I was aware of A.J. and Tiffs sound blips as well, I can’t believe I didn’t know Stun resistance wasn’t doing anything....I always thought Stun resistance gave Jason a shorter Stun time....🤯 well looks like you just gave me a The more you know 🌈⭐️ Kinda post my friend!! @Somethin Cool in this video it looks like Stun Chance does work But duration doesn’t for Stun resistance .......it is a older video so things maybe have been changed as well now....do you think it is still working this way or have the updates and developers changed it from this. @DontZzz34 have you seen this video about Stun resistance?
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    The best horror movies are the ones that have social undertones beneath the surface and tell a good story. Th Just to name a few IT Follows (STDs), The Thing (mistrust and deception among society) Dawn of the Dead (commercialism). Nightmares, red white and blue does a good job of examining the changes in horror films through the decade.
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    Beautiful cabin, really stunning. Just bring everything you normally bring on vacation.
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    @Somethin Cool what perks did you have on in that video? Also a lot of the complaints being made here are focused heavily on Jason being de masked right on wake up in one hit. That’s not laughable at all. That’s just unfair for Jason to have to deal with. I think we can all agree indefensible hits and one hit de masks are ridiculous.
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    I think a good story in a game genre like this would go a long way in terms of replay value.
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    True but I only like to promote wise tactics. Average potato from QP shouldn't touch the sweater unless he's going for the kill and the mask is ALREADY off. There's no reason to screw over the rest of the lobby because out of Stam Deborah with no spray or pk gets a little chilly and decides to grab the sweater 3 minutes into the match.
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    The lawsuit has cut off the chances of new content. The bugs are a work in progress to fix. Savini Jason is off the table for newcomers to the game.
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    Agreed. In all actuality, Halloween had plot of Michael Myers trying to kill off his sister and later his niece until the 2018 sequel. The killer has a target and goal and anyone who gets in the way is killed. The original F13 was about a deranged mother avenging the death of her child, followed by her child avenging the death of his mother. Not much in the way of room to stretch the storyline, true, but the plot line does exist. But that's just my take on it.
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    Hi Gun Media, First of all thank you for bringing this game to the Nintendo Switch, I absolutely love it, I've poured over 80+ hours and I can't get enough. Now I've seen bug reports here so I'm also gonna post my own, not sure if these have already been found and patched but as of today Sept 9, 2019 they still persist. -when joining friends, if the lobby is full and you fail to join you can no longer select quick play and some other menu buttons are disabled -car wont go in reverse. Now im not sure if this is a ping issue? But i play with a contant 140-150 ping and the car just wont go in reverse for some reason. -emotes for certain counselors cannot be set So far these are the most game breaking for me. I really hope you guys can patch this up soon. Stay awesome!
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    I just kept carrying him and leading him to there as I walk to the direction to the shack, since his composure is low I got him there quicker.
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    Phenomenal assembly! Everything looks fantastic! I can't wait to see the full body pic with your chains.
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    Hell yeah!!!! I am glad it finally triggered!! I am telling you those hiding spot kills are the worst because it’s the same looking kill so you feel like you have done it hundreds of times!! But because all the different locations have to be done for it to count it wasn’t letting the trophy pop.....in any case let’s celebrate!!! 🍻 @Dragonfire82877 you are next bro how are you coming on that trophy? I am hoping the list I made is being helpful.....
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    Listen dude. I'm not trying to offend you. I'm sure you're a perfectly nice guy. And trust me, I've played with plenty of shit lobbies who do NOTHING to help the team. You presented a case wherein the other guys had everything set up other than the one thing they needed to accomplish their goal, which you had. You asked if we agreed with your decision to go your own way instead of helping them out with their goal (which again, they couldn't accomplish without you). I personally think it's a dick move. It doesn't mean I'm insulting you, it doesn't mean I think you're never a team player. It's my opinion. I don't see why we can't agree to disagree on this.
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    The sweater isn't too helpful outside of using it for the kill. When it is used you are stuck in animation (I know there is prob still a glitch to get out of this somehow, im not interested in) for just about as long as Jason is, so it doesn't give you a free getaway like a pocket knife or weapon stun would.
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    Fun fact for you... when players are saying the opposite of what everyone else is seeing, chances are, they are full of shit. Being I am actually an honest person and just call it like I see it... there are more than enough people seeing the same things I am for me to know who is full of shit (not just on this platform)... I fully understand how situational everything is... but when some people are stating the polar opposite of what is actually happening consistently for so many... I tend to take the word of the honest few. There will always be more crybabies than not... and at this time in history, there are WAY more crybabies than every before. Some of these things they say I can see being consistent for some of these people IF every single match they have ever played was with lobbies full of do nothing and completely incompetent players... and they took absolutely no time to learn any other aspect of this game other than beating on Jason... and never even tried to use dodge... Then, and ONLY then... maybe... and if that is the case... and I am not part of the "git gud" community... but they need to git gud. Another fun fact for you... the rage buff made Jason even easier to kill. Reasons for this have been stated MANY times already so I won't bore you with more facts than you can handle. Many players just do not know this... and if they choose not to look into these things for themselves, then that is on them. After speaking with MANY players that came here to complain about the rage buff it was made clear by MANY of them that they were the ones using Jason as a piñata and wished for this behavior to continue... all of these conversations that happened on these forums are still there and easy to find... Listening to the people that were responsible for causing the issue that the buff was put into place to prevent is counter productive. Another fun fact... Matt also said in a recent stream that the rage buff is not going anywhere... But adjustments may yet be made. Face it, piñata parties are a thing of the past and are going to stay that way... If so many people think Jason is invulnerable in rage, then why do they insist on bringing it on quick by beating on him for shits and giggles?... Sounds to me like this is just the idiots that liked to use Jason as a piñata making the game more difficult for EVERYBODY ELSE that is still in the game. Indeed... and here are some more fun facts... just for you. It is MUCH harder to find honest people than it is to find people who are full of shit... dishonest people quickly become apparent through even a short conversation with a few simple questions about the subject.... And crybabies will be crybabies... Listening to crybabies is the wrong way to go... for ANYTHING. The devs vision of this game is simple.... ASYMETRICAL horror survival game... The killer is supposed to be overpowered, but the potential victims are just that... "Potential"... With the concept of an overpowered killer, the potential victims need to work together to survive, and not all of them will survive... in general. Sometimes, all of them will die... and other times all of them will escape... and everything in between. I think they were going with a 5 out of 8 as an average... If you understand how averages actually work... the number of games I have seen with Jason players getting zero kills alone would be enough to bring the average down to 6 even with all of these people saying every game they see is 8 of 8. There is no horror if no one is dying... There is no fear of a killer that is being used as a pinata for ANY length of time... There is no slasher in the slasher game if no one gets slashed... and very little fear of dying at all if 4 or more players are escaping in EVERY match... If you cannot do math... 4 is half of 8 of Jason's possible victims... and you can take four players out in one car. If there is zero concern for one's player, then how can it be a horror game?... People complaining about the rage buff are showing their brand new fear for Jason instead of their utter lack of fear AND respect for him. It did its job, whether others can see this or not. I just happen to like the whole "asymmetrical balance" thing... It is different. This game, like any other, is simply not for everyone... Players that cannot handle dying a lot in a game will not like this game, or the balance the devs are going for... and there is only one reason for that. We ALL die a lot in this game... some of us escape far more than others, but everyone manages to escape at some point... Out of ten matches you play... how many do you survive?... Take your next ten matches and keep track... and I will give you my own average. Yes, it was. Yes... you have said that... and you have also said in the past that you were one of the people using Jason as a piñata... and again... Why exactly should the opinions of the people that were the cause of the issue that the buff was put in to deal with matter at all?... Everyone knows exactly why they are complaining... and when you are complaining about anything put in place to prevent the behavior you are responsible for... you will find it falling on deaf ears... unless it is a fool doing the listening. I still have met VERY few players in game with an actual complaint about the rage buff. But I have talked to a few now. Indeed... such a claim should be backed up with an actual count... and compared to the ratio of the toxic members of the community vs those with some rationality... I bet the numbers are identical... Quick play in this game can be one of the more toxic places you can visit on the internet... and that is where this lovely multi platform community all came from... But, good and bad in every group... that is just the way it is. This post is getting long though... I'll be back... "soon".
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    The fact Counselors are allowed to do this and it can be done is ridiculous. This is pretty much a 1 hit de mask. Sure is close enough to call it that. Any sort of prior damage and you got a 10 strength counselor his mask will come off. It’s not too hard to shoot Jason and then hit him once. Jason shouldn’t be so fragile to the point where as jason you have to be so worried to get shot once or hit a couple times with a machete or axe. It’s flat out wrong on so many levels. And ive seen this happen several times as counselor and it’s happened to me as jason and I’ve been killed over this nonsense indefensible hit to. And getting tommy and a sweater girl isn’t hard if it’s a kill squad who knows what they’re doing...... 1 person let’s jason kill them OR they can even set a trap and kill one another. One suicides. And there they got tommy as they wish Just like that. Then all they have to do is get sweater. Not that hard and the specific parameters aren’t that hard to get. You’d know this if you played with a kill squad for 1 night and see how broken/OP this set up is. I can share several clips from real games from this nonsense happening..... if you want to see them. And not just from me but from several other players as well have them to. And if we do share it you’ll tell us we don’t know what prior damage was done to Jason like you did before... @everyone post clips on clips on clips of Jason kills
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    The rage buff, however dumb it may looks to you or anyone else, was a necessity to address the pinata party that was plaguing the game more and more. How much do you want to bet that most of the ppl complaining about it are probably the very same who cannot beat Jason for 20 mins? Don't you think it can be a possibility? Even worse, who knows if part of those saying that the kill is already hard enough are not ex-pinata-Jason-party adepts who are now going for the kill every game they're playing considering how easy it is in reality? They're certainly aren't going to say that the kill is hard to do because they don't want their new go to m.o. to be made harder. As for saying the rage buff should be re-addressed before they make any change to the Jason kill, I don't believe those elements are part of the same gameplay category. While the rage buff may have an impact on the difficulty of playing as a counselor and their survivability chance diminishing the moment Jason gets rage, the kill being easy is affecting the whole escape methods balance. Like I and many others have said before the kill should be one of the hardest way to win a match and making it harder would not help Jason kill anyone faster or easier. Many ppl like you(and Matt & the devs for that matter considering the quotes you brought up) seem to make the mistake of bringing those two things next to each other as if the rage buff made Jason harder to kill but those two things are mostly unrelated to each other. Even if there's ten times more ppl thinking that Jason is unstoppable post-rage, it doesn't mean that the kill itself isn't easy to pull and it certainly doesn't mean that the former game's aspect should be addressed before the latter. And like OCT 31 1978 pointed out, they(the devs) also said before that the ratio of ppl liking/disliking the rage buff was mostly 50/50 so why should it be a priority to address it over the Jason kill?
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    I am also on PS4 I cracked the trophy a while ago so I don’t believe it is glitched..... I also had a hard time with it..... There is a trick even though you think you have done all the kills it requires you to do a few kills multiple times on different objects or inside a cabin or outside to get the specific kill to count as done....... I put together a list of all the Kills and whether you have to do them multiple times to count for another member..... you can use it as well hope it helps!!! 😉
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    If he could sprint faster than Vanessa how would anyone even stand a chance lol
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    Now we just need to make them dance and they'll be just like real players that do nothing all round.
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    Or just make Jason killable final 5 minutes so tommy can still try and save others there has been times I’d fill up a entire 4 seat car go to exit and let them take the car and escape and go 1v1 Jason as tommy should 😁 When have they payed attention to our suggestions? 🙁
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    First off, there is no accounting for what damage Jason took in the process of the 3 kills he did get in this match. As for the rest of the points I'll make, I'll share that at the end of the quoted section. You do realize how perfect the parameters are in the scenario you detailed right? Not to mention the coordination of a squad? It's not that we aren't listening, it's that we're trying to account for ALL of the player base, not just some of it. Do you honestly feel that the ENTIRE player base finds it too easy to kill Jason? Because we can show ten times as many reports from players saying he is unstoppable post-Rage. The people who don't agree don't always feel welcome to voice their opinions due to the reactions of those who do. It tends to turn into ridicule rather quickly. Don't shame other forum members for their opinion here. I play as Jason, I watch a ton of footage. I watch a ton of videos from people saying it is too easy. More on that after quotes. Again, specific parameters. Here is the real issue with the topic. Those same new Jason players also play as counselors. See where I'm going with this? Again, though. They represent a portion of the player base and not all of it. Again, there's players here who disagree. Shaming them with "get good" rhetoric is not going to earn anyone favor in this topic. Varying degrees of experience, etc. Again, look at the Rage topic for a hint into where the community as a whole is. No, I would simply say that if it were the case. What Jason nerf are you speaking of? Against an inexperienced Roy. Fun fact, Roy and other "Human Jason" characters have the least "health" (for lack of a better term) and are the easiest to knock the mask off of. So the shorter replies are so that I can keep this confined to one blurb at the end of the comment. Here goes... This forum is NOT representative of the entire player base. I know that sucks to hear, but you guys are more the minority at this point. Even if the entire active forum agreed on something, they wouldn't represent the majority of the player base. This isn't said to insult or sound shitty, it's vital to understanding my role at Gun. If my job were as easy as reading the forums and making recommendations based solely off that, I'd get to spend a lot more time with my daughter. All jokes aside, there is a lot more that goes into decision making in game. The topic of the mask plays into the greater topic of Jason and his power level. We recently made a major change to the power level of Jason by way of the Rage changes. The community is still in an adjustment period off of that change and making another sweeping change to Jason's strength is not an easy choice. We run the risk of potentially alienating the middle tier of players who may be on their way to killing a Jason or two, but not quite finding it as easy as some of you all do. Furthermore, I have yet to see one of these "It's too easy to kill Jason" videos that do not have some kind of particular parameters involved. Human Jason players, such as Part 2 or Roy have a much lower threshold to the mask, skill gap differences, optimal kill scenario off the jump, and on and on. Saying things like find an axe, find a pocket knife, find firecrackers, then bam go kill Jason is not proving the case. These are specific parameters. And yes, I've watched kill squads go and kill multiple Jasons in an evening. But those details are always in line. Are the kill squads always matched up against similar skill level players? Are they running across primarily Human Jason players? Are they in a coordinated group? Etc. And this is not even accounting for the decisions you see these Jason players make in the clips. A Roy Jason or Part 2 Jason walking up on a Sweater Girl, Tommy, and two strong counselors is already enough to tell me it's not a good representation of the situation because why. Why would the Jason player walk into that fight? So please do watch these supposed evidence videos without the bias glasses and tell me if you truly feel they are illustrating your point as clearly as you claim. Because they aren't. Running down an inexperienced Jason and saying we should make the kill more difficult is not proof of anything more than a skill gap that is unavoidable this late in the game's life where we have new players every sale and old players sticking around since launch. There is still, even then, a significant amount of chance involved, and overcoming that chance for some vs others is not a crippling balance issue. Using particular counselors, with particular perks, with particular weapon pick ups still requires getting the Tommy call, getting a best scenario Jason adversary, and completing the process. While that is not necessarily difficult, these videos showing it happen quickly or people claiming to do it in minutes are usually a fair amount of those parameters coming up quite lucky. Acting as if it is a simple button press is reductive, and actually weakens the argument. It's like saying becoming a millionaire is as easy as depositing a check for a million in your bank. There's much more to the process. It's tough to hear, and tough to admit, but YOUR experience in game is not EVERY player's experience. And just because there is an echo chamber here that says it should change, doesn't mean it actually should. AND EVEN STILL we haven't said flat out NO, we won't change anything with the mask. We're simply saying this isn't a snap decision we'll make without giving it more thought. It's definitely not the "No-Brainer" that some claim it is, and certainly not a majority request.
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    Saw this in the discord. Looks amazing and worth the money.
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    I'm going to be Jason From Friday the 13th part 6 for Halloween and so far I got everything but the dart from in the pouch, I don't need the knife part I'm looking to make just the stick and the little string that came off them since that is all that is seen and for the life of me i can figure out how to make them them. I also need help figuring out how to make the fence post that Jason had at the beginning(I was think about not making it as he got rid of it fast what do you think)
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    It sounds like they got the last laugh in that situation. Revenge isn't always worth the effort. Sometimes it is better to change lobbies and move on. Enjoying the game should be the main focus.
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    It's still a work in progress. Hopefully, you'll get them back once a fix is found.
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    This is an interesting topic. Teaming would likely be a top pet peeve for most people. Hitting fellow counselors with melee weapons is pointless, and wouldn't bother one as much now as it did when they could hurt you. Someone leading Jason to you while trying to escape is a mixed bag. Sometimes it's intentional, other times it's not. I usually lead Jason back to them. A car with open seats passing you by could be due to Jason being on their heels. I stop if the coast is clear, and if the player has helped out in some way. If they've been screwing around and expect a seat, that seat stays empty. I find new players following me around, and I'll give some pointers on how they can help the group. If they don't, I lose them in the woods. Speed looters don't bother me much, as I'll get the items back when they get killed due to their own carelessness. If I'm playing the repair role, and someone less qualified tries and dies, I'll wait until the coast is clear and get it done like I could have initially. The only pet peeve I really have is players who act entitled and try to dictate how a match should go.
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    Your experience is showing there's progress being made. That's a good sign.
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    This is an interesting development. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.
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    Yeah, actually I do. In case you don’t know, there is a competitive scene outside of this trash QP you play and these players would absolutely destroy you. If you are really up for the challenge, I can arrange it in a heartbeat. You think I am full of shit? I can prove that wrong in a minute.
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    I was able to slow the audio down to decipher each word that is said: "Meet us outside the camp entrance, if you can't make it to the entrance...too fucking bad if you're brutally murdered tonight - we're the laziest cops in New Jersey"
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    Yes, us on Xbox are also experiencing your issues with US servers as well, with no fix in the night. Happy Friday the 13th! Here's a story until the issues fixed: Today I was at school, like any other day, and the kids on the News thingy we have at school acted like they knew everything about FT13, I was at this point in the mood to say, "JUST STFU ALREADY," but I didn't because I'm in Yearbook and I can't have my reputation ruined. And so my day went on. The End. Here's the Tea: It seems as though Gun has no idea on how to look up the damn logs, and right now there's no fix because of it. A few people including me have talked about ideas of what could be happening, no response. All we got told was the servers keep crashing then people join again as soon as they restart and they crash again then eventually you're handed over to another server the closest to you if it's working, if not you'll be thrown across the world like a slingshot ride at a theme park, that explains your high ping and lag. On the other hand it just means keep trying for a server no matter how long it takes, because we have Double everything until the servers are fixed I'm taking it as still? Now if you're in the US and experiencing connecting to an "EU" server, then you're not alone, we've all experienced it, well besides me. I've been lucky enough to get a server on PS4 the first try, but not Xbox, it's a strange phenomenon. Well, Jasons at my door, gotta go serve him limbs.
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    They should just bring in stalk with sense when sense comes in. It can be hard using stalk without sense. And I agree + stalk Jason’s should be able to freely move around longer. Just like how in part 8 how jason maneuvered around freely all over the boat before he got spotted was pretty insane
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    Stalk is mostly useless without sense... and without shift active yet either, even more useless... how would this even help? Having sense early makes more "sense". Against good players... too much of a buff and gives reasons for Jason to camp an area... which is just a bad idea for Jason in the first place. Against do nothing players, not even a buff. As far as objectives go... They are already shown on Jason's map... all you need to know is how to read a map and orient yourself from the in game view of the character you are playing. You do not even have to know the area you are in well... just how to orient yourself vs the map... Sound pings already give away players that are around objectives if Jason is paying attention... Unless they actually know how to use the stealth system. Highlighting an objective actually being repaired at the time completely nerfs the stealth system and gives no need for repair mistake warnings... Jason would never need the repair warnings if he can already see something being repaired... Let alone if he can see this from across the map. The range of sense is far more limited than many players think... It does not stretch across the map... not even on a small map. Distances are just hard to estimate in game... Until you see a cabin flickering at the edge of your sense range and look at your map to find out just how far away sense actually does reach. Morph is based on pins placed in the map... This would require a complete rework of the morph pins... and if Morph is suddenly too accurate, that is way too much of a buff for ANY Jason variant. Imagine morphing ahead of the car and having it crash into you every time with zero effort... no car would ever escape after the Jason players learn how to use this. Players would also be consistently be grabbed out of a morph... WAY too much of a buff. I do like the idea of counselors taking damage while in Jason's grip, but it would have to be minimal damage or the river of tears would begin to flow again. Breaking free of a choke hold will NEVER leave you with more stamina than you had before the choke... a lack of oxygen leaves you weakened, not strengthened... and being in Jason's grip IS a choke hold... How can it not be? He is holding a counselor in the air by the throat... Impossible to do without choking someone. An adrenaline boost does not give you more strength or stamina when your body is starved of oxygen as it would be after being choked. Stalk runs out quickly when you are moving for a reason... Stalk is a very powerful tool... If it did not run down quickly, neutral and +Stalk variants would be spending most of the match in stalk… And after they get stalk, the match would be pretty short... This would throw balance to the wind.
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    And it drags on... http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2019/09/friday-13th-rights-battle-update-with.html?m=1
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    It's very disappointing. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
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