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    Just wanted to stop by Camp and wish everyone a Happy anniversary. This game brought me so much joy over the years.
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    Found a video of a bunch of unreleased kills, looks like people are sill datamining whatever they can find.
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    @GunMedia_Ben, @wes, @ShiftySamurai, @mattshotcha, thank you guys for an amazing game. Happy Anniversary to you guys! Great post @Slasher_Clone
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    Very good post @Slasher_Clone. The positive vibes are well-timed. A big thanks to the backers and the developers.
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    Mine too, Crazykid. PS. No, thank you Matt. The Friday we got is the realization of a million childhood dreams, and everyone involved in bringIng it to those grown up children is who deserves thanks.
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    Happy anniversary guys, this game will always remain as my most favourite game ever made!!
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    Happy anniversary!!!! Getting to Play as The Iconic Slasher and surviving or Dying against him has made my Heart Super Happy! Thank you to the team and all the members that keep all the good times rolling!!
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    Definitely gonna be playing tonight!
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    I'm sharing this because it's related to the topic at hand: Last night me and the couple of friends I kill Jason with were playing for a few hours, I usually mute everybody, but if we're playing as a group I'll only mute Jason and anybody who's loud or obnoxious. Remember this, it's important. We get 3-4 rounds in and are having no luck whatsoever getting one of us to come back as Tommy. Even if me and the other "Demask and die" teammate are the first two dead, somebody else still gets it. Finally, I get picked as Tommy, but I didn't get the mask off before dying. Designated Sweater-Girl comes and finds me, we go to the shack, Jason shows up,we fight, mask breaks, and he disappears. We go look for him (by now it's just me, SG, and friend #2, everyone else is dead) and surprise surprise... he's hiding in the lake. He'll surface just enough to toss a TK, then go back to his new home in the Lake of Shame and Cowardice. The round ends and the entire lobby starts giving him tons of "pussy-ass Jason talks shit until his mask comes off then hides like a bitch" type abuse. Apparently, he was doing a whole lot of talking shit to everyone during the round ("You guys suck" "Nobody's going to survive" "You're all garbage" type shit), and the rest of the people in the lobby were not happy in the slightest about having to watch a formerly trash-talking Jason play Hide and Please-Don't-Hurt-Me for several minutes and had no problems expressing this unhappiness over the air. Then the Jason in question left the lobby. Big surprise...
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    Bots can also get stuck under beds or in outhouses. Rather than removing these, maybe adjusting the bot AI a bit so they don't just stay hidden would be better. Of course, this can wait until the major bugs get fixed first.
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    😂 oh yeah.....It wouldn’t be a possible Wes Keltner Gun Media Halloween Game thread without him.
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    lol, you just had to tag him didn’t you?
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    Welcome to the forum @KOOLLAYDTAC. Nicely detailed post @Eva Watanabe.
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    I wish they would make a running man game
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    The bots will always be easy experience, but could do with an improvement to their behavior. If the developers would do something to improve them before time is up, I'd be okay with it.
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    by far my favorite vidjea game. been playing regularly for 2 years or so & i still love it. met some great people with this game all draw together by our love of friday the 13th & horror in general. had many great adventures filled with glory, failure, betrayal, humor, most of all blood & carnage. thank you to all who made it possible! the legend of camp blood continues..
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    Well said sir........very well said.
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    Happy Anniversary! I wish I got into the game when it launched, but better late than never. I've invested probably thousands of hours into it since last year and have made some friends along the way.
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    To everyone it applies to, have a happy and safe Memorial Day.
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    that is true. it was probley an easy statement for them to make at the time considering the situation they were in. a change of heart isnt as easy as changing your underwear, but nobody wants to live with the stains.
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    I hope they took to heart about making killing Jason harder this patch also. More mask HP and either let Jason see the Tommy tower or have all the power off and they need to fix them all for Tommy to be called.
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    I recall hearing something to that effect. One's mind could change though.
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    @Slasher_Clone building dioramas is a lot of fun! Definitely recommend giving it a shot!
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    If they made a running man game similar to Friday's format which stalker would you select? Subzero Buzzsaw Dynamo Fireball Captain freedom Create your own I'd go with buzzsaw if I couldn't create but wouldn't mind a create a character for both runner and stalker. Choose which zone, choose what colour runner jumpsuit (Arnold's gold for me), would be fun but I don't think it's a well enough known IP to ever happen.
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    Anything is possible. Tommy does that at times as well. I smash cabinets at times to reduce the likelihood of bots hiding.
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    Finally finished my part 5 roy burns costume.
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    Do the bots actually get "stuck" in hiding places? I just assumed they were coded to stay in hiding spots so it would make the offline match take longer. I figured it was just Devs lazy way of making offline matches seem "harder" by dragging it out longer. Its super annoying when you have to wait 10mins for rage to kick in before you can finally find where the fuck the last counselor is hiding.
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    Just what the counselors hear when he’s near them. Same applies to all the other Jason themes.
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    Forgot to mention that on the original Kickstarter page they had a picture of the Part 7 mask mesh in development:
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    aw yes, a kill to match the victom. i knew i liked you. well done. i agree, 4 moves just isnt enough for the man of 1000 kills, jason voorhees. it would be awesome if 3 of the 4 kills would have a "2nd string" where once you performed a kill in that slot, the slot would replace it with another selection you had placed in your "2nd string". i say 3 of the 4 because youd want one of them to stay the same for a quick kill situation. like head punch or choke.
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    the remake Jason or Freddy vs Jason neca figures can provide you with a nice body base for pre uber jason
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    It would have been nice if such a thing was possible.
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    Need a bit of luck with spawn location, finding items in draws etc, where Jason spawns. After the first few minutes more skill, getting items, fixing things, setting up traps. Once Jason is in rage mode need some skill to stay on the run and survive especially if not using Vanessa. Also choosing the right perk set up.
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    Only for sore losers. I got called my 1st Try Hard the other day. I wouldn't let anyone fix anything and went and killed players as they set off the traps. So basically playing as you should lol
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    This is a hot topic of discussion. How do you feel about it? Take the following into account: No player is helping Jason, or being troublesome in a given match (no exploits) Counselor skill level is average Jason skill level is average Equipped perks vary based on player preference Map choice is random.
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    SOON (tm) Or, more likely, NEVER
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    Ok I'm going to be honest here. When someone says "spawn kill" I interpret that as meaning "less than 30 seconds into the round", and the Jason-player is indeed a shit-bag for doing it. This isn't spawn killing. That asshole stepped in a trap you literally just put down, what did he think was going to happen?
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    This is a game of both luck and skill. You have to have luck to find good loot to survive and you need loot to survive against a decent Jason. And you have to have good skills to i’d also say that to survive In this game it is more based on playing smart rather than luck or skill. So it’s a good mix between luck, skill, and intelligence. I say smarts is a big thing because you could be a very skilled player but all it takes is one dumb mistake that gets you killed.
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    A new game will probably happen in the distant future. There are a lot of fans out there, and many of them are pretty creative. Yes. Agreed. There is nothing wrong with wanting to see a new F13 game. I just don't think we'll see one for a while.
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    Friday the 13th Double Event is now LIVE! Head on over to Crystal Lake for Double XP, CP, and TAPES! UPDATE: The team knows that a lot of you out there are dealing with a lot right now, including isolation. We've decided to extend the event indefinitely, in hopes that it may help with a little distraction and entertainment. 🖤
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    That would have made for one hell of a video.
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    That sounded like an interesting match.
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    I've noticed that in the off chance that they get the car started and drive, they run into stuff, and just sit in the car, almost waiting to get picked off.
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    That goes double for me.
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    The database login failure is not an issue from being banned. There are a number of people who have experienced this same problem, and are able to login after trying a bit later.
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