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    Patch 1.36 is live now, January 20, 2020. FULL PATCH NOTES: FIXED: An issue causing Environmental Kills to record a kill, but leave the counselor in game, creating stuck lobbies and excessive kill counts. FIXED: An issue with the drawer upstairs on Pinehurst that would cause the counselor to become stuck if interacted with. FIXED: A problem with super lazy bots on Jarvis House Offline. They are now motivated and will move about as normal. FIXED: An issue that would render a door unusable if two counselors interacted with the door/barricade at the same time. FIXED: Various game crash issues. FIXED: Various car interaction fixes, specifically counselors interacting with the car (fixing, starting, etc). FIXED: Various counselor stuck spots have been resolved. OTHER: Private Matches now include control over more of the in game settings. The modifier for “Ability Unlock/Recharge Rate” for Jason is currently only Recharge Rate. The Ability Unlock speed aspect of this will be implemented at a later date. These controls allow players to tweak private match settings to many varying degrees and some unexpected behavior can be seen depending on the variables selected. While players should expect some instability when altering these settings, the community can also report any unexpected behavior to JasonKillsBugs.com
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    Welcome to the F13 Tower Guide. Included below is a link to the full PDF, with all maps broken down to give you the best chance of choosing the correct generator on first morph. Screenshots of all towers that can be observed in the cutscenes are also included for your conveniance. Given the amount of pages, I recommend using bookmarks in your mobile or desktop reader for ease of use. Additionally, a bonus video of the cutscenes can be viewed below for the purpose of seeing the tower locations in motion, to best familiarise yourself with them. While some are obviously hard to catch, using slower playback on the video will help. F13 Tower Guide PDF - Download F13 Cutscene Towers Video If you wish to make use of the guide right away, you can do so without reading anything more. Otherwise, I encourage you to read on below for a complete understanding of the topic. Radio Tower Guide - Wordpress
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    EDIT: The patch is rolling out now on platforms. PC will see it almost instantly, PS4 should eb their typical roll out. Xbox is completed on our end, just in the process with Microsoft. That process can take some time, so expect the patch on the Xbox One within the next few hours. Patch 1.35 is the recently discussed rapid patch to solve a few issues that cropped up with the recent fix to our Interaction System. The Interaction System fix was a deep fix inside the system that works with all counselor interactions in game, and was kicked off to fix the issue with counselors being able to slingshot themselves into unreachable areas of the maps, like Packanack Roof. In our efforts to repair the Interaction System, two key bugs cropped up and slipped by our testing. One was an issue in the code that changed the timings and values for Jason's Abilities. The other was an issue relating to Counselor Animations. The animation issue allowed counselors to cancel animations with various key/button presses. These two issues were flagged as highest priority and the team has prepared a fix. That fix is complete, as far as internal testing is concerned, but the build to ship to users needs one last final verification test to be ready for users to download. We originally targeted Friday, August 9th as the go live date for this patch, but this final testing phase is taking us into the weekend. The team is working away at testing this build, literally as we speak, and despite missing the window to have the patch live by the weekend, we are now targeting early next week. Apologies for the delay, as Friday was our initial goal. But the team is not going to deploy this patch until we have a confident level of testing completed. The work is completed, now we need to run through our verification process and make sure everything is ready for deployment. This stage can take time, and this is why we have pushed out from our target today and into early next week. The Patch Notes for the upcoming patch are below, but please keep in mind that this is a rapid patch with a very specific target. FIXED - Various issues with cooldown speed and timings for Jason's Abilities (Shift, Sense, etc). Cooldown for Abilities was drastically shortened. Unlock timings for Abilities were off, and Abilities would unlock too closely together. FIXED - Counselor Animation Interrupt Counselors were able to interrupt animations with key/button presses such as Combat Stance, and similar. This resulted in unintended behavior with counselors jumping from windows etc. IMPORTANT NOTE: While the team is now targeting early next week, keep an eye on this thread for updates. While the following issues ARE NOT included in this update, there are some high priority issues the team will be investigating next. Environmental Kills, Car Physics, Jarvis House Offline Bots, and Random Counselor will be investigated following the delivery of this patch. These were not included in this patch, as the team will need to dedicate more time to investigation and diagnostics before we can get a plan for those together. This patch needed to be sent out quickly, and in order to do that, the focus stayed on recent issues introduced with the Interaction System work.
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    *checks thread* Cool, Strigoi still is the worst poster on any forum ever. Just making sure. *leaves*
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    The team is rolling out a patch on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms immediately, PC to follow within a few days. This update was specifically targeted to repair an issue with interactions that would allow the player to leave a site where an interaction was in place, then resume the interaction and slingshot to areas of the map that are non-playable spaces. This includes, but is not limited to the roof on Packanack Lodge. Resolved Various Issues Regarding 'Interaction Lock' for Counselor and Jason Interactions Which Would Result in Unintended Gameplay Issues. A more thorough pass on Interaction Systems has resolved many interaction related issues. These methods to manipulate interactions that have been fixed include but are not limited to the Packanack Lodge roof issue. Fixed Several 'Stuck Spot' Locations for Jason and Counselor Players. Fixed Several Areas Where Counselors Could Reach Without Jason Being Able to Grab/Attack Fixed Various Grab Kill Animations - Smoothed Out Animation Issues Various Art Corrections in Cabins Sound Effect Tweaks with Proper Audio Effects Applied on Various Map Items Fixed Many 'Floating Objects' on Various Maps Resolved Issues with Various Car Blocking Locations on Various Maps to Prevent Exploit All Counselors Now React to Dead Bodies Resolved Issues Involving Shift/Morph Powers on Maps Jason Can No Longer Get Stuck on Unintended Areas on Crystal Lake Map or Higgins Haven Small Map Fixed Victoria Pants Issue Fixed Jason Part 5 Asset Issue Fixed Various Sense Issues Involving Correct Color Display of Doors/Windows when Counselors are Either Inside or Outside a Structure QoL Resolutions Involving Controller Disconnect Resolved for Menu Interactions Animation Fixes for Jason Small Fixes for Animations Complete Animations Fixed Issue with Emote Menu No Longer On Screen if Used While Entering Car Camera Fixed for Car Grab Animation Various Single Player Challenge Kill Fixes Smoothed Out Various Single Player Challenge Animations
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    As discussed on BEYOND, this patch is coming in as soon as it completes the process. The patch is rolling out to certification now and should be on it's way to players soon. Keep an eye out here for the date, or on our social media channels. EDIT 1: The patch is now live on Steam, rolling out on PS4, and on the way shortly on Xbox One. PATCH NOTES: GENERAL & FINE TUNING Various Quality of Life fixes implemented to the Virtual Cabin 2.0. Removed helium from various floating objects on all maps. Resolved an issue with environmental kills not displaying on Higgins Haven Small. Fixed an issue with the Emote user interface. Dance like nobody's watching… Various Quality of Life fixes for Menu items. ENVIRONMENT AND COLLISION Resolved multiple issues that allowed players to reach rooftops on all maps. Resolved multiple issues that allowed players to reach areas that Jason could not reach on all maps. Made areas where players were stuck less sticky. Fixed an issue where the Shift ability would allow Jason on rooftops. Cars no longer damage players through walls. Fixes applied to prevent counselors from parking the car and blocking Jason from reaching them. INTERACTION LOCKS Corrected several scenarios that caused players to suffer an interaction lock including: COUNSELOR: During bear trap deployment or interaction. While performing blocks. While weapon swapping. While weapon swapping and entering combat stance. During small item use. While dropping items. After using the map. After aiming the flare gun or shotgun. Dodging while dropping a weapon. JASON: When shifting and interacting with items, environment, or counselors. When shifting into water. (He really wasn’t a good swimmer.) JASON SPECIFIC CHANGES Using the sweater to stun Jason while he is already down will not activate the next phase of the kill progression, and will not allow players to kneel him directly from the down state. This was an unintended effect where players were able to stun a stunned Jason, leading to the Tommy Jarvis kill on Jason. Fixed an issue where Jason shifting to avoid the sweater stun animation still allowed counselors to bring him to his knees without the stun.
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    I feel bad for the idiots still posting on the official forums, about a game they think is a rip off. Seems a bit pathetic really.
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    Not abandoned. Next patch is coming this month, includes a couple of key fixes like Environmental Kills, Bots on Jarvis, Pinehurst Drawers, Barricade issues, etc. After this patch, we have to work on our prio list. As mentioned here, we are looking at ways to ensure people can access the game long into the future, but we aren't at that point yet.
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    Sure, a jab. Cause that's the first time in the history of film where Jason has been hit with a weapon but unaffected. You should make sure to stretch before you reach that hard. Don't wanna pull a hammy.
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    For all the Friday the 13th licence has done for the game it's brought it down just as much maybe even more. I can't speak for the entire player base but I will say that many of us want more content. We are not going to get it so it's time to dust off the original idea and put it into motion. I prefer Friday the 13th to Dead by Daylight for one simple reason. If Jason Voorhees catches you it's all over but the screaming unless you have a pocket knife. I have always appreciated this approach. Your not a killer in Dead by Daylight your a hooker. It's time to get creative and start putting "Summer Camp" into motion. As a player I want more! Ditch the licence and start working towards an original intellectual property. Keep the same style of gameplay. Include the multiple ways to win. Keep the if caught your dead killer gameplay. And stock it with original characters, maps and killers! If anyone can get this job done it's you guys at Gun Media. @wes @mattshotcha you have your fingers on the pulse of 1980's horror cinema. You can make the camp great again you simply have to reinvent it. Sincerely Six
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    Hey gang, expect some news early next week. Tuesday most likely. I wanted to get you a status update before the weekend, but it's not firm enough right now to do so. We're working on sorting out what happened with this patch, but also some of our processes here so that we can minimize this happening again. As I said, news/status update early next week, fingers crossed with an ETA, but at the least, a status check in.
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    (This is not sarcasm or irony, I'm being genuine here) Teamwork. That is what's always grabbed my attention most about this game (other than murdering cocky douchebags who believe themselves to have teh 1337 skillz). I've played a lot of online multiplayer games of many different genres, but I honestly think this is the one where teamwork comes the most naturally (assuming you're playing with decent teammates and not trolls). Even for very new players, no one has to tell them to hit Jason to free a teammate or cover a repair counselor while a repair is made. No one hesitates to spray a limping counselor if they have spare first aid, or drop surplus firecrackers or other supplies. Anytime I've ever played sweater-girl, I've always had players either give me spare PKs or med spray, or escort me around as a makeshift bodyguard. And I can't even count how many times I've been limping to the cops with Jason right behind me only to get saved at the last second by someone I didn't even know was there. Personally, I find this aspect one of the most rewarding parts of playing this game (again, aside from murdering cocky douchebags who believe themselves to have teh 1337 skillz). It's a great feeling to escape/survive as a team, especially since technically, everybody could lone wolf it if they wanted to. You don't HAVE to work together, but most players do, and that's what makes the difference.
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    No, in between family and a job i can't spend years playing something only to allow it to turn me into a dick ! Sounds like you should take up fishing or something .
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    As the team packs up to head home for some holiday time with family and friends, we wanted to say Happy Horrordays to our extended family and friends everywhere. Have a happy and safe holiday. See you in 2020.
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    You see how when Jenny goes to lock the door, Jason is interacting with it on the other side? This is 100% what I described. The lag and latency aspect of it is only in reference to how large a window of time it is possible to recreate the behavior. This thread is for discussions on the patch notes, issues with the patch, and other player issues in game since the patch. From here out, arguing an opinion on how much the team cares or how lazy they are or any other off topic comments are going to receive warnings and be hidden. Let the people who are trying to provide info on an issue do that without a log jam of opinions and hostility. And if you're only in this thread to drag us, go on and do so in a new thread, and we'll address whether each one of those threads has a valid place in the forums and whether they are breaking any of the forum rules. But this rampant off topic back and forth is getting in the way of actual discussion.
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    I thought they said they tested this patch for months? This is kinda embarrassing.... lol
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    We'll be discussing this more on BEYOND tomorrow, but there is some good news to report. The most recent fix/build is being tested now in the final test phase. This phase is a thorough and complete test before submitting the fix to platforms to certify. So we're in the home stretch now, fingers crossed that all is well in this final test phase. For anyone catching up, the issue with the method used to launch onto the roof uncovered a bigger underlying issue that the team needed to address in order to have a successful patch. Given the history as well as the issue with the last patch, the team has tweaked some of our processes to include an extra layer of redundancy checks to ensure we have the issue 100% fixed. As we figured out the root problem for the existing and current method, we uncovered some other lesser known methods, repaired them and uncovered some not yet seen methods. So this has been quite the process, but the time has been well worth it considering the state of the last patch and how frustrating that can be. We appreciate the patience while the team combs through these interaction items. We heard the outcry for more thorough testing after the last patch and are confident in this tweaked process and the level of exhaustive testing done to make sure we fixed the root, and even a couple steps deeper than that to be safe. Previous updates have centered around the process of finding and fixing methods in that underlying issue, whereas now we are at a point where we are running those final checks before submission. Please understand, however, that this is the most extensive aspect of the test cycle. Previous stages are quick checks and there's either a reproduction of the issue with different methodology or a pass. This is the full stress test of everything to make sure we haven't unknowingly thrown some wrench in the code. And this has to be done platform by platform. So while the most recent build is a solid candidate, we have a good week of testing to run before submitting for platform certification.
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    Honestly what happened to the playerbase? It’s literally the same couple hundred people in lobby after lobby every week. Every lobby when I’m checking levels and for teamers there’s someone or even multiple people I have blocked because they are a troll, teaming, etc. Playing now is basically me getting in lobbies with people I already had to block knowing they’re teaming, trolling, exploiting garbage. Some of you are on this very forum and know who you are. I’ve caught multiple ‘streamers’ and forum members doing shitty things like placing traps at windows and unlocked doors where there is one way in AKA Packanack kitchen, Packanack utility shack/office. Not to mention obvious teaming and tunneling of non-friend players and intentionally saving friends for last. I’ve seen such obvious teaming from forum members you should be ashamed and banned. Then there are the exploits. I’m not ‘allowed’ to name people but shame on you forum members and trash Redditors that intentionally exploit. Jasons who exploit window glitches with attacks knowing it might bug or create an interaction lock, throwing knives at counselors mid window knowing it might glitch them to climb outside and appear back on the inside, throwing knives at the car knowing it will glitch, sandbagging windows causing interaction lock or just blocking, exploiting/cheating to avoid getting killed by shifting mid stun or morphing away, turning to an object/wall. You trash exploiters know what you’re doing and I see you. This is an independent game and you taking advantage of that is worse than despicable. And then there are the counselors who troll with traps, hoard items, refuse to contribute to gameplay, glitch into the roofs, get into glitched spots and hold the game hostage. There are several forum members who engage in a combination of these behaviors and luxuriate in it. Multiple times I had to turn and counter-troll teamers just to survive. I’m getting in lobbies where it’s me and a party of five or six. That’s pathetic. Go play a private match. I’ve had dozens of lobbies where it was me and my friend versus a party of six doing everything they could to get us killed. This is nothing new. You used to be able to just quit and find a new lobby, now that’s all but impossible as I’ll get piped into the same lobby indefinitely it just get out in a similar lobby TEAMING with teamers and trolls on a mission. Is the playerbase that small and insufferable really? Apparently. The game has never been this disproportionately filled with trolls and exploiting garbage. Such a shame.
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    Fucking troll. Leave the forum alone from your constant spam about the Jason kill
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    If you find the game so boring that you have to resort to ruining everyone else’s experience, maybe you should just stop playing the game?
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    Ive been playing the game every night and there seems to be metal pipes that have replaced machetes. metal pipes are everywhere in high volumes inside of cabins. please bring back machetes. locations that used to have pocket knives no longer have them. This game has got to stop swinging in Jason's favor or no one will want to play the game. Part of the thrill of Friday the 13th the game is killing Jason.
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    More than likely, it will just be Danielle Harris and Jamie Lee Curtis beating his ass over and over with a baseball bat, while dancing over him in lingerie. Maybe they won't make the mistake of allowing the babysitters to kill him since in the films, he mostly gets away/runs away minus an entry or two. Starting 5 babysitters 1. Laurie Strode 2. Bob 3. Tommy Doyle from Halloween 6 4. Busta Rhymes Character 5. Annie Unlock-able 5 6. Jamie Lloyd - at level 145 7. Rachel - at level 80 8. Sheriff Meeker - at level 10 9. Rob Zombie's Laurie - at level 15 10. Daniel - at level 3 Hero = Loomis Starting 3 Villains 1. 78 Myers 2. Halloween 5 Myers 3. Halloween H20 Myers Unlock-able Villains 4. Halloween 2 Myers - at level 20 5. Halloween 4 Myers - at level 40 6. Halloween 6 Myers - at level 10 7. Halloween 8 Myers - at level 80 8. Rob Zombie's Myers - at level 100 9. Rob Zombie's Hobo Myers - at level 120 10. Halloween 2018 Myers - at level 145 11. Silver Shamrock Robot - at level 150 The first clothing pack will be a Christmas clothing pack. The second clothing pack will be a prom clothing pack. They will make small versions of the 3 launch maps. The 3 launch maps 1. Haddonfield 1978 2. Haddonfield Memorial 3. Haddonfield 1988 The small versions of those maps come next. After that, the final two maps before the lawsuit will be... 4. Smith's Grove 5. Northern California Private School Campus From H20 The final 4 DLC babysitters will be... 1. Ben Tramer from 1978 2. Kara Strode from H6 3. John from H20 4. Sheriff Bracket from 1978 The final 2 DLC villains will be... 1. The Man In Black from H6 2. Conal Cochran from H3
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    Bullshit. You're basing this on absolutely nothing. You really are the worst poster here. All you do is spread falsehood, conjecture, and baseless theories presented as facts.
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    You seem to have missed the point of the topic @RaidCasto. 1. No one is arguing what happened to Jason in the movies. I personally find it admirable that a youth was able to take down a legendary slasher. 2. Like-minded people exist in both F13 and DBD. I play both, and have no problem finding decent players in either game. 3. The holidays are almost here. Don't be such a jerk, unless you want that stocking full of coal. In the future, if you have a quarrel with the context of a topic, you have the option to not respond.
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    This is why I essentially quit playing this game. Gun has their head shoved so far up their ass, they can see out of their belly button when it comes to these issues. This once great game is no longer that fun for me to play. Only occasionally playing with great friends such as @Redrum138, @RustInPeace, @lasse_hei and @pioneer67fkd keeps me barely hanging on in this game. I was an above average Jason and have played well over 500 matches as him. For over a year now with all of the counselor buffs and Jason nerfs leading to the emergence of Jason hunting squads in almost every single match, I refuse to play as Jason. Jason is supposed to be the hunter, not the hunted. The game today is completely the opposite of what it was at launch. The original intent of this game was to escape from him, not gang up and hunt him down like a pack of angry villagers with torches and pitchforks. Killing Jason is supposed to be a last resort. It has now become the first resort.
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    Hey gang! Didn't want to make anyone wait for a stream to hear the news on this. Servers will be rerouting those of you affected to more active, less problematic servers for the time being while the team continues to investigate why those servers were crashing/looping. You may see higher than expected ping, but within the realm of playable, due to the connection being to the next nearest server. This will be mostly evident in the regions already facing an issue, and mostly on the PS4 platform.
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    It has been found that switch versions somehow have a couple unreleased emotes, including shadow box and the Egyptian that we have asked about many times on Gun Media’s Twitch streams. 1.What the fuck 2. If it’s been in switch, why can’t we have them on other platforms? 3.Considering you’ve already put them in, Please release them to the FULL public, not just one version. Because we have asked many times about these emotes on Twitch streams, and I feel like it’s always glanced over or they try to answer really quickly without giving us a full final answer.
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    Those emotes are not intentionally in the Switch build and will need to be removed in compliance with the current status of content in Friday the 13th: The Game. As they were not offered prior to the rights disputes, they cannot be offered now. Literally cannot add them in. I'm not sure how else I need to say it, we legally, literally can't. LITERALLY, cannot. LIT-ER-ALLY CAN-NOT. Gang, I don't think the concept of a legal dispute is being conveyed properly here. It is our mistake that they made their way into the build, but our hands are tied on this, 100%.
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    A fix is in final testing for the Jason abilities plus Counselor Animation Cancel (window issue). Target is Friday at the latest on all 3 platforms. This includes bringing the updated patch to PC that was delayed by these issues.
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    UPDATE: The team is testing a new fix for the "Bear Trap Method" counselors are using to slingshot themselves onto structures. Given the nagging resistance of this issue, the team is running additional testing on this fix, but hope to have it out to you within a week.
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    Was in a group of three tonight for a few rounds and on the last match we were up against a Savini who was teaming with at least one of the counselors. This became evident when he conveniently showed up at the phone house despite me repairing it flawlessly. Jason was after one of my teammates at the time when suddenly he stopped mid-chase and morphed to my location as I was running in to make the call. I stunned him and began to flee the scene as he trapped the box and commenced to tunneling me for a couple mins. My buddy makes it to the phone house and before he's even half way through the animation of disarming the trap, Jason stops coming after me and morphs straight to him and kills him. Me and my other partner turned our focus to one of the cars as Jason was now camping the phone. Wouldn't you know it, before we even made it there with the gas he was on us. At this point I switched over to game chat and proceeded to tell this guy what a drizzling shit he must be if he needs Savini AND a spotter to play this game, while also pointing out that despite those advantages he still had only managed to get one of us half way into the round. As I was in the process of switching back over to party chat I could hear one of the counselors tell Jason "kill me so I'll get Tommy". Jason morphed away to presumably do just that. Problem was, they forgot (or never knew) the one other person Jason killed was one of us, who just so happened to get the magic Tommy token and came back. So now, the group is back together, and it's Adam (me), Vanessa, and Tommy, and we're like "F this asshole" and made a beeline for the shack. And since Jason's buddy was now dead he lost access to the map and couldn't quite tell right off hand where we were going simply by watching our screens. We made it to the shack and Vanessa runs in to grab the sweater. Jason shows up immediately where Tommy is waiting with eyes on the target; BOOM. Down he goes. I run in and grab the ax (Vanessa already had one). Jason gets up and I combat-stance attack; off comes the mask. Vanessa passes her ax to Tommy and prepares to activate the sweater when suddenly..........this paper Savini loses his macho balls and morphs away. He had been all hellfire and brimstone with relentless pursuit when his buddy was calling spots for him. Expecting him to sneak attack us with a shift, we all calmly strode back into the shack to reduce his open field advantage and commenced the dancing, flickered our flashlights, defiled Mama V's poor decrepit head in what resembled a cult-circle tea-bagging, and all of us switched over to game chat and heckled this asswipe mercilessly for cheating, and like a typical bully, running like a little bitch when the tables were turned. We figured he'd quit, honestly. All his advantages had been neutralized and he was demasked. To our surprise, he came back. He set traps in front of the entrance to the shack (uh.....ok) and tried to melee us through the walls. When that didn't work he tried knives and couldn't hit us. We were still trolling our assess off both verbally and virtually through emotes/dancing/flashlights/teabags. Right around this time the two-minute warning sounded and he began to realize we weren't coming out, and if he wanted to end the fun he'd have to try his luck and enter. By now we had all stopped moving completely to try to lull him to a false state of security, and..................................... IT WORKED! He finally shifted into the main room with what I'd estimate to be about 50 seconds left in the round. We all simultaneously started to move, and he lunged for me and missed, and feverishly tried to get his big ass into the doorway when Vanessa struck; sweater time! Tommy lined up behind him and entered combat stance with the ax. He strikes and Savini hits his knees. Tommy then calmly, almost arrogantly strode around him and stood there for a second to let him think about it, then.....checkmate! I gotta tell you; I HATE Jason teamers. But, a damn Savini cheating? That's sacrilegious and downright nutless. Watching that bastard faceplant after it looked like he might eventually clear the room with the cowardice was so satisfying. We all cheered and laughed our asses off. Other players we hadn't heard from up till then also chimed in with laughter. One of them said something to the effect of "HAHA!! Killed that flaming dick!" 😄 Going in, we had said it was our last round. Damn fine way to end the night.
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    Friday the 13th Double Event is now LIVE! Head on over to Crystal Lake for Double XP, CP, and TAPES! UPDATE: The team knows that a lot of you out there are dealing with a lot right now, including isolation. We've decided to extend the event indefinitely, in hopes that it may help with a little distraction and entertainment. 🖤
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    Perhaps something like this would be better suited to your skill level:
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    Last night, me and a couple of friends played for an hour or two, then said goodnight. A couple of hours later, I decide to play one more before going to bed. I get dropped in a lobby with a Buggzy, an Adam, and four Vanessas (all 4 of which sound like children and are yelling over the mic about the Jason they just killed). Now knowing for sure it was a "kill squad", I ready-upped, the game starts, and I'm Jason. I go dump all 5 traps right in the shack entrance, go back inside, and pull up the Stopwatch function on my phone. About 3:00 into the match, here comes Buggzy. He runs over, stands there for a second looking at the pile of traps in his way, then steps in one. Shift, grab, dead Buggzy, go back inside. About 6:00 in, here comes Adam and two of the Vanessa's. Same deal: a few seconds of standing there gawking, followed by one of them stepping in a trap. Shift, grab, but this time got PK'ed (and conveniently stumbled back a couple of steps into the perfect door-blocking position). One of the Vanessa's runs off and returns with Tommy + the rest of the lobby which immediately commences shooting/attacking despite seeing me blocking their hits. Shortly after Rage activates, one of the Vanessa's breaks my mask. Now they start doing everything they can think of to get inside the shack, but nothing works because I can't be stunned or knocked over (thanks for getting me to Rage so fast, you fucking retards ) After almost 5 minutes of continuous attacking with more futile attempts to somehow magic themselves past me and into the shack, they run off to go re-arm and presumably see if they can find any more shotguns, leaving only the Adam at the shack. He starts dancing, then runs a short distance away, runs back, and repeats (I guess I was supposed to chase him so he could tell the rest of them the shack was open) but when nothing happens, he gets closer and tries again. I quick-toss a TK, it hits, he runs back and forth a bit, then when I don't throw another one he runs close and starts trying to bait me into going after him. Another TK quick-toss hits but this time it cripples him and... well, he did all that work to get me to chase him, so it'd be rude of me not to . I Shift over and hack his ass to pieces, then resume blocking the doorway. The "kill squad" notices Adam is dead so they all run to the shack in the vain hope they can get inside, but nope... still blocked. As a last ditch effort, they go and fix a car and try ramming me with it, but this doesn't work either. Tommy meanwhile has found another shotgun and comes running to the shack just in time to get run over and killed by the driver when she reverses to try and ram me again. More high-pitched yelling over the mic, then the ones still alive give up and drive to the exit. The cherry on top was sending the dead Tommy a message saying, "If you had said 'please' I'd have let you have the kill". Of course, no reply.
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    @OCT 31 1978 I have a few questions for you. From reading previous comments it became evident that the current issue with Jason obtaining Shift quicker than normal and the faster rate of cooldown did not derive from the changes made to the game's interaction code, but because of intentional changes made to the values that govern the Shift activation and cooldown rates. Intentional changes that were made by the devs for testing purposes but accidentally left in the live patch and pushed out to the public. So my question is, the game was broken by the negligence of the devs/testers, so at what point do you/the team/PR hold your/their hands up and actually issue an apology to not only the backers or the people who paid money for this game/dlc, but to anyone who continues to play this game despite its continued flaws? The likes of which should not be taking place at this stage of the games life cycle. The likes of which should not be tolorated when there are already more serious glitches that have persisted within the gameplay for OVER TWO YEARS, and we have been made to persevere with it all. This is what @ChaosLordWesker is refering to when he says that, that would not be acceptable in many places of work. Yet instead you and @Kodiak appear to want to chastise him into silence and accuse him of being toxic. I'm not saying that workers at Gun Media/IllFonic/Black Tower need to be made to walk the streets and shamed in public in order for everyone to be satisfied, but just some sort of indication that every single procedure is being taken to ensure a better game for us all and those who are not up to the standard are being held accountable. Secondly, after Jason's Shift ability issue was identifed, why was a patch not immediately released within 24 hrs to revert the values back to normal? I'm not saying to roll back the patch entirely but just to correct the values - Patch 1.341 if you will. Surely, minimalising the damage that the last patch has created is better than just leaving it in its current state, no? Is there even a hotfix planned? How about an update please? And thirdly, whilst we all understand that having a new team work on code that they did not write can be a strenuous task for any developer, why was this broken patch released when new issues had arisen? I understand that fixing the roof glitch was a big priority (and I am thankful), but surely not at the expense of introducing new bugs to the game. My point being that surely someone should have spotted that the patch was not ready for release and held it back until there was no knock-on effect with the interaction of other objects i.e. the no damage window and locking open doors glitches. And it is not an exceptable answer to say that the new interaction glicthes were not indentified before the patch release as that will only serve to highlight that very minimal testing was done and fail to preserve the integrity and validity of this or any patch, as seen thus far with the enviro kills glitch introduced last patch. These are not intermitent issues either. They can all be found with ease. So at what point do Gun Media say, "we cannot release another patch until it resolves exactly what we intend it to and without causing more problems than we already have," even if it takes months for Black Tower to destroy and rebuild the code and get it right? At this point in the game Gun Media no longer require kickstarter money. The game sold almost 2 million copies in its first 3 months alone. And surely those Nintendo Switch sales are a nice cash injection. So can you see the fans' frustration when it doesn't seem as if Gun Media are investing in a quality team or demanding excellence? I would greatly appreciate an answer to my questions as it could help me (and possibly others) to understand the perspective of the team, and direction of this game, a lot better.
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    As someone who has been here since launch and backed the game i can say that the game is in the worse state it has ever been in. For those who keep saying "We should be happy there is even a game" need to understand that there is a game because of us who backed the game. The fans are who helped fund the game in order to be made. There is no excuse for the state the game is in right now. After 2 years in to the games life span there shouldn't be this many issues, in fact the game should be in a near bugless state at this point. It is clear that far more testing of the patches need to be done before going live. I also think even having a dedicated group of fans/community players do testing of the patch before it goes live to find issues before this kind of thing happens again. Clearly the community can find the issues quickly upon playing it far more so than the devs. There is no excuse for a patch causing this many issues.
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    Multiple atmosphere changes ended up ruining the gameplay in hindsight. Things like the longer door animations l etc. There are worse changes though I was thinking about. Being able to overadjust the gamma should have been removed immediately. We got people out here running 3 and 4 gamma looking like the middle of the afternoon because they “can’t see” AKA just want to run around. Sound pings were ruined at launch in favor of letting mediocre Jason players spam sense to find counselors continuously with no effort. This has made it harder for counselors to rightfully play stealthily and forced the meta to become nothing but counselors running around and speed looting leaving doors open and windows closed. Might as well, right? Instead of Jason having to legitimately hunt counselors, going toward the slightest ping, Jason just spams sense and crutch plays while counselors run around and scream over everything. The bad programming for counselor screaming has also added to it. When Jason is in stalk no counselors should be crying out, period. The game was initially designed, packaged, and promoted as a game that would force counselors to use stealth, walk and crouch around, and be very quiet otherwise they’ll create pings that Jason will see. Letting sense do all the work for Jason and not penalizing counselors enough for running has completely destroyed the intended dynamics of the game. The sense ability should be delayed or, as many have begged, replaced with stalk in order. Whatever Wes tried to explain-away about stalk being too powerful early on is BS. Jason is stealthy early in the films and should be stealthy, it’s SUPPOSED to be difficult to detect him. Sense being available so early AND being able to spam enablesJason players to abuse it as part of the game mechanics. Take this away and make Jason have to hunt better. I also propose a decrease in counselor speed and higher generation of pings. The ridiculous range in the music cue is already enough. To counter this, stalk and sense should both have a continuous duration and cool down, once used it works the intended duration and cannot be toggled off or spammed. This will force Jason to use his abilities more strategically and counselors will just have to get better at anticipating. Making gameplay more difficult for Jason and counselors makes for better matches. Sigh
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    I guess you could say it snuck in... through the back.
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    If you want friendly fire, play in private lobbies. Bringing back team killing would be an even bigger problem...besides what do you think these teamers you're complaining about will do? Instead of chasing you down with a car, they'll just shoot you. The reason why Gun can't do a whole lot about teaming is that it's not always completely egregious.
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    Ok guys, I've read enough these days, even after the update, about the "unfairness" of Jason killing teams, and how try to stop them (which is, I remind you, a way to team with Jason) is justified as "killing Jason is too easy" and shit. Well, I've been a player since day 1. I am part of a Jason killing team, and I can assure you that 70% of times one of us spawns as Jarvis, Jason is dead meat. On the other hand, as the killer I've been put down like ONCE in the last 6 months. Keep in mind we play everyday, for hours, my spawning preference is put on "none" and I consider myself an average player and an average Jason. You wanna know what the problem is? It has nothing to do with "game mechanics", "how the game was intended to be played by the devs" or "naughty counselors teaming up and turning me in a pinata Jason :_( " The issue is simpler: 90% of Jason players are absolute simpletons who have to this day NO IDEA how to counter a Jason killing team, or a group hunting. The scenario I come across is almost everytime identical: - My team charges Jason so one of us will die and spawn as Jarvis, and maybe we'll unmask him too in the process. - Jason doesn't see through the obvious strategy granting us exactly what we wanted in the first place - As Jarvis spawns we go get the sweater, usually without bringing the mask so Jason can hear us, and the killer just mindlessly charges us EVEN IF UNMASKED and gets quickly killed. Guys you can get all the buffs you want, and last one was a big one, but if you just charge everything that moves like a raging bull, don't blame the devs or the "teams" if you die. As I told you, I'm a mediocre Jason but I got killed like once in the last 4-5 months because even If I'm no genius I'm smart enough to -disable and trap radio tower - ignore counselors who charge at me with an obvious deathwish until I'm sure I've put down 2-3 players who are not in their team. - Avoid taking groups until you are in rage mode. And even then COMBAT STANCE AND BLOCK! COMBAT STANCE AND BLOCK! JEEEZ! - Avoid the classic "trap the phone, trap the cars" strategy, and instead save my traps for later in game. Again, I'm a mediocre player at best, but I play everyday and I just don't see all the issues you see. Maybe you are part of the problem, ever thought of that?
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    We have another DOUBLE EVENT going on now! From today, April 11th and running until April 15th, get Double XP and CP! We'll even throw in tapes. Have at it, Counselors. EDIT: After the recent issues with servers, we're leaving the double event live for an extended period of time. We currently do not have an end date, but will update you all once we do.
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    LOL!! Im glad I didn't bother to look at your other posts. You couldn't make a point if you were a stick. Enjoy agreeing with yourself, and feeding your own ego. You aren't worth anyone's time. Baaaai
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