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    Should’ve put that as an option lol Good reasoning. I agree the atmosphere, music, and the kills are just excellent and add the horror of the game. but how trollable Jason is, stalk coming in later, jump scares being rare, Jason getting killed too easy, people dancing on Jason, counselors playing against Jason fearlessly, etc is sad and takes the horror out of the game for me 😕
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    I completely hear you on this! I've mentioned before that an absurd amount of Arabic speaking players from the Middle East come across really toxic in the game but got very little feedback on the matter. It's not all of them. Just a majority bunch who make the decent ones look bad. I play on the EU servers and also noticed that these players come from not only Kuwait but also Saudi Arabia, with a select few having KSA in their name (acronym for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). They only want to troll Jason - sometimes in groups, don't play to escape or help others and abuse exploits and glitches A LOT for their own gratification. They even go as far as to post their videos on YouTube purely to show off how good they are at trolling Jason. In all honesty, I don't mean to relish on you misfortune, but I'm actually glad that better AP servers will hopefully keep them off the EU servers. Hopefully you'll get better consistancy with the AU servers soon.
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    This is more like it. Thanks for the poll @Fair Play I'll be keeping an eye on it.
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    Welcome to the forums! Always good to hear someone enjoying the game. I can't remember, level 45...have you unlocked every councillor and Jason, now? And have you tried any of the single player modes? I usually point people towards the general Gamertag thread and the Good Sportsmanship Guide, but I'm not sure how they're stocked for Nintendo Switch players. If you are after new players from here, you could try a search in General for Switch players and see if that helps? I'll give you the two links above mentioned, just in case. And also, please check out the Rules & Regs forum, for some guidelines about posting here. Hope you get some good games in soon! http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/ http://forum.f13game.com/topic/9615-good-sportsmanship-club/
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