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    Welcome to the F13 Tower Guide. Included below is a link to the full PDF, with all maps broken down to give you the best chance of choosing the correct generator on first morph. Screenshots of all towers that can be observed in the cutscenes are also included for your conveniance. Given the amount of pages, I recommend using bookmarks in your mobile or desktop reader for ease of use. Additionally, a bonus video of the cutscenes can be viewed below for the purpose of seeing the tower locations in motion, to best familiarise yourself with them. While some are obviously hard to catch, using slower playback on the video will help. F13 Tower Guide PDF - Download F13 Cutscene Towers Video If you wish to make use of the guide right away, you can do so without reading anything more. Otherwise, I encourage you to read on below for a complete understanding of the topic. Radio Tower Guide - Wordpress
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    Mine wasn't a gripe about me waiting for dev diary 2. It was more of a statement that a lot of what you guys do is over promise and under deliver. I'm not mad. Just giving you guys some rightfully deserved crap about it. Dev Diaries Paranoia Uber and Grendal The bug fixes have been cool. Keep that up. Also, you guys should release Savini Jason to everyone. Just kidding!
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    in my opinion, the rage update is not overpowered. i do think the problems which brought about the rage update could be handled in a more fleshed out way, but i dont blame them for this easy apporch. however, even if they fixed the problems jason has, such as combat mode, i still think the no stun rage is necessary. i think beating on jason the whole match deserves a penilty. aside from spoting hard to find campers toward the end of the match, rage was basicly pointless before the patch. the rage update incourages players to complete objectives early on while they can still protect each other with a fine placed stun on jason. it makes the end of a match more intense, & it requires more than a cheap shot to have a last minute escape starting the car or whatever. you have to save the guns, or pick your spot when to make your move. to me, the rage update was a welcome challenge to the game. it makes it more fun for the jason player as well. you do not have to stun jason even once in a match to gain a victory, ive done this many times. i try not to hit jason unless i really have to, in most cases. i like the strategy aspects of this game & the rage update keeps it closer to that style. its not a side scrolling beat em up, but having the option to fight & defend is a great part of the game, & i like how the update makes it so you must play it smart. the down side is some players dont understand this & end up throwing their team under the bus five minutes into the match. i can see how some players would exploit this to help cheat too, but again, the beauty of this game is you can choose to play however you want. as in a real situation, youll have good team players, and dumb dumbs.. above all else, i believe the more threatening jason is, the more fun the game will be.
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    Leave Jesus out of this. It's not His fault Strigoi is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
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    You mean in the wild west with horses and six-shooters and dysentery and shit? Fucking AWESOME idea, as all your creative, interesting, and well thought-out ideas are. I demand this in the next update.
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    The Rage Buff was basically a quick fix to stop over aggressive beat downs of Jason. The reality is, aggressive beat downs should not exist. And are caused by a few things. They allowed so many weapons in game . So many med sprays. Mostly due to perks. And also, they allow counselors to trade hits with Jason. <--- This is what needed to be re-worked. This should not happen. There should be NO perks that add extra med sprays or extra weapons. There should be limited amounts of weapons in game. And trading Hits with Jason should not happen. if Jason hits player they should be knocked to the ground ( Or at the very least, disarmed) On top of that, they should remove counselors stamina drain when jogging. At that point, there would be no reason for a RAGE buff.
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    He shouldn't have gotten his way. I do hope the kid learned a valuable lesson.
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    Luv2BATroll IWetTheBedDaddy CounselorsScareMe Outta_Touchwith_Reality_2day DieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieDieBadMan69
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    It's because you didn't grab them and used the Choke Kill. Everyone loves the Choke Kill.
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    I would've liked to see Part 7 with a proper retooled Grip Strength, so it actually mattered as a stat as a strength, weakness and neutral. Just one of the many examples of the paper thin gameplay we got in the end. I would've kept his Grip, Sense and Water Strength, then kept traps, Stun and Can't run as the weaknesses. However, other stats would have to be retooled as well, because if Part 3 were allowed to have Grip, Weapon and the standard running. He'd continue to be the unbalanced god he is now. As it is, only 3 Jasons in the game are arguably completely balanced, with actual strengths and actual weaknesses. Part 2, Part 4 and Part 6 all have defined strengths and weaknesses. They are the most balanced Jasons in the game, with about half and half play in lobbies. Part 3, Roy, Savini and Part 8 are completely unbalanced and thus preferred in most lobbies. Parts 7 and 9 are middle of the road. Not OP, but not really balanced either. Acquired taste really. I enjoy them because the Jason alarms are merely Jason alarms (traps) and one when counselor can pack 6 sprays and thick skin. They can completely vaporize the use for them as is. The best offset is better pressure as Jason. I like more challenge, it doesn't mean im super elite or anything or boasting. Most Jasons burn their traps right away, but I find it best to hold onto them, especially if you're in a lobby with a lot of thick skin/medic. If you put on enough pressure and make them burn their sprays up, you can use the traps later when lobbies are less likely to tank them. Again, its circumstantial though.
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    I agree with this mainly because of this reason... If you are recharging your stamina after running and stand completely still but move the camera around to look, it makes the stamina recharge at a snail's pace. Just from moving the camera, not even walking or anything. Dancing should use some kind of stamina if moving the camera uses it.
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    I played a match tonight and we immediately escaped in the car, leaving 18 mins to spectate. I was thinking that would be an ideal time to roll perks, customize clothing, emotes, and Jasons. But, since I'm level 150 anyway, I just leave and join another match. Could it be possible to change this?
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    Or... you could just try and have... fun? I don’t know what to say other than try to find a middle ground with your friends. Private matches should be fun, and not worth getting worked up into rage quitting.
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    Welcome to the forum. Some people aren't properly informed. Keep them in the loop, no matter how many times you have to do it. Don't forget if people are obsessing over it way too much as well. Someone's gotta keep the game alive in spirit. Damn right. I'd put my money on dead bodies holding items. It's better than nothing at this point.
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    It was on Twitch so I'll try my best to dig through past streams and clip a video of it. The person I was watching play wasn't the one abusing the glitch but it was their friend who was doing the exploit so it'll be hard to tell how they did it but you can still see how Jason can't hit them and phases through them when they're doing the fix the battery animation. But close to the end of the game, you'll actually see him in a different location than the one you'd first see him because he'd stop and actually did something else like pick up a baseball bat.
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    The Axe stun needs to be improved. The Axe stun needs to be guaranteed. The Axe should stun or knock down Jason with every hit. When you hit Jason with the Axe it stuns him the first time and then hitting him again with the same axe it doesent stun him and the axe breaks. Each Axe should stun Jason at least twice if using the same axe 2 times in a row. The Axe should only break after hitting Jason 4 times with the same Axe.
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    This game is too broken for competitive play. I don't see the point of it really. Its not like there are sponsors or anything. Seems like a waste of time.
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    4 Perk Slots? Medic, ThickSkinned, NoS, and Swift Attacker? Hell No!!!
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    That’s exactly why I think this will continue until one or both of them pass away. It’s very sad that they can’t come to terms, have Sean pull his head out of his ass and let Victor have a piece of the pie, and both get even more filthy rich after the next movie.
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    This is only one of the many annoying types of interaction glitches/locks. Shoot a gun too quickly (usually happens when quick-shooting) the gun doesn’t disappear from your back (or hand if its a flare) and then you’re stuck that way. Until Jason grabs you. Slashing doesnt help in this situation. You can’t heal yourself, you can’t go through windows, can’t interact with ANYTHING. All you can do is keep running away from Jason...until you die because of it. Luckily I was able to escape to the cops this time it happened, they arrived at just the right time jason was chasing me, and he morphed away to the cops. So I was able to escape. This glitch is way more game breaking than the environment kills glitch. While I’m glad that was fixed, this one is very annoying and should be fixed as soon as possible.
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    To celebrate I watched the remake of my bloody valentine. That movie is underrated.
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    Get to Lachappa! Oh wait, he's dead? Vanessa wonder woman to the rescue. Guess we are going run around the long table cabin for 20 minutes. Thick skin, medic, and marathon. 4 sprays and a pocket knife. Let's all pray he ain't slashing. 😂 SURVIVED. (Jason has left the lobby)
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    I don't know why it's such a problem to just play the damn game without ruining it for everyone else. I genuinely don't understand what makes some people think there's nothing wrong with deliberately fucking things up for complete strangers who are just trying to have a good time.
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    @Dragonfire82877 unfortunately The world may never know.
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    Really? Damn, thanks for telling me that, really helped. I had my counselors on random to make it more challenging and I was also getting bored to keep playing as the same person each match. Recently when I’ve had one selected, I did notice it did work without me re-applying it or doing anything like that. That really is a shame that it’s broken for random counselors.
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    I guess the "popular crowd" are the more outspoken members? I didn't realize that we had such around here. If one has suspicions of changes, and can show potential proof, I'm open to hearing them out.
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    You're way to into this man , you die you die who cares ! Watch the movies if you want to see kills . plus you still use Mom jokes , even worse than slashing !
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    😂 nO nEw CoNtEnT nO bLaCk FiRe LaVa JaYsOuN
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    It should be mixed in with grabs. But, it's your game ... play how you want to. If I KNOW for a fact someone has a PK, I am slashing them. I slash Tommy almost every time unless I can shift/grab him to get rid of the PK. But slash, knives, making them go through broken windows and grabs all combined make for an entertaining round. Plus, counselors won't know if you plan to slash, or grab, if you're doing both. I also slash more/or less depending on which Jason I am using. Part 9 for example, I rarely slash. Part 4, I am slashing away.
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    We need Savini Jason released as an exclusive to make up for no Uber Jason being released due to lawsuit. /thread nuke.
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    Strigoi needs to go back to Hello Kitty Island Adventure.LOL Try looking at all the campfire sites. Pocket knives spawn there quite often. There have been only 4 total knives for what close to a year maybe longer.
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    I'm far from an expert, but here goes. 1: No. As long as the hit connects, where you hit him doesn't matter. 2: To be safe, I try to wait until he raises his weapon. Some early guides said wait until he "drops his guard", but there's a good chance he'll have taped out of it by then. I'm not sure how soon you can drop you him, but again, just to be safe I'd say hit him when he raises his weapon and then hit X. Don't fuck around and waste time trying to taunt/dance once he drops, just hit X and be done with it. 3: If the final hit doesn't stun him, he won't drop. I know that may sound odd since he can't be stunned by melee weapons after Rage, so just think of it in terms of "If he wasn't in Rage, would it have stunned him". For best results, have someone hit him with a baseball bat. If thats not possible, all you can do is go for it with the axe. The machete is probably not going to do the trick, so if there's no one to drop him for you (using a weapon with a high stun chance) and your only option is to hit him with yourself with it, there is most likely not going to be any killing that round (at least not the kind you were hoping for). Also, only one person needs to hit him once the sweater is used. Two or three people trying to drop him at the same time is going to fuck up the kill. If he doesn't drop on the first hit, try a second one. If he still doesn't drop, time to find another way to survive.
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    Yeah, I can already hear them crying and begging for some „pocket knife“ perks like starting with one PK or the epic one each PK can be used twice
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    Even if they were never added, people would still teabag you by spamming crouch. Also that isn't true that EVERYBODY who uses them are trolls.
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    True. i would be Happy with just a movie and some new action figures. I Own some expensive Sideshow toys Jason figures that i got off ebay.
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    Eh...the age old debate about the difference between what is considered cheating and what is considered skill. Seen time and again throughout many games. Its like the Jason kill scenario debate. Like half the crowd believing Jason should be buffed in some way against the kill mechanic, whilst the other half just calls them scrubs because they don't block in mobs and that's why they die. Around here, you definitely see more of a lean towards the Jason side of things. On places like Reddit, I feel like its more counselor heavy. At least they made the right choice by allowing more customization to private matches and perhaps more to come in that area. Quick match will just be the same bag of trick or treat its been for a long time.
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    Has anyone had any issues with thick skin working properly since the new patch? I've noticed it intermittently not working for me. Sometimes if I get a random counselor and other times if I get who actually picked. For example, most recently, I got the random counselor glitch and got Jenny (video below). For this particular match, my perks were medic, thick skin, and slugger. Usually, it takes 3 pocket knives to injure a counselor with thick skin (2 pocket knives if you don't have thick skin). In this match, my Jenny was injured after two pocket knives and I had taken no other damage beforehand (i.e. broken window, traps, slashes, etc.). I've seen it happen a couple other times before as well where I get injured earlier than I should be (i.e. one slash from a part 3 when I had taken no damage beforehand). Wondered if anyone else had experienced any issues with thick skin recently? I know nerves of steel doesn't work properly with a random counselor, but never encountered an issue with thick skin.
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    And those are all in the list and will be investigated in the order of priority as we’ve said. It’s not working in circles because we didn’t claim to have them fixed for this patch, we explicitly said we were focusing our efforts from now on due to the need to weed through code. Those issues also have nothing to do with Patch 1.36, which was more my point. You’re on a thread for patch 1.36 and those issues are not relevant. I understand the frustration at bugs popping back up or bugs that have been repeat offenders, but they aren’t relevant in this context. They weren’t introduced with this patch, and while they are on our list, they don’t make this patch “working in circles” or anything else. Let’s be honest, you’re venting frustration, and that’s fine. But let’s keep it to a thread that is relevant to the frustration. EDIT: Roof glitch is gone. If you’re going to sling snarky insults, at least try to keep up. I can’t help but feel like this thread is a lashing out over other unrelated issues you’ve had here in the forums and that’s not ok. No, unfortunately, development in that regard has been on hold for far too long to just resume.
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    It would be nice if it didn't happen. Perhaps one day, if luck is on our side, after the major bugs are fixed, and before support is abandoned entirely.
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    There are still some decent players and lobbies that are not about the B.S. in a match.
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    I applaud you for taking your loss gracefully. There are a lot of unsavory players out there. The insults and trash talk can make one want to mute every lobby for that reason alone.
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    I fail to see how making saves isn't possible, pre or post rage. A simple "hand check" will save your partner from a kill-grab. If, however, you are talking about being crippled by a Jason slashing or thrown knives, then yes, you'll be generally fucked if you are solo in QP. Even then, if you have back-up, block and back dodge in-between slashes and hope someone can spray you and the heal effect occurs before death. If that's a issue for you, use Epic ThickedSkin. You can still fight Jason, even mano a mano, but it does require more skill, knowledge/understanding, and willingness to take risks than previously before rage update. The rage update really didn't change much other than motivate players into working on objectives or deter players that just want to bully weak Jasons from playing.
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    @999enits, the best advice I can give to anyone is to not do game sharing. http://f13game.com/code-of-conduct/ http://f13game.com/f13game-tou/ 1. Dead By Daylight is not a dirty word or anything, so there's no need to censor its name. If you are enjoying that game, continue to do so. I play both Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13: The Game. I feel no shame in playing either one. 2. Name one company this is still developing new F13 merchandise, outside of stuff that was in development before the lawsuit stopped things. 3. Which mental illness has the symptom of defending the developers, or anyone else for that matter? I'd like to look it up. 4. If you put in 600 hours on the game, how can you say you were scammed? Wouldn't you have asked for a refund well before that point? Can any Switch players of the game weigh in on whether or not that version is currently "unplayable"?
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    Welcome to Camp Blood! make sure to read the official Friday the 13th the Game Forum Rules! Got a Bug or User report? Head to JasonKillsBugs! And or want to discuss about suggestions and other ideas you have? Head to Friday the 13th the Game: Suggestions/Feedback section! And if you want to talk to other players about the game just head to Friday the 13th the Game General Discussions but for "News and Updates" for the game head over to the F13: Game News/F13 Game: About but overall enjoy your stay here!
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    I think a good story in a game genre like this would go a long way in terms of replay value.
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    It would seem people hate being rushed as much as people hate having to wait.
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    @Donmaz7, there are times when 7 counselors can put Jason to shame. There are also times when Jason can mop the campgrounds with 7 counselors. Nothing is guaranteed from match to match.
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