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    Agree with the first sentence. Rest of this post is bull shit.
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    Thunder , it might be time to quit playing the game. Basically , you kill yourself because Jason was/is good and or you got stuck with shitty players ! And you would rather kill yourself than give Jason a cheap kill , who the F really cares , its a video game , wtf do you care if Jason ends up with 9,000 kills or 80 over his playing time . You guys act like video games look good on job resumes .
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    You know I find myself being him a lot. Especially when I’m the last person to get in the lobby. Anyone else notice the last person that comes in at the waiting screen normally is Jason? Or is that just me?
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    https://m.facebook.com/groups/145543725469927?view=permalink&id=2777045512319722 Adam marcus himself confirms the Indiegogo
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    I have to, at least partially concur with @OCT 31 1978 and @Dragonfire82877. Part 6 was honestly one of the best ones. For me, it's a toss up between 4 and 6. The remake deserves an honorable mention as well.
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    Captain Spaulding was another horror icon! Same here Agreed RIP
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    Go on offline challenges and get no survivors in the quickest time possible. Don’t worry about going unseen or xp only speed and no survivors. Post your results and we can make this a friendly competition between us all. This will give us something new to do in the game lol so far my fastest times are challenge 1- 16 seconds challenge 2- 1:24 challenge 3- 34 seconds challenge 4- 1:04 seconds challenge 5- 1:46 challenge 6- 1:41 challenge 7- 1:27 challenge 8- 37 seconds challenge 9- 2:32 still have to finish the rest. I will edit my post as I try to beat my own times and your guys’ as you post em up 😉 bring on the challenge
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    I've had this happen a few times to me as well. Someone in another thread mentioned that they use a "buffer" between the knife and firecrackers and it prevents the knife form disappearing. I've tried it a few times and it has worked for me, so maybe it will help you out. Whenever you have a knife and firecrackers, grab a health spray or another inventory item. Drop them all and pick them up where the med spay or whatever item you select will be in the middle slot of your inventory.
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    Achievements give players a sense of accomplishment. Some players focus on them more than others, but it gives them all something to strive for. The forum will only die when everyone stops coming here and voicing their opinions. I don't think we're quite there yet. It might be more on life support like the game in a sense.
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    I played 10 rounds of assorted maps and difficulties. Jarvis is still the only map where the bots are completely non-functional. On the other maps, the bots still seem to hide (under beds and in cabinets at least), fight back, and grab parts. They use fireworks as well. One match the bots did get the car started, though they crashed into a fence shortly after. I let them call Tommy a couple of times, so they still do that.
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    FYI, the bots never were able to use the boat in offline matches. On the Jarvis map, the bots do absolutely nothing. That's the only map that is like that if I recall correctly. I've seen bots hide under beds and in tents or outhouses, though it's not very often. They'll fix things if given the chance, but it can be hit or miss.
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    @999enits, the best advice I can give to anyone is to not do game sharing. http://f13game.com/code-of-conduct/ http://f13game.com/f13game-tou/ 1. Dead By Daylight is not a dirty word or anything, so there's no need to censor its name. If you are enjoying that game, continue to do so. I play both Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13: The Game. I feel no shame in playing either one. 2. Name one company this is still developing new F13 merchandise, outside of stuff that was in development before the lawsuit stopped things. 3. Which mental illness has the symptom of defending the developers, or anyone else for that matter? I'd like to look it up. 4. If you put in 600 hours on the game, how can you say you were scammed? Wouldn't you have asked for a refund well before that point? Can any Switch players of the game weigh in on whether or not that version is currently "unplayable"?
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    @Thunder, this game has done some great things for a lot of people. It's good to hear that you got through some dark times because of this game. Quick Play is always gonna be a mixed bag. New players have to learn like everyone else did. Sometimes it's not a smooth experience. Private matches are still an option for players who want to avoid a lot of the stuff newer players are known for. As far as complaints and requests for change, that's true on both sides (Jason and counselor alike). Although the Rage buff isn't likely to be reworked, it can be adjusted. Let's hope the developers are still open to that. Our beloved game isn't quite dead yet. We've got jumper cables hooked to a car battery that's keeping it going.
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    Im pretty sure the lawsuit covers f13 content not some random content. But im sure they'll say otherwise
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    A community reminder: The Savini Jason player model was an exclusive offering for people who donated money when this game was not yet possible. Those donors helped make this game happen, and were rewarded with something unique. It has been stated multiple times that this content will not be made available again, and that all forum threads around it would be closed and locked. Feel free to discuss other things, we're going to "call it a day" on this one... ... again.
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    As a quick play player for two years now because of my lack of time to play i agree its a tough go and only getting worse . I'm only logging on for two or three games at a clip and its been bad.
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    Players hopping lobbies just to be Jason has been a thing since launch day, so it's unlikely to change. I do hope it gets better.
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    @NickersLarge, a lot of people (myself included) enjoy this game. It's just in a real bad spot right now, with the major bugs ruining the fun for some. My hope is that one day, the major stuff gets fixed, hopefully before support of this game is abandoned completely.
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    At this point they should just sell him to whomever wants him and make profits while they can. I see very low level Savini Jasons almost every night on PS4 (game sharing). People are still selling him for X-Box on eBay as far as I know. Several people on PC have him that aren't supposed to have him. I think the term "exclusive" expired a very long time ago.
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    If you're looking for experienced players to play with because of their experience with the game, why does it matter if they're gay or not? I understand the kids as they shouldn't even be playing the game anyway, but why is being gay a bother?
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    This post will definitely get some feedback both good and bad (agree and disagree) but I want to state my like of this game. Despite it's flaws and glitches, I LOVE playing. It has a good mix of fun and suspense. It is MY speed as I am not a huge gamer and not nearly a pro at it either. Regarding all the posts: There are enough posts of the positive kind and negative kind like ANY other good game. I can read 100 posts about Jason being too strong once in RAGE and 100 posts about he is too easy to kill. The game offers something for everyone. I say chill a bit and have fun with it. We need to stop saying that it is a FACT that Jason is too easy to kill. No, it isn't. A fact would be that Jason CAN be killed. Or, it could be a fact that some are better than others at killing him. I certainly can't kill him easily as I'm still an amateur. Especially when playing as a counselor. A psychotic killer who kills nearly everyone in the movies is too powerful at times?! Really? Think about it the other way: we'd get bored after a week of playing if he wasn't powerful. Many posts on both sides of an issue isn't anything new, I just find the game great for my liking and think we need to just enjoy it for what it is. Thanks and good hunting!
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    Must be out spending all that switch money
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    @HaHaTrumpWon @DontZzz34 That moment when Hunting Jason.......strangely turns into a Blairwitch Project game.
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    Yeah that is true. When retro jason came out he slashed me then i looked at my character and im just like, "wait that doesnt look right" i thought it was just me but i literally looked at my game clips from before retro jason was out and i was like "wait a second, why did they change the model it was so much more realistic"...
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    That's called shift batting and it won't work on good Jason's because they'd be expecting it. If Jason exits shift with a throwing knife for example, your hit animation would be reset giving him time to grab. Or just exiting shift a bit early, hitting you with a knife and grabbing you before you can exit combat stance.
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    He wasn't glitched if he was able to break beds. Some Jasons just aren't very smart.
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    Hopefully there is something for PC and ps4 to attract new players on Halloween
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    1. Prevent tommy call. Go for the power box you think you need to cut immediately. Don’t even pick up knives in shack. Get them later. Learn the power box location on all maps and get familiar where it will most likely spawn. It takes luck and knowledge. Won’t happen every single game but most games I can prevent the call. Without tommy, they can’t get the kill 2. If there’s a suspected kill squad, after trapping power box if you successfully get it break all doors in tommy radio house. Start collecting knives to. Then go trap the phone. And trap cars if you wish. But usually kill squads don’t repair cars and will just try and gangbang Jason together. 3. If they pop trap at the power box. Don’t got for the power box. I learned my lesson the hard way. A counselor stood right in front of the power box and I couldn’t break the box. I had to slash them to death then break it. By that time it was too late and tommy was called. I learned..... go for the caller instead. So stalk-morph to the tommy house and shift in on the caller. They don’t expect you to go for the caller. They expect you to go for the box. Always do the unexpected. This is also why it’s important you break doors at tommy house. 4. If they manage to call tommy. Always keep an eye on your moms sweater.... I like to morph to the shack and use stalk and just stand inside there and wait for the kill group to arrive. Typically the sweater girl goes in first. Surprise attack her. If you manage to take all their knives earlier game she shouldn’t have a Pk so in this case grab. Otherwise slash. 5. If it comes down to it and you got sweater girl and tommy (with an axe) together and even other counselors helping them collect as many knives as you can. I can’t stress enough throwing knives are one of Jason’s most useful tools when handling fights against groups. Never ever go full head on and slash them. Your mask will fall off in this case. So when you fight quick toss throwing knives at them and be sure to aim mainly for sweater girl and tommy. Deteriorate their health with knives, then shift slash them. If they all charge at you hold block and let weapons break. Broken weapons means less counselors with weapons and it will make the fight a bit easier. Using the spear is also a very good weapon to use in fights. You can punish missed swings easier with it. But be careful doing this and try not to get hit. 6. Don’t get hit with a machete or axe from a high strength counselor especially..... also avoid shotguns at all costs. This is a big challenge because Jason’s mask hp is very low and all it can take is 1 hit out of block to de mask Jason, then he’s most likely dead. 7. Pick part 3 jason all day if you see a kill squad in lobby. This is the best Jason to go against a kill squad hands down. Hope this helps you. As jason I’ve probably died at least 10 or so times. Each and every time I got an axe in my head I learned something new from it and managed to get better at learning how to defend myself from getting killed. I hope you do the same and good luck.
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    They’re still updating the game (bugs/glitches) so I wouldn’t say they’re done with it. Patches are still being released and dedicated servers still exist to. But they really need higher quality patches tbh..... their patches have been poor.... A lot of these bugs this game has, a lot of companies would’ve had these issues addressed by now. I mean we’ve had these environmental kills glitching now for how many months? And they brought that into the game themselves to top it off
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    I agree completely that authenticity is necessary when it comes to the iconic character and core design the developers are after with this game.... My Question actually falls in line with making the game more authentic to Jason and specifically each different version of him......counselors hear different chase theme music based on which Jason is stalking after them......wouldn’t it be more authentic for those specific Jason’s to hear the same chase theme that was made for them specifically instead of the basic Jason chase theme that all the Jason’s hear now? Ps thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.
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    Some of the videos were privated or claimed by GunMedia lol.
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    Thanks for the find @OCT 31 1978. I wouldn't mind watching that documentary myself.
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    Crowd funding, is what you’re looking for man, with a W.
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    @OCT 31 1978, that card made my day. Thanks for that. To all the fathers out there, enjoy the day and everything that comes with it. To those who are fortunate to still have their father among the living, let them know you care. To those who are not as fortunate to have your father still with you, know that they live on through you. Have a safe and pleasant holiday everyone. 😎
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    You're right about the trickiness of this topic. It's a bitter pill for many to swallow, but swallow it they must.
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    Welcome to the forum. We're not sure, but I'd bet that these fixes are not as easy as one would think. Otherwise, they might have been fixed by now.
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    Let us know how the results of that Twitter poll turn out.
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    Once things cool down for a bit, it'll open back up to new users. For now, keep comments civil and on point, and things will be fine.
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    @Wellhiya Many of us are right with you on that one. It'll be a little more time with the heavy complaining, then it'll slack up. It happens with every patch.
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    We both know who would likely would have said that, but kudos for filling those shoes. We are in agreement that things can really turn around for the better.
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    This is a valid way to look at things as they stand.
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    Not all players are as toxic as you've experienced so far. Some people seem to struggle with the fact that companies don't necessarily work during holidays.
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    It's a given that most of the bugs affect counselors. You're gonna have more time spent as a counselor than as Jason. As far as Savini Jason, he's no more powerful than any of the other Jasons. He's just being played by players who have spent a lot of time playing as him and getting really good at what they do.
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    I prefer leaving them behind. That's less bad karma.
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    11th, 12th and 13th. How is it Jason can kill people with his bare hands, but not close a door?
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    NOBODY is going to play a game where they die to every shit talking ten year old in the world. There's a reason the counselors can fight back. And don't tell me they didn't hunt Jason in the movies...
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    Wouldnt be cool if Modding groups could add to The Friday the 13th game with there own twist and add ons. The Reason i say this is because Friday the 13th the game has such a huge fan base following. so many people crave more Jason in video games i just cant see it stopping with such a high demand. after the lawsuit is over could Gunmedia open the Friday the 13th the game to game design modders to give fans what they are asking for. Modder game designers like TESrenewal Modding Group. https://skyblivion.com/
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