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    Patch Notes - Friday the 13th: The Game - January 2019 Patch HOTFIX: The kill process for Jason UI Bug This hotfix has been submitted and is rolling out to platforms as soon as possible. INTERACTION LOCK - The team has fixed various interaction lock issues, including: Stumbling while dropping an item Entering Combat Stance while swinging weapon CONNECTIVITY AND CRASHES - Multiple connectivity/crash fixes including: Network Error after joining lobby in Quick Play “Need Updated Client” error ENVIRONMENT AND COLLISION Falling Animation Loop - Fixed various areas where players enter a falling animation and cannot continue, including: Firewood Logs on Pinehurst Map Cardboard Box on Packanack Map Coffee Table in Jarvis House Counselor Catch - Fixed various spots that could snag the counselors and make them unable to move, including: Cemetery fence on the Crystal Lake map. Safe Spots - Fixed various safe spots where the counselors are unreachable once entered, including: The cemetery in Higgin’s Haven Parking the car inside the barn on Pinehurst Fixed an issue where an invisible collision would occur at the barn fence on Pinehurst, causing the car to shift vertically after restarting the car. Fixed an exploit where counselors could use the car as a barricade at Jason’s shack, affecting several maps. Fixed an issue where the counselors could control their directional axis while climbing through windows, allowing them to reach unplayable areas of the maps. Fixed an issue where counselors are able to reach the rooftop of the Pinehurst Halfway House by escaping Jason's grab with a pocket knife. USER INTERFACE Fixed an issue disabling the “More Emotes” button. Fixed the Morph Cursor not showing on Xbox One. BALANCING AND TUNING Jason - Buffing Mother’s Special, Special Boy. Weapon Swing - Jason can now swing his equipped weapon to hit multiple targets at once. This will help Jason defend himself against bullies. Stun - It is no longer possible to Stun Jason while he is in Rage Mode unless using a shotgun or Pamela’s sweater. Rage Indicator will show on the minimap when Jason enters Rage Mode. Counselors - They should have been watching him. Tommy Jarvis - Players who kill themselves cannot come back as Tommy Jarvis. ****Killing Jason is unchanged.****
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    You have roughly the first 8-10 minutes of the match to make repairs to the cars and boat. Get a call off to the cops and allow the timer to start counting down. Everyone complaining about Jason be invincible after rage are more than likely the players that only want to knock Jason on his ass and dance. You can still do that for the first half of the match. Everyone saying it has broken the game for counselors obviously hasn’t been playing the game as it was intended to be played. Escape options are still there. After they fix the bug preventing Jason to be brought to his knees during the sweater stun, the kill option is still there. I’ve played over 15 matches since the update. Players have escaped in all but 3 matches that I have played, and two of those matches, we were all dead before rage. And as a side note, Jason needs to be a little OP in the grand scheme of things (although I don’t think he is in his current state). You are trespassing at his camp and he blames you for his mother’s death. Jason is the main character of Friday the 13th, and he’s a killer.
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    As some of you may have seen, the Gun Media team has revealed some of our streaming and content plans for 2019, in the form of a new streaming show "Gun Media presents: Beyond." The Beyond series will focus on all Gun Media's titles with news, updates, and interviews with the team here and we're kicking it off by revealing the latest patch for Friday the 13th: The Game. Tune in to the Gun Media Twitch or Mixer channels at 3PM ET Tuesday Jan. 29 to check out what we have coming to the game. Twitch.tv/GunMedia Mixer.com/GunMedia
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    I'll just share my thoughts on this matter. Defeating Jason isn't the aim of the game; the aim is to survive however you can. If the opportunity is there to defeat Jason this round, then yes it's a valid way to achieve your victory condition. However, it is not meant to be the easiest of the 4 victory conditions to achieve. If you're part of one of these 'Jason hunter' groups, then perhaps go and watch the most recent stream where Gun staff spoke about what they think of these 'kill groups' as they're sometimes dubbed. The creators of this game explicitly said that they never intended for Jason to be bullied by counselors, so if you piss him off then you better have what you need to stop him quickly or you better run. Being completely immune to all stuns except the shotgun and pocket knife when enraged is completely fair. It means you have 10 minutes to get the sweater, get a good Tommy into play, get Jason's mask off and get the weapons needed to defeat Jason if you intend to, or it'll get much harder after. Defeating Jason is not supposed to be easy; it is supposed to be the hardest of the 4 victory conditions to achieve. You either escape by car/boat, with the police, defeat Jason or survive the night and surviving the night and defeating Jason are meant to be the 2 most unlikely scenarios. Remember when Gun once said that defeating Jason was supposed to be a "1 in 70 or so" occurrence? It was before the game came out; their vision when they made this game was that Jason is the one who's out to get you, not the other way around. Expecting them to cater to people's desires to make Jason an easy/easier kill is unfair and a fairly self-entitled viewpoint to hold. What do you think would happen if you got Jason mad? I don't recall any instances in the films where he's been full on furious, but if Savini Jason is capable of taking the Devil's Pitchfork from the Devil himself (non-canon I think but it implies his incredible strength and willpower) then what is a human counselor expected to do to him? Stun him with a baseball bat? Ridiculous. Angry Jason isn't going to be stopped by a makeshift weapon. This change to Jason is perfectly fair; just either play smarter if you want to kill him or try playing the game a different way. If you go out looking to kill him then you should expect to fail the majority of the time; defeating him should not be a majority occurrence in victory conditions.
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    @nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co, you want to talk about canon? Show me in a film where a group of counselors gathered around Jason and kept knocking him down over and over again. I understand in the movies that a select few hurt Jason or temporarily killed him. Once they patch the bug preventing that to happen, the kill option will be there again. The intent of the game was not to bully Jason. Jason should be a feared killer that once in rage shouldn’t be able to be hurt unless the counselors are able to pull off the kill. I also respect your opinions, and I know not all counselors hit Jason with the intent on dancing in front of him. But most of the ones crying about this update are infact the ones that are now handicapped because they can’t glitch or beat down Jason in groups.
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    This patch is extremely misguided, and seems like service to low skilled Jason players. A smarter patch would have: • reimplemented body blocking • a rage mode effect that reduces the durability of weapons to one use, and or significantly reduces stun time. Instead, we have a patch that allows Jason to become invulnerable just a few minutes into a session. How naive of some to believe Jason players won’t abuse this. Interestingly, in the films, Jason becomes more vulnerable - not more unstoppable - towards the end.
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    We'll have a live date for the patch. Hint: It's sooner than you think.
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    As usual, every time there is a Jason buff people come out of the woodwork to cry and sob about how unfair it is, when in reality they're just upset that they can't troll and behave like asses anymore. The fact of the matter is that the game isn't set up around fighting Jason, it's set up around having counselors cooperate and work together to achieve goals in order to escape alive. Fighting Jason always was, and is, considered an absolute last resort. Seriously, the only people complaining about the Jason buff are trolls and people who flat-out suck playing the game. if the new update makes you want to not play the game anymore, then fine, please go. You're probably part of the toxic player base that were making the game unbearable to begin with and you won't be missed.
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    I don't think this proves anything, your message simply seems to suggest that you believe escaping to be the real way to play the game. I do respect and value your opinion and let me add something: to suggest that escaping should be the default option, IS NOT CONSISTENT with the film canon, one of the main ways to escape Jason is to defeat him or hurt him badly. Ginny hurts Jason badly and survives, Chris axes him and leaves him down for the count, Tommy and Trish finally kill him, Tommy and the others kill Roy at the end of the film. This is consistent in most of the films, the way to survive Jason is, mostly, to beat him. Right now this is NOT POSSIBLE when raging, be this a glitch or whatever but thanks to this patch this option has been ruined. There are basically 4 ways to win as a counselor: 1 escape by boat/car 2 escape with the police 3 survive the night (and you can achieve this by hiding and running, or by fighting Jason) 4 defeat Jason These options are present in the game, so I am afraid they are all "as it was intended to be played" What this patch does is to render impossible the fight part of option 3 and remove option 4 when Jason is raging. This patch is the equivalent of preventing you to use the phone box after Jason rages, it is simply unbalanced and it punishes players who play legally. (and not everybody who attacks Jason is a nasty person who likes to dance and mock Jason all the time) The only solution is to remove the patch while the devs give Jason a proper buff BUT this buff cannot be INVINCIBILiTY
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    Nope. It's the best idea the Devs have had since they thought about making the game to begin with. If you have to "rely" on stunning Jason to survive, well I guess you won't be surviving anymore will you? If people will play the game as intended (I.E. escape at the first opportunity and stop trying to troll/bully Jason) they'll see very little has changed. If they want to hang around and dance, well then they're gonna fuckin' die... and I love that.
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    He will not enter rage until 12 or 13 minutes in already, if the counselors don't have a piñata party. In case you know absolutely nothing about our dear Mr. Voorhees... he is the one who is supposed to be a bit more than a 'tad' over powered. This should also be nice for Jason players who spend more than half the match locked in a stun animation... which is pretty far from being over powered. I wouldn't say it will be easier for Jason at all... nothing in this update will alter my playstyle as a counselor and I escape quite often... without having to take a swing at him at all. It just might make things harder for people that want to fight Jason and kill him... but that was the point... It might also turn the tables on the trolls, which was also the point. The goal was to make it harder to bully or kill Jason. And I agree, it is lovely, just lovely. In the stream today, they did say that knocking Jason to his knees in the sweater stun will work normally... but we will have to see after the patch comes out. The shotgun will still stun him in rage mode as well... so if it comes down to a weapon not knocking him to his knees in the sweater stun animation, the Jason hunters will have to keep a shotgun for this.
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    Jason being unstunnable in rage mode is a tad op being he spends half the game in said mode. Maybe change the rage timer to the 15 minute mark ?
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    This could potentially be game breaking especially for Jason's like savini, part 3 part 4 etc. This mechanic could be completely abused by Jason's who do nothing but slash as counselors no longer have a defense against them. If a counselor runs out of stamina while Jason has rage there's practically no longer a way to escape. Combine this with the awful swing hit detection and it just makes the game less enjoyable now, especially as counselors
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    @mattshotcha @ShiftySamurai @wes I want to say the stream was awesome guys. That type of community interaction is something a lot of people have inquired about a while. I hope it gets people interested in this game again. As for the patch, it should make gameplay more challenging again. Bring that fear of Jason back that we missed all too much. I hope you guys get to bottom of the car collission issue and players falling under the map, especially on Packanack small.
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    Looks good but what about the invisible wall under the stairs on Higgins Haven?
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    @mattshotcha Players deserve a response to this exploit situation, it's seriously out of hand. But hacking and cheating in general is a joke. Let me show you this.... (no name and shame, just a bit of video). You should be able to see the player is using shift non-stop. It's pretty clear. Hacker This was this morning. I obviously captured it and reported this JasonKillsBugs.com. However, what I saw was seriously irritating. Not just irritating but completely unacceptable. Before the match started another player announced that this particular individual is a hacker, so it's apparently a known thing, but not only that, looking at the player's Steam profile I found multiple claims of reporting, like this "got a video of him glitching out of reach of jason r e p o r t t e i m". This quote was from April of last year, fucking APRIL! Why are players like this NOT being banned when it is being reported? The rest of us are following the protocol, wasting our time taking the steps to report people like this and nothing is being done! This asshole has been doing this, from what I can see, for almost a year now? This is bullshit and the players deserve better! @mattshotcha Can we get an official statement? Either - "This is going to be taken seriously from now on and resolved swiftly" or "Blah blah blah excuse X, so sorry, we don't actually care."
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    I don't condone team killing (unless justified in a public match or purely an accident in private games), but this was probably one of the funniest ends to a match I saw in a long time:
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    I would argue that invincibility to most stuns isn't silly at all; choosing to fight Jason is the silly thing to do. As someone who tries to escape and save other players in the process, I don't see any issue with this. If an opportunity presents itself to defeat Jason then I'll be part of it, but I play the game how it was meant to be played and that is to play to survive by any means necessary. Friday the 13th: The Game wasn't designed to emphasize combat with Jason, and this patch makes it a less than smart idea to do so. I'm afraid that if defeating Jason is your only goal then the issue lies with you, not this patch. If you only choose to chase one single victory condition and ignore all the others, then that should be at your own peril. If you want the XP then there are a total of 4 ways to survive the night; playing solely JUST to defeat Jason shouldn't be easy and if you die, then it's just a case of better luck next time. You can still do it, but you won't be doing it as often and that's more in spirit with what the game is about.
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    LOL. I’m a level 150 player that has been playing since the game launched. I have every badge, tape, and trophy except for Ph. D in Murder, because I haven’t tried to get it yet. I’m telling you all this not to brag, but just to give you an idea of how many hours I’ve logged in the game. I would classify myself as a very high level player. I’m not some newbie mad because they can’t kill anyone as Jason. Being able to “bait” the grab and stun Jason isn’t a sign of skill. It was just taking advantage of a broken grab mechanic. Believe me, I’ve been on both sides of it. And I can tell you, a high level Vanessa, that can kite and bait grabs and run the perks I mentioned before, is going to get the best of a high level Jason player most of the time. And if you are a walking Jason, lol, forget about it. I’ve witnessed high level Jason’s chase high level Vanessa’s for 8 straight minutes. Getting kited and bait stunned. The whole point is that people should not be tracking Jason down to kite and stun him. They should not be passing up opportunities to escape by the cops or in a vehicle, because they want to troll Jason, waste everyone else’s time, and run out the timer. They should be running away trying to escape if possible. Engaging Jason as an absolute last resort. These changes will get the game closer to that point.
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    Jason doesn’t need to be stunned to escape. Remember, the game is about escaping, not Jason hunting. This is a new change and, if it’s not working, it’ll be re-balanced. What I like about the change is that it’s making Jason stronger without robbing the counselors of escape.
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    Dying in a non Jason trap counts as a suicide. You won’t die the first time you step in it. You’d have to reset it. Either way, it isn’t going to be as easy as calling Tommy and jumping in and out of windows until death anymore. You’re going to need help, and by the time you get that help two other counselors on the other side of the map could alrrady be dead. The changes aren’t meant to make becoming Tommy impossible, just more difficult. If it gets rid of the half that plays like assholes then it’ll be no great loss. They make for hateful playing experiences anyways.
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    The team will be live in roughly 40 minutes.
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    Thought I'd have some fun showing off Wes' New umbrella. Feel free join in. Template below. -----------------------------------------------------------------
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