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    Good morning, counselors. We have received multiple reports that many of you are bringing more pocket knives than could possibly be necessary to camp. In addition to pocket knives, there is an abundance of sharp-edged and blunt instruments that can be used as weaponry. The following changes will be made to acceptable behavior when we next open the camp: Pocket knives will be far less available throughout the camp, though special visitors will still be allowed to bring a personal pocket knife. We have limited access to some pieces of hardware that can be used as weaponry, including an abundance of machetes and wrenches, that have later been found left around the camp. – These items will still be at the camp, but there will be less available. Special note: Due to the abandonment of expensive medical inventory – Med Sprays - all over the grounds, we have been forced to reduce the amount available. Please remember to do your part to eliminate the wasting of expensive and necessary camp supplies.
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    Good evening, counselors and slashers. We’ve seen your reports; our Jason characters aren’t scary. We’ve seen the videos of counselors running circles around Jason and smacking him upside the head, repeatedly, while he quietly resigns himself to his fate. We’ve even seen videos of Jason being forced to run away while being chased by 4 Chads with baseball bats. That’s not cool, and Chad is a dick. As such, we will be implementing the following changes to Jason characters. Each Jason will be gaining a small speed increase - this is not so fast as to make it impossible for counselors to escape from a Jason player, but it is enough to make Jason feel more relentless. Each Jason will start with 2 additional throwing knives. Jason’s grab reach and radius have been looked at and reworked - this should help alleviate the issues players are reporting of counselors slipping through Jason’s fingers, while still retaining a fair grab range for counselor players. We feel that these changes will do quite a bit to bring a proper balance to the game. Please continue submitting your feedback for Friday the 13th: The Game!
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    Hello, slashers! Today we wanted to show you something that will be important to our fans who prefer to play as Jason. In the next update, and when you reach a sufficient progression level, you will be able to switch Jason’s weapon. Jason Part VII with a machete? Sure. Roy with a pig splitter? Go for it. Everyone on the Friday the 13th: The Game team is excited to see the community start experimenting with different Jason & Weapon combinations! With Jason being able to switch up his arsenal, we’re happy to let players know that custom key-binding is on the way for our PC players. We know that this is something that you have wanted for a while now, and our left-handed players have certainly been asking us about, and we’re happy to implement this highly requested feature.
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    Hey everyone! Today we would like to share some news about the Single Player Challenges we are introducing to Friday the 13th: The Game. This game mode will not require any additional purchase and will be bundled in its entirety with the engine upgrade patch. In Single Player Challenges, players will control Jason and hunt down counselors in multiple movie-like scenarios. Here are some of the features that you can expect to see: Multiple replayable missions across varied locations, featuring numerous individual objectives Unique scenarios and maps specially tailored for each mission Cinematic Kills only available in SP Challenges New voice acting and responsive AI that tells a new story in each map We’re very excited for everyone to experience our Single Player Challenges! Let us know what you think!
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    Howdy Campers, long time no see. Sorry about that, been head down, working with the team on this upcoming patch. They have busted hump and I'm proud of this content patch dropping on Tuesday, Jan 30th. But let's cut to the chase. J5 STATS!! First off, he unlocks at level 0, meaning you get him instantly. OK, now the pros and cons. PROS CONS + Throwing Knives - Defense + Stalk - Grip Strength + Can Run - Stun Resistance I know there's a lot of questions about Paranoia as well. I will be doing a write-up next week to update everyone here on the forums as to the current status of Paranoia. Look for that post mid-next week. -W
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    In October 2017, we announced that we would begin working on updating the Friday the 13th: The Game to the latest version of the Unreal Engine. This update will allow us to address many problems that negatively impact game performance as well as fix bugs that can’t be fixed otherwise. It’s also absolutely required for us to continue working on Dedicated Servers for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. We estimate that the integration of the new engine will be completed, at the earliest, sometime in April. The nature of this update means that there will be no regular patches until it is released. Upgrading the engine means touching every piece of content in the game, updating new content that is being created, and needing to retest all core features and gameplay balance to make sure they are not affected.With the release of the latest balance and bug fix patches, we’re now able to transition the full team to working on this upgrade. We will be posting regular news updates on our fixes as well as our plans for future changes throughout this process. We look forward to all of your feedback and we’re all very excited for the future of Friday the 13th: The Game! Thank you all for your patience and continued support! What will updating the engine change or improve? (Please keep in mind that we will have more specifics closer to release) Potential for physics improvements and fixes for vehicles, ragdolls, hair, and more Better performance on all platforms Required support for Dedicated Servers on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 Fixes for long standing issues that will be automatically resolved by moving to the new engine version Will the Dedicated Servers for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 be released with the engine update patch? No. The engine update patch is, however, a critical component in getting Dedicated Servers functioning on consoles, and is absolutely required for us to get there. Unfortunately, that does mean that our focus has to be on the update first - so we’ll need to wait until that’s wrapping up to start estimating the work remaining to get to Dedicated Servers, and provide you with that information. How does this affect the current Road Map? Following the release of Jason Part 5 and Pinehurst, the content on the roadmap from November will be delayed while we focus on engine updates and prepare for dedicated servers. We’ll be communicating regularly with everyone about the engine change and the content affected by it, as well as teasing new content during this period. We will not be creating a new roadmap until we’re at a point where we’re comfortable with the dates involved - we want to make sure that when we tell you something is coming, you can count on it.
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    Jason Part 5 and Pinehurst Jason Part 5 and the Pinehurst map are both now available for both Multiplayer and Offline Bots! Part 5 has no level requirement and has access to the following grab kills: Hedge Trimmer Last Breath You’re so Vein New Unlockable Grab Kill The grab kill Rugby Player is now available! The requirements to unlock Rugby Player are: Level: 108 Cost: 2500 CP Changes and Bug Fixes General Reduced the amount of Pocket Knives and Medical Sprays that can spawn per match Adjusted the amount of available spawns per match for each weapon Addressed several issues that were causing players to become interaction locked Fixed a bug that caused Bear Traps to disappear when disarmed by a counselor Fixed a bug related to the “The Final Chapter” achievement that was causing players to crash Jason Jason will now begin each match equipped with 2 additional throwing knives Jason’s movement speed has been slightly increased Jason’s grab range and cone has been slightly increased Players can once again access the medium bloody skin for Savini Jason Note: The unlockable Light/Heavy bloody skins are not available for Savini Jason Fixed a bug that allowed Jason’s character model to rotate while knocked down The grab kills “Free Kick” and “Disarm” will now properly grant Versatile experience Counselors Fixed a bug where - if a player interacted with a window in a certain way, the window would break and incorrectly cause damage to the player Fixed inconsistencies that were appearing in several counselor models Maps The Fuse will no longer be able to spawn in the same building as the Phone Box Addressed several exploit locations on all maps Made adjustments to several locations that were causing the objectives/repair parts spawns to be inaccessible Vehicles Fixed several bugs related to the boat flipping mechanic Offline Play Made many improvements and bug fixes to the bot AI in Offline Bots Restart function added to the pause menu in Offline Bots Fixed a bug causing the end score screen to incorrectly show badge progression in Offline Bots Note: Badges can not be obtained through Offline Bots Matchmaking Added servers for South America and Australia [PC] Added region auto-detection [PC] Sound Players should once again be able to hear the sound of weapons and items being dropped The grab kill “Free Kick” will now properly take into account the user’s audio settings
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    Hello campers, As promised, I wanted to give you an update on the current status of Paranoia. Our goal with this game mode has always been to create a different experience compared to the traditional multiplayer F13 mode. We want it to be unique, scary, and offer a new kind of challenge for players. We began working on an internal prototype late last summer (2017), and started playing together (ILL + GUN) weekly. The point of the prototype was to test theories and ideas within the paper design doc for Paranoia. Do these ideas work? Is it unique and challenging? Most importantly - is it fun? To put it bluntly: it isn’t fun enough. We unanimously agreed, after weeks of playing together, that there’s something there...a glimmer of a very fun game mode. But it needs to stay in the oven longer. We need to keep throwing around ideas, mechanics and features to find the missing piece. But our teams were faced with hurdles to overcome, some greater than others. While we would have liked to go head down and keep pushing Paranoia, this would've required us to set aside the work towards dedicated servers, as Paranoia would've needed the full team. I had to make a decision, and focusing on dedicated servers and new content, feels like the best decision we could make. We have some ideas on what will make Paranoia what we want it to be, but until we launch and perfect dedicated servers, I made the call to hold on all forward movement with Paranoia. I’m sure that this is not the news that you were wanting to hear, but I think it’s the best call and it was mine to make. I always strive to steer this ship to the best of my ability. What I don’t want to do is launch a game mode that is “just ok”. We don’t get out of bed everyday to produce an average product. Once we are finished with dedicated servers, we will return our focus to Paranoia to continue tinkering to find the fun. If we never find it, then I will make the call to completely cancel it. Again, I don’t want to give you content that doesn’t live up to the standards we have tried to deliver throughout this journey together. You not only deserve better than that, you also deserve this type of transparency, and I intend on delivering both to you. I would also like to thank you all for your patience, and for the overwhelming support and passion you have for this game. We will continue to push to make this the best F13 experience we can, and we look forward to seeing you all at camp. -W
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    No it won’t. Those complaining weren’t going to stick around any way. This is what the true F13 fan wanted. They wanted a tough night at Crystal Lake. These changes will save the game, not the opposite. The real fans are finally being listened to. Making it tough to survive as a counselor IS THE FUN. It’s akin to a game like Dark Souls, the challenge leads to a far more euphoric feeling when overcome. Same here. Surviving against cinemas most prolific killer is a true achievement. At least it used to be and hopefully will be again. Sorry, to those who don’t like that idea, well, buzz off. This games community doesn’t need nor want you around.
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    General Made adjustments to the window collision blocker that is created while a counselor in the process of climbing or jumping through a window Addressed several exploits and exploit locations Counselors Fixed a bug that caused Bear Traps to work inconsistently when being placed near doorways Fixed a bug that caused Bear Traps to become stuck in a counselor’s hands Fixed a bug that caused counselors to sometimes become stuck while climbing through a window Maps Pinehurst Fixed a bug that caused the northwestern exit to not work properly as a vehicle escape Vehicles Fixed a bug that caused vehicles to not function properly while Jason is standing directly behind the vehicle Sound Reduced the volume of Part 5 Jason’s music
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    That's not an issue. You were banned and you know why you were. No idea why you emailed, PMed, DMed and Tweeted how we should all get fucked and how you are somehow smart for breaking terms of service for the game...but judging by your ability to write, I'd wager education hasn't been a priority in your life. Maybe next time don't break the rules and then flaunt the fact you did by sending us emote-riddled emails that involve more cussing than actual discussion. Oh, and the folks at Xbox are well aware of your activities now. Enjoy.
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    Tell them to fuck off. Is that so hard? It would definitely take less effort than writing your post here. Just saying...
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    As someone who pushed hard for Roy as a playable Jason, this is a good news. Roy's stats: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/16087-jason-v-roy-stats/
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    Nope. Summer of Heat is the best song in the game, and it does play when male characters turn on a radio or crank the car too. And it was around long before the Jarvis map.
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    That should be the order. It really needs to be considered. @ShiftySamurai @Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier @wes Jason doesn't need the "auto-find" feature (Sense) for finding counselors in the early game. He'll naturally come across counselors while Morphing to the objectives to set traps, since counselors will naturally gravitate towards the objectives. It would also be great for Jason and add a LOT of tension to the early game because he could then set up traps without the "JASON IS HERE" music. Counselors would actually have to lock doors again, since you'd never know if Jason is in the area or not...so that's another benefit. It would make counselors play the game with a sense of fear again. Rage already kicks Sense into overdrive. So why not have Sense be the last ability before Rage? Stalk is useless at the end of the game. Sense is useless at the beginning. Swap them = Improve the game. You're welcome.
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    Savini Jason will be able to swap out the pitchfork for other weapons, but other Jasons will not be able to equip the pitchfork
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    The current state of weapons is that there are enough to demask Jason 5x over. What the weapon reduction will do is reduce trolling. It will require counselors to only attack Jason when they HAVE to, not when they WANT to.
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    How about we wait and see just how much less there is before freaking out about it? There's an over abundance of just about everything on maps right now, except for teamwork. Wait til tomorrow and see how things play out. I'm getting more excited...If they can manage to squash some of the major bugs, we could be back in business.
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    Edit - Trope/Role - "The Daredevil" Age - 17/18 @Randygbk Stats (Read far below for breakdown on why) Composure - 8 Luck - 7 Speed - 7 Stamina - 7 Stealth - 2 Strength - 2 Repair - 2 Character Model Designed By Me @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben @Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier @[IllFonic]illwill @wes Hope you guys like the concept. It's time for the iconic "Reckless" to get his shine in the video game. He's a bad ass, and he'd be a popular and marketable choice as a counsler because of his well rounded character type. We also need a male character with good composure + luck, we have none at the moment. Age will be a problem, so you CAN age him to 18 if it isn't possible to add him in as the 14 year old boy. It will bring in a little creative development, as long as his skinny build & red jogging suit (as a clothing option) stays for the sake of being instantly recognizable. Pics of Reggie older Edit - Stats for him based solely on movie and his character + background. This was thoroughly examined. Luck - 7 (He survived the movie, stunned Roy with a tractor, and nearly killed him in the barn.) Composure - 8 (He's courageous in the film and he says, "where I come from, it's best to learn not to be scared of nothing."😃Generally good fear management. Reggie represents his hood.) Stealth - 2(He didn't really play stealthy in the movie well, he made too much noise hiding in the barn. Instead of being quiet, he gave up his position cheering for Pam to hurt Roy with the chainsaw. A Black counsler should at least have "okay" stealth(5) in this game👀, but for balancing, you'll likely switch it to 4, and add a point to his 1 strength. Further balancing to take another point to add to composure.) Speed - 7 (He's notably fast in the final chase scene of the movie) Stamina - 7 (He left Pam behind in the dust paired with high speed.) Repair - 2 (We already have enough repair counslers currently and Reggie's trope isn't repair. Although he was able to start the tractor, meaning he's not clueless.) Strength - 2(He was skinny in the film + we don't have a another counsler other than Jenny with 1 strength. 2 can work as well.) Clothing style ideas -
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    @ShiftySamurai @Gertz @Randygbk I color corrected Roy's coveralls to be the correct screen-accurate green color. Now tell me, which of the following things is not like the other? First image in higher quality here. EDIT: Found another shot, this time in the DAYTIME, of Roy's sleeves. They're green. Below is a behind-the-scenes photo taken from an entirely different camera with absolutely no blue lighting or post-process filtering to skew the image. There is only natural lighting, and it is definitely dark green.
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    Pinehurst is a fantastic map. It really is the players you are playing with that make or break it. Same with Jarvis. They have a few minor tweaks that could be needed, but I see no reason to leave a match because of a particular map.
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    Hey Campers! I've gone ahead and created a twitch channel specifically for the forum community. It is a FAN RUN channel and not official by any means. It will be a shared channel for anyone here who would like to and is capable of streaming. If we eventually have to create a schedule, we'll do so. But for now, we'll go on a first come, first serve basis. The channel can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/forumf13game This channel will never become affiliated and therefore will never monetize anything. No subscriptions, donations, or bits. The idea behind the channel is just to give those hanging out here another place where they can discuss things, and in a live chat setting. We can just shoot the shit while someone streams as background noise and to keep everyone entertained. We can also use this channel as a way of providing live support and testing. If there's a question about how something works, it can be demonstrated live. There's a lot of good we can do with it. If twitch isn't your thing, that's perfectly fine. But I think it can be a cool place for members to hang out other than sitting here refreshing threads. No one is by any means expected to join. It's simply another option and space for discussion and fun. If you would like to stream on the channel, you'll require some broadcast software and a stream key, which I will provide. Just PM me. You'll also notice the channel hosting different streamers at times. This will be used to fill gaps while no one else is streaming on our channel. I've added the official F13game channel and other F13 streamers to the auto host list. So there should be something going on there most of the time. I know I'll probably idle on the channel a lot. So anyone who wants to chat, just come hang out! Let's have some fun with this.
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    I love playing Jason and counsellor, although mostly my pref is set to Jason, even during the October patch. Pretty great patch. Jason is formidable again and the constant risk/reward decisions are very tense as a counsellor again, like the old days. I have been a Jenny main for a long time and I do find the patch more unforgiving towards her than other counsellors, which is just a bit unfortunate. Now more than ever the game rewards high stam (and to a lesser extent, speed) counsellors. Counsellors don't need a buff, but something does need to happen to encourage variety now. Jason was in need of a buff and although I have been force grabbed once or twice over the last week, more often than not his grab is perfect now. It makes you think twice about charging in at him, which is exactly how it should be. I also dig the additional two throwing knives. Mixes up the gameplay for all Jasons and makes taunting Jason far more risky, as it should be. I do think the knife nerf was just a little too severe, but only barely. I would have maybe one more per match, but that's about it. There should never ever be more than 5 knives in a match. 3 is a bit low but I think 4 would be the sweet spot. Really liking this patch overall, but I do think its going to make the game awfully hard for casuals (I don't mind this at all myself, its just unfortunate that the devs nerfed Jason so much before this new direction, thus will now aliennate the whiners AND unfortunately some just innocent newer players). If I could make three suggestions to this patch it would be: -Fix hit detection (for both Jason and counsellors, it is inconsistent). -Fix the car rubber banding as it is gamebreakinng when it happens, and seems to happen to me a lot. Plus it discourages counsellors from working on the cars, which is not what we need. Gotta keep teamwork promoted. -Keep Jason formidable, and don't bring back any more items or weapons, but give counsellors 4 perk slots instead of 3. That's it. Change up the game just a bit and get some of the lesser used perks into the game, which might also get lesser used counsellors into fray more. Might help keep things fresh and counter the Jason buff just a teeny smidgen, because anything else would be too much. Jason deserves to be feared, now we just need to fine tune things.
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    lol probably got the game for Christmas. Joined forums Friday...Says game needs more pocket knives. Fucking snowflakes...
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    Sounds like you're playing FRIDAY THE 13TH
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    If "fun" for counselors is teabagging Jason and beating him up, then yeah, we can lose those guys. The game as intended is supposed to be scary for counselors, not a dance party. If you want to be a superhero, maybe you should find another game more suitable to your interests.
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    Taking time to engage with the base here is something everyone wants and would like to see more of. Usually we just get an info drop and that's it. One thing many people want here is to be able to engage with the team. Devs don't have to give away any inside info but just engage the base, shoot the shit, let the users ask questions, and just have a good time with the devs. I suggest a monthly or bimonthly Dev chat thread. Where you set up a time for the devs(or dev, they could rotate) hop on and just have an open thread where users and devs can interact and engage one another. It might be a little messy because everyone will want to ask a million questions and just chat with the guys but i think it would do wonders for the community. Most just want to feel like they are part of the community and chatting with the devs from time to time would probably quell some of the issues here. Just interact with us, answer what you can. Some users will ask hard questions and I'm sure some will want to know what you ate for lunch. That's the beauty of this,anything goes but your under no obligation to give away secret information, just mingle with the crowd and let them know you're interested in the community. This would fit nicely in the barren community event section. Make a schedule and list of who will be on for that chat rotation and just let the base chat with the devs. Very simple interaction and you could do it once or twice a month for an hour or so. Wouldn't drag any one dev away from work too long and devs could rotate out. @ShiftySamurai Tagging you because you are the community manager and might be the one person who could organize something like this.
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    So here we go again. It has been months since I started this thread and we await forthcoming news regarding a game balance patch from the developers. I suspect that we are all aware of the current state of affairs and eagerly hope in the next week Shifty will be providing some patch notes. I wrote my address to the Devs back in October in the wake of a patch that got the ball rolling towards where we find ourselves sitting now. What has happened since October has fundamentally altered the gaming landscape in F13. To our Devs, It appears that your established course of action has met with some "resistance". To quote from Murphy's Laws of Combat, "no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy." The enemy in this case, is a fundamental misstep regarding the nature of how the game mechanics interact with each other and the impact of those mechanics on the players. I'm not going to rehash my original assessment, but I will quote myself for brevity: Your inability to forecast outcomes to developmental changes based on the comprehensive understanding of a game you have designed and coded really needs to be addressed. These shortsighted stumbles are resulting in a more hostile player-base and undermining your goals as a business (product longevity and popularity). This is resulting in a lot of "friendly fire" from the community. From my days in the Army, I'll offer this summation of that: "friendly fire isn't." Any business can expect to deal with the occasional PR mishap or fight to save face when an unpredictable situation arises that reflects badly on them from a public standpoint. The problem with this situation is that it was predictable and rudimentary communication has left the dumpster fire to burn. I sincerely hope that this upcoming patch discussion addresses the community concerns and the new changes were made with a bit of forethought into how it will impact gameplay. If not, I suspect I'll have to make another post directing you to free downloadable classes on trends analysis and game theory. J/K ( well...a little bit). I'm not saying this to be mean, so please don't think of it that way, but I really am concerned that these analytical breakdowns are leading to bad decisions regarding design. Take it for what you will. TL;DR Your problems (game balance and community satisfaction) are correctable. Respectfully, ~Alk
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    Sense spamming is broken and cheesy. It's even more cheesy than Jason being able to arm block a bear trap. It needs to be changed, and here's why. 1) Sense Avoidance Perks. Sense spamming makes Sense avoidance perks near useless. Best case scenario, you have 65% Sense Avoidance with three perks, AND you must stay indoors to get that 65%, it drops to 45% while you are outside. That means a Counselor is using ALL THREE perk slots to slightly counter ONE of Jason's abilities. Three perks slots that just gives Jason a 1 in 3 chance to find you with Sense anyways. 2) Stealth. Sense spamming makes Stealth a very weak stat. It may even be THE WORST stat in the game. Some players still like, and use it. But it doesn't really change the fact that it's not a good stat. Jason players aren't looking for noise pings, they rely on Wallhack- I mean, Sense spamming to find Counselors. And if Sense isn't picking up any nearby Counselors, then Jason just moves closer to an objective and he is bound to find someone. 3) Not intended. I believe that Sense spamming was NOT intended for the game. Not only is it unhealthy, but just by looking at some of Jason's perks, you can clearly see that Sense wasn't meant to be spammed. +/- Sense Jasons are what I'm referring to. Having Sense as a Strength OR Weakness ONLY affects the Duration and the Cooldown. Spamming Sense bypasses both of these effects. Why need a longer Duration, when you only keep the ability on for 2-3 seconds? Why need a shorter Cooldown when you can retain a LARGE portion of the cooldown by cancelling it early? Solution. It's actually very simple, really. Change Sense so it CANNOT be spammed. Make Sense act like all of Jason's other abilities. You have to wait for the full Cooldown, even if you cancel it early. You don't see Jason being able to Shift more often because he stopped it early, and you don't see him using Stalk more by cancelling it early. So why should Sense be any different?
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    Probably bad ping. Plus, if you're gonna play the trolling Jason game, you deserve it.
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    It’s SUPPOSED to be imbalanced! In Jason’s favor. That’s the problem.
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    I can pretend to be one for a bit if you'd like! Ahem: "Hey guys, we know that things haven't been the best from a communication standpoint lately, but we're working really hard on the next patch and have a ton of stuff down the line that we think you're really gonna love!" Then you ask me for specifics and then I say "we can't talk about that now" and then you wait three more months for Paranoia.
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    I've been working on a mock expansion for the game every now and again in my free time. As "features" are completed, they'll be added here as both suggestions and examples of concept. Please enjoy. Misc. Placeholders: More to come! *Similarity to any other previously offered suggestions is purely coincidental.
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    Intentionally pushing an afk Tommy into a bear trap multiple times so I could get his pocket knife?
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    Kids shouldn't even be allowed on the internet. Everywhere you go online kids are destroying it. Anyway, playing this game was messed up last night. 1. Did 9 rounds and the server crashed or the host left for ALL OF THEM. 9 ROUNDS MAN. 2. FINALLY I was the host. then two little kids came in and started just SCREAMING in the mic. Just screeching and using girl voices and just anything to be annoying. I blocked them but then I spend the next 6 rounds with everyone quiting because they were such idiots. I didn't want to quit because finally I'm the host and can finish a round. 6 ROUNDS MAN. 3. Just from spawning I didn't see them much in the rounds but I couldn't figure out why people were quiting as opposed to blocking. Then suddenly one or them was doing that thing where they keep chasing you and hitting you as a counselor. He must have done it for 5 minutes. Then jason showed up and Jason and that him walked together to get me. So I un muted them and asked what is the issue with the game and his response was "Get that fucking cunt little nigger, jason. Fuck that nigger" and then about 10 seconds later he somehow blocked me in a corner and jason came up and that was that. So these little kids have been doing this to everyone the whole time. The kicker to this is I've seen the one little kid about 30 times now and each time he's been so awful that people were blocking him and leaving. It's been happening for months and there are hundreds of these little kids screwing around. The last time this little kid was playing he took the gas can and dumped it right on the edge of the map. SO basically people CANNOT even PLAY this game without continuous harassment from little kids. 1. Put in a vote kick for fuck sakes. 2. Play the game for a few days and ban as many of these little fucks as you can. 3. Make a negative cost for being a counseler and hitting other counselors. 4. put in an auto mute for extreme continuous unbalanced sounds from a the mic All we want to do is play a game. Is that too much to ask? The developers can fix this problem so easily and it's been months and months. I don't pay money for a game to be called a nigger all night long.
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    And Jason is back! When he arrived to slay me today during a few quick play matches before work I felt fear and anxiety once again! So I fixed the car and left.
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    He can literally kill me with 3 knvies while I've thick skin 19+ Jason nerf: Less traps Damage nerf on knives Swim speed decreased grab reach nerf
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    It's only removed from online, you can still team kill in private matches. Now, team killing was moved because everyone was killing everyone, it was trolls who ruined this good feature. If the trolls didn't ruin it then we wouldn't have seen this remove. They didn't give in to the crybabies they saw it was becoming an issue and that was gonna ruin the game for those seeking a game that was fun, being killed by a random player for no reason isn't fun.
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    If you want a discussion, maybe try and start out by not posting obviously biased polls. Secondly, this is not a game that is meant to be tailored and catered to your 1 v 1 survival odds or what you call "balance". It is 7 v 1, the SEVEN being your strength. Utilize that by way of TEAMWORK. If you can't do that or won't do that, there is nothing left to be said to you.
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    Alright, I will start off here by explaining that I do understand some players and how they have a favorite counselor and whatnot. That's fine. I, along with several others have suggested a redhead girl in game, and if they added one it would quickly become my go-to counselor. It's great to imagine your suggestion as some bad-ass who is great at everything ... but eventually you have to come to reality. You are a camp counselor, not a combat hero. So, imagine they add that redhead to the game ... I'll go off of Natalie Simon (Alicia Witt's character from Urban Legend) ... okay cool. I'm all set to bring "Natalie" into Camp Crystal Lake and get going. I'm pumped ... match gets going and I find a car battery, don't have a map yet but as luck would have it I spawned near a car and can see it on my mini map. "Natalie" is pretty smart so it won't be an issue for me to repair it, and I do. But just as I finish getting that part put on, Jason shows up to trap it and realizes I just installed the battery. Alright, not too bad ... he doesn't have shift yet and he just used his morph to show up to where I'm at, so the chase ensues. I have no weapons because obviously I was carrying a battery to repair the car, but that's alright I just pace myself and work my way toward a cabin. Jason has committed to me because I can repair things and have already been a thorn in his side by installing that battery. I make it to that cabin, and as I'm climbing in ... I get nailed with a throwing knife. Alright, not limping yet ... just need to barricade the doors to give my self time to find some things. Jason takes his time to break the windows, making sure I'll take damage if I try and leave through one of them ... but also he's waiting for his shift to kick in so that when he does make it inside of the cabin I'm in, he can make sure to catch his prey. I manage to find a wrench and some fire crackers in the cabin I'm in, and I come across a map as well though I don't find a health spray. I can see some other counselors are making their way toward the car I was at a few minutes ago. They most likely have gas to finish repairing it. The door starts breaking and Jason is now in my cabin. I know the windows are not an option as I've already taken some damage from a throwing knife and I don't want to risk taking too much more without a med spray. So I wait until Jason is a good way inside and set off my firecrackers to stun him. It works and I make it out of the cabin but not before he gets off a second throwing knife. Jason now has shift though so he won't be far behind ... bad news is that I'm a lengthy bit from the next cabin. Sure enough I hear the notification that he's shifting and I time my sprint moment ... it works, he misses me but just barely! I continue my jog toward the next cabin but I end up with another throwing knife to my back ... now I'm not moving as quickly and Jason is gaining on me. "Natalie" isn't the highest strength character but now I may have to fight to get to that next cabin, especially in this injured pace I'm moving at. Jason is almost upon me and I turn, nailing him with the wrench. It buys me a few more precious moments to try and make it to the next cabin. She's still moving so slowly and the cabin is a bit away. I continue on and Jason is back up and on my ass again ... He lurches forward and grabs me ... and bashes my skull in. But ... but ... "Natalie" is the best counselor EVER! She's a redhead dammit! She's supposed to be a hero and survive!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! JASON IS TOO OP! HOW DARE MY PRECIOUS REDHEAD COUNSELOR DIE! She is the most bad-ass counselor to ever grace a summer camp .... No ... just no. She is a counselor ... not an action movie hero. And while spectating the rest of the game it turns out that while Jason was chasing me down, that car got finished. And later in the match two people managed to escape with it, so it turns out good ole "Natalie" was a hero after all ... doing her part for the team so that SOMEONE could escape. And that is the difference between understanding that you are part of a TEAM and that when you die in the game ... that's normal that not everyone on the TEAM is going to make it. Everyone is so salty about their own survival and thinking they can all be lone wolves that they scream and throw tantrums because their counselor wasn't an all-in-one kick-ass hero. That's not how this game works. You are a cog in the wheel. While sure it'd be great to actually make it out when you've put a part on or found keys ... it's not always going to happen. You are a CAMP COUNSELOR who is thrown into a horrible situation, with LIMITED resources and have to make CHOICES and work as a TEAM to survive. Working as a team does not mean trying to hunt down and confront Jason either ... it's coordinating an effort to escape.
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    Stop crying, this is how the game supossed to be since the beggining, it's Jason fucking Vorhees not a birthday pinata.
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    I'm fairly sure it's not a crime, but I will make sure that people know that Jason X (Pre-Uber) is wanted.
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    I've handed down more than my fair share of criticism towards Gun and Illfonic at the way the game has been handled since launch. However, any time someone puts their time and energy into a product or project and gives you that thing for free, I see nothing wrong with showing a little appreciation. So to both companies, I say thank you for all of the free content, past, and future that you have provided. It has not gone unappreciated!
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    Well the one person who thinks the grab range is perfect has spoken. No more complaining guys, this person is right and everyone else is wrong, including the devs who already said they made his grab range to short. Case closed.
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    Jason's grab needs work too. The hit detection is messed up along the grab edges due the flat-plane design of the counselor hit boxes. You can be stand shoulder to shoulder with Jason facing one direction and be safe. You can pivot a little bit, while staying in the same spot, and be grabbed. The hit detection for melee is not the only problem.
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    Anyone else find it a little infuriating that they can jump in here to answer irrelevant questions about who is running the twitter page, but are ignoring all the threads with important questions that the majority of the community really cares about?
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