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    I was wondering the same thing. @gettodachappa, the final patch for the game has dropped, so it's not likely we'll see any kind of changes going forward.
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    @Daneasaur, we've been told that the login server is not being shut down anytime soon. Many people (myself included) are hoping for an offline profile to be implemented when that server is eventually shut down. Cross your fingers.
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    Everyone left in camp, enjoy this holiday season. The same applies to those passing through.
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    The thing about hackers is that support or no support, they will probably always be an issue. We know the history of this game. Bans happened on occasion, though it seemed not often enough for some players. It's a safe bet that the team is putting more focus on their next project. JKB is still a thing, for now at least. I do feel bad for our PC players, as that group has had it really rough.
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    It wouldn't surprise me if that was in the works at the moment. At this point, I don't see much potential for things to get better. All things (good or bad) come to an end eventually.
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    Welcome to the forum. One hit demasking was a thing in the past. Changes were made much later to prevent this. Determined players can still get the mask off pretty quick, though not as quick as the earlier days.
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    We all knew this was gonna happen more often since the last patch was dropped. How have your experiences been as of late?
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    There were some of us who wished to be able to pick and reuse unsprung traps. I trust that's what you mean? It's too bad any changes to game mechanics are a no-go at this point.
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    Vanessa does not need a nerf, git gud
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    Legit or not, it's a thing people have to cope with. Not everybody chooses to do it.
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    Awe, you beat me too it, but I'm going to say it again anyway... Happy New Year, and Fuck Off 2020!
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    Thanks @Slasher_Clone and @IcrazyKid855 Happy New Year!! lets kiss this Fucked up year Goodbye!!
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    Shame, indeed. I know giving my $0.02 on this is pretty moot at this point, as the forums are on their way to limbo. But, for what it's worth I've been annoyed at this recently. Each time one of these old threads are resurrected it's by a new poster who found their way here through Google and are legit looking for info. The whole reason they took the time to sign up for an account was to post in said thread and get some answers/perspective. Instead, what they get is a response or two, then see the door slammed in their face because the thread was started over a year ago/i.e. sometime in the past that's considered "too old". Standard etiquette on just about every forum I've ever participated on is to search for an existing topic on the issue before creating a new thread, which is exactly what these new users are doing. It's how they're finding this forum in the first place. A year from now every thread on this board is gonna be "old" and dated. What's the harm in letting a topic continue to be discussed in the meantime, regardless of when the conversation was started?
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    That's not an exploit though. And the devs don't have a problem with it. It's fair game.
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    I get what you're saying. My guess is they didn't do it that way because the sprung trap is meant to take up the space that you want to put the fresh trap in. If we could have had this as an option, I could see either side using it.
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    Oh goodie, Mr. Inferior Noob is back. Will you please just shut up already? Every post I've ever seen from you has been bitching at the Devs or whining and complain about one hit demask by Vanessa's, or somehow allowing a lobby of 7 Vanessa's to call the cops on you, and then insulting or bashing anyone who points out how wrong or baseless your nonsense is. In 127 posts I can't think of one I've seen that could be considered of any help or substances to anyone. If want an easy match every time, play offline bots if you can't handle real lobbies. That's basically what you'd turn QP too if the Devs changed everything you've bitched about. The only thing I've gathered from your months of worthless posts is that you've gotta be one of the worst players to ever play this game if these 'inferior noobs' are constantly kicking your ass all the time. That means they're clearly superior to you, so what the hell does that make you exactly? You've gotta be the only person I've ever known that thinks everybody whose ever showed you up playing this game is somehow inferior to you. You really should donate your brain to science so we can figure out how the hell you think things work that way. The one good thing that will come from this forum eventually shutting down is that we'll never have to see one your asinine posts again.
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    Clearly you don't know what a "fact" is. Vanessa is fine, she does not need a nerf. And she isn't going to be at any rate.
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    We know this is not going to happen, but how would you feel if it had been a thing?
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    Stop insulting members and stop throwing your opinion around like it's fact.
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    Vanessa has nothing to get nerfed tbh she is like your female buggzy except faster and better runner other than that she's got nothing to get nerfed
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    Just wanted to stop by camp and wish everyone a happy New Year. 2021 should be exciting, can’t wait to see what Gun has in store for us. I hope everyone has a good night, stay safe and see you in the new year.
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    I agree. Strategies are situational, and each works for some players more than others.
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    Since the content was tied to the F13 license, I'd be curious if that would hinder such an idea. It would prove interesting if such a thing could happen. I know other companies have put their original characters and/or content in other games made by them.
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    Happy New Year to you too! Same goes for everybody else, I wish everyone a happy and safe new year!
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    Hey @tyrant666 if you wanna laugh some more Someone put a double door in the cabin and ... 🤣
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    The guy was spamming a terrible sound with his mic. 😫 If you want to avoid this you can in the Steam settings change your download region, and this will put you in the chosen region.
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    Ran into this server a couple days back. Took a while before I could find another lobby due to this lobby having the high cap. Must be some twisted xmas gift from the hacking community that allegedly keeps talking about how they are moving on from the game when people push them to release their content to the public, but they never end up leaving the game behind.
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    Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Definitely a different experience this year with the whole pandemic thing going on. We were able to spend time with family, but through video chat. Hopefully next year will be back to normal.
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    You make a solid point @HaHaTrumpWon. We've missed your catchphrase as of late.
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    Welcome to the forum @Mr Unlucky. I set my counselor to random and play the role the wheel of fate deals me.
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    It amazes me that people still spread false info on the other social media platforms. It's good to hear JKB isn't quite done yet.
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    🤣🤣 well then I guess I’ve been playing some crappy Jason’s then. At worst, it might make it harder for Jason to track you and it will save you some time. At best, it helps you survive the night. I’ve had Jason’s tell me they had no idea where I was when I was the last one alive. It’s happened more than a few times. Enough for me to believe that it’s worth it.
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    At the end of the day, the objective is to have fun. Fun is subjective, so every person sees it a bit differently. Some have fun by killing as many counselors as possible, even if that means slashing. Others have fun by putting on a show and using mixed killing methods. Finding like-minded players and having Private matches seems to be the ideal way for most to have fun. @HuDawg, I see the point you are making. I don't completely agree that Jason is obligated to entertain the lobby, but I do enjoy a match where it happens.
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    Jason has a responsibility to kill for Mother. How he kills is up to him.
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    As would I brother. Thankfully, we have nothing to worry about. Many people feel that way, but it's not likely to happen unfortunately. We have what we have. While it's not perfect, it is better than nothing. That would have been interesting. Many have come to terms with this. Quick fixes don't always end well. I know you among many others here have ideas that could have made things subjectively better. In a multiverse, who knows what incarnations of the game could have come to fruition, if any one change was put into place.
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    You seem to have missed the point of the topic @RaidCasto. 1. No one is arguing what happened to Jason in the movies. I personally find it admirable that a youth was able to take down a legendary slasher. 2. Like-minded people exist in both F13 and DBD. I play both, and have no problem finding decent players in either game. 3. The holidays are almost here. Don't be such a jerk, unless you want that stocking full of coal. In the future, if you have a quarrel with the context of a topic, you have the option to not respond.
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    I think like-minded people playing matches together more might ease a bit of the tension in the game. If you want to kill Jason match after match, find people who enjoy that sort of thing. If you don't want to kill Jason at all, play with people who feel the same way. @OCT 31 1978, I agree that the kill is a part of the experience that reminds you of the effort of the characters in the movies. @F134Ever86, that would have been an interesting option to have implemented. @SirMang, if only we could turn back time and make a change or two to make it a bit more challenging. @Dragonfire82877, there are choice people on each social media platform that feel the kill is too easy. It seems to be a more popular stance here on the forum.
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    So these people think Jason should just be a punching bag for weak little counselors? Screw 'em! Everyone repeat after me: "Jason is SUPPOSED to kill counselors." People can whine all they want; Jason should be able to block any weapon attack from any counselor. And this is a totally intentional game mechanic, unlike the blocking over traps.
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    Alrighty so I let this topic stay open so people could talk a bit about it, but now it's getting personal so I'll be locking this. Savini Jason and all the other Jasons will never be removed as they're part of the completed game.
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    yes you guys sucks, noobs, you never played against 7 vanessas and tommy team, i wont waste my time, vanessa need a nerf, that is a fact and no one can change that truth, dont matter what you say bye
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    PC sounds like a shit-covered wasteland. On PS4, the only ones I've actually seen post-patch are the "Sliding while aiming" glitch, and med-spray animation cancel. Giant weapons are back but honestly, that one doesn't bother me because 1) It does a nice job of giving your location away from a distance, and 2) The amount of time it takes to trigger it is long enough to turn you into a stationary target 😈 Oh, you want a giant baseball bat? Surrrreeeee... I don't mind. You go ahead and stand right outside that cabin repeatedly picking up weapons. Having trouble? Yeah, sometimes it takes a while for it to work. Keep going, I'll just come back in a few minutes. Morph... Stalk-Shift.... then...
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    Dear Gun Media, Would you consider opening a GoFundMe page (or the like) for a monthly quota for maintaining dedicated servers? I know times are tough and financial hardship is seemingly imminent for some. But players would perhaps opt in for donating specifically to keep the server sessions dedicated (possibly including maintenance and or additional patches and updates). as they're more reliable, less laggy, and will not be interrupted by host-migration. Please consider this proposition. Fellow players such as myself are highly appreciative of the current content that's available and would thoroughly enjoy the sustainability of your game in the foreseeable future. -F13 Fan
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    Why make it any easier than it is right now? It's not that hard to find the cabin. It's the one with the big ass tower with the red flashing light.
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    You're welcome. Cool avatar by the way.
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    That was the case, until how to kill Jason was made the worst kept secret.
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