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    No, in between family and a job i can't spend years playing something only to allow it to turn me into a dick ! Sounds like you should take up fishing or something .
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    If you find the game so boring that you have to resort to ruining everyone else’s experience, maybe you should just stop playing the game?
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    Friday the 13th Double Event is now LIVE! Head on over to Crystal Lake for Double XP, CP, and TAPES! UPDATE: The team knows that a lot of you out there are dealing with a lot right now, including isolation. We've decided to extend the event indefinitely, in hopes that it may help with a little distraction and entertainment. 🖤
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    Now you're both acting like children. If you would have read what I was saying, you'd know we're looking into it and that there is most likely a change coming. For as much as you lot attack Mr. Strigoi, at least he picked up that changes were coming. He might have assumed too much about those changes, but at least he read the posts. I'm closing the thread, as we're way off topic. Forget the hints, just wait for the patch notes I guess. This is, apparently, what I get for trying to give a peek behind the curtain as to what is in the works at Gun.
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    At the risk of kicking off a whole other tangent, the team has been investigating claims about it being too easy to kill Jason... The ... implies a hint has been shared. This is one of the longest running topics of the forums currently, and while I certainly would like to err on the side of caution, as does the team, we read, reply, evaluate, and pool feedback and investigate accordingly. And that's all the info you'll get out of me at this time. @Strigoi It's possible to stun Jason without ANY perks at all.
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    People who claim killing Jason is extremely difficult/near-impossible are obviously stupid.
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    If you post video for the sake of attaching to a support ticket, please make sure the video is Unlisted on YouTube. I know we request video for a lot of reporting, bug/glitch, all reporting. But the best way to do so is with an Unlisted video link, so you don't have to worry about anyone else seeing/taking issue. That's because under the stairs is not an exploit defined by the team as a ban worthy offense. The team has a decision process involved to determine something ban worthy. A bug is not ban worthy, unfortunately. So we don't ban for that. The team is investigating a fix for it, and we will have more news on that when they complete their investigation. You know we can see the backend of the game, and all the details of what you have and haven't done, right? Cause we can. Cracked Jason X? We can see that. Boosted your account? We can see that. I'll also go a step further and say that your involvement with the hackers responsible for a variety of different hacks, trainers, mods, etc. is enough to make it a ban. You're even listed as the author of several mods, and listed as the first member of the "Summercamp Team" but even that is inconsequential seeing as we have the backend proof to verify a variety of ban worthy offenses. If you want to discuss this further, it should be done in private, not by arguing with forum members here. I cleaned up the screenshots. FOR EVERYONE IN THIS THREAD: If your account has been compromised (we can verify on our end) submit a ticket to JasonKillsBugs.com and the team will help once the fix goes out. That fix is in progress, and the team will update you all with a time frame when we have it.
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    Happy Friday the 13th! There’s a 24-hour marathon on Syfy! https://bloody-disgusting.com/tv/3608767/syfy-becoming-camp-crystal-lakes-public-access-channel-24-hour-friday-13th-marathon/ Also, if you guys want to check it out, I made a couple Friday the 13th tributes:
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    The other option is to have some friends who don't mind letting you be Jason for a few rounds. there are players who are still trying to complete the appropriate number of matches as Jason, and find players open to letting them work on that.
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    What a dick. sorry if that offended you.....nah not sorry.
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    It would be nice if people stopped using hacks and just played the game as intended like most honest players.
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    Who is this post directed too? If it is to me you might want to re-read that closed topic thread and this time take your time reading and comprehend it As Matt didn’t call me anything. I didn’t get to share my thoughts on Matt’s posts before it was closed either. That last thread did get out of hand..... there are bigger problems in this world going on right now and getting bent out of shape about what Gun Media is going to do about the game is not one of them. The fact that they are still working on the game right now during all this craziness is great news to me and the fact that they have continued to gather information and are working on a solution to what many members feel is a problem is also good news as well. I am very excited About what the team is working on and can’t wait to hear more.
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    One last thing and then I'm done. More semantics. The design is fucked. I don't know how more plainly to say it to you. And your failure to acknowledge that that design is fucked is frustrating because you come across at best as tone deaf or at worst you simply don't care by keeping going back to "blah blah blah words words word by design escape is the priority blah blah blah" So since you don't care, neither do I. Do nothing to fix it. We can watch people laugh and gank all over impotent Jason and get more asinine threads from the OP complaining about nothing with no substance. *puts fingers in ears* lalalalalalalala
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    EDIT: The patch is now LIVE! The Switch Patch 1.03 has been completed. We will have the patch available for download on Monday, 3.30.2020 (roughly noon Eastern US time). The patch is essentially the Switch version of our last patch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. We have included some Switch-specific fixes for Interaction Locks and a few Stability Improvements. FULL PATCH NOTES: FIXED: An issue causing Environmental Kills to record a kill, but leave the counselor in game, creating stuck lobbies and excessive kill counts. FIXED: An issue with the drawer upstairs on Pinehurst that would cause the counselor to become stuck if interacted with. FIXED: A problem with super lazy bots on Jarvis House Offline. They are now motivated and will move about as normal. FIXED: An issue that would render a door unusable if two counselors interacted with the door/barricade at the same time. FIXED: Various game crash issues. FIXED: Various car interaction fixes, specifically counselors interacting with the car (fixing, starting, etc). FIXED: Various counselor stuck spots have been resolved. OTHER: Private Matches now include control over more of the in game settings. The modifier for “Ability Unlock/Recharge Rate” for Jason is currently only Recharge Rate. The Ability Unlock speed aspect of this will be implemented at a later date. These controls allow players to tweak private match settings to many varying degrees and some unexpected behavior can be seen depending on the variables selected. While players should expect some instability when altering these settings, the community can also report any unexpected behavior to JasonKillsBugs.com SWITCH: The team identified and resolved a few Switch specific Interaction Lock events SWITCH: The team included various stability fixes to help with performance. As always, please make sure to update as soon as the patch is live. Matchmaking may see increased times on patch day, while everyone gets on to the same version. This is normal and should improve over the hour following the patch. Please do let us know if any matchmaking delays persist into the evening.
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    Since Neca has been affected by the lawsuit and is unable to make any new figures in the F13 franchise, I decided to make a custom version of JGTH. I know that this film is hated by many fans, but I happen to really enjoy the movie and love The design for him in the film. Let me know what you guys think! Enjoy the Photo shoot !!! “GO TO HELL!!!”
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    I played it. It's enjoyable but matches are just a little on the short side for my liking. Either way I'll list a few Pro's and Con's of the game and make comparisons to F13 where applicable. Pro's: The option to choose to play as either the Predator or the Fireteam (soldiers) is a massive plus point. No problems getting into a match - about 2-3 mins wait on average. Takes a bit longer to get into one as Predator, but that's understandable. The graphics are miles better than F13. The menu screen alone shows just how high quality the character models are. Cut scenes are also a lot more polished than F13's PS3 looking textures; most noticeable in the Single Player Challenges. Gameplay is very smooth and appreciated more when playing as Predator traversing through the trees. XP system allows you to unlock new classes, weapons and perks as you level up and use the points to unlock loadout gear and player/item skins. Alternatively, you get reward boxes (field lockers) after most games, that you can also buy, that drop 3 items containing gear and skins, so you can save on XP points if you get good drops. Duplicate item drops give you points (depending on item rarity) as an automatic exchange. No perk rolling! If you like CoD-style gameplay you'll like this game. Personally I play for Predator as it's much more challenging and less point-and-shooot. Con's: My biggest issue is that matches will average about 8 mins and only last a maximum of 15 mins. The Fireteam are required to complete 3 objectives and "get to tha choppa" to escape. F13 has much better pacing and intensity IMO. If Predator players go in gung-ho and get taken down they have the option to self-destruct before being killed (by shooting his mask off). The game is then over regardless of whether or not the Fireteam escaped the blast radius. This can lead to matches being finished within 5 mins when, in fact, the Fireteam should at least be able to finish their mission. Unlike F13, which has a few ways for counselors to proceed in a match, almost every match in PHG requires you to find computer terminals, documents or cargo and interact with them (hold square). Do this a couple of times and then get to the rendezvous point to end the game. This process gets old very quick. Kind of like DBD - fix gens and exit. The AI enemy is not too smart. Of course they are the teritary players in the game, but they fail to take any evasive action. They will either just run up to you directly or run around until you kill them. On a rare occasion they will just stand there not doing anything as you run right past them. A squad that sticks together will beat the Predator 99 times out of 100 (in my experience). As several higher level weapons are unable to be unlocked in the trial it's quite hard for Predator to take down a team that are watching each others back. The game can move so fast from area to area that placing traps that work effectively is few and far between. Also, Predator's ranged weapons give away his location almost instantly, leading to a hail of bullets coming your way. Hopefully more game experience/the full game will balance this. Predator has no window of invincibility when performing a "claimed" kill (taking his prey's skull as a trophy). This means you will eat a bunch of bullets without being able to do a thing about it while your in the amination. No offline or single player mode (in the trial/at time of writing). Would be really handy to practice your stealth gameplay and taking the AI down as Predator, as you can as Jason in F13. Bug: T-posing AI advancing on the map until he started shooting. Bug: New item indicator remains on items that have been checked. Also shows on items that are locked because the unlocked skins cannot be checked.
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    Well, it depends. I've outlined these concepts before, on Reddit specifically. I'll grab that text and can fill in blanks for you where needed. QUOTE ONE: "The problem is that anything that is deemed a ban worthy offense needs to be something that can be proven beyond a reasonable shred of doubt. You’re talking about removing a person’s access to an item they paid for, so you need to be able to verify cleanly that they’ve done something wrong. In the case of teaming, there’s very few cases that can be proved without any doubt or dispute. So it’s not nearly as clean and easy as people might think. As for the people saying we don’t ban anyone, just ask the folks that message me daily about their bans and wanting them reversed. We certainly do ban people still but we only ban for things we can prove completely, as is the correct process when removing someone’s access to a product they’ve paid for." QUOTE TWO: "So assuming the evidence is completely undeniable, the fact remains that we would need to create a process and a reference to teaming that is clear cut on what is ban worthy and what isn’t. We would need to communicate that to players somewhere completely, so as to not have people not in the know. We would need to have a staggered sanction schedule. So players aren’t banned indefinitely on first offense. On and on. That’s not to say it isn’t worth it, it’s just to highlight how far out we would be from being capable of taking action in a way that is as player friendly as possible. We also need to then manage incoming reports, of which, most are not nearly as conclusive as you’ve detailed. This isn’t an area where I would be comfortable tossing bans around freely, as it is not as clearly identified as something like hacking. And we cannot take action against some without provisions to take action against all. That’s not ideal and not fair to the community, but is also a pitfall of smaller teams. Banning case by case is problematic. TLDR: this isn’t a simple switch flip. I am working with the team to highlight the issue and explore options, as I’ve noted. But those actions are not going to be a complex sanction system. That’s not practical or realistic at this point. More when I have news. Edit: There is a lot more to the topic than even what I’ve typed here, but felt like this was enough to make the point. I appreciate the civil discussion and understanding." Hacking in any way is already extremely clear that it is ban worthy. Repeat offenses will lead to a complete hardware ban. Teaming is not nearly as easy to ban across the board. As far as "exploits" that is super tricky as well. The team needs to follow quite a detailed process for determining something an EXPLOIT, as opposed to a BUG or GLITCH. These words matter, extremely, in the decision on what action to take. That said, traditionally, the team would rather focus our limited resources on fixing a BUG or GLITCH, rather than spend time and resources determining and classifying it as an EXPLOIT, then spending more time and resources handing out complex staged ban lengths depending on offenses, etc. The trap there is that the team loses precious time with punitive action and delays resolving the issue in the first place. A lot of folks are quick to say something is an exploit. And in the common use of the term, they are not wrong. But as classified in a community mgmt sense, an exploit is a ban worthy offense, but it has a long road of process to go through to get there. I really, truly appreciate your patience. We'll be in touch soon.
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    Private matches should give you XP, as should the Offline Bots.
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    We've still got time left, though it may not be but a limited amount. It has been said that something will potentially be done when that time comes. Offline access to our profile data would be a good start. So would permanent increased XP, especially for the low level players at the very end. An increase beyond 30 perks to allow players to have 1 of every known perk wouldn't hurt. And for the love of the game, let's get some other tweaks here and there to leave the game in the best shape in can be in when the sun sets on the development cycle.
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    Make friends with players that don't rage quit. They are out there. An entirely different F13 experience may be preferable to a remake. Start a script for a single player F13 game story. I see that in Quick Play from time to time. In Private matches I rarely see it. The extent of players like that vary from game to game. This game just seems to have a higher occurance. It seems to be present in most modern games. I long for the good old days when people knew better.
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    I found a recent video of someone doing it and posted it as a reply to him and he called me a troll and deleted his Facebook account.LOL He couldn't handle the truth.
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    Playing as Mitch at packanack small, cops were called so Jason was up against the wall. I repaired the 2 seater beside the lodge and went hunting for the keys. I managed to find them in one of the 3 cabin in the southern part of the map. A quick sprint to the car I thought I was going to make the great escape but Jason morphed shortly after I got the car moving. He then got in front of me with this shift so I decided to back it up to the lodge to give me some room to drive around Jason. Jason proceeds to throw a knife and destroys the car. I end up having to escape via the cops. Not the way I wanted to escape but at least I didn't die. Next match (packanack small again) I notice that the knife throwing Jason is now a Vanessa and I hatched a plan to get revenge. I fixed the 2 seater again and luckily had the keys so running over the Vanessa is in the cards. I elude Jason, picked up a counselor and head to the southern part of the map and found Vanessa in one of the cabins doing her thing. I stop and honk like hell trying to lure her out. My passenger is screaming at me to escape but I had no plan to escape so soon, especially since Jason didn't bother following me so I had ample time. Vanessa ran to the road to catch a ride but soon realized what's up and dodges my attempts at running her over. She went running to a cabin and I steered the car in her direction and managed to run he over at the start of the animation of her climbing in the window. A very satisfying way to kill someone abusing a known bug
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    Given how much time might be left in the development clock, I don't anticipate the bots getting too much smarter. If they do, I hope they do, but I'm prepared if they don't. If the major bugs can get fixed, we get offline access to our profile data, we can actually hold more than 30 rolled perks (at least X+1, where X is one of each existing perk), and permanent increased XP (for our newer players), that would be decent enough. Anything else they may be willing to offer would be acceptable as well, if offered.
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    I imagine some people frown heavily on lobby hoppers. I get why people do it in Quick Play. I've seen Private matches where each player is Jason at least once before one can play as Jason a second time. I've also seen matches where one person plays as Jason the entire time, and the others opt to be counselors. Playing as Jason against bots is enough for some players to get their fix. It does suck sometimes when people leave at the start of a match. The bright side is the improved odds of finding those life-saving items that you'd otherwise have to split between more players.
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    It's weird, but in a way realistic. If a killer was in pursuit and you hopped in a car in the passenger side, you would likely exit on the driver side to possibly get away.
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    It was to my understanding that some people ended up in the Salt Mines, even if they shouldn't have been in there.
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    I've added it to my book of ideas. Thanks for the consideration. A little something to spice things up is never a bad thing.
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    This right here. On the bright side @Anatole, you could get into some Private matches with like-minded players and have loads of fun with friendly fire.
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    LOL the exact opposite. First day back so maybe I needed more caffeine. I was really replying to the whole thread, not just you. And I did not mean to sound short. Just my first day back after a small vacation so I was trying to catch up to everything quickly. Apologies if I gave a harsh impression. As for your idea, it definitely sounds fun, but also WAY out of the current scope of the game. Being in the community mindset always, I'm a huge fan of recurring event style challenges and events. But unfortunately it's not in the cards at this stage. It would require a significant push from the team, and a subsequent deviation from the plan as far as priority list of bugs, etc, even if it does not count as content. In short, that's not something that we would consider putting in a higher priority than the existing list of bugs we're facing. Perk system tweaks were already discussed, but it is not possible at this time.
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    That's a damn good idea @OCT 31 1978. That is some real outside the box thinking.
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    Well they boasted about how 'hard' it was to kill Jason well before launch. Something like 1 in 75 tries. That should tell anybody all they need to know. They played the game in a super relaxed setting during 'playtesting', probably trying to mirror the movies. Which is probably why they put so much emphasis on the hiding mechanic too before beta, when beta already revealed how useless it was with the current mechanics. I'll give credit where credit is due though. They got the look, the atmosphere, the score right with the game in terms of mirroring the films. Unfortunately like most developers, they never bothered to think outside the box to see how players might exploit and chew up their game.
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    Running people over with the car doesn't make someone a troll, it makes them a useless pile of shit. Your boredom doesn't give you the right to fuck up the game for others.
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    If you decide to revise your list, let us all know what the current count is.
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    I can't say I'd ever get to the point of trolling. I'd give the game up before things got "boring". I do take a break now and then to play other games. I recently went through DMC4 on my last break. There's still joy in showing new players the ropes, even if one has done so a few hundred times. Players have the right to play how they wish, as long as it is within the rules. Sometimes play styles and philosophies will clash.
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    @TomDice Thanks for yr honesty, but I hope you don’t encourage any other players at all to follow yr steps. If you have gotten so bored as you say with the game, what is the point in ruining other - mostly newer - players’ experiences? Remember the time you started playing Friday 13th, would you have wanted to experience the same back then? As @bryanp3692 pointed out: between family life and a busy job, a couple of matches per week is all I can spend by myself playing this game, but at level 150 with tones of XP instead of getting bored, I find more fun and satisfaction in playing a different way: to help new players, yesterday’s example A Jason chased a Deborah (level 7). She was already limping out of a cabin heading to another one. I ran to her, healed her and gave her my pocket knife and then distracted Jason for a few minutes. I got killed, came back as Tommy. As Tommy I fixed the 2seater, went looking for the keys and crossed ways again with Deborah, who had now put on the sweater. We changed weapons (rifle for axe), and we started to look for Jason. A Buggzy, obviously running around with the keys and a Tiffany (both 10-20 Level players) got away with the 2 seater, a Vanessa joined us, helped demasking Jason, got slashed and the Deb and I finally killed Jason together. For me, this game is still about teamwork and counselors‘ trusting each other. There are enough trolls out there, don’t become one of them just because of boredom.
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    For the last time, this is not a public discussion. To follow up with accounts that have been compromised, submit a ticket to JasonKillsBugs.com and to follow up on any imposed sanctions and bans, submit a ticket to JasonKillsBugs.com Arguing with other users here on the forums is not going to do you any good, except get your forum account banned as well. I'm locking the thread, and I strongly suggest that everyone involved stop with the back and forth.
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    I love being Jason. If I get killed, so what? It's just a game. You're threads keep getting locked because you keep acting like a ************. You make vague, unfounded accusations about the game and it's developers because you live in a sad little fantasy world of your own making where anybody who had anything whatsoever to do with making this game has an imaginary hate-boner against counselors and pulls every dirty trick in the book to ensure that Jason always wins. You flood the forum with whiny bullshit posts alleging everything from less machetes, to less windows, to imaginary buffs for Jason, to edged weapons being sabotaged to break quickly. You provide absolutely nothing even remotely resembling "evidence" and when people ask you to, all they get is more of your bullshit.
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    That might have been the case back 2 years ago, but I can assure you escape is not the primary method of survival anymore especially among any of us who have played for more than a few months. Also especially since you can knife or just morph the car completely out of existence.
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    @Dragonfire82877 nice Display stand for your masks!! @F134Ever86 beautiful Diorama set up for your figure it looks outstanding!! Edit****Thanks the compliment!!!**** I have Started my next Neca custom figure.....more to come “soon.”
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    It is in Private matches. Quick Play won't get it back most likely because people will just abuse it again.
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    I just watched the first film. It’s such a good horror movie. The cinematography and sound is so awesome and Betsy Palmer rocks the roll. I’ve seen this movie so many times and I don’t get bored. Gunn, Thank you for making this game! Rewatching this takes me in and out of the game! The only building you missed with was the generator shed. But whose counting!!! happy f13 day hope your kills are sweet and savory!
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    The stills look like a basic font with drop shadow, but try this for the "slasher" font: https://fontmeme.com/fonts/friday13-font/
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    @TomDice all right then. Couple of weeks ago 3 Buggzys were trolling the lobby, running around with the fuse without intention to fix the phone, running people over with cars, teaming with Jason, when one of them was chosen as Jason, etc. In the third Match with them I was the one with the keys, fixed the 4 seater and started looking for them. Saw 2 Buggzys of them (the 3rd was Jason) on the road. They tried to block the road (?), but I pressed down the accelerator as Hard as I could and enjoyed the sound of the double bump by running both of them over. Before I reached the exit, their Jason friend rage quitted. so maybe I stand corrected: I always prefer teamplay, but a little bit of „trolling the trolls“ goes fine for me.
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    People will always try to find things like these to exploit. I wonder what they'll do once things like these are no longer an option.
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    That would have been cool, Powell. I wish Rob’s body had showed up in the drivers seat of a car and had to be removed before you could take the car.
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