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    impatient (adj.) eagerly desirous : ANXIOUS impatient to get home (or impatient to see what Gun's next project is)
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    That could be true. Then again, maybe not. Some people find it easier to patiently wait and see, rather than post about it over and over. Guessing is more about speculation and uncertainty. Common sense is more like looking both ways before crossing the street so you don't get hit by a car. Just about everyone here knows how much you are looking forward to the future for Gun Media. That's fine. Consider keeping it to a single thread.
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    No hints at timings, sorry. Appreciate the support on the shop! Appreciate the hype for Gun's future as well! Can't disclose any talks that may be happening at this time. I will say this, it's common knowledge that Gun is not focusing solely on one project, as Wes has made clear his pursuit of The Crow, while we also have been at work on our next title separately for some time. BEYOND and TALES will both be back. We have also massively updated our streaming and broadcast setup, as that is an area we intend to expand on in the future. Our commitment to live content stands, and it is a major part of all of our future plans. As for the variant and overall situation with Covid, we are just doing what we can to stay healthy and safe, and will continue to evaluate the situation as it changes. We have done a lot of work in a lot of different disciplines over the last two years of this, so we don't feel that it is hindering us terribly, despite the fact that we would definitely love to get back to normal.
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    I personally only play these days if I host. It's about the only way to guarantee a finished match.
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    Found 2 of at my local Wal-Mart yesterday. He's so amazing. One of NECA's best figures ever, no question!
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    It is a simple redirect set up to guns site. Some people do stuff like that for kicks unfortunately. It was registered through 123cheapdomains.com and you can purchase a domain and set up forwarding for $14 for a year.
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    So, in the movies, Jason was blind, deaf, and needed lots of naps? Funny, I don't remember watching that one...
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    We still have people having some of the same arguments both in-game and on the forums.
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    I think the guy just enjoys his Halloween candy. Many of us can relate.
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    Maybe, just maybe: He was happy to see Halloween candy in the store. He wasn't hinting at a new game, and he wasn't pulling anyone's leg. Then again, I could be wrong here. I mean, maybe I should just jump to conclusions or something.
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    @Strigoi, here some information you might find interesting. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pee-wee_Herman
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    Someone will take a stab at it down the road. It'll be years from now.
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    We still have some of the same bugs from launch.
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    Fuck them I will just watch them myself on Blu-ray along with the Halloween Franchise.
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    A lot of stores aren't stocking their shelves like they used to. How far along are those toy collections of yours?
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    You can have a game with multiple killers and zero celebrities. The more celebrities you have in the game, the bigger a budget you will need to compensate the celebrities. If they do it for free or close to free, that's a different story.
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    man, how they gunna do T-1000 like that! @Dragonfire82877 im from around them parts, thanks for the info. i'll have to go take a peek inside our dreaded walmart super store..
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    Congrats @Big Daddy J!! He’s an amazing figure. I had to have more than one, lol. This is hands down the best figure NECA has pulled off in my experience. Nebraska stock:
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    @OCT 31 1978 @Jason Todd Voorhees come on you two. Still no luck? I found my 2nd one tonight at Walmart here in South Carolina. If he is already here, he has to be there. South Carolina is always the last state to get stuff. Normally don’t collect more than one of a figure, but I couldn’t leave that poor defenseless Jason on the shelf.
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    https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/texas-chainsaw-massacre-game-leak-leatherface-gun-media/ @Strigoi @Dragonfire82877 @Fair Play
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    I agree about Phil Hartman. He was great at his craft.
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    It's unfortunate to hear this, but not too surprising. Perhaps it won't be as bad as they are projecting. I started Christmas shopping early just in case.
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    I'll be with you in spirit as far as that movie is concerned. I'm considering seeing it, preferably if it is legitimately streaming somewhere. I may look into some of these. Thanks for posting the links. That sounds like my kind of trick or treat experience.
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    Freaking Hulu TV doesn't carry AMC, but I'll find a way to have the entire series streaming on a loop all day long. This is probably my son's last year trick-or-treating so I'll be out terrorizing the neighborhood with him, while my wife mans our little house of horrors. If I have time, I'll be in the yard trying to scare the crap out of any little monsters that dare wander into my domain. We take a lot of pride in being that house on the block that people tell us specifically they decided to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood just to visit our house, while at the same time have half the kids in the neighborhood refuse to even walk up to our house. This year, we're going to do a little movie theater set up in the garage, if we can get our hands one something that looks enough like a movie screen. Don't know what we're going to project on it yet, but I can guarantee you it won't be Snow White and the Seven Dwarves... Unless I unexpectantly get my hands on a few life-size Gremlin props.... I think I'm almost obligated too at that point.
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    Probably not, lol. That's just a man who likes his Halloween season, and I can relate. I start celebrating in September too. If they cram two months of Christmas down our throats, I don't see what's wrong with having my two months of Halloween. It won't be long before I'm digging my mini house of horrors out of the garage, and wondering which neighbor is going to call the cops on us this year for which display. My bet's on the creepy dolls carrying off the body bag.
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    I Think Wes Keltner and Gun media are simply saying they enjoy the fall time also and enjoy watching The streets and department stores grow chaotic for Halloween. I Enjoy seeing the neighbors put up Halloween decorations as one house tries to out do the other one in creepiness. I Love The Monster movie marathons in October on tv. I Love the fall Football season and im a BIG Tom Brady fan so i watch The Buccaneers and cheer them on and The Cincinnati Bengals,The Indianapolis Colts,The Denver Broncos are all my teams. I Love the leaves falling and Sports bars with big draft beers and big tvs showing sports stories in the fall. I Listen to my Halloween soundtracks and carve Jack o Lanterns. Bonfires burning bright Pumpkin faces in the night. I Remember Halloween. Candy Apples and Razor Blades,Little Dead Are Soon in Graves i Remember Halloween. This day anything goes, burning bodies hang from poles. i remember Halloween.
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    Why does Gun media need to keep the forums open because of bugs. @mattshotcha Just told you in another thread that the Gun media friday the 13th the game forums is not the place to report bug complaints. Jasonkillsbugs.com is where you need to go. Your having some real trouble comprehending what people are telling you. If you do have a real dissabillity im not trying to make fun of you. You seem to have some strange obsession and phobia with making repeated threads about bugs and Hackers. Strangely in your mind Bugs and Hackers are crawling everywhere. Do you also feel as people are spying on you or have secretly hacked you. So Matt warns you and closes your thread about hackers infiltrating ps4,So then you move to other threads to preach the fire and fury about bugs and Hackers. Sadly you rage on with these strange dillusions.
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    Valve probably had it in the plan to add bots for dropped players. It would have been nice for Gun to have done the same, but it's four years too late on that. I'd be curious about this as well. It may not benefit anyone, but it shows the passion some people have for this game. These hackers/modders seem to know the code for this game very well.
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    I could see this as a thing one day. The logic works for me.
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    Hopefully my pre-orders come in this week or next week! fingers crossed!
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    What's the purpose of this thread exactly? Seems like a thread just saying "game's dead". It's not.
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    Thanks for sharing @OCT 31 1978. I cant wait for an official announcement. You would think it would have to be coming soon since that link has been discovered.
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    Could there be shocking revelations From Gun Media studios revealed for Halloween 2021. What are some of your plans for the fall 2021 season and Halloween. @mattshotcha could there be any special Halloween broadcasts from Gun media for Halloween or any special announcements. Its aggervating that the Covid 19 Delta Variant is starting again. Maybe we could get a Gun media Halloween broadcast of Beyond the Stream before everything closes again. Anyone have any special Horror action figures,movie or dvd boxed sets or any special plans this year 2021 for Halloween. I Ordered a HUGE Cryptkeeper 12 inch figure from https://incendium.online/products/creep-statue Im also ordering THE HUGE Judas Priest 50th anniversary box set at the begining of October. Whats everyone elses plans for 2021 Halloween. Did you order anything cool that will be released on Halloween or October.
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    Thanks that’s awesome news!!! the hunt is on!
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    @Laotian Lam NECA just recently released Puppet Master two packs. They have been showing up in Target. Here’s the links to the two packs for sale on Big Bad Toy Store: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/141803 https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/141806
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    Check your local Targets. They are getting 5 in at a time. Several reports today of people finding them at Target in bunches.
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    it has some things to be desired as a survival horror game, but i had a great time playing it none the less. huge fan of RE series. loved RE7's return to survival horror, & while i feel RE8 lacks some of these elements, it makes up for in action. on a side note, ive been playing RE code veronica lately, having a very good time with that title! one of the best in the series.
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    Thanks for sharing this. its very informative.
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    I Understand what your saying. I Apologize for being so defensive. Not everyone likes the same things i understand. I Think there was another Pee Wee Herman Christmas special on dvd a couple years ago.
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    That is really only Strigoi. LOL
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    When a player can't find a match at all, then it may be considered "dead". I'd like to look at it as "undead" for now. From what we've been told, fixing one thing seems to affect other things. If bugs were as easy to fix as one might presume, the game would be a lot less chaotic, fixes would be much faster, and we could have gotten more content along the way. As I'm not a professional coder, I don't begin to ever assume the problems are so easily fixed. Keep in mind that the fixes are being done by an outside party. Cleaning up something done by someone else rarely goes as planned it would seem. If you have a potential fix that could make things faster, I'm sure the team would appreciate any help they could get. As far as when the next patch comes about, we hopefully could hear something in the next couple weeks.
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    Welcome to the forum. Have a pleasant stay. I doubt Sony will get involved with the banning process. This is more of a Gun jurisdiction. An alternative is to make a list for yourself, and avoid those players.
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    This topic has brought up a lot of interesting points to consider. It's similar to the locking of doors discussion a while back. I can see the logic on both sides of this issue.
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    I'll be out if Tommy Jarvis and the sweater girl ever master the principals of fusion. Tomorah for the win. I'll also be out if Tommy Jarvis starts firing the Special Beam Cannon instead of a shotgun. 😎
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    I am not sure if this game could be sold and continued on by another company. There would seem to be a lot of legal semantics to consider. It would make more sense just to get the appropriate licenses and start fresh. While the major enjoyment comes from online play, that doesn't mean that offline play should be neglected. If you want to make the fan base happy, look at the equation from both sides. I am not keen on the micro transaction dynamic in the realm of gaming today. I get why it exists, but it has gotten out of control.
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    Looks like the tension in this topic is a bit on the thick side. I should grab the tension cutting knife, I mean machete. To the OP and like-minded, the game is hanging on. It is not quite dead. It is having a massive heart attack, but the player base is still shocking it back to life. Stand clear, the chest paddles are on the way. @tyrant666, it could be worse. It could be an update, about an update, about an update. @Sir Jack, I'll have to listen to some Bobby McFerrin now. Thanks for the inspiration. @undrtkr, as long as I play this game, I am not frustrated, yet. Perhaps disappointed is a better word. @DontZzz34, people can and will leave, regardless of a timetable on fixes. How many leave, and how fast does not matter. Focus on the ones that stick around to continue supporting the game with their presence. Enjoy their company for as long as you can. @Quinn FTW and @Slasher_Clone, the next round is on me. Pick your poison and maybe talk it out one on one? @DorianRo, there were hundreds of good games that go back longer than that. Also, people play games for more reasons than "because they can". @OCT 31 1978, I see what you did there. Very clever. To those who are completely frustrated with the game, perhaps it is time to move on, or take a break. For those that stay, we will be toasting marshmallows and telling scary tales by the fire. Tonight's tale will be about the boogeyman, and the heroic woman that fought like hell to take him down.
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    If the ban is still in place, I trust there is a good reason for it.
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