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    Seriously I see it happen several times a day, especially in lobbies full of rank 150's. Jason feels weak in the game against an organized group of pro players. Super stamina Vanessa will grab the sweater. Someone will willingly die or suicide to come back as Tommy. Then you have your Adams, Bugzys etc demasking him easily with machetes and baseball bats. Probably all running the slugger perk. I don't know which scenario is worse. Seeing Jason go down so easily, or seeing him stay away and hide from the group chasing him to kill him after they've unmasked him. The antithesis of Jason from the movies.
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    dude, they cant really do much else since this lawsuit is in action. no santa hat on jason, no christmas lights on the shack, they cant add anything new. total bummer but thats about all they can do. i know alot of players who still neeed that bonus & they love these events.
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    Double XP, CP, and a guaranteed Tape Drop in every match, this weekend!
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    1) knife cancel would allow Jason to break the box even if you're body blocking it 2) leagues and tournaments don't allow body blocking 3) the ones that do allow body blocking also allow abduction 4) knifing the car is also illegal in most competitive play 5) all Jason has to do in that situation is stand in front of the car. Once it starts, it immediately breaks, and then Jason is able to pull the driver out the passenger side. There's a counter for everything in the game. Like the loading screen says, sometimes you have to think outside the box...
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    Happy turkey day everyone. Eat your fill and save room for dessert. I called in a number of favors from my inner circle, and have a dozen desserts coming my way, excluding what my wife is baking.
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    I think just about everyone is looking to be entertained in this game in some form. One player's entertainment might just be another player's misery. It's all a matter of perspective.
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    And if the game devs didn't listen to counselors only whiners when the game was released. There'd be no whining about Jason getting beat up, which has lead to the current state of this game and its current rage mode. As far as whining goes. Players always want to improve or change the game. It make zero sense to have 20 min slasher party game where you can pummel the killer to the ground non stop. Especially when that game is called F13th.
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    If only it was inside 3 months time because lately it's more like 6 months period between major patches. With news of the upcoming patch to be expected near the end of the year at the earliest implying the next fix will most likely drop later in the beginning of 2020, there will be at least another 5-6 months gap since the last patch. And next there's the car physic problem which Matt mentioned to be an even longer process than the roof issue was to get rid of so this is probably going to take a major part of what's going to be left of next year. Last but not least we also have to hope that no new or old major issues will be brought along those future fixes because sadly it's a real possibility. The major problems in the game right now were not there when the game was released, they all came along the way with either the patches or the engine update. edit: As for the Jason kill being to easy or not, it doesn't matter much what we think about it since Matt made it pretty clear that Gun.'s mind is made up on the subject. They don't think any adjustment is needed. As a reference, here's the last tread that was made on the subject: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/27140-gun-not-agreeing-with-the-community-that-the-jason-kill-is-too-easy/ I think every possible arguments, examples and videos implying it was easy were brought up there and everything was swiftly shot down by him for one reason or another. It's clear from his responses in that thread that no change will be made.
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    Very interesting... My guess is they were left over from the backer campaigns, and they wanted to unload them on some lucky winners. @SteadyGosling, I can see why some backers might be upset by this. On the bright side, at least you can't go to your local Target or Wal-Mart and buy one. So it is still "exclusive".
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    A lot of people feel the same way. There are just as many people who are holding out hope. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the distant future.
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    I'm really getting sick of people complaining about slashing. As I've said before: If you aren't slashing to win, you aren't trying to win. Jason's job is to kill the counselors, not play by some sort of mythical code of honor. Play to win the game. End of discussion.
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    You realize I was replying to an ask for a work around, right? Truth of the matter here is, the game is in a winding down state. We have the team, and yes, it's a small team, working through some of the core systems to fix issues completely. We always did test, the difference between how we're approaching a bug in a system such as environmental kills or interactions (roof) now versus previously is the level of depth we're going into in order to resolve the issue. Rather than look at the bug itself, we're diving into every system that can possibly be affected and starting at the root, much like we described live on BEYOND back when we had to revisit Packanack Roof. That requires a bit more time, more testing, and more work. So we focus on smaller amounts of fixes in order to fully resolve underlying issues. Hyperbole about the game being barely playable is especially unhelpful at this stage in the game's life. We need to be laser focused on top priority issues, and realistic in our approach to that prioritization. And lastly, I'm not going to comment on armchair economics.
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    One of the videos I watched. Technically that Jason was on point, creatively he gets 2 thumbs down. 2 Head punches and Choke? Ewwww….
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    It's three way tie for me boys! Chris from part 3 was hot she reminded me somewhat of Demi Lovato. But I also thought Pam from part 5 had a hot MILF vibe and of course Meggie from part 6 who was just plain old sexy! Out of all of them Megan had the best kill though that propeller ripping up his throat was no joke! Can't wait to see another marathon this Friday the 13th!
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    There are very few things in this game more humiliating than getting killed by a Bunny Girl. Whether she dies and comes back as Tommy or she steals the sweater and teams up with him, it's a special kind of embarrassment, especially if Jason is doing a lot of shit-talking beforehand.
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    A kid got on top of the 2 boats stacked beside the boat house on Crystal Lake similar deal with the tractor but I tried grabbing thinking it wouldn't work but it did and did they start crying about it.LOL. I had plenty of knives so I was going to get them anyway. But as mentioned as long as Jason has the ability to kill someone in that spot it's probably fair game.Just like you could kill someone on the old Jarvis porch glitch if you knew the trick to it along with a few throwing knives. It should be fixed though regardless.
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    Saw this happening a few times: especially Tiffanys dancing on the tractor, but in my matches the Jasons weren‘t able to slash or grab them. Not sure if it was poor acting of the Jason (he didn’t had any knives and didn’t think about refilling them), but as Tiffany was the last person dancing, I got tired of watching the 9 min to go and quitted.
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    You should be good, as long as your not showing hacked stuff you’re within the terms of service to show your own gameplay.
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    hahahaha god that a good glitch I would laugh if that happen to me
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    Group of people come to crystal lake to study serial killer Jason an his life.We see some flash backs to Jason's childhood including his mother taking care of him showing why there close.See a little of Jason's dad for the first time showing he run out on the family after he saw what Jason looked like.Jason shows up at the camp starts killing the team in the end we discover the man who brought them there was Jason's father who after all these years felt bad leaving his family an wanted to face Jason.In the end Jason kills him for the hatred of him leaving him an his mother.Move can take place after part 8 before hotmail.com
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    LMFAO! Every player that sticks around will become a "seasoned player", including players that are now just starting to play. That's the end game (hopefully) for everyone. The novice players aren't the one killing Jason now, so adjusting the difficultly isn't going to effect their experience. It's kinda hypocritical for them to hide behind this excuse and yet rolled out the "rage update", something that mostly the novice and beginner players have been consistently complaining about.
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    That’s such a sad excuse from them bc the average player or beginner goes for the escape. And de masking Jason wouldn’t change the balance in the game at all for those players. Raising mask hp would only make it more difficult for Jason hunters.
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    I love the machete kills. Have fun with it! My favorite kill by far is "The Pamela."
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    I applaud you for taking your loss gracefully. There are a lot of unsavory players out there. The insults and trash talk can make one want to mute every lobby for that reason alone.
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    I fail to see how making saves isn't possible, pre or post rage. A simple "hand check" will save your partner from a kill-grab. If, however, you are talking about being crippled by a Jason slashing or thrown knives, then yes, you'll be generally fucked if you are solo in QP. Even then, if you have back-up, block and back dodge in-between slashes and hope someone can spray you and the heal effect occurs before death. If that's a issue for you, use Epic ThickedSkin. You can still fight Jason, even mano a mano, but it does require more skill, knowledge/understanding, and willingness to take risks than previously before rage update. The rage update really didn't change much other than motivate players into working on objectives or deter players that just want to bully weak Jasons from playing.
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    Definitely!! I also would love to attend Monster mania!! I am in the process of attempting to figure out a way to set up a Family vacation to make this my first one.
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    At the end of the day, it's always about the money.
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    If it ever pans out, let us know.
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    I thought that at first too, but that account doesn't obsess over the possibility of a Halloween game, so I don't think they are the same person.
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    This is an issue that a lot of people feel strongly about. Where do you fit in the grand scheme of this? @mattshotcha, perhaps you and the team could use this information in your balancing efforts in the future.
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    A second chance, I like it.
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    @Donmaz7, there are times when 7 counselors can put Jason to shame. There are also times when Jason can mop the campgrounds with 7 counselors. Nothing is guaranteed from match to match.
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    I think the assymetrical mp horror game genre is in a bad spot right now. There are no currently new games coming up, both Secret Neighbour and Hide or Die have been in development for about two years and while they look and are unique - been part of alpha and beta for both- (plus Neighbour is a one could say more family friendly of all these games) I doubt they will attract a big audience in the long run. DbD pretty much rules the genre now mainly because it was "first" (it was not but had a progression system etc. earlier games lacked) and came at an ideal time. I love this genre, it is pretty much my dream come true as a horror fan and I want to have as many games as possible, but is it worth it if they all die within month or two of release and people return to DbD?
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    @OCT 31 1978, it's nice to know I was missed. I enjoy posting word of wisdom, encouragement and humor whenever possible. NBC was the channel to watch back in the day. I loved Saved by the Bell.
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    Snagglepuss was his name.
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    Using a mic is an option. There are players who play fine without one. While it is tougher on players who don't use mics, emotes and other forms of communication exist. As far as complaints about bugs and cheaters, you can send them with evidence to jasonkillsbugs.com
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    Sounds like an elementary school kid was playing that match.
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    It's good to know there's always room for improvement. I wouldn't bet against you on that one.
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    This seems to be stirring up a lot of debate. @mattshotcha, this may help you get a feel for how the members feel.
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    You certainly did answer my question, and quite well I might add. Keep me posted on how future conversations regarding the patch with your friends turn out. I agree on friends. You will never completely agree with them 100%. If that does happen, one might be humoring another with their views..
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    It's your idea, so you are more than welcome to gather the data from those platforms. Let us know what you come up with. I've played quite a few matches with people in QP. There have been some complaints. I just haven't noticed nearly as many complaints as you. Of course, QP is full of a random population of players, so each of our experiences may vary. Perhaps you are luckier in your encounters with players who are unhappy with the patch. I'm trusting your observations are based on a fair amount of Quick Play matches? Couldn't you ask for clarification before assuming? You what they say about people who assume...
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    We could ask for more, but I'd rather not put too much on their plate.
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    When F13 ends and I need a horror fix, I'll probably play a lot more of the Resident Evil franchise. Anytime I need a break from this game, I'll fire one of those up. I play DbD on occasion (not as much as I did when I first got it), but I prefer F13 more. I watched this movie last night. So many humorous memories... I just about died laughing and I just spit out my coffee after I read this... I tried green eggs and ham once. I still don't see what the fuss is. I love 7 Days to Die. I need to fire that up again soon. Anytime a discussion involving F13 and DbD happens, it's always gonna get heated. I'll bet you kick ass in the courtroom. I'm currently playing Detroit: Become Human. I like what I've played so far.
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    I've had a change of heart, now that I've seen how angry the counselors get, I'll just slash whether I suspect they have knives or not. Especially some of the posters here, it doesn't matter if you have pocket knives anymore, you're getting slashed up
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    You can disagree all you want.. Im just telling you how it is. Besides, a good Jason will put on a show and still kill everyone with as many different kills they can. They don't need to slash everyone because they know its lame as fuck. Real slasher movie fans will understand what im saying. I mean.. I could slash all the time too. I just don't. I only slash when i have too.
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    Personally I feel like it shouldn't matter. Every detail isn't gonna be on par actually. Also people overlooked this when the game play video came out, of course most are talking about the "head sack" Jason. At the end of the day the choice was made and we just have to live with it. If it's not impacting the game play mechanics with clipping issues and glitches as such then it's fine in my book.
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