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  2. Perfect example right there of what I see multiple times every time I play this game. Thanks for posting that. Out of curiosity do you know what rank that Jason was? Because I see this happen to rank 150's all the time. Not just the baby Jasons.
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  4. 😡😡I hate cheater GunMedia do something against those damn tricks now I'm bored enough constantly cheats beaming man teleporting speed tricks and so on.😡😡 WATCH THİS VİDEO
  5. I'm 6'4" and 310 lbs and a guy who use to work with me called me Jason al the time.LOL
  6. Last night I had one of those hot shit 150 glitchy Vanessas grab the sweater. She was using a glitch spot the map before, so I basically tunneled her until she landed in some idiots counselor trap placed by a window. My knife would've killed her, so she decided to use the sweater to save herself to prevent the kill. The ego on those Vanessas I tell ya. At the end of the match, I had to play goalie between her trying to get out via the car and Tommy trying to call the cops. I eventually got that bitch, and even though Tommy called the cops. That didn't matter because the timer was up anyway, so I went 5/7. More proof that the timer being in counselors favor was bad design. Other than the band aid/lazy rage update. Its always been on counselor side. Back in the old days, you would just exploit the door rage mechanic by stunning him as soon as he walked through the door. It was basically a bad idea to use a supposed power up because counselors still had the edge and that was basically the ONLY real power up that came with rage besides the cooldowns. While I don't approve of the rage update now in terms of continuing to push the already lopsided meta in favor of speed/stamina/luck. I definitely remember the way the game used to be in the later stages with everyone hiding behind a door with a high stun weapon, waiting for him to rage the door for a free stun or watch Jasons use combat stance to prevent themselves from getting free stunned by counselor. What can I say. The game needs more changes, but with the game 'long in the tooth'. Doubt its gonna happen.
  7. You can't suicide to become Tommy anymore. A kill squad can still control who is though by setting up counselor traps for each other it counts as murder not suicide if you step in another persons trap.
  8. I'm reposting this from another thread because it relates to your post. Yes, it IS way too easy to kill Jason (if you watch that video but still claim Jason is hard to kill, you are HORRENDOUSLY nieve). That Jason was at full health but still lost his mask 90 seconds into the round from just two machete strikes. Five minutes later and we had the sweater and then it was simply a short jog over to where he was and that was that.
  9. Seriously I see it happen several times a day, especially in lobbies full of rank 150's. Jason feels weak in the game against an organized group of pro players. Super stamina Vanessa will grab the sweater. Someone will willingly die or suicide to come back as Tommy. Then you have your Adams, Bugzys etc demasking him easily with machetes and baseball bats. Probably all running the slugger perk. I don't know which scenario is worse. Seeing Jason go down so easily, or seeing him stay away and hide from the group chasing him to kill him after they've unmasked him. The antithesis of Jason from the movies.
  10. Hopefully someone deleted it, along with all of all of Paul Phoenix's other crappy vids. I mean seriously, the guy is super-annoying and has no life.
  11. Um, it's a VIDEO GAME. Plus, Jason is SUPPOSED TO BE BIG. He's been played by actors of varying height throughout the years so of course there's discrepancies, but the one factor that's been a constant is that he's SUPPOSED TO BE BIG. And he's GOTTEN BIGGER over the years. The average male height is 5'9". Kane Hodder was 6'3". Both Ken Kirzinger and Derek Mears are 6'5". And the in-game Jason model is clearly based on Kane's body, and Kane is a big, burly weightlifting motherfucker. I'm more than fine with that. I swear, of all this things to complain about in this game, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Whining about an inch or two is insane. In closing, Jason is SUPPOSED TO BE BIG. Thank you. Good night. *EDIT* I didn't realize that this thread was from 2016, lol.
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  13. Not sure if you could even change this due to Lawsuit but here’s my idea - if there is a final girl or final guy then Jason’s “Sense” gets shut off to give a chance to that player to actually hide or repair! Another idea - don’t allow counselors circles when you look at the Maps this way it forces players to communicate example: player 1 “where’s the keys? “ player 2 “I have them I am at on hodders path” ! It would make it more fun and challenging!
  14. And that book wasn't cheap either(from the backerkit campaign at least), even overpriced considering what it ended up to be compared to the conceptual pics they showed us in order to attract some sale. Of course I never assumed those pics to be those of the actual book we would get but the disparity between them and the final product is almost like comparing apples and oranges. At least in the end, the hefty price tag was a little bit justified with the fact that the opportunity to get that book was exclusively offered to backers back then. So yeah to answer op the Artbook is no longer a "backers" exclusive item like it was supposed to be, now it's just something they can offer to whoever they want and however they want to at this point.
  15. I’d take either, really. I see merits in both but think there’s a much greater replay value in a Friday style game. I think you’d need to have pre-set characters like in Friday but that each of them could play the role of one of the killers. You’d have to borrow some elements of Deceit to make a really tense game, two killers unknown at the beginning. Maps based on the largest central locations of each movie ie. the high school, Sidney’s neighbourhood and the party house from part one. Have different character sets from each movie, with different costumes from the movies as content. I’d like the ability to play the end game section as a straight death match to get people playing who don’t want to try figuring it out in the longer normal style matches, were lying and deception are the best strategy. @Jason Todd Voorhees
  16. I've become a escape mostly player. Even if I get Tommy. I tend not to give a shit about the kill unless escaping by other means has become too difficult. Don't care what others plans are. I only go for the kill if its my last hope of survival. Its just not fun to gang up and kill weaker, inexperienced, new Jasons. There is absolutely no thrill in it whatsoever. Its just lazy at this point and at most, the only thing the devs will do to make it more difficult is raising the mask HP and even then, im not even convinced that's gonna happen for him.
  17. Wish we had more news on thos secret collab with gunmedia and blumhouse.
  18. Its not really overpowered if you can place traps fast or save pocket knifes and a shotgun.
  19. I mean this is a new license holder I believe so why not?
  20. Hey @Slasher_Clone you think they need to make a scream game based on until dawn or in the style of friday the 13th the gamr by gunmedia?
  21. He didnt have those stuff on before killing the nerdy girl anyway remember? Lol and yes its honest the best design jason with uber jason and savini jason.
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