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  2. I wasn’t saying shut off the ping Jason sees I meant other counselors can’t see the map circle location of other players
  3. It would also stop teamers from telling Jason where the randoms are located on the map!!
  4. I've seen a few in the short time I've been playing. AJ Mason & Brandon Wilson being mesmerized by fireworks in a drawer for the rest of the match. I was AJ when it happened, the Brandon occurrence happened two days later to another player. I do not have screen shots of these, but AJ's freezing happened on November 11th since I mention it in my status on my Xbox profile page. 11-19-19: I've heard of people cheating by getting on rooftops, but this instance looked like a pure accident. Vanessa was driving the 4 Seat Car with Jenny as the passenger. Out of nowhere, the car crashed into nothing and Jenny went flying, in the seated position, right onto the rooftop of Jason's Shack. The car then became subject to being tossed (by Jason) like it was a balloon. Needless to say, Jenny gave the Jason player and spectators (me included) a show by dancing the rest of the match. Shotgun still on her back. In a separate match later on, Jason got passed the line to exit to the police... he wasn't shot at. 11-16-19: Occurred while I was playing as Adam. A Jason grabbed me in a cabin nearby and we began to glitch dance to the point I was literally a Dead Man Walking. I couldn't grab anything and Jason could not re-grab me. I walked as far as to the camp fire right outside that cabin and stopped. A couple seconds later, I returned as Tommy Jarvis. I caught up with my previous counselor to see Adam was still standing there in fear. Adam was still there after I died as Tommy.
  5. Yeah so what the heck causes that? Bad luck? It seems something is canceling out a "turn".
  6. Hello! I'm MichaelCrawford. Downloaded the game as a suggestion from a friend of my girlfriend since I play a ton of Dead by Daylight. Since I got the game, I'm having fun as much as I can as counselors online and using Offline Mode to work on my Jason strategies. I'm kind of a laid back kind of player who, as counselors, will help as much as I can or sacrifice myself if that means another counselor can get away. I do the same in DbD. As an online Jason, I will openly admit, I am terrible at the moment. This past weekend, I was lucky enough to kill all 7 counselors (no one called for Tommy to make it 8) in a match, but my average is 2-3. I'm trying not to let the trolls ruin my fun in playing this. But that's a little bit about me as far as this good game goes. Any questions you have, I don't mind answering them.
  7. As far as I know, ping has nothing to do with Jason selection. But, I have went 40+ consecutive rounds without being selected as Jason. It’s random selection, but for some reason, it seems to over look individuals sometimes.
  8. I don't know why that wouldn't be part of the criteria.....I would think that they wouldn't want Jason to have a bad ping.
  9. Pretty sure Gun Media is based in Kentucky, from a quick google search that’s what I get. I’m not sure the ping has anything to do with being selected as Jason (I could be wrong), it just seems the whole selection process is kisnd of broken. Even with my preference set on Jason and frequently joining new lobbies since that sometimes for some reason ups the chance of being Jason, sometimes I don’t get to be Jason for a whole day. And other times I get selected twice in a row - which I’m not complaining about at all - but it just doesn’t make sense how the process of choosing could be based on what the player’s preferences are on if people who have their preferences on Jason almost never get chosen. Super weird. If in your case your ping does cause you to get selected less as Jason, then I imagine that must be really frustrating. Have you tried joining new lobbies every so often? I know that does up your chances of becoming Jason a little more.
  10. Works perfectly, thanks for the help. Just purchased and I’m really excited to try it out.
  11. I have an awesome internet connection but being in the Seattle area, I seem to be geographically distanced from your servers based on my ping which at best is 112.....I'm also fairly sure this makes me get selected as Jason less, sorta annoying. Have gone at least 20 games without being selected presently. Where are your servers, where Gun media is headquartered?
  12. I have an awesome internet connection but being in the Seattle area, I seem to be geographically distanced from yoir servers based on my ping which at best is 112.....I'm also fairly sure this makes me get selected as Jason less, sorta annoying. Have gone at least 20 games without being selected presently. Where are your servers, where Gun media is headquartered?
  13. Yesterday
  14. Yup I’m 150. Thank you for the confirmation & the video, it helps greatly.
  15. Counselor play just needs some kind of rework honestly because the game just doesn't feel like a slasher anymore. The kill squad mentality wouldn't be an issue if they just had stalk and the stealth mechanics play a much bigger role in the game a long ass time ago. Plenty of veteran members on here had good ideas to rework these mechanics but they all got disregarded because Gun always felt changing something with the combat system was much a better priority, but never realized how much it always backfired. Now the game is either an arcade beat em up or summer camp tour simulator. They might just want to go ahead and to take few pages out the movie Jason Takes Manhattan because for a game that's supposedly based on the final act of a F13 movie, I'd say it's a more accurate portrayal of the SS Lazarus act. Everyone on the ship was pretty much aware that there was a killer coming after them. Granted, I know there are distinct differences between movie characters and video game players who know what they're doing, otherwise, Julius and his classmates would've probably tried to demask him while someone like J.J. activates the sweater. But did you notice how the scene always revolved around Jason's intimidating stalk and the character's attempt at stealth? That's one of the elements that's been missing from the game.
  16. And if the game devs didn't listen to counselors only whiners when the game was released. There'd be no whining about Jason getting beat up, which has lead to the current state of this game and its current rage mode. As far as whining goes. Players always want to improve or change the game. It make zero sense to have 20 min slasher party game where you can pummel the killer to the ground non stop. Especially when that game is called F13th.
  17. Taunting, dancing and insults are just baiting methods. I tend to block it all out. Like a brick wall. I say nothing back, I just don't care. The sweater is the only thing they have. Without out it, they would all scatter and run like rabbits, or get their heads hacked off.
  18. Deep fried Turkey with a large side of buttery Mashed potatoes and deviled eggs 💥 oh and my personal favorite Cherry cheese cake for dessert.
  19. @GeneiJin Your post is the Gospel. “Accept, Adapt, move past.” Well said. I agree the Kill is definitely something that should be looked into.....it needs a hard Tweak.
  20. I can confirm it works. Just be sure you are at least at level 113 for weapon swap.
  21. I have got to the point that if I KNOW it infuriates someone - I'll slash them even more and let them scream about it. Prefer the grab/kills but I'll slash just to get reactions now.....it's IN THE GAME..it gets used I say!
  22. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  23. Well that goes for the mask belts as well since they're leather I think
  24. If only it was inside 3 months time because lately it's more like 6 months period between major patches. With news of the upcoming patch to be expected near the end of the year at the earliest implying the next fix will most likely drop later in the beginning of 2020, there will be at least another 5-6 months gap since the last patch. And next there's the car physic problem which Matt mentioned to be an even longer process than the roof issue was to get rid of so this is probably going to take a major part of what's going to be left of next year. Last but not least we also have to hope that no new or old major issues will be brought along those future fixes because sadly it's a real possibility. The major problems in the game right now were not there when the game was released, they all came along the way with either the patches or the engine update. edit: As for the Jason kill being to easy or not, it doesn't matter much what we think about it since Matt made it pretty clear that Gun.'s mind is made up on the subject. They don't think any adjustment is needed. As a reference, here's the last tread that was made on the subject: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/27140-gun-not-agreeing-with-the-community-that-the-jason-kill-is-too-easy/ I think every possible arguments, examples and videos implying it was easy were brought up there and everything was swiftly shot down by him for one reason or another. It's clear from his responses in that thread that no change will be made.
  25. They have a lot riding on taking months to fix things, because if they don't fix said things. Its gonna just drive the negative narrative even more. As it is, it already seems like some of what's left in the community have already lowered their standards to the point where they will accept them fixing environmental kills and ONLY that inside 3 months time. So if they literally do nothing else AND fail at that? Won't be pretty considering that's not the only pressing thing out there.
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