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  2. The_Fenris_Wolf PSN Certified Jason killer - Take the challenge!
  3. There is not going to be any more content added, but that doesn't mean Gun Media won't continue to update the game.
  4. Thanks for posting the info! Looks like A Nightmare on Elm street is in the same boat as F13 hopefully the rights holders will be able to work together to bring new films to the table for the fans!
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  6. Thanks for the pep talk and the encouragement i really do appreciate it. Its nice to hear a positive view point.
  7. We know you’re just passionate buddy, that said you are a bit ahead of yourself. I just hope the next game they make has a solid development schedule and real growth on the communication side. (not a shot at you Matt, you have improved... more a general statement about game companies in general.)
  8. As would I, but they don’t unfortunately. I will be releasing a ton of more in-depth info on the game soon, including those tid bits. Currently I am completing the Tommy box guide, I have all the info just have to finish plotting it out. After that I’ll move on to the other topics.
  9. Thanks! I appreciate the clarification! and the extra information about counselors “Hidden stats” I definitely would have thought those types of stats would correlate to luck and strength.... Have you ever made a list of these hidden stats for each counselors? if yes could you point me to it? if no any chance you will?
  10. No they are the only ones, other than Part 7’s Sense “glitch”. There are actually hidden stats for counselors however, namely stun chance and stun duration which are individually coded per counselor with zero relation to any visible stats whatsoever. Logically one would think it would be related to Luck and/or Str but actually it is not the case, hence why I call them “hidden” stats. Different for everybody with no logical reason why. In regards to why Jason has fake stats, they were something Illfonic planned to implement but never completed.
  11. This is a great game with a lot of frustrating issues which have taken an unacceptable amount of time to fix. I'm one of the biggest fans around of this game, but I have mixed feelings toward the developers, to put it mildly. Some of it is not their fault, some of it is.
  12. Are there other fake stats you are aware of? Other than these two?
  13. If Gun partners up with another Development team and another licensed Franchise..... I hope they can show that license holder how successful and profitable the F13 game is and the license Holder/ Gun/ and their development partner will just put up the money and make the game without a Kickstarter needed to get the main game rolling..... But I wouldn’t have a problem with a backer program for exclusive content or deluxe editions.
  14. Stun resistance doesn’t exist. It is technically a fake stat just like “block chance” is a fake stat on minus Def / Less HP (exactly the same) which is simply 85 health vs the base 100. I personally confirmed it with an Illfonic dev a long time ago.
  15. Welcome to camp, always glad when lurkers join the fun.
  16. That won’t happen ever......even when their next project is announced someone will definitely Joke about it or take shots at them and the project because of peoples past feelings and experiences with GunMedia. Think about it like this.....others will have opinions that differ from yours and that’s ok .... Just remember their Jokes and insults/ opinions won’t change your experience to things and your opinion..... They are entitled to it just as you are yours......
  17. Oh, man. You’re a bit late on the whole declaring the game dead front, it only happens weekly.
  18. You’re probably right. To the OP, they said their piece man. As for Halloween, we’ll see what we see, when we see it.
  19. Yeah, those environmental kills definitely need to be fixed. I haven’t had many problems with the fireplace kill though, at least in maps like Packanack, Crystal Lake & Higgins Haven. For the other two, somebody tried to kill me in the fireplace and it glitched out. Theres another glitch too that sometimes happens early on in the game when I’m still looking for stuff. Usually it happens when I go upstairs in a house and go to open a door. Suddenly I can only run, squat, drop items and flash my light. I can’t move my camera to look around me or even interact with anything. I know that’s usually fixed when being grabbed or hit or something, but that one’s pretty annoying too.
  20. Welcome to the forums! How long have you been lurking about, if you don't mind me asking? And how about the game, been playing long? Got any favourite Jasons or counselors you like playing as? I don't know if you're interested in finding new players from here, but if so you could try the general Gamertag thread as there are a lot of tags from forum members in there, and there's also the Good Sportsmanship Club over in General forum. Could be worth a try. Also please check out the Rules & Regs forum for general guidelines about posting here. Happy gaming! http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/ http://forum.f13game.com/topic/9615-good-sportsmanship-club/
  21. Obviously a hacker probably got it from the Russians who have unlimited shift Jason's, instant out of grabs.
  22. The offline bots on hard all have pocket knives & Russians all have them on hacker pc thankfully on console we don't have to deal we those cheats.
  23. There’s only about 5 I think including Tommy’s knife. That really isn’t that bad. Honestly sounds like more bullshit complaints from you honestly. You make it seem like Jason is weaker than he really is in almost every single post you make. Which isn’t true. And the amount of pk’s are fine and it’s balanced. Also Jason’s stun lasts 9.5 seconds. Not anywhere near 15. Still crying about being stunned? Block their attack or dodge it. 🙄
  24. I would have Pamela be able to hide in hiding spots and if counselors walk by she can jump out and execute a kill. In the first movie she did a lot of her kills by hiding in a hiding spot and getting them when they didn’t expect it. Also I’d have her run be up to par with counselors run and she’d have a stamina bar just like them to. Also she’d have just a crazy buffed stalk and a good sense. Maybe a slow recharging morph to? Her with a shift wouldn’t feel right. But cars couldn’t be allowed if she’s killer since she couldn’t shift. For killing her I’d say only the final girl is allowed to if they deal a certain amount of damage to her they can behead her.
  25. A new game built from scratch is really the best option for the future. I wouldn't be surprised if Jason is added to Dead By Daylight before then.
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