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  2. They are russian i'm on a group of cheaters who was promoted on Steam Community there is a guy SATAN who posted screenshot of a tool he used twice to kill servers yesterday and today i took some screenshot of messages and link to profile of him. I will send it to devs.
  3. As an honorable mention, I don't know if this was intended or not, but there are a few special kills that can be activated by both methods (a prompt or grabbing the counselor first) instead of just one. Off the top of my head I can recall two from the Strip Poker challenge, the Mirror Smash and butcher knife kill. Can't help but note an easy method for getting the undetected skull in some of the matches. The devs didn't want to make it too easy to get that skull, so you won't earn it if the timer runs out. However in matches where the game ends by counselors escaping you'll retain the undetected status so long as you didn't have to lose that skull to make them run away. A few matches play out that way, Challenge 1, 2, 3, 8, and 9 (as long as you're not nearby when Deborah alerts everyone in challenge 9). In challenge 10 you can scare the counselors away by smashing the generator and still have the undetected skull. In the Snuggle by the Fire challenge, Adam discovering Tiffany's body in the sleeping bag won't blow your cover, and I've noticed a few other scripted cases where it took longer to get detected. That's actually how I finally got undetected in the Strip Poker Challenge, Kenny saw Bugzy's stabbed body and I grabbed and killed him more than a few seconds later with no detection. 😎
  4. Bored scumbag douchebags got to ruin things for no good reason guess there's not enough hours in the days for them to pull the Pud they got to mess with people's gaming want to do something constructive with your hacking that go take down China, scumbags, the hackers and China
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  6. @Cristiano They just want to bury a good game with all these hacks.
  7. I thought you didn't know. My friend was cleared a couple of hours ago on PS4. I just warned you about the problem.
  8. What Jason do you guys use the most and for what reasons? What weapon do you run on them?
  9. @Cristiano Btw, hackers can delete your CP and perks on PS4. Be careful. And u`re right about Tgames. But he`s not alone %)
  10. @mattshotcha I have an idea it could be tgames(hacker) who may be doing this because he a few months ago he said he was just doing something that could destroy all game servers on all platforms but I reported it when he wrote about it and I also sent a proof. I dont know if you did something about it.
  11. This is also happening to me and I play on ps4 and switch and it happens on both platforms! The match starts and in 10 seconds I am unable to do anything and then I am kicked out of the match due to net problems and my Ping is fine!
  12. @999enits These are not russian hackers. I`m sure the devs know or guess who these hackers are. My team was involved in their bans %) But everything will be fine. We are waiting for a solution to the problem.
  13. maybe the next update, jason should be more alive such as blinking or mouth movement of some kind when unmasked or seen through the eye holes of the mask. also maybe give jason a free fall and landing just like the counselors did since whenever i play as jason, jason walks as he falls from a small cliff. such as in higgins haven on the south east near a camp at still water camp for example.
  14. I decided to start playing on the newer version of Xbox after the original Xbox one died but with the x the game seems unable to recognize my disc dlc and only shows the ones purchased of the Xbox store even though everything is installed how do I fix this
  15. The last two days, just like everybody else is posting, every time I go to play the game starts and I'm either staring at a blank screen or I'm staring at a still picture of Campground and nothing happens or the game actually starts and I can't grab or open anything, like I was stuck in the main house on packanack and couldn't get out and then 2 minutes later it timed out and booted me. I was Jason & couldn't grab the knives, couldn't do anything but walk around a little bit... it's been a really frustrating two days for me and everybody else that I've turned on to the game recently. I fear that it's going to turn people off permanently if it doesn't get resolved soon. I literally just got about 10 different people into this game in hopes of having private matches without quitting fools so please fix it and keep us up-to-date. Thanks
  16. Can you tell them to stick to American elections and leave important things like F13 The Game alone?
  17. You can currently do all of that in a Private Match with friends. It actually only takes 2 to launch a PM.
  18. Maybe so. but it would have been great to earn extra points fixing the boat and wondering the camp and exploring the campgrounds. exploring Jasons shack with no threat and driving the car around the camp.
  19. I am on Xbox and had it happen 3 or 4 times on Monday, a couple times on Tuesday as well. I played 3 games last night and had no problem but we did have a Jason disconnect so I don't know if he quit or got knocked.
  20. I’m playing on non/dedicated server. I send host a message explaining situation, and they still quit of course. Also I have been getting on US servers, but they are timing out.
  21. I'm having the same issue haven't been able to play since yesterday
  22. I think this would be a lot of restructuring and development time for little impact.
  23. A few times I’ve not been able to turn the camera with the right stick. My joystick was crapped out so I went to get a new one, and I still had this happen a couple times. Can’t interact either when this happens.
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