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  2. I'll be honest, I'd switch out thick skin over marathon in your situation. Your goal is to get an axe or machete as fast as possible and then find Jason as soon as possible. Unless you spawn near the Tommy tower and then that obviously is your first priority. You're doing this and even if Jason is dumb enough just to straight trade hits with you, if you're combat stance heavy attacking him, you'll either knock his mask off or it'll be on the verge of coming off from another attack...even if it's you as Tommy shooting him in the face. There's no need, my opinion, to run thick skin as you don't need to be alive long to pull off getting the mask off. Meanwhile Marathon is helpful in trying to find Jason to demask him, or to get to sweater girl/shack when you spawn back in as Tommy.
  3. You got a good point on sucker punch. Will probably swap it out in place of marathon. And being precise with those hits and dodge attempt make it all the more fun!
  4. Buggzy isn't necessary correct. You can demask with anyone, Buggzy just does it faster. And sometimes, he can do it in one hit. The reason for Thrasher and Buggzy is so you can demask in one or two hits max. If you're running someone else you have to be even more precise in your attack and dodge attempts, because you're gonna have to hit him more than once or twice. In my opinion, we're going for efficiency in the Jason kill. Buggzy w/Thrasher is the most efficient character in getting the mask off. There is a reason for sucker punch as well, since it's noted in this thread about not bringing Jason to his knees with Tommy hitting him with the axe. Run an epic or legendary sucker punch and you'll never run into not being able to drop Jason to his knees again. I used to not bother with sucker punch, thought it was pointless, unnecessary. Every so often, the axe hit wouldn't kneel Jason. So I was told to switch out a perk for sucker punch. I did. Guess what happened? I haven't failed in kneeling Jason since. If your goal is to come back as Tommy, you better be running sucker punch.
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  6. I know the feeling dealing with noob Tommy’s. It really helps if they have a mic. But if they don’t you're basically SOL. I’ve had many Tommy’s who would just keep hitting Jason over and over and not pressing A. Like do you not see the A prompt.... lol and with failed kills I wish more people would be a good sport about it. Today my only f’ing jason game I had this kill squad thought it’d be a good idea to get the sweater right away. I tunnel Vanessa down and get her limping with knives like 3 different times with her healing herself each time. I legit used all 8 of my knives just on her alone. And of course the bitch was packing like 6 sprays. The squad kept hitting me in block and got me into rage fast and I ran Vanessa out of stamina. She used the sweater to save herself then when I’m about to kill her after sweater stun they all leave. Like oh thanks assholes just bc your kill didn’t work out all of you leave the game bc you have no other way of survival. I only get to play as jason 3-4 times per day I play and it really sucks when people rage quit on your Jason game. I sent the Vanessa a PM after game and said “rookie mistake, don’t ever get the sweater unless tommy is in game. Getting the sweater right away is the worst mistake a counselor can make
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  8. Oh yea...LOL...n00b Tommys, especially during the last 2 weeks with the $4 steam sell. . The secret to Solo Quick Play Jason Killing is making it convenient for everyone else. I don't ask for any help with the sole exception which is Tommy. Hopefully by the time Tommy is in the game, I've already demasked Jason, so I'll grab the sweater and axe undetected, meet up with Tommy (I keep track of him from the moment he spawns) and I ask him two questions, "Do you have a mic?" and "Pick up this Axe if you would like to kill Jason". If they are game, I will explain to him/her as simple as I can. "Killing Jason is easy, I will use the sweater, then you Hit Jason, only once, he should fall to his knees, get in front of him and press 'E' (on PC) to confirm the kill" Does it always work? Of course not, sometimes at fault to them, other times the Axe doesn't kneel stun. Regardless of the outcome, I always thank the Tommy for trying, let him know what where he messed up or if we robbed by bad luck. Failed kills are part of the game, it doesn't bother me and keeps it interesting. My job is simply provide the opportunities for the lobbies I'm in.
  9. I agree. Buggzy isn’t necessary for de masking Jason. About anyone can do it. Even AJ. I don’t even see a use for damage perks either. Waste of a slot imo.... once Jason’s mask is actually hard to get off those damage perks will be more useful. If you’re a one man kill squad you’re probably dealing with a bunch of tommy noobs who don’t know what they’re doing lol and I actually think Tiffany and Vanessa are the best sweater girls. Due to the tommy call being prevented doesn’t happen often enough to cause issues. And they’re better at taking Jason on longer chases if they’re getting tunneled.
  10. Personally I think Buggzy is a bit overkill. It's not difficult to get the mask off, after all, I'm currently doing it with Jenny . Adam or Fox gives you a better value on a limited team, giving the node up to Fox since she is an potential sweater girl. I try to be a one man kill squad, Vanessa is far and away the best for it. Her repair however is a weakness in situations where an attentive Jason (like me) is checking the map every 10 seconds between actions (Jason can still move around while bringing up the map). Sure you can re-roll until you get the 5 check, but that may take more time, and there is always a chance you can still fail a check. As I mentioned on my build, Fox is a good choice for situations when the Tommy radio is cut and trapped and you're dealing with a smart Jason.
  11. The biggest threat is anyone not playing the game as intended. It's goes great even everyone plays their roles. It goes off the rails when people do stuff that is against the spirit of the game.
  12. You can stun him on the noggin after rage with the flare gun
  13. I say noob stomp and show them how to play. They’ll learn things from your techniques you use on them. And then after game ask them if they want any help. I’ve gone in private games with noobs post game after annihilating them in game and helped them with what they did wrong.
  14. I give out tips and hints to newer players when playing as Jason, but if they do something egregiously wrong, they're gonna die and get the tip while being killed. Couple examples - Watching a Buggzy try to repair the phone box and still trying to repair it while I casually stroll toward them. I'll tell them if you want to repair, pick a repair character...Deborah, AJ, Chops. If you're gonna insist on being Buggzy, run the fuse to the box, drop it and leave because you're not smart enough to fix it. They're in a long grab animation kill while this is going on. Watching anyone try to bumrush me at the beginning of the match with any weapon. I'll grab them as they are midswing and then tell them, I have no ability to kill you early match short of what you just did right now. Next time, if you hear Jason morph to you at the beginning of the match, pretty much ignore him. We're at where we are to trap an objective, not trying to kill you. You bumrushing me, just gives me a free and easy kill. Thank you. I hope this helps new players into not making these mistakes again.
  15. If Jason traps the power box, she isn’t going to be able to fix it in time if jason is guarding the box hard. I work with one other person when I kill jason. While I find Jason to de mask him and let him kill me. I have sweater girl calling tommy, finding sprays, pk’s, and staying alive till I come back as tommy. And if the tommy box is trapped that’s where Adam is really useful. And he can de mask Jason no prob.
  16. You should have a Vanessa in your kill squad group to be sweater girl, and Vanessa can repair just fine. 5 clicks is nothing. Every one in a kill squad group should have a specific role. You're playing a jack of all trades master of none role. Just my opinion. If it works for you, then it works for you.
  17. Why buggzy? He can’t repair shit if you need to fix the power box.... and I’m not gonna rely on anyone else to fix it. With Adam and some fireworks I can repair the box in a timely manner. While my friend calls tommy and I defend the box while the call to tommy is made.
  18. Sorry to inform you, but teaming with Jason is no longer a bannable offense. This has been discussed before on these boards. So you can openly do all of those things you listed, run people down with the car to help Jason, unlock doors for Jason, block windows, block doorways, etc... and it's all perfectly fine. Of course, you'll start developing a reputation in the community for doing it and people will hate you, but you won't get in any trouble.
  19. If you're trying to kill Jason and come back as Tommy, why wouldn't you just run Buggzy? Sucker Punch, Thrasher and whichever last perk you want. Swift Attacker, Medic, Marathon, NoS, all would work here. Combine Buggzy with Thrasher and you're demasking any Jason in 2 combat stance heavy hits. Run Sucker Punch to make sure you're putting Jason to his knees with a Tommy axe shot. And then like I said last perk is your preference. @Ahab NoS is such an underrated perk. If my goal in a lobby is to escape, it's on every one of my characters, except Buggzy. Because Buggzy isn't played to escape.
  20. So much for that item on the wish list...
  21. Sad, but true. The world would be better off if people didn't put so much emphasis on wealth.
  22. I have to disagree. The game can be both, scary and fun. While it is a game (first) based on a beloved horror franchise (second), we can have a good time while potentially being scared out of our minds.
  23. I chose not to do all of the above, because that would likely be the choice everyone would pick. It would seem as of right now, the bugs are the biggest threat, based on the opinion of those who participated.
  24. I’m pretty stuck on Sneaky as it’s the most useful perk for playing my Scooby games with Jason. When I’ve tried using low profile with it to move around the inside of cabin to do more complex Scooby games but it hasn’t been beneficial enough to replace seeing him on the map. I’d give up TS but I’m just too rough on my Counselor sometimes and it gives me breathing room, so I don’t want to at this point. I never know exactly how I’m going to want to play it so I’ve settled on the best set for me, as mentioned elsewhere others have their own style that benefits their perk selection. NoS is my second favourite perk though, same reasoning as you. I like to drive, I’ll even trade a PK for keys most games. I have been working on a follow Jason and keep him marked build. It just that flare guns are too random and only being able to carry one shot makes it kinda pointless to stalk him. The thing I want most from the rework is to enjoy exploring new combinations and getting more specialized builds that don’t depend on more than one meta perk. Things like the flare gun perk letting you pick up extra rounds from every flare gun you find would be nice. I’m going to mention this last thing cause it hasn’t been brought up recently. We need a perk library that will hold one of each perk. I’ve thrown out plenty of epics just to make space but later wish to experiment with, it sucks.
  25. The one goal many have in common is to be welcoming to decent new players. Everyone's approach may be different, but the goal is the same.
  26. Perhaps the powers that be will consider this. I wouldn't be opposed. That would be a very clever and practical use of cloning technology.
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