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  2. You still only have 100 health with thick skin. Incoming damage is simply reduced by whatever percentage the thick skin is.
  3. On an unrelated note. Don't buy the hype on the Predator trailer from Illfonic. Sure they won't have a lawsuit in the way this time, but what we saw before that is well enough of a sample size.
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  5. I think ThickedSkin is fine. It's no doubt a strong perk, but isn't all that game shifting.
  6. I was never a fan of the sequels for the halloween series....H1-H2 (Original) were my favorites......the Reboots RZ H1/H2 are more likable than the original timeline......The 2018 reboot was amazing and I cant wait for more! I am down for having a complete collection for the figures but for the "movies" in my opinion I would avoid them.
  7. Similarly I would propose the effects of thick skinned not to be permanent. Once you get damaged below 100% of regular health you should revert back to normal. I've seen it happen more and more lately with (groups of) players utilizing a combination of thick skinned and medic, and it sucks as Jason. If Gun Media is able to go through with their planned perk rework, I do hope they can nerf some of the more powerful perks.
  8. Every is available on PC as well, as long as you use a controller. It only effects Jason, as far as I know, every tech for counselors can be done on keyboard. Jason can not do any tech involving "R1", since there isn't any equivalent on keyboard. (To be honest, I'm not sure why they decided to dedicate a "ability" button for the face buttons on controller than doing something else, like maybe an dedicated block button outside CS) I wouldn't say we are that far behind the curve. I've seen many Jasons recently using tech, and many players have been on other platforms before.
  9. Yes they def did I agree. But with how Chris finished him off with an axe in the head was pretty great
  10. I know she's supposed to be late teens/early 20's, but when I hear Jenny's voice I can't help but think she sounds more like late 30's/early 40's.
  11. They are, I follow them on Facebook. Their page is called Surine Cosplay. They have also pulled off Victoria and Jenny from the game.
  12. I'd say all of the original 4 final girls held their own in the beating the shit out of their attacker category. But Tina fucked him up pretty good in part 7 too...
  13. Also, about the picture I posted up there... Apparently they're a couple of cosplayers.
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  15. I'm not sure about all of the techniques they use but I know double tap works with keyboard and mouse. Tie breakers are decided on who did it faster, but I get what you're saying.
  16. It’s nice to dream, but let’s come back to reality ... we will get nothing, more then likely.
  17. That head punch and choke kill gets old fast lol I think you guys should give bonus points for getting cool jump scare kills in stalk mode. That beats speed any day.
  18. I do hope that they have something like that planned.....hopefully it comes with a speedy new patch to fix environmental kills too.
  19. A lot of the advanced tactics used by those Jasons are on the console versions. No doubt some of them can probably be performed with an XBOX controller on PC. However when players are used to the keyboard/mouse. Its basically apples and oranges. If cross platform were ever a thing. The PC playerbase would be behind the curve, but with the 'long in the tooth' comment. No shot it happens.
  20. Free tommy tapes in each drawer. Have 2 of them after 2 years playing...
  21. Maybe, because they have „muted“ you?
  22. It's not for everyone I guess You can have fun and still be a "tryhard". And we don't blame "everyone else" when we don't win. Like I said it's not for everyone, I guess. It's more about speed than how pretty the kills are... They probably would if they could get enough players 😎
  23. @mattshotcha Will there be anything special planned for this Friday the 13th weekend, and/or the Christmas season? If you really want to give a Christmas present to this loyal fan, you'll give us increased epic perk rolls again. That would be...epic.
  24. I agree 100 percent. I hate the try hard crowds, they get upset if they don’t win every time and blame everyone else. This is why I don’t like to use mics either.
  25. Sounds like a total buzz kill. 6 months after the games was released. I started to fall into the try hard groups. I started to notice that I was no longer enjoying the game. That playing in lobbies with 'coordinated' counselors sucks the fun out of both playing as Counselors and playing as Jason. Took a break from the game due to getting burnt out.. Came back, and realized the randoms/quick play lobbies is where its really at and never went back. Most fun I've had in a long time is when this game went up for free with Games With Gold. A good mash up or newbies, casual and veterans all shoved into the same camp, with barely any real verbal coordination and more of a re-active/opportunistic approach with other forms of bs, is far more entertaining.
  26. Lol, I remember the anal beads lobby. Some girl was talking about them. Too funny.
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