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  2. I didn't think you were... and I completely agree... Trolls trying to ruin the game for everyone else is not fun for anyone but them... and damned annoying for everyone else. I get no joy in dealing with the trolls, but I have received "thank you" from a great many players for my actions... and the hatred of a great many trolls as well. But the trolls are being assholes... and when we try to ruin their fun and save the match for everyone left, somehow they think we are the assholes. I can imagine how many reports trolls have sent in claiming "teamers"... which is probably one of the biggest reasons it is no longer bannable. Just killing level one Jason is pretty low, and a great way to make them quit the game and never return. If that happened to me at level 1, I probably would have put the game down and never returned either. It even lower if they are calling the noob "trash". In my very first match, I was a counselor... and I got out of the car after Jason stopped us to sacrifice myself so the others could escape with the car. I was called a teamer for this by the same people I sacrificed myself for... I am not kidding... like WTF?
  3. And much like @GeneiJin, your Jenny is harder to catch and kill than your Vanessa. Not really. If it did, I would be escaping significantly less since the rage buff... Somehow, I am escaping more now than before the rage buff.
  4. Fuck these greedy, idiotic developers and their broken game that they gave 0 shits about. Don't even consider criticizing them calm and respectfully they will just block you anyway so why not go all out? PS Matt is a little bitch and a coward who can't do his job worth a damn.
  5. There ae those that will assume you are teaming if you follow Jason around. But keeping him marked for as long as possible through out a game would be very beneficial to other players that use this feature to keep the team informed of his location. Also remember, Jason is shown on the player's maps when in line of sight... you do not need to constantly keep him marked if you are following him... and shooting the flare gun in the sky marks him if he is nearby and you cannot see him at that time. I also hope they give us room to keep all the perks... but with room for extras. It sucks having to sell a perk to roll another perk each time you roll for one. You can play Bugsy to escape... and he can be used for more than just demasking. I also use damage perks on Bugsy for demasking, just because... but I do not always try to demask when playing Bugsy. He is still great for running parts, kitting or just distracting Jason. The good old random bug had me playing Bugsy the other night. I repaired the boat and escaped... and I forgot how long it takes to complete a repair with him... which is one reason I rarely will choose to play him... I did screw up the repair on the prop 3 times... but the gas was already in. I used a walkie to ask someone to tell me when Jason morphs before starting the boat... and he had no chance to stop me. I remember a recent game in which you forgot to mention that more than one hit on Jason will screw it up... or that particular Tommy had selective hearing... That one you need to stress a bit more sometimes. But you do great with noobs helping on the kill.
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  7. SirMang and I did it with probably about 5-10 seconds left. At first I thought he Rage quit.
  8. For me, across the board, I have Restful on everyone (or almost everyone). Then it varies from counselor to counselor. Most have Marathon and a sense avoidance perk, or, in the case of characters Chad and Victoria, My Dads A Cop (sort of like the perk is in place for a lite RPG element). I despise this "meta" that the majority of the community swears by with TS/Medic/Hypo. I like my games to reflect the horror and survival aspects of what the game is geared towards. Having just Thick Skinned, to me, takes away from the thrill of just barely escaping or just making it to another cabin if Jason is in pursuit (and possibly, but not always, breaks off to chase someone else) & combining it with Medic and/or Hypo takes me right out of the feeling entirely (like tanking a trap and not even needing to spray is an insult to the heart of the game, to ME anyway) . There should be set + and -, no high/low percentages, to each perk so there is no overpowered loadouts. As is right now, I've been playing with the idea of absolutely NO perks on anyone (and I know I'm not the first to do so or alone on this). Puts me at a severe disadvantage VS everyone else, but I'm a purist in the sense of loving the cat & mouse chase and if I'm caught, well, there's always next match. Don't want or need handicaps to put myself ahead of others/ Jason.
  9. You never know until you know... you know. Only until the wife or her clone became jealous... A clone is not the person it was cloned from... Even if memories could be transferred, the moment that is complete, their experiences from that point on make them two completely different people. The more different experiences they have... the more different they become... even though the body is an exact copy. All we are is the sum of our memories and experiences... and there is only one of anyone... A copy is still just a copy but they would be just as much of an individual as the person they were cloned from.
  10. Who knows... Maybe it's because the game was still very new at that point and a lot of people didn't really know how killing Jason worked (A lot of "Jason-kill guides" had incorrect information such as Tommy having to have the mask in his possession) or maybe they're all having an online circle-jerk. What I found interesting was the guy at the end of the video talking about contacting the Devs and telling them the game was too easy for counselors., Just to be clear, I'm not one of those assholes who notices Tommy and SG are trying to kill Jason and decides to run them over just for shits and giggles. I've had that happen and it really sucks to have the kill ruined by someone who's just trying to be a troll. But killing a Jason who is literally a level 1? That's pretty low, even for the trolls.
  11. I have been accused of teaming for this many times. I have also been accused of teaming for not abandoning the chase for someone else that my target led me to... But really, why would I abandon a chase in which I forced 2 pocket knives and two med sprays to be used by someone who clearly is nearly out of stamina? Either way... the person calling anyone a teamer for one decision or the other clearly need to "get good". Either strategy is a good strategy depending on the situation... and any of us are free to chose whoever we want to go after, whenever we want to go after them. It was more the complete stranger that worked with me to deal with the glitcher… and I hit the glitcher with 4 or 5 throwing knives up there before I ran out. A good 30 yards on those throws, so its no wonder that I missed with as many knives as I threw... I have not been keeping up with my long distance target practice lately. He only stood still until I hit him with the first knife. If you had been working with me to deal with him, you would never have been able to coax him down with the car and drive away from him... which made it incredibly easy to kill him as his skill were severely lacking. I also remember the idiot that called us teamers 3 lobbies later. He left before the game started and I drove three randoms out in the 4 seater... If he had stayed, I would not have given him a ride just because of that accusation... and if he got rude about it after that, I would have run him over. Ignorant trolls and glitchers are an issue in the game and you never know what they are until they make it clear with their actions. A great many complete strangers have asked me to deal with these types when I play Jason... and I am happy to help get rid of the asshole, but ONLY in this type of situation... I despise trolls and have no problem giving them a dose of their own medicine. The indiscriminate... "no mercy" attitude returns after the assholes are gone... But sometimes, everyone else left at that point gets a free pass... it depends on the situation and my mood at the time. Normally, anyone that tries to give me locations of other players to save themselves makes themselves my priority target. I do not care if they were giving me false info or not, they still sound like a rat... and the only good rat, is a dead rat. But If it is clear to me that someone is being an ignorant troll... I am more than happy to get rid of them for the sake of the sanity of everyone else in the lobby. I am not big on helping with a Jason kill unless the hunter is very polite... or the Jason is very rude. But other than that, I feel the same way.
  12. Ted White statement about Kane Hodder <- Click! The source is Kane hodder's documentary with Ted White To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story (2017)
  13. It would be a new perk... so, not going to happen. There is a perk rework happening at some point... we just do not know when it will drop. Also... there is absolutely zero need to make killing Jason even easier than it already is... As far as how easy it already is now, Jason is still a clown. There is a perk build something like this already, but it only works if you have one or more counselors near you.... @Slasher_Clone what was it you called that perk build that uses the damage bonuses based on the number of counselors close to you?... It is quite effective... and I love the name you gave it, I just cannot remember it right now. @Dunken may have a use for it, even though it is not so good without others around you.
  14. This thread is a year old. this has not been an issue for a long time now.
  15. Why’d they get so much love on the video for killing a baby Jason is what I’m wondering? The morons in the comments are about just as dumb as these idiots for flexing on YouTube for killing a baby Jason
  16. A few times, mostly because of PM'ing Jason to snitch on asshats who are either glitching, or trying to glitch, or for helping Jason kill said asshats (I.E. teaching him how to get to the roof or how to kill little shitheads who exploit on the Jarvis House porch). Strangely, I've never been accused of sabotaging a Jason-kill, though I've totally done it and made no attempt to hide it. Why? Well, it's like this. I like killing Jason just as much as the next Bunny Girl, but if the entire lobby is having another tea-bag/dance/pinata party, or it's a baby/novice Jason, I have a serious problem with it. Edit: This is a perfect example:
  17. Despite me being a bit of a "Try-Hard", I'd like to think myself as being a chill guy. I have no investment in any game, whether I survive or die, whether I kill a Strong Jason player or I get slashed to death by a scrubby one, I don't have any less fun. The novelty of "Surviving" has been long lost on me, I play now to "Impact" the game in ways I can. If I fail a Jason Kill, I'll do what I need to. Making the call to the Cops. Maybe body blocking Jason from pulling out the driver while he starts it. I try to play unselfish as I can that fits my playstyle Of course I'm just about as stubborn, they are "Waifu Status", Jenny is fun. Flawed, but what she has good, stamina regen and "nOt frEakIng OuT at JaSoN!1!!" makes the "Tom and Jerry" game really fun. It's also nice to have a visual Stamina bar. I solute your devotion to Tiffany. Being the other top 2 🍑 , I just can't live with that Repair. Even with a 2 repair, funny enough the only time I really do it flawless is fixing the Tommy Box , but otherwise it's already longer than I like .
  18. Oh lord bless you for having the patience I have ran out of for putting up with those bonehead Tommy’s 😂 and when the kill doesn’t workout and you get a successful survive the night for a trade off it’s worth the kill not working imo if you survive a crazy chase Looks like you’re having fun with Jenny. Perhaps I should give her no fear build a try sometime. But it’s pretty hard for me to get away from my tiff. I’m pretty damn stubborn 😆 I just have tons of fun playing as her and have a lot of action packed games full of craziness. Also could be that 🍑
  19. Oh yeah, love when the bat doesn't stun. 😆 And thank you again! 👍🏼
  20. Yes no problem. It’s just bad luck with the stun chance getting to you. Just like when you hit Jason with a baseball bat and it doesn’t stun him. You’re like “wtf!!!” Same thing in this situation. Hope your Jason kills turn out to be successful next times around. *oh and also something I just remembered. I’ve noticed most success with heavy attacks kneeing Jason down more often then not.
  21. Yeah, I get what you're saying. I just don't get why this changed all the sudden. Almost never had a problem up until yesterday and now it just keeps happening. Very frustrating. Thanks for the input.
  22. The axe isn’t always a guaranteed drop to his knees. Although some of us have better luck then others..... with me I usually can get Jason to his knees with axe. In ur case with ur bad luck your having I’d replace one of those perks with sucker punch. I feel like a broken record saying that...... lol but run it and report back if you have an issue kneeing Jason down again. I bet you won’t run into the problem again once you change ur perk slots
  23. I was Fox - I had medic, NOS, and thick skin. No different than any other time I play and Jason drops to his knees just fine.
  24. What perks were you running at the time of this video? Any stun chance % drops? Also run sucker punch
  25. Tell me what I did wrong here. I'd been tunneled by this guy for like 10-12 minutes when he finally managed to get me (despite walking right past pretty much every other counselor, the car escaping, the cops being called, etc)...so when I come back as Tommy of course I'm ready for the kill. Then this happens.
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