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  2. I'm afraid that nothing is going to overturn the no content announcement Gun made a while back.
  3. Squaring up to a Buggzy with a machete a minute into the match? Grabbing when he should have slipped you a TK and slashed? Could've also went into combat stance and blocked your hit since you made it crystal clear what your intentions were. I'd be in shock if that Jason is over level 50...
  4. Definitely!! I also would love to attend Monster mania!! I am in the process of attempting to figure out a way to set up a Family vacation to make this my first one.
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  6. That sounds exciting! Ive always wanted to go to Monster Mania, it’s only about an hour and a half away from me, but I’m never able to make it. This sounds really exciting for anybody who’s going, thanks for sharing!
  7. Got an invite from my group (technically we're not a "group" so much as we are just friends who sometimes kill Jason together) last night and since I've mentioned them on here before, I recorded one of our kills specifically so I could post it in this thread. Most of the time, Kaylee or X get the sweater, while me and Link basically go play Kamikaze with Jason. X will usually get the sweater before Tommy shows up, while Kaylee generally waits until Tommy has at least spawned in, but usually until he's with her for added security. The huge majority of the time, neither one of them go for the sweater until the mask is off. As far as "What did this Jason do wrong that got him killed?" Well... not much actually, aside from perhaps leaving the shack untrapped or killing a counselor who was clearly baiting him into it. He lost his mask 90 seconds into the game, and 5 minutes later he was dead, so chalk it up to better experienced counselors facing a less experienced Jason.
  8. https://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3593708/kane-hodder-will-meet-fans-uber-jason-jason-x-first-time-monster-mania-2020/ Very cool news for anyone attending!
  9. Of course not, but with a flare gun usually before rage whenever he gets hit with a flare it stuns him. I get with melee weapons stuns don’t happen all the time, but since flare guns are a one shot weapon like shotguns, and if you did hit Jason directly then it should stun him (except for after rage of course). Besides that, there’s this weird thing that happens sometimes where the person actually misses the shot (it’s happened to me once) and a few seconds later Jason is stunned even though it wasn’t a direct hit.
  10. Very interesting... My guess is they were left over from the backer campaigns, and they wanted to unload them on some lucky winners. @SteadyGosling, I can see why some backers might be upset by this. On the bright side, at least you can't go to your local Target or Wal-Mart and buy one. So it is still "exclusive".
  11. Sad, but true... A new game could take things in an entirely different direction. I'd be curious to see what comes about in the distant future, long after the lawsuit is resolved.
  12. I know people wanted all that was tied to the movies, but it would have been nice to have also seen additional content that was just made up and added in the spirit of the game. This could have applied to Jason and the maps.
  13. A lot of people feel the same way. There are just as many people who are holding out hope. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the distant future.
  14. Jason isn't supposed to get stunned EVERY time you hit him 'cause combat is supposed to be a last resort.
  15. Im sure it was asked from them to add his character lol.
  16. He is in the puzzle game, figured he would be available for use if the lawsuit wasn't a thing.
  17. It would be better for an entirely new game. This game was fun but there are ways to make an even more fun and balanced game than this one. Probably not using UnrealEngine for one. Make it more fluid and less 'arcade-y' too.
  18. It does, but usually stepping in bear traps, being hit or going in the water helps the glitch with Jason.
  19. The biggest catch this game could've had after Uber/Pre Uber was Pamela. However its rather obvious that was never going to happen, even if the lawsuit wasn't a thing and this game had a thriving playerbase. Bringing in Pamela would've forced them to retool the kill mechanic, introduce completely new ways to play Pamela and make it so she couldn't be killed so easily like Jason can be now. Given their track record with bugs and issues?...It would've been a huge mess. Just wouldn't happen. Maybe a sequel down the line by someone else if the rights got settled. It would've been used as a sell for a sequel game, but I have no doubts they would've never had her in this game beyond her role now.
  20. If Gunmedia does decide to do a Halloween game next. The game will be about Halloween night and costumes, trick or treating,face paint and masks. Id like to see Wes Keltner and company get the license to add 1970s Marvel comic costumes,Star Wars,Kiss costumes,Universal monsters costume packs. face paint and counselor customizations. Ben tramer myers costume.
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