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  2. Oh well, lol. Yea I think I did mention only hit him once, but Tommy doesn't listen . But if he willing to try and messes up, hopefully he'll learn next time whether I'm around or not. Thanks buddy. In a way it is kinda selfish, I don't care to escape, just foiling Jason's game in any way I can. LOL If gladly sacrifice myself if it means a full 4-seater gets out (and how pissed I am when the driver crashes into those wooden fences ) Tiffany generally gets a lot of shade from meta players. I'm mean, she only dresses like a slut (we all know who's the real whore of the game ...::cough::cough:: A.J.!!...) Like Tiff, I hear a lot of criticism toward Jenny, often its being she's easy to kill and worthless on a team (from randoms that I don't generally play with). She is not Vanessa, but when I combine her strong points backed with Skill, she can be just as frustrating to a Jason player as Vanessa. Repair tech doing their job? Each counselor will have something flawed about them, but a player familiar with the shortcoming of the character is the one who decides how helpful they'll be in a game. Given proof that a Bunny Deborah (often Twitcher) is Scientifically the worst counselor in the game. Honestly if it was up to me, I would swap the repair stats between Vanessa and Tiff. Tiffany is slightly less effective than Vanessa in the movement department to justify giving her something to choose her over Vanessa, given that stealth is a only a situational stat.
  3. Correction, I actually have a rare thick skin, not uncommon. Does epic have a noticeable difference or is rare basically equal to epic?
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  5. She isn’t. Real easy to catch her sound pings and creep up on her in stalk. @Fair Play except Shelly cause he isn’t the best at anything
  6. That we did. That round was the closest to time running out on a Jason kill I've ever been in.
  7. I think most of us here are probably try hards. Nothing wrong with it, we just like to put in a lot of effort in our game and do good at it 😁 I’m right there with ya to, I’m a real chill gamer myself and respect all players. Unless they’re cheating bitches or shit talkers then I will have 0 respect for them and have no mercy for them in future games. I can’t stand these two types of players.... and you seem to be a real nice player. It’s not often people in this game go out of their way to sacrifice themselves for other people’s lives in this game. Top 2 🍑? More like #1 lol and yeah I know her repair is horrible. But I’m not repairing with her anyway unless I absolutely have to. When game starts I try to find Pk, spray, and bat. Go find Jason and distract him for a long time. While I do this I hope that the repair counselors are actually repairing...... more often then not they are doing their job.. other times not and that’s when I just rely on surviving the night for survival or get Jason off my back and repair things myself. Usually while I’m distracting Jason the cop call message will come up or cars will be repaired. That’s how I know I played my distract role successfully
  8. The only time that I considered Vanessa op was before the rage buff when Jadon would be stunned over and over again.
  9. Oh I see. They were all a bunch of obnoxious fucktards either way. And that h20 delirious, don’t even get me started on him. If I had an opportunity I’d smack the shit out of him if he was Jason in my game. I can’t stand that guy
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  11. Latest I ever got it was after the survival message got on the screen. I know we got it because I heard the sounded effect of the Axe/Machete buried into Jason's head. 😆
  12. Idk... you can’t always rely on others they might die or not be around at the time of the kill happening. I have pretty much a 100% stun chance with the axe with sucker punch equipped. I haven’t had a single time the axe hasn’t stunned Jason with this perk on.... I feel like that’d be more reliable then relying on others. I’ve noticed relying on others typically doesn’t always work out
  13. I'm with you on that. It is wise to wear down a counselor. HOWEVER...a Jason's job is to protect objectives, prevent counselors from escaping, and kill them. This Jason continued to chase one counselor (me) even with the four seater going behind him (nearly full car), the cops being called (and people going to the exit), the boat going, etc. That resulted in me being the only kill he got. Had he decided to go after people working objectives, he probably would have gotten more than 1 kill. When I play as Jason, if someone is wasting too much time and they clearly have experience giving the run around, I go for the other counselors to get them out of the way so they don't have a chance to escape or I don't run out of time because that one person took so much of my time. That's all I'm saying. I don't mean it has literally changed in the sense something was updated/modified. I'm talking about my luck. In the past, I almost never had a problem dropping Jason to his knees with the axe. Sure, sometimes it glitched, but that was only once in a while. Now it has happened four times in a row. That is some pretty horrible luck lol.
  14. Somehow I feel a Snickers meme would be appropriate right about now.
  15. Abusive Friend I think? @Ahab http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25434-slugger-perk/?tab=comments#comment-339142 Here it is.
  16. Just picked one up today at GameStop. They’re $26.99. Cheaper than Target. I now have all the Jason’s that have been released that I want. Not interested in the remake Jason or Roy. The only other ones I wanted were 7, 8, 9 and X ( but those won’t happen anytime in the near future).
  17. I love the series ever since I was a toddler! Part 7 was my first of the films and then a marathon came out and I watched the franchise fully!
  18. Every counselor is the "best" in a given situation. Vanessa just seems to be a top choice for a number of people.
  19. I wasn't aware this game was broken. My copy still works somewhat.
  20. Do they have any idea how retarded that is? It's like if you were a high school teacher during a school shooting, told your students to run while you distract the shooter, then turn around and get accused of helping plan it. Fuck some people are stupid...
  21. Criticizing people for trying to do a job in which you have absolutely no idea how to do it yourself does not highlight your intelligence... However, insulting them does highlight your own personality. Here is a case in point for you... I bought another game recently... it was made by a triple A developer and has WAY more bugs in it than this game... and they have had more time, and more people working on it... It is called "Skyrim"... But I do not go on their forums and insult them for it. Also... welcome to the forums. @Kodiak Here is another wonderful thread for you to look at.
  22. So people are still denying Vanessa is OP? Lol yea she is the best, easily. Infinite stamina, decent luck.
  23. The only thing you did wrong was take being "tunneled" personally... If you lasted 10-12 minutes with Jason behind you, then you have some pretty good kitting skills... It is unwise for a Jason player to give up on a chase and have to start wearing your stamina down all over again. Let alone after forcing you to use a pocket knife or two, and / or a med spray or two. Giving a player like this a chance to pick up more pocket knives and med sprays will make a long chase even longer when and if he can get back to you... and time is not on Jason's side in this game. What people call "tunneling" is actually what Jason needs to do to get kills for the most part... People need to rethink complaining about Jason tunneling them... It is like someone complaining about another person for actually doing their job properly... Which makes ZERO sense. This has NOT changed. The axe is somewhere around 66% chance to stun... It is good odds and you can stun him many times in a row with the axe, and in the same breath... you can also not stun him many times in a row with the axe. Random number generators that determine your success or failure work in strange ways. A third person with a bat or frying pan to put Jason on his knees is a safer bet than the perks that @DontZzz34 suggested. But these perks will give you a better chance if you do not have the option for a third person to be involved. That frying pan is very fragile though... they have to save it for the hit to put him on his knees. With the low luck counselors that I play, I don't think I get more than one hit with it.
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