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  2. Sucker Punch still after the rage update months ago? Meh
  3. I have the same perk loadout on every single counselor except 2. - Thick skin - Medic - Swift Basically one of the universal loadouts. It works well for all of them. Its dependent on the Jason really. If they get suckered into tunneling faster counselors, then you can succeed with any counselor. If Jason tunnels the slower/repair counselors, its a time limit thing really since they can only defend themselves with a shottie or demasking in the final stages of the game. Solo dolo with those counselors only works if the Jason skill level is fairly new, since they don't have the speed advantage. For Jenny, its the fear build. For AJ, I swap out Swift with 25 percent sneaky. It may seem like a waste perk, but on her, I feel its pretty useful for getting in and out windows much quicker and occasionally spamming hiding spots. I usually roll random counselor because of the silly bug that occurs often anyway that changes them after match start and because I don't enjoy playing this game for easy wins/meta nonsense. Its no secret the meta of the game is lazy and proved how little the devs really hammered out the game in the end. When half or more of the Jason strengths/weaknesses are useless/not well thought out and the same for counselor...that's the end result.
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  5. I'd say Kenny. At first I thought he was well balanced with no weaknesses, but when you play him you realize he has no strengths.
  6. Paranoia mode seemed to be quite on its way, when everything got on hold.
  7. I made a Tierlist! I think LaChappa is the worst overall. Buggzy, Mitch, and Jenny are also pretty bad.
  8. Maybe I'm just stupid, but I struggle to imagine what utility Victoria has.
  9. Nah chad is still very good. I used to think he was useless till I’ll I started to use him more. He can still survive the night with his 10 speed. (Better if marathon is equipped). And you can make a lot of spam grab saves for the team with 10 luck. Also can repair fairly decent. His bat can get 5 stuns. to me the most useless counselor is shelly. He’s pathetic. He isn’t good at anything.
  10. Teamers already used to do that before some patching. Taking gas or other objective items into upstairs bedrooms, lock the door and jump out the window. Packanack Lodge kitchen was notorious for this method. When they made it so counselors could unlock interior doors from the inside then the teamers would go take objective items onto roofs.
  11. I hate to be that guy but I don't think we would have ever gotten any different game types then we have now. Just more maps, a couple more Jason, a few more counselors and some emote/clothing packs to buy.
  12. Chad. His biggest strength, luck, is completely pointless since the Rage update. The point of Chad is to distract, bait and smack Jason around. Well with the Rage update you want to prolong the time it takes Jason to get to rage and then while he's in rage he can't be stunned. Thus negating the entire point of Battle Chad and his ability to get 8 easy stuns from 1 baseball bat on Jason.
  13. Depends on who is playing the counselor in my opinion. Every counselor has their purpose. Buggzy can be useless and just beat on Jason, or he can be a terrific distraction while other characters get things repaired. Just depends on who is playing them.
  14. My money is on Buggsy. He brings nothing to the table aside from good running skills and making Jason get rage faster.
  15. I've only had a ps4 since black friday, so my times are low. But you can see which game i enjoyed the most, haha
  16. Consider it a trip through the Twilight Zone. 😎
  17. I often wondered about this as well. It would have nice to have gotten a much needed rework, to add a bit more spice to the game. If we ever got another game like this, I'd like to believe some kind of perk system could be implemented that the players would come to enjoy more than this one. We'll have to wait and see if a future project rectifies this. As everyone doesn't play the exact same way, there's nothing wrong with leaving the perks in, even if they aren't widely used. For the handful of people that may find use of certain perks, others may just choose not to use them at all. Use what you enjoy, and forget about the rest.
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  19. @bryanp3692 Honestly I don't think Tourneys are worth playing right now. If you wanna get started you can get into a League Team. The rules are easier to follow one match per week. I recommend the F13 Uprising League on PS4. If you do well in League Play you'll do well in Tournament play too. It'll definitely be interesting because you'll be playing really good players on a near daily basis. I got into a Team because one of my PSN friends wanted me on their team. But they quit too so I left after the league ended. I recommend League over Tourneys for a more enjoyable experience.
  20. I main Jenny and never needed the perk, I just use Nerves of Steel, Marathon and Sucker Punch. I usually find a map at the stands or in a drawer at the start of the game. I guess some ppl have a different way of playing so it's all good. If alot of ppl use preparedness why not keep it in then
  21. Good thing, the statistics doesn’t tell you how many hours we all have spent in the lobbies waiting for the matches to start 🤪
  22. No Fear Jenny mains would like to have a word with you.
  23. Jason is too easy to kill in this game. That's why it never feels like a horror game now. The killer is too easily killed.
  24. Only time I ever suicide is against teamers. Any Jason who needs his buddies to help him doesn't deserve the kill.
  25. yea just about lol, I bet nobody ever uses Potent Ranger or most of them I have listed except for Preparedness and maybe Restful since I've used it a couple of times before. When I run marathon, it seems like restful is not needed anymore. If I had to keep one that I listed then I would pick preparedness but if they remove it I wouldn't mind.
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