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  2. Slasher_Clone

    prayers for shifty

    @ShiftySamurai, sorry to hear your father is in the hospital. I hope that everything works out ok.
  3. Quit playing the day of the announcement that there was no more content coming. Gun has repeatedly lied to us, from the original release date of October 2016 to now.
  4. It’d be nice if they came but who really cares at this point. I’ll play F13 occasionally but I’ve moved on to DBD.
  5. Freddie Mercury

    An Idea...

    I think people are just reluctant to accept the reality. Sorry to say guys but, no new content is ever going to be made. Ever! Gun and Illfonic have already made their decision, and they seem to be sticking with that decision... No online petitions or fund raisers can change that... Its just how things have gone...
  6. MrBeefy

    An Idea...

    You want to give them more money? If you like wasting money you can send some to my PayPal account. You can Kickstart fund my child's college.
  7. Today
  8. Only makes sense when you have 4 counselors left and the 4 seater is closer to being ready. Not early in the match. Heck even then if I have keys and a good idea where the last piece is I still may do two seater. If nothing else I can drive jason around while they fix 4 seater.
  9. Fair Play

    An Idea...

    Pam Voorhees wouldn't make sense based on the skill system that Jason currently has. That's not to say that she couldn't be built into a slightly different mode with a different skill system. It would have been nice to have seen what Gun & Illfonic could have come up with. Too bad there's not gonna be any more content for this game. I would have enjoyed some of the future ideas that could have come to fruition... I'd be curious to see how some other companies might create a game like this, if the rights were available for them to do so. I think most people understand that. It's just a bitter pill to swallow. Good thing I have a beer to wash it down.
  10. It's all about strategy & I rarely have trouble escaping if I get the boat repaired. As mentioned above, staying low key & having someone help find the gas or knows how to search for the propeller is the way to go. Speed looters are notorious for missing it because as also mentioned, they are looking for pocket knives and/or a gun which is usually a foolish method in most cases against even a half brained Jason. One can be a lone wolf while working for the whole team and be a tremendous asset if done correctly and in any match not full of selfish baffoons who are afraid to die and believe a good time is gang banging Jason with virtual bats, balls and pussies.
  11. You don't know who I am first of all and all you are trying to do is play up your ego for what you already know is a broken game. What is there to really "run" from? Let me reiterate something to you if you didn't catch it the first time. I AM one of the best on the PC format and have played with all the best. This goes for both counselor and Jason. After the new grab patch I had been killing Jasons 2-3 times a day without it even being a focal point of what I want to do. Everybody including the top Jason killers I know all agree that killing Jason is too easy and his only saving graces are glitches. Even the top Jason killer I knew admitted it's like a scam. There is nothing new you are telling me and all you did was garble up the things I said and threw it back up calling it your own while inserting all kinds of passive aggressive insults to make you feel good about yourself. It's kind of pathetic. Not to mention this is a dead game with a decreasing player base so it's even more pathetic. It's like saying you're a top player in a game like White Noise. I mean I feel a little bad having 1k hours in this game knowing the amount of players are shrinking, but damn even if that weren't the case it's pointless to brag because the game is broken. Look at Ahab's post, he said it himself: A full well coordinated team can kill almost any Jason easily, but hey you already know that don't you? Ahab is clearly more active than you on this forum so I can assume he has just as much knowledge about this game if not more than you. All I did was suggest a ways to make the game more exciting and interesting. If you think about there are what...? 5 ways to win a match? Two vehicles, Police, Let the time run out and of course Kill Jason. Are you too poor at doing objectives that having that latter option would just make it impossible or do you just enjoy torturing people who just bought the game on sale? Is it too overwhelming for you if the shack spawned somewhere else than the exact same two places? How about learning a new way to kill Jason, is it hard for you to learn? Speaking of a broken game and easy demasking, what are the chances you or someone in your little group used exploits for the demask? Do you stun after pocket knife? Hit Jason through doors (which is still possible)? Sweater cancel by dropping item since they patched the emote work around? How about this one: Stand next to a bear trap, let Jason grab you, Jason's new grab puts him on the trap unknowingly and letting you free, then uh-oh double tap with an axe! Don't grab in groups? Uh okay, slashing still leaves a window open for other players to hit you. Blocking still allows you to take damage. Speaking of blocking, the radius is all fucked up anyway. You would think it would be a half circle around Jason, but I know the angle where if Jason comes through a doorway, I can hit him and there is nothing he can do about it! How about projectile weapons, something Jason can't really fight against. Ever sneak up and shoot a Jason while he's putting a trap down. Oh damn, that's 20% mask damage isn't it?
  12. deathbat96777

    Questions About Future Content

    they need to come clean and do a press release explaining everything from their side, follow by a comprehensive list of everything we were supposed to get but didn't. I would at least like to know what Paranoia was, see what Grendel and Uber looked like (from them, not glitchy leaks), see or hear who new counselors might've been, etc.
  13. deathbat96777

    Horror Royale (game idea)

    Forgot to include maps: Camp Crystal Lake- from Friday the 13th (1980) Springwood (Suburbs)- from A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Freddy's Lair- based off various scenes from different movies in the Elm Street series Smith's Grove Sanitarium- based off the version from Rob Zombie's Halloween The Jungle- from Predator Concrete Jungle- city from Predator 2 The Cave- from My Bloody Valentine The Shack- from the original Evil Dead Castle- from Army of Darkness Haddonfield- from Halloween (1978) Nostromo- ship from Alien (1979) Sulaco- ship from Aliens Fury 161- colony from Alien 3 Prometheus- ship from Prometheus (Alien prequel) Yautja Prime- Predator Home World from Predators Lazarus- from Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Grendel- from Jason X Pinehurst (DLC)- from Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning The Sawyer Farm (DLC)- from Texas Chainsaw Massacre DLC (give deathbat your $$$ right meow!): jk Heroes Creighton Duke from Jason Goes to Hell Royce from Predators Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs Lefty from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Reggie the Reckless from Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning Villains Chrome Skull from Laid to Rest Maniac Cop from Maniac Cop Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre Roy Burns from Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning
  14. Freddie Mercury

    prayers for shifty

    Yeah, @ShiftySamurai I'm really sorry to hear that your fathers in the hospital. Best of wishes Dan, i hope your dad gets better.
  15. wow, that's awesome! I really enjoyed reading this. Nice that you got to converse with him about all of this
  16. deathbat96777

    F13 game tshirts

    I'd like to see an all over tee with Chad's shocked expression from the map intros. I'd legit buy that lol
  17. deathbat96777

    No Mask Option (Idea)

    My only complaint against it would be that it would make you easier to kill. Like, way easier
  18. deathbat96777

    Avengers 4 predictions

    I feel like they watered down his powers for the sake of the movie. If they made it like the comics and he was as powerful as you described, he would've killed everyone before the thirty minute mark. I just feel as if they made him too unstoppable, it wouldn't go well on screen. I think the movie handled it well and balanced it enough that he still seemed like a huge threat. It wasn't until near the end of the movie that they were able to even scratch him.
  19. TheHansonGoons

    prayers for shifty

    Excellent thread. Best of wishes Dan. Hoping for the best. My family's thoughts are with yours.
  20. Splatterhouse

    My Retirement

    I don't get it? Obviously they always had it in for "Beware of Bears", - but I don't get why others have been removed? Seems like a cull? "Heartbreaker"? Has supported the game for the last three years from Kickstarter? Why the fuck is he banned? I feel sorry for Gun/Illlfonic. They've created a great game. But I don't get the 'let's cut the forum heads off of longtime forum members?" Like I said, I'm not around here so much anymore...still playing the game...just don't get the sudden tact? It almost feels impulsive.
  21. Gonna try again tonight... Have gotten to play only one game during the last 62 hrs.. though this is not the only game thats been affected. Apparently some issues with psn, though according to them, all is fine... Greetings from northern europe!
  22. QFT. Also, the people who complain the loudest about "lack of diversity" and "sexism" are generally those who don't even play the games.
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