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  3. Hell I just ignore em and go snap some pictures of Jason looking badass for thumbnails. They chose not to play so I don't bother engaging with them. They are craving attention so I dont bother giving it to them. No point really.
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  6. Next time you need it bumped, PM me. I’ll come give it a read, I’m sure I can find something to write that’s ‘with purpose’.
  7. I’d actually appreciate this as a serious suggestion and was planning on mentioning it. Bots can act as an outlet for some trolling behaviour, I’m all for Jason getting a couple extra kills each match if he can find them first and wouldn’t be against a couple showing up if they appear in the cut scene but aren’t being played. It could encourage people to play non OG Counselors. I think replacing any disconnects with bots would be a good thing too. Here’s to hoping it’s an easy add.
  8. I’ve played f13game since day 1 on console and now I’m just starting on pc I’m on level 44 on pc and never had an issue with finding a full lobby on pc! I hear your concern but in doing this idea I feel like people will either get annoyed by the bots or just get lazy and be like “welp we got bots filling up so I’ll just be Jason or leave” lol I’m only game if we can team kill the bots LMFAO “hey Bruce where’s Campfacer? I just saw him beating a bit to death” lol
  9. I feel that Vanessa is the queen of surviving the night, because of her higher speed and luck. Speed makes juking easier, and you'll make some windows Tiffany won't. Luck is useful, because of the effect it has on stumbling. All that said, Tiffany's stealth is not useless in rage. If she gets into Packanack, or Pinehurst, her low amount of sound bubbles can waste alot of time. In the end here, there's no right answer as this entire topic is all opinion anyway. I suggest everyone accept that others with have a view that differes from theirs, and move on.
  10. Holding key items, it annoys me when I have to travel across the map because someone decided it was useful to take the objectives to the far corners of the map. That shit gets old. Worst is when they bait you out there then pick it up and fuck off.
  11. Same. Had to be a nightmare at the beginning when you could still kill counselors.
  12. Thank goodness friendly fire is turned off. Otherwise I’d be getting in battles with these people that hit you over and over. Makes me wonder what the game was like when friendly fire was turned on. I didn’t start playing this game until later November 2018
  13. Thanks! 🙂 But yes, counselors that just sit there and hit you over and over are so annoying. Makes me just sit here and be like "WTF, who are you? Do I know you?" They need to go do something productive with their lives.
  14. I hear ya!! Last night the dumbest thing happened to me. Jason was chasing me while 4 people were in a car passing by me watching my sorry ass getting left. They escape. Then someone escapes by boat. All happened while he was focused on me. It’s like really dude? You’re going to let 5 people escape so you can keep coming after me? I wasn’t using my survive the night counselors I was using my repair counselor so I got ran down and killed eventually. They were lucky I wasn’t tiff or Vanessa. Lol I messaged em and said if you wanna 1 on 1 I’ll change my counselor and let’s do it if you just wanna chase me
  15. I mean...I’ve done it but I play Jenny a lot. I’m very comfortable with her playstyle and how much stamina I have to work with. She’s better at surviving than the repair counselors (AJ, Debbie, Fox) but she probably won’t live as long as the runners (Tiffany, Vanessa, Victoria). She is close to Victoria but Victoria has a slight edge over Jenny. I do which Jenny had the highest survivability due to being the “final girl” trope. Definitely not impossible but not as easy as the other runners
  16. The way you respond to people I can respect. I’ve always loved chatting with you ever since I joined the forums. Not that I wanna have the “last word” but we can agree to disagree, we’ve both said what we needed to. Vanessa and Tiffany are easily the top two meta counselors. Both have similar stats and mainly play the same way except Tiffany being more stealthier. I do wish that the meta wasn’t Vanessa/Tiffany based on their speed and stamina stats alone. Composure and stealth SHOULD play a bigger role. I’d rather the game be hide and seek than fight Jason and make him a piñata. Composure and stealth should keep you off of Jason’s radar and make you less likely to be sense. Vanessa should ALWAYS be the first found due to low stealth and composure and counselors like Jenny and AJ should be the last ones found. I always hated how the high composure counselors will scream when Jason is around. However I did notice that Jenny NEVER screams. Of course she does her voice lines of “Please No!” and “Help, Oh God!” among others when Jason is right on her tail but she never does the generic AJ scream when Jason is nearby.
  17. Tunneling itself doesn't annoy me. I'm sure I've done it my fair share. You get locked in on one person, feel like you're wearing them down or close to finishing them, and next thing you know they've gotten a couple of stuns in, looped a few windows, you got a bit sloppy and two or three minutes have passed. There's still times where it's like, "Really, dude? Go find somebody else to mess with." Had one once where Jason chased me through FIVE cabins on Packanack -- early in the match, not when it was one or two people left -- and even passed up one or two to keep after me before I finally was able to shake him.
  18. I think no fear Jenny could hold her own with epic marathon and a good supply of spray if the cabins were close together and you used her weapon to block incoming throwing knives instead of wasting stamina trying to dodge them. Might not be as easy to survive as Tiff or Nessa but it's possible.
  19. If I've grabbed the sweater, I perfectly understand getting tunneled, since I myself will always tunnel sweater-girl until one of us are dead. But I hate getting tunneled at the beginning of the round, double if I'm not even near an objective. I've started rounds in the middle of the forest and (I shit you not) 10 seconds later hear Jason coming, then it's "follow the white rabbit" time and I get killed before he even has Sense.
  20. All those 1 or 2 seconds add up to that much more stamina to play with. You keep reducing it to other points but speed is stamina in the late game. Every window you hop in you get a bit more stamina than Tiff while Jason plays catch up. I don’t like that it breaks down like this, just so you know. I personally think it should be fairly balanced by the Composure stat and that stealth should be more valuable, they aren’t balanced or valuable but speed is. I main Mitch and used to main Jenny, so it’s not like I have a vested interest in Vanessa being Meta (most effective tactic available) but she is. Tiff is second but the gap between them is noticeable. Now if you want to have the last word, I’ll let you. I’ve said my piece and see no reason for this to dissolve into bickering, which it does when we start going over the same points and get frustrated with each other’s arguments. I can see why you think what you do but maybe it’s because you’re position is dependent on you being behind the controller/keyboard. That said I’m good with agreeing to disagree, and the last word can be yours, good chat by the way.
  21. Stealth isn’t very valuable post rage but it can help when cabin hopping and juking when inside of a cabin because Tiffany makes no noise indications at all post rage. Inside of a cabin Tiffany has an advantage over Vanessa. I just think it is fair game based how the player plays. I have seen very little speed increase between a 6 and 10. I’ve ran right besides Vanessa and of course she goes faster but I’m like a second behind her, it’s not that dramatic of a difference. Tiffany has a little boost of stealth vs Vanessa little boost of speed... I just don’t care about speed, like at all. I do just as well with Jenny as I do Vanessa. If I can juke a shift grab well then it doesn’t matter if I’m playing Debbie or Vanessa.
  22. @JennyMyers1984 Since stamina is equal between Vanessa and Tiffany, doesn't the fact that Vanessa has more speed play to he being the more likely queen of surviving the night? You said stamina is your top priority, which is fair, I don't disagree. But with things being equal on this fight, what then pushes Tiffany ahead of Vanessa in just surviving a one on one encounter with Jason? Are you valuing stealthiness over speed?
  23. I don't like it when Jason talks. Especially if it's a little kid. When I'm being chased around the map I prefer not to have a conversation with whoever is playing Jason. For me it takes the scare level a few notches down.
  24. I heard if you wear Vanessa’s hero costume she turns into Wonder Woman.....
  25. Let me rephrase what I said about speed... Speed is a good stat, it isn’t USELESS like strength...it’s just not THE most important to me. I can do well with any counselor regardless of their speed. I value stamina more. It’s why I prefer Victoria over Chad. Victoria is slow but she can go for a long time. Chad is fast and can gain distance but he has 0 endurance, he will not last in a chase due to crippling composure and horrible stamina. As long as I have stamina to work with I’m good. Jenny is slow as hell but has a good amount of stamina to get from place to place especially paired with marathon. I can juke a shift grab regardless. You can still get grabbed while playing Vanessa, she isn’t Wonder Woman (no pun intended)
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