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  2. Players hopping lobbies just to be Jason has been a thing since launch day, so it's unlikely to change. I do hope it gets better.
  3. Convinced quick play is ''quit play''. Jason players quitting every match when they get selected as Jason. They don't understand if they only changed their preference to counselor it would save everybody so much time. Waiting 3 minutes for 1 person who won't ready up, then gets Jason and rage quits immediately is annoying. Repeat at least 5 times before 1 Jason player stays a full game. Meanwhile I am waiting through 20 games of this until I get picked 1 time as Jason. When you see players quitting at the start that want to be Jason you will understand why. Not Jason, quit, search for new lobby. Repeat until Jason. The experience in a nutshell for quickplay grinding for 100%.
  4. Ah nice, I'm glad he understood it and will ask the team about it.
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  6. Think it's way too easy to knock off Jasons mask and kill him. Needs to be harder to kill him. Tommy knocks off the mask in 1 hit and Sweater girl hits 1 button. No way to break out of the stun.
  7. They're still out there. They might be harder to find at times, but I still see them. I also find the occasional new player that is willing to accept advice from others, and not just run around taking up space in a match, or thinking they know everything. Quick Play players will always be like a mixed box of chocolates. You never know what's inside.
  8. As much as I love the fun of doing speed runs the offline bots in friday the 13th are just not fun and broken all they do is open and close door and jump in out of windows I would do a speed run if the bots weren't so broken
  9. Good luck... it took me about 50 restarts before the Mitch and AJ finally tried moving in the same direction instead of splitting up.
  10. I think you mean "obscure". Sad as it may be, I'm finding less and less counselors who just want to fix something and GTFO.
  11. Nice work man. Looks like I got a new challenge time to try and beat
  12. @Speed_Force92, a few things you may want to keep in mind: 1. There are a number of bugs still present in this game, and that doesn't sit well with some of the members. I won't say everyone, as no one here has the right to speak on behalf of the entire player base for this game. 2. Rather than trying to speak for multiple people, encourage the people to come to the forum and speak for themselves. Sometimes when you speak for others, things may get lost in translation. 3. Teaming is a mindset, and you can't exactly control what players think about doing. That is probably why "teaming" is not a punishable offense in the terms of use. It sucks, but it is what it is. 4. This game was made for fans (you, me and a lot of people who play) by fans (the developers). Would you mind not trying to derail just about every topic you post in with the same agenda?
  13. Welcome to the forum @Ragingid. Have a pleasant stay.
  14. You left out the most obvious answer: Those who are not trying to kill Jason, but instead trying to escape.
  15. That's a nice breakdown between the two games. There's been talk among the members here of P2P being a potential solution to the dilemma of the servers shutting down one day. We'll see. A solution for the 1000 matches as Jason, is to get into a private match with one other person. 1000 matches of two go a lot faster than 1000 matches of eight.
  16. Anyone still doing offline bot challenges? I was bored one night and decided to roleplay as Roy on Pinehurst i.e cannot use any abilities except stalk so you have to run or walk everywhere and can only use throwing knives and traps, it was actually a bit of a challenge when they got the car started lol
  17. well this thread is a culmination of points from a lobby I was playing in that had different people come in and out of it just yesterday. So actually I am speaking for at least 10 people who I seriously doubt are the only ones who feel this way. So sorry to burst your bubble but not everyone feels like your and Dragon. Also sorry Dragon is wrong the glitch he mentioned has been a problem for almost a year and the non environmental kills regarding grab attacks has been a problem since the game came out
  18. You bought your copy. That's your game. It was developed by Gun Media. Friday the 13 the game is Gun media's game.
  19. Its time for Gunmedia to move on to another big horror titled game.
  20. I’m with Dragon on this, and he can speak for the fans far more than you can @Speed_Force92.
  21. Welcome to camp, it’s end of the season so it’s pretty quiet but you should still be able to find a good conversation or two.
  22. Sometimes I wish it wasn't so loud. The only way to turn it down is to turn the rest of the main sound down too......which doesn't help when trying to hear the other game sounds.
  23. No you don't. They are still working on the game. The enviro-kills glitch is known about and is supposed to be fixed. They aren't even working on the Predator game by the way. That is Illfonic that hasn't been involved with the F13 game for some time now. You are right about one thing, but wrong at the same time. The game was for the fans, true. But it was also for them, as they are fans too. You can tell how much they cared for the franchise by the attention to details that were put into the game.
  24. Just because y'all are caught in the middle of an ugly lawsuit ending future content, doesn't give you dev's an excuse to run your game in the ground when you still have a following. The bugs in the game are at an all time high. The two common ones involve calling Tommy, and counselors that glitch out of Jason's grabs. I see those almost every game. At this point, it's apparent yall aren't doing anything, or just don't care to do so. I'm aware of the Predator game you devs are going to be working on with Sony, but that's still no excuse to ignore this game. WE funded this game, and yall are throwing us the finger, because it didnt turn out the way you wanted. The game was for us fans that still log on, not yall. We want our game back. Also we are tired of you devs allowing people to work with Jason, crack down on that harder if people are going through the proper steps to contact you. I speak for everyone that still loves and plays this game. Sincerely, -Your most loyal fans
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