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  2. A player by the name of RadiationZyme was caught cheating in my game targeting me and getting Jason to only attack me. Also sending harassment messages including him admiring to cheatingVideo of the game cheating
  3. A player purposely exploiting gltiches, they've done it about 4 times now.
  4. Lol yes Jason goes to hell is terrible. I don’t even know what they were thinking when they made that film. All of the others are good and I enjoy watching except Jason goes to hell, I couldn’t even watch the whole thing
  5. What’re you trying to report glitching, hacking, teaming?
  6. Hi guys, i was recently on Reddit looking up the question "where to report cheating players", and i was guided to this guy GunMedia_Ben, but he seems to be inactive. Do you guys know of anyone i can speak too or email etc. I have plenty of screenshots and two recordings of the player in question. Tbh, i'm not even sure they ban anyone anymore, any help would be great, thanks.
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  8. A tactic i forget about but did a year ago. Morph away, get all 4 powers, use sense until you see them, shift in and grab someone then mash morph if hit or pk'd. It pissed them off but I lived as Jason.
  9. I run 1st Aid, PK & Keys/1st Aid as I usually run into traps to save others, draw Jason & free the shack/phone/car. I run: My Dad is a Cop/Lead Foot, Sucker Punch & Thrasher. I feel Medic is garbage.
  10. Top 4 because after that it's any order and doesn't matter...Jason goes to Hell is easily the worst in my opinion... Part 1 Part 4 Part 3 Part 2
  11. Once Jason is on your mini-map when you're the driver, he doesn't come off of it regardless of where you or he goes unless you get out of the car,
  12. Take it as a chance to learn and it will be apparent in your posts here, can’t say for sure it will make a difference to others or prevent what you’re scared of but it will mean something.
  13. Yes but its the way the VA delivers the line. Cherami Leigh (Tiffany's VA) delivers the lines with such enthusiasm and truly embodies them. It's one of the main reasons I main her, getting a stun with her literally gives me chills.
  14. chucky-new.jpg?ssl=1

    1. F134Ever86


      I think this Chucky looks better than the last two Chucky movies.

  15. All the counselors (the ones that were in the game on release) have a line that is just scream when stunning Jason. LaChappa’s is funny as HELL. I swear I laugh every single time. Jennys is funny as well, it’s such a light dainty yelp.
  16. Well said. But now I'm fucking scared I'm gonna get banned for something that I didn't realise was bannable back in the day :v
  17. We will see lol 😂😂 I always get a kick out of Tiffany’s dialogue. She sounds so dramatic and it’s hilarious when she tries sounding all brave saying “I’ll kill you, I’ll fucking kill you” and not sure if anyone’s heard her when she screams ”noooo”
  18. I've always thought Tiffany easily had the best voice acting. I personally love her delivery of the lines, "I'll kill you, I'll fucking kill you!" "Take that, you bastard!" and "Fuck you!" I also love the way AJ says, "Why won't you fucking die?" upon stunning Jason.
  19. Yeah, La Chappa gets an A+ for dramatic 1 liners as well 😂. Hope next poll you do will be for death cries
  20. When you're driving the car and you see Jason he pops up on your mini map and his icon will stay on your mini map until you exit the car. You'll be able to see where he's shifting or if he morphs away. That's why nerves of steel is an excellent perk choice for trying to escape. Lol didn't see that someone already answered
  21. Deborah had a really good voice actor, especially in the Single Player Challenges. I never liked Jenny’s voice to be honest ESPECIALLY the sweater stun dialogue.
  22. I've got tons of video to back up everything I have claimed. Maybe you just piss off the rest of the lobby enough they simply don't want to help you.
  23. If the kill fails, Jason still has time on the clock to kill the remaining counselors.
  24. Undecided, I don’t have enough experience with all the Counselors to make conclusive decision. I definitely enjoy Tiff and Debra over Jenny but couldn’t judge the other girls fairly. As for the male Counselors, I like Mitch’s dialogue but don’t know if I’d say it’s my favourite. Good poll, I’m enjoying reading the other Campers responses.
  25. I do like Tiffany’s because she sounds genuinely frightened and pissed off when she needs to be. She sounds pissed when she knocks off the mask like she is actually brave and gonna defeat Jason once and for all and frightened when running away. She also sounds shaky when using the sweater, not like she is trying to seduce Jason like all the other females (besides Fox who uses a motherly tone). Tiff’s voice actor was really good, it sounds real...not like it was done in a studio. Victoria’s is good as well because she sounds whiny and bitchy. If I had to choose a male counselor I’d pick Chad and Mitch. Shelly and Tommy make me laugh. “He’s coming help!” “HE’S KILLING ME!!!”
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  27. I get what you're saying. A mask buff would solve this problem. I still like the idea i posted above. Jason should have some means to get the final counselors if they fail at killing him. They shouldn't be able to rely on the clock for the win. Do you have a better idea? I would be happy to read it bud. 😊👍
  28. I’ve never liked Victoria’s voice much, something just doesn’t sound right to me for some reason. I gotta say la chappas voice is definitely the most annoying though.
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