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  2. Your Jason seems so nice! I’d like to meet a Jason that’s that forgiving 😆 most are savages and will kill you regardless of the situation
  3. I hate when a group of counselors says, "wE dA bEsT!!! u cAnT kEe uS!" And then when they get embarrassed by a good Jason in pubs, they all rage quit without saying a word - it's quite comical, actually.
  4. I agree I think part 4 was a badass in the movie as well. He was so damn aggressive and fast. I think his running speed could be increased as well a little bit. In my opinion I actually consider part 8 to be 2nd best behind savini. I think this bc he’s really good at stopping the car, boat, and has 5 traps. So stopping the counselors from escaping is his strength. However if you’re dealing with a kill squad he’s a bit weaker due to not having weapon strength
  5. Part IV should be a top tier. I think he was the best Jason, in movie terms, pre-zombie. That, combined with the fact he's the last Jason to unlock should make him a top choice. As it is now, Roy and Part III are top choices and you get them right out of the box. Makes no sense to me.
  6. I’m into it. If they need a little more money, I’d even be willing to pitch in $20 for a smaller, less grandiose Kickstarter but that’s it, no more money out of principle. I’d love to see Gun transition to Slasher Summer Camp. They need to approach a larger studio and pitch the idea and use the success of F13 as proof there is interest and potential in the idea. “We made F13 on our own with a small team and Kickstarter money yet look at the interest and profitability of the game. With a major studio backing a similar project, imagine the revenue generated with AAA resources.” Pitch it, make it happen. The gaming community is an expansive, enmeshed, and very invested group. We know what’s going on everywhere with games, it’s what we love. It’s time to let F13 rest and focus on a similar bigger and better game. I’d be willing to say that 70-90% of F13 playerbase would jump on Slasher Camp immediately. You already have a playerbase, envision Slasher Camp as Part 2 and run with it Take what works from other games and implement it. Players loved what Activision did for COD WWII “base” where players could run around and engage with other players and content outside the parameters of lobbies. That would work perfectly for a Slasher game. Have players be able to sandbox around a small camp with a lodge and interact with other players, change their gear and clothes, do mini games, and have fun. Then they can can join lobbies at their leisure. F13 is very small and old skool in scope. You have to immediately go into a lobby like it’s the 90s and from there is your entire experience. Give the game depth. Combine elements of the virtual cabin with the online game. Have people running around trying to find Easter eggs and secrets in the sandbox pre-lobby camp. Have chests with rare gear counselors can earn. Approach the game for the long haul, people want to be able to create and customize their own character which has to be done. This is a no-brainer at this point. Take what was learned, what worked and didn’t and make something new.
  7. Part IV would def be a top tier Jason if he had this added.
  8. This is a good idea but Jason is my 2nd favorite horror icon with Michael as my 1st. I’d be so sad to see Friday go. I’d rather see them settle the lawsuit and keep the game moving forward. But we all know how that’s been going. Now all we need is for a Halloween game to come out with Michael Myers, but with no lawsuit BS.
  9. I think u misunderstood my question. Not how many times have you killed Jason but how many times has Jason killed you. I think ur puffing too much grass today😁🤣
  10. I'm kinda wishing that they would of just stuck with this Idea and never accepted the F13 license. Yes, I love F13 and that we got a F13 game but look what happened to the game because of it being a licensed IP. If this were to be a unlicensed game, we would still be getting updates and additional content added to the game without any legal bullshit to worry about.
  11. Part IV definitely needs a rework. He's the last Jason to unlock, was a bad ass in the movie, and is easily the worst Jason in the game. Should have Destruction, Weapon Strength, Shift And then - traps - grip strength - stalk I don't recall Part IV having any real weaknesses in the movie, other than being gullible and dumb at the end with Tommy. None of the Jasons in the original movies set any traps so it's not a real weakness, obviously it is in terms of game play but whatever. Grip strength is absolutely meaningless in this game and stalk as a weakness is meh. The rework someone suggested in this thread with - defense and - hit points is absolutely a horrendous idea. Want to make a Jason completely useless and have no one ever want to use him? Give him both of those weaknesses. He'd be demasked in the first 30 seconds every match. And thus killed 9 times out of 10.
  12. Today
  13. After reading this I looked up the most obvious glitch of all, Packanack roof, on YouTube and tried to replicate what they were doing. I must really suck at glitching because I couldn’t do what these trolls were doing which makes it that much more ridiculous. I honestly don’t know if there are just extra conditions when the match loads that makes it more vulnerable for glitching because I’ve tried to debug these glitches and have never been able to reproduce anything. To me, they’ve been irradiated from the game but apparently some people are still able to get on the roof i’m honestly puzzled as to how that actually do it. I’d love to be able to submit a video to Gun but nothing came of my attempt so why bother
  14. They simply don't have enough people working on the game.
  15. How are all these glitches still here? Is the game deteriorating or what?
  16. My favorite ways are: Fix phone to help all counselors. Fix boat Kill Jason Fix car Survive the night. I tend to find these players the biggest trolls. They loop tables and continuously talk shit, teabag or dance. Not to mention the fact they are holding up other people just because they chose to play characters with high stamina and low repair. which leads me to they didnt do anything to help anyone a majority of the time. No offense to anyone if this doesn't pertain to you, but as we know most players aren't on the forums. I dont ever sabotage. Big form of trolling and ruining someone else's experience. Its a thin line between working with the killer too.
  17. As a counselor I've seen people do this at Higgins and Pinehurst. I just climb through the window and steal their car.
  18. Then quit playing, a game can’t die a peaceful death but you can choose, not to be involved if you want. Even after the servers go down I’ll still be playing it.
  19. Hi everyone, so I deduce that even from this idea the game cannot take advantage of it, let alone a new idea. I am sorry that a game so beautiful and full of action should do such a tragic end just because we could not find an agreement between Horror Inc. and Mr. Miller. But if this is the reality I do not see much light at the end of the tunnel. Now the development of the game has been abandoned and until this cause finds an end, it will be murmured in the dark. I can't wait for this to happen and if unfortunately the game should die so it will come; everything can not always go well in life. I, too, would like to have new content for the game but I would prefer the game to die in peace and a new movie starring Jason in its place. Then it's not always just the game that keeps us entertained, but also with a lot of imagination you can get really exceptional results.
  20. Thanks for the clarification, good to know that it might become one of the main priority's.
  21. That was 100% genuine. We appreciate that people are passionate about the games we make, even when critical. I am being completely sincere, there's just not a lot more for me to say on the topic of "What's next for Gun?" at this time. I apologize if my shorter answer seemed rude, I did not intend to be.
  22. Um, sorry if this is a rude question but are you being sarcastic? Because I’m sure nothing would make the fans of Friday happier than Gun doing this. You have no idea how much we want to support you.
  23. While I'm 99% sure it falls under the category of balancing, which is ok with the current status, I'm not sure about priority right now. Reason I say so is because as you all know, we have some things we're putting at priority one right now that are more about improving the experience overall and squashing some bugs. But, it can be tabled for the moment and revisited as priorities shift and change.
  24. I completely agree with your part 4 stats and if they do decide to put the can/can't run into background mechanics then i agree with all of your stat choices aswell, you would have made it much more balanced.
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