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  2. Nice. The last counselor I usually try to go for a horror final act as well. Usually try my best for a good cinematic stalk kill like the movies to give everyone a good show and the survivor a good scare.
  3. Exactly. Even being good with the shift grab, if the counselor knows its coming and is a skilled juker, its going to be hard to actually grab him/her. +Shift real value is shifting on them for it's entire length, pressuring them to burn stamina, since you can shift more often.
  4. Thanks man, since I came back, only 3 counselors total has eluded me, in maybe already a 100 games as Jason. No one yet survived the entire 20 mins. Get off the map and do it fast. I agree that it's probably 90% on the player behind the Jason. If I was to put emphasis on a particular Jason though, I'd say Savini maybe, but Part 3, 6, 9, and Roy are all dangerous if the player knows how to shift, use stalk properly, and are skill with throw knives. I don't really chase counselors until I'm down the the final one, then I tunnel the shit out of him, power walking (or running ) without shifting for the full horror movie final act. lol. I actually usually have about 8-10 knives, not playing a +knives Jason, since most games I down to one counselor by the 10 min mark, before I get rage even, so I may take a moment to grab a few more knives, break a few doors, and cut the remaining power, because I'm a dick
  5. plus knives only means more knives not more damage.... and the concept of staying close to a plus shift Jason is a tactic to use to make Jason over shoot his shift grab. It’s a bit easier to make him overshoot when your close to him rather than when you’re far away due to his shift being faster. When he shifts at me I’ll stand there and wait till the very last moment to turn backwards, right , or left. You can usually make him miss most of the time doing this. And I know you’re a NOS fan so you could really use that to ur advantage.
  6. There's a ton of knives on the map plus the fact he starts with extra and they do more damage. I also don't understand the whole distance thing people use as a way to combat a +shift. As a Part VI, you can be right behind someone, shift about a country mile away from them, and then come right back to them negating the whole you don't want to be far away concept.
  7. I use Mac OS and i've really wanted to play Friday the 13th, but it's not available for Mac OS and that's honestly so sad. I really wanted to play the game with my friends but can't because it's not available, I also know a lot of other people who wants to play friday the 13th but can't because they are also using Mac OS. So I was wondering if it would ever be released in the future to Mac Os players aswell, an answer would be amazing!
  8. Facts Same here. Especially when they start playing those horrendous mind games with you and you don’t know wtf he’s doing next..... I don’t think so. Last 5 minutes his knives are usually gone and you can just jog right in front of him and keep Him in short distance view and keep dodging his shifts. You never want to be far away from a plus shift Jason! Stay close and use their strength against them
  9. Part 6. His +shift and +knives. You're gonna have a very difficult time running away from him in the last 5 minutes of a match.
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  11. I don't know why I keep mixing those two perks up... I did the same thing in another conversation recently. Thank you for correcting me. I do not remember if I was playing Part VII or Part IV when that happened... it could have been either. I did not think about sound pings being tied to sense. I will have to pay closer attention to this... Thank you for pointing that out. I cannot remember Tommy giving off sound pings at all either... which makes him much more difficult to find with 3 top tier sense avoidance perks... Fortunately, most Tommy players do not hide... they tend to get in Jason's face. I do sometimes use Tommy's lack of sound pings to get a car repaired and go pick as many people up as I can. Most of my builds are fear resistance, which are great for Tommy as well. I still have only one legendary perk that I actually use on a regular basis.
  12. I probably need the excuse as motivation, that half a million cp is burning a hole in my pocket. I know it won’t make any real difference but I can use it in place of TS and just be more careful. The advantage of some of the negatives I’m well aware of, I just never had any luck rolling the legendaries and haven’t read the list in months. The bonuses weren’t good enough or unique enough to change anything. I still think most of my no neg epics are probably better than whatever legendaries I might roll too which doesn’t encourage me very much. This is why I can’t wait for the rework. Did anyone catch the stream I got distracted and missed it... any good news?
  13. When a Jason has two severe weaknesses, imo it needs a re work. Jason’s like Part 8 that have really no weaknesses at all. -sense, -grip strength, -can’t run are definitely not significant weaknesses to have at all. This is also why I main him and consider him to be the best Jason of them all. I’ve always done considerably better with him than any other Jason due to not really have any weaknesses working against me..... -sense? Countered by spamming sense. -grip strength? Spam kill button right when you grab. Can’t run? Oh well not a super big deal. Part 4.....-traps? Traps will get tanked and whole camp will get repaired when going against a good team. -shift? Hurts catching runners. -water speed? Boat might get away from you. Understand why I think part 4 needs a re work? That’s why everyone considers part 4 the worst Jason of them all..... his weaknesses really work against him badly unlike other Jason’s. Unless they got speed demon or lead foot. Part 4 -shift already has a hard time catching the car. Not saying it can’t be done but if counselor has speed demon or lead foot, he probably won’t catch them. I’ve been loving those car speed perks lately. Not even a +shift Jason can catch me in the car..... last night had a savini not catch me in car and the damn cheater glitches car with knive. And a chance to call cops is very bad imo. This is less likely to happen with 5 trap Jason’s. When cops get called you can speed kill with part 4. But there’s always a chance that one person will escape... and I know we all try to strive for no survivors
  14. Any Jason with a + Shift is top tier surviving the night against. Constant shifts wear down stamina and keeps you on your toes.
  15. Part IV needs no rework. He is fine as he is... and my all around favorite Jason... as he is. When people were talking about reworking Part VII... I pointed out then... and I will point it out again... As soon as the worst Jason gets a rework, there will be a new "worst Jason" that everyone will demand a rework for. Non of them needed a rework to begin with... it is all about playstyle vs strengths and weaknesses. I did just fine with Part VII before he got his rework and I did not see a need for that one either... Part VII was always my go to other than Part IV. I rarely play any other variants. Also, as long as all of the variants have differing strengths and weaknesses... there will ALWAYS be a worst Jason in the opinions of the fans of this game. And as long as the worst Jason keeps getting reworks... people will keep demanding the "newest worst Jason variant" get a rework of his own. When does it end?... There are also MUCH larger problems to deal with in this game already... Particularly considering that this is not even a problem. There was talk before the end of content announcement about Retro Jason getting some work done to him... I have no idea what they were going to do, perhaps make him a stand alone Jason instead of a skin for Part III and give him his own strengths and weaknesses... but I doubt that one is going to happen now as it would count as a new Jason... even though it is already in the game, it is merely a skin for an existing Jason. Having only three traps is not so bad. Giving a -Traps variant 2 more traps will be the same as neutral traps... which means neutral and +Trap variants will suddenly have 2 more traps each as well to balance it out... No thank you. To me, this is hardly a weakness at all. On the extremely rare occasions I play neutral or +Trap variants, I am so used to having only 3 traps that I never use more than that... and I do just fine. I rarely trap the car... and it is my invitation to the counselors... "please, take the car... I dare you." I do not miss the car very often... I get a lot of practice with it because of this weakness. there is no need to change it... people just need to learn to work around it. I have also had many games in which trap tankers made my 3 traps utterly useless... and it still doesn't stop me. Against me, it just gives them a better chance to call the cops... that's it. It is still not a guarantee they will make the call. This would most definitely make Part IV the worst Jason in the history of the game. If these changes were made, I would never play him again... which would literally kill the game for me. The first Jason to burst through a door in the movies... having a weakness of -Destruction? The strongest of the "living" Jasons… having a weakness of -Grip Strength?... He has, and should have... +Destruction and +Weapon Strength... the only two strengths that make him comparable to his counterpart in the movies. It took an old style 80's tv over the head to stun him... this does not justify a weakness of -Stun Resistance either. Also... there was no real indication that he was fast in the water. The weakness of -Water Speed is hardly a weakness when so few people even go for a boat. This would also leave Savini Jason as the only -Water Speed Jason... and now there would be three +Water Speed variants.
  16. Were you Part 7 Jason by any chance? For some reason Part seven's hearing sense is stronger than any other Jason so he can pick up AJ and Tiffany's noise when jogging. The perk you were thinking about is "Lightfoot" and only AJ can achieve a noise-free sprinting but the perk in question has to be at least 11% or higher. Currently caps at 15% and only works when sprinting. Tommy doesn't seem to generate any noise even when sprinting though but then again you can't spawn in as him every game.
  17. I like speed demon on Vanessa. Mainly for the - repair speed. The more negative on that the better. I’m less likely to mess up repairs.
  18. @GeneiJin is the hardest Jason to survive the night against... It matters not which variant he uses... It is the player behind the Jason, not the Jason variant.
  19. if i morph behind the house they went in the front door of & the back door is unlocked, i will use the door like a gentelmen. other than that, the doors are toast. jim & ray anyways.
  20. It was stated that roof glitching was made the priority... It had the most complaints, and previous attempts to fix this problem have all failed... After they stated this was their priority, people started complaining about a bunch of other stuff... and now say it was a mistake to make the roof glitch fix a priority. Changing priorities in the middle of a project never goes well. This bug certainly can be annoying, but it is not game breaking. Counselors get a second chance to escape and Jason gets XP for the kill whether he catches them again or not... On the other hand, one roof glitcher can hold entire lobbies hostage... While Jason can hit any counselor on a roof with throwing knives, he still needs to be practiced at long distance throws to get even one hit... and after the first hit... they realize that you can hit them, they no longer stand still. They always seem to have a great many med sprays anyway... so more often than not, they are holding the lobby hostage... WAY more game breaking than environment kills not working. There apparently are Jason players that farm XP with this... and hold lobbies hostage as well... But this can be countered by running away from him with the stamina bonus you get when you break free... multiplied further if you have a weapon nearby that you can pick up for even more extra stamina upon hitting Jason with it. While Jason screws around with one counselor, he loses all of the others to escapes and will likely have the cops called as well, allowing anyone to get to the cops... So it is far less likely that a Jason player can hold a lobby hostage with this. Either way, it is what it is... Our only hope here is that this upcoming patch actually fixes the problem it is trying to fix so they can move on to other issues.
  21. It's a toss up for me between the running Jasons. Part 2's traps can keep objectives at bay long enough to take out everyone before something gets fixed (if it's not an organized group of course). Part 3 has no major weaknesses. Part 4's weapon and destruction strengths will help him mow down doors and counselors. Part 5 has no major weaknesses, and the knives also help.
  22. I remember that one. The math suggested for it was in the thread on the perk rework. A 15% bonus to speed would bring a counselor with a speed of 3 (the lowest speed stat) to a speed of 3.45. It is not even a full point of increase to the slow counselors. A bonus of 33% still only brings you to 99% of one point on the ability when your initial score is 3. This would not be quite as big of a deal as you first thought... but I agree that Vanessa does not need any bonuses to speed. The way the sliding scale would work is a lesser bonus for the high ability score, and a greater bonus for the lower score. They would never give such a massive bonus that the slow counselors would even be able to keep up with Vanessa... not even close. Then there is their stamina to worry about... and marathon does not give a large bonus anyway... I think my epic marathon is still only 15%, but I would have to check. To put it mildly, a speed of 10 with low stamina is not a big deal... but if Vanessa's speed of 10 was given a 15% bonus, she would now have 11.5... which is still only a point and a half increase. But she needs no bonus for this... and the sliding scale would have to affect Tommy the same way if that person were chosen to play him. Either way, it was just a suggestion in the perk rework thread. I doubt this one would come to pass... but it would need the sliding scale to avoid Vanessa (or Tommy) gaining the powers of... "The Flash". They are both already quite fast enough and have a large stamina pool to back up their speed... But neither are uncatchable because of it. A.J. has a speed of 4... to bring her speed up to 6, she would need a bonus of 50%.... and there is no way a secondary bonus on a perk is going to be that high... let alone a primary bonus to a stat like speed... Without the sliding scale mentioned above, a 50% bonus to speed would bring Vanessa and Tommy to a speed of 15. A.J. still gives off sound pings if she is running, unless the sneaky perk is used (I think that is the one)… which will allow A.J. to sprint without sound pings... But most people do not have the patience to jog around the map... and you will eventually see a sound ping from A.J. if she is not using that perk. Your math is way off by the way.... To figure out what 15% (or any percentage for that matter) of ANY score is... you multiply the score in question by 0.15 (as per the 15% example here)... which gives you the bonus that will be added onto the score. Example above to figure out the bonus on getting A.J.'s speed up to a score of 6... speed of 4 x 0.5 = 2... making the adjusted score come to 6. 100% of 1... is still just 1... To get 100% of any number, you multiply it by... 1... which always gives the same number that it was multiplied against. Math with percentages requires decimal points to be used for anything under 100% and will always be less than the number it is multiplied against. The difference between 3 and 10 is 7... or... 70%, not 12%. I am really not sure how you came up with 12% on that one. A bonus of 300% would bring LaChappa's speed of 3 up to a speed of 9... as I said above, the devs would NEVER give us a perk with that big of a bonus. It just isn't going to happen. Luck has nothing to do with it... but composure might. I have seen an A.J. that I was chasing giving off sound pings when jogging... and the player in question told me that she was at max fear at the time. There was not many pings, but they were there. Stumbles should always give off sound pings no matter what perk is being used... even a super powered ninja could not stumble quietly... and non of the counselors are supposed to be super powered ninjas. Jenny and Mitch still give off sound pings when jogging, but not very many compared to other counselors... and no one gives off sound pings when walking or standing still. Using the stealth system requires patience, which many players do not have in abundance. The legendary version of speed demon gives a secondary bonus to sprint speed. It is a small bonus, like all of the other secondary bonuses. 5% is negligible on any stat score from 1 to 10... 5% of 10 is still only half a point.... and 5% of 3 is only 0.15 of one point... Negligible at best. I have got that legendary perk a few times and sold it to make room for others... so to me at least, it does seem to be one of the more common legendary perks... right up there with Aquanaut. You do not want to know how many times I have got a legendary Aquanaut perk... and sold it again. I hope you read this before spending 50 000 CP (or more) trying to get that one.
  23. I've said it before and I'll say it every time. Part 9 Jason is definitely my kryponite. As fearsome as Savini Jason is, and as powerful as Part 4 is, Part 9 is the most dangerous to me. I groan every time I see his bulbous, tumorous head lol. Ah, well. Game on, my friends
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