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  2. When you're driving the car and you see Jason he pops up on your mini map and his icon will stay on your mini map until you exit the car. You'll be able to see where he's shifting or if he morphs away. That's why nerves of steel is an excellent perk choice for trying to escape
  3. Deborah had a really good voice actor, especially in the Single Player Challenges. I never liked Jenny’s voice to be honest ESPECIALLY the sweater stun dialogue.
  4. I've got tons of video to back up everything I have claimed. Maybe you just piss off the rest of the lobby enough they simply don't want to help you.
  5. If the kill fails, Jason still has time on the clock to kill the remaining counselors.
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  7. Undecided, I don’t have enough experience with all the Counselors to make conclusive decision. I definitely enjoy Tiff and Debra over Jenny but couldn’t judge the other girls fairly. As for the male Counselors, I like Mitch’s dialogue but don’t know if I’d say it’s my favourite. Good poll, I’m enjoying reading the other Campers responses.
  8. I do like Tiffany’s because she sounds genuinely frightened and pissed off when she needs to be. She sounds pissed when she knocks off the mask like she is actually brave and gonna defeat Jason once and for all and frightened when running away. She also sounds shaky when using the sweater, not like she is trying to seduce Jason like all the other females (besides Fox who uses a motherly tone). Tiff’s voice actor was really good, it sounds real...not like it was done in a studio. Victoria’s is good as well because she sounds whiny and bitchy. If I had to choose a male counselor I’d pick Chad and Mitch. Shelly and Tommy make me laugh. “He’s coming help!” “HE’S KILLING ME!!!”
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  10. I get what you're saying. A mask buff would solve this problem. I still like the idea i posted above. Jason should have some means to get the final counselors if they fail at killing him. They shouldn't be able to rely on the clock for the win. Do you have a better idea? I would be happy to read it bud. 😊👍
  11. I’ve never liked Victoria’s voice much, something just doesn’t sound right to me for some reason. I gotta say la chappas voice is definitely the most annoying though.
  12. Tommy hands down! “He’s killing me!!!”. Bugsy is runner up “You want some more?! Huh?!”.
  13. For the most part yeah but the voices are different
  14. Don’t all the counselors have the same dialogue? I know that Tommy has a few more unique lines, but some of them are the counselors’ also I believe.
  15. i like how when fox knocked the mask off she says ugh what the fuck!?
  16. Stopping the clock would mean a match could be dragged on forever if someone wanted to lead Jason on a wild goose chase.
  17. Personally I like Tiffany’s the best (who coulda guessed that right) with tommy as a 2nd favorite. I love when tommy says “Jason!!! Come and get me. It’s me you want, remember?”, “come on you chicken shit, come on you pussy”, “come on maggot head” reminds me of the movie and always creates a laugh for me 😁
  18. I am curious, do I need to put in a ticket if I lost all my levels, perks, badges, tapes and cp? Still working on a fix or are we SOL at this point?
  19. What’s everyone think of their list? I think it was pretty spot on. Mine isn’t the same as theirs but somewhat similar. mine would be 12- Jason goes to hell 11- Part 5 10- Freddy vs Jason 9- Jason X 8- Part 1 7- Remake 6- Jason takes Manhattan 5- Part 7 4- Part 2 3- Part 3 2- Part 4 1- Part 6
  20. That's from before the Rage patch. If they tried that shit now, all they'd get is murdered. Also, female genital mutilation.
  21. You're right! This lawsuit has been going on so long tbh I forgot who started it. I remember Victor in the beginning taking a lot of heat for the lawsuit that's why i thought he started the lawsuit. Thanks for the clarification.👍
  22. With stalk you’d really be able to jump in out of nowhere surprising a lot of people potentially causing more of a scare. With him breaking down the doors, you can see it clear as day and are expecting him to be coming in which makes it not as scary. So whatever brings in more potential for Jason to pop up out of nowhere, and help him be more aggressive I am all for it. I know it wouldn’t scare everyone but it’d sure help bring in the scare factor more
  23. Not that it matters but Cunningham started the lawsuit. I'm holding out hope until the 7th. Now that the layers of fear 2 release is imminent, Gun might have more time/money to put into fixing F13.
  24. Scary is subjective. Jason popping in windows would scare some people, but not others.
  25. The difference between the windows and doors though is the windows would be more scary. Because Jason can pop in out of absolutely nowhere causing more jump scares. Say if it’s a jason who doesn’t have destruction and it takes them awhile to come inside, he doesn’t “pop” out at you as much this way. I agree 100% this game is still fun as hell. My favorite game 👌🏼
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