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  2. I'm not arguing over which one is WORSE from a moral standpoint. I'm saying the counselor party is much more common and thus more of an annoyance to me personally. And by the way, they are not playing "properly." Again, they are communicating outside the confines of the game, a game which was designed to limit communication to create fear and limit teamwork.
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  4. Hopefully your luck turns around.
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  6. I have rarely come across teaming on Steam.I did have a person offer me help once but I killed him first.LOL Party chat kill squads I agree are more an issue at least on PC/Steam in my experience. One in particular is very condescending over their mics, call you all kind of names and if you get the upper hand on them they start claiming you are cheating or hacking some how like they said I was morphing too fast with part 5 once. Like they are sitting there with a stop watch timing you between ability uses. They take the game WAYYYYY too serious.
  7. @OCT 31 1978, it's a shame they can't put aside their differences and come to an agreement and get the ball rolling on new merchandise / projects. @PackASnack_Lodge, I agree that people can only turn the other cheek so many times. I can understand why some people would be cautious about contributing or investing again.
  8. Many of us like some of the later films, even if they don't sit well with others.
  9. Don't be surprised if a topic about holes pops up in Off Topic... 😎 @undrtkr that's how I interpret the meaning of "No New Content" as well. Nothing from the F13 universe or custom, ever.
  10. They don't discuss bans here, but hopefully bans are still being handed out. If someone posts a topic asking to have a ban reversed, then you'll have your confirmation.
  11. The devs can’t even fix the game properly. Their quality of work has been unacceptable as far as bug fixes go. It’s 2019 and you can’t even do an environment kill and cars fly in the air by a knife. that said they “might” have this game fixed in 2020. Jasons combat system needs improved but it’s too much to ask of the devs.
  12. Veteran players stopped playing this game for more reasons than just this one. I agree. If you want to keep playing this game, sometimes you have to deal with nonsense like this. The key is not to let it ruin your fun. Sadly, the future of gaming is likely to be all about players trying to circumvent the natural intentions within a game. If one can circumvent things, there's a strong chance that someone will. Observant players will quickly take notice of things like this. I personally go into matches now with the worst case scenario in mind.
  13. No way. Jason teamers are the worst thing in this game. It absolutely sickens me when people walk right by Jason on his side coming after counselors with him like his little puppy dog. It makes me fucking cringe every time I see it. It disgusts me that people think Jason needs little bitch helpers. to say that party communication of people who are playing the game properly is worse than people teaming? Who are all sabotaging the kill, trapping windows, body blocking, running people over, etc... Seriously?
  14. i have seen players using Jason X, bugzy in a wheelchair, inf shift etc but dont seem to get banned
  15. Same but I'm on PS4. I've been getting 95% CA servers and I live in Kansas. This has been happening to me since the last patch. Doesn't seem to matter what time of day. However, if I join a party with one or more then it's almost always a US server we can get into. This does NOT happen to me with Steam though. 99% I get US servers every single time.
  16. Black holes ?! In F13.... The only holes I want to see in this game are the ones Jason is putting in counselors......😉. ps I am pretty sure I just opened up a different kind of conversation about holes now.
  17. And you would be wrong on that assumption. No content whatsoever.
  18. Haha!! Idk what my man said but he sounded pissed. I think it should be available after a councilor jumps in and out of a window x number of times in a minute. Can u imagine how bad ass that would be? Grabbing that bitch Vanessa after she had been window hopping the last 2 minutes w a tea bag every time
  19. one way to look at it is like this: its a new game mode that you play at random & against your own will. sometimes, it may be too late before you realize theres an evil car driving around, but thats why you have to be cautious when a car is out on the creep & not heading for an exit.. if you can survive against an evil car & jason, its awesome. its a great challenge. it does not matter if you win or lose because youre playing against people who cant be killed by jason. they can talk all the shit they want, it means not a damn thing. your only choice is to exit the game & find a lobby more suitable to your enjoyment, or you can try to take them on against all odds. the one thing you can not do is let it ruin your good time.
  20. I consider it cheating because it circumvents the in-game methods of communication, and all the limits therein. You have immediate access to chat with everyone in your party instead of having to find a walkie-talkie (or use the perk to have it immediately). You also continue to be able to communicate once you're dead or escaped. Without the party chat feature, Jason kill squads would be less effective. As they are the most common annoyance in this game, I consider them worse than Jason teaming (which really doesn't seem to happen all that much in games I play).
  21. This whole idea will never happen. 1) The lawsuit is going to go on for a few more years 2) Gun have stated they will not be doing anything with this game outside of "fixes and balance" which as we have learned recently is going to be sparce I understand the want for more content as the game definitely needs it but as far as even thinking that if they entertained the idea of raising money to help with more content if they were able to, i am sure a large portion of the community of this game especially people who backed it who have left due to all the issues and so forth would more than likely not even entertain the idea of giving more money towards the game.
  22. counselor groups who use party chat to team up against Jason is cheating? So because I would rather talk to a friend or 2 instead of kids or some obnoxious people... Not saying everyone on the mic is, but honestly the majority of people I hear on there... I really don't want to talk to and yes there is a mute function, but on PC it doesn't work half of the time. I don't troll or purposely go out of my way to grief other counselors. Typically I will try to help, unless doors are open everywhere or they're bad teammates. The counselors objective is to escape, survive or defeat Jason. Most of the time I don't even use a mic, but could care less if some people are in party chat or discord together, as long as they're not TKing everyone, hacking or teaming with Jason.
  23. You guys are lucky, mine don't. I even tried re downloading it
  24. @bryanp3692 indicating that the mic isn't white if they're not talking in game chat, maybe in party chat, looking at profile and at join party( will show who's in it) or have no mic.
  25. I'd rather party chat as you can still kill them , but to use a stealth counselor with stealth perks to have idiots give up your location to Jason is a bit much . With that said if i know a party chat group is playing they are the first i kill on spite .
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