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  2. Today, I've come here to tell about some bugs! Annoying ones, and ones which were discovered from other bugs... https://ibb.co/gF9BfLw The above picture of me becoming Tommy, was because my Brandon had glitched where, when Jason is to be Stunned, but isn't and you escape, but it says he still killed you when you're still alive, is how this happened. See below... https://ibb.co/m4GCcQk This was a result of me becoming Tommy while I was still alive, but claimed as dead, another thing was that, the game would not end until the timer was over because I was already claimed as dead and Jason couldn't kill me. https://ibb.co/ZW7qhDP That picture was me looking at my claimed to be "dead" self, but me as Tommy. https://ibb.co/HrH0fxj Showing my "dead" body again and a concerned/confused counselor in front of me. https://ibb.co/Dbz43zy Now, in a few hours, I'll be showing up again, because the next screenshot will have everyone laughing their ***** off LOL.
  3. I think most of my success in life has been relying on the stupidity of human beings. 😄
  4. If that's the case they need to have a conversation with a few of us. I can vouch in all certainty I wouldn't be bothered at all by a summer-long double xp/tape drop event. Been 150 since I can remember, found all tapes eons ago, have all the perks I want, all badges, etc. Those events are so irrelevant that most of the time I'm not even aware they're going on until after a match and notice the final tally. No sour grapes here. I'm all for whatever keeps the playerbase robust for the long-term.
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  6. To be fair, there were a few days where you couldn't kill Jason, which was a lot of fun for me since I'd leave the shack untrapped and do my best to get demasked without making it obvious, just so I could watch them panic when they realized the kill isn't working and they haven't touched a single objective 😁
  7. I’m biased, I definitely think it needs to exist. Of course it’s probably for the best that they stopped at just one Me.
  8. See i don't even fully agree with your last statement. They patched out bodyblocking/neatshielding and I never thought of that as an exploit or cheat. It just made sense if you had two people to turn your body so the counselors back faced the other counselor...thus not being able to hit you and break the grab. In fact, that should be in the game still.
  9. I like this idea. But sense avoidance perks should have a chance to not appear at all... just because.
  10. I agree completely. I use Deborah all the time and repair whatever I can in the time I have. If the car or phone box is trapped and I don't have a PK, then I drop the repair item right there and go search for one or another item. I've played many a match where I've fixed a car and watched it disappear off into the distance, being left behind to suffer the wrath of Jason. And ironically (or not, depending on your point of view), it's usually a Vanessa player who hoards the keys, waits for the car to be fixed, and takes off in it. Again, though, that's usually the player running her, not Vanessa herself. And I did my part, so I'm good. Game on, my friends
  11. Dancers are not always trolls... Some people just like to dance. There are times you may even catch me dancing around a fire and claiming victory... which does not always work well for me... but it works to pass the time until the cops arrive without giving off sound pings. The teabaggers are truly annoying though... I would have liked to see a special grab kill that could only be used on a teabagger. Fortunately, after rage sets in... the tea bagging becomes far more detrimental to the counselors. Pamela will have to bake more cookies... Jason will need his reward "soon". Arm twisting is bad... and can result in serious injury... but I will send invites to people that I see are online and not in the game. Some will pop in, others thank me for the invitation but do not necessarily want to play. Some remain utterly silent for weeks and come back out of no where sometime later. Sometimes I get someone playing again that has not been in game in months... But I will not continually spam them with invites. They will either play or they won't... we cannot (and should not) force them in, but we can let them know there are still people willing to play the game with them... and sometimes that is enough. There are consequences to cloning... and I must still question the ethics of that one. Even if we could transfer memories into a clone, from that moment forward you are two (or more) different people... and there can be only one "me". It would be great for organ transplants without the morality issues of killing the clone for its liver... the clone is still human after all... and in the words of John Cleese... "No one has ever had their liver removed by us and survived!"
  12. well put. i can see why the average gamer might miss out on this great game simpley from one too many bad experiences right out the rip. while me on the other hand would still play the game if the bugs manifested themselves into real life & put my car on its side on my way to work. im so used to the bugs by now that its just a part of the game to me..
  13. So can every other counselor. Because there are a few people that understand how to use them... And EVERYONE has access to the book of tricks that I learned from... It is this forum. All it takes is for someone to take the time to do a bit of reading... and the ability to read of course. Check out the pinned thread under general discussion "the playbook - techniques and strategies" there is a lot of info in there that is still very relevant... Also the thread right under that... "tips for those of you who are having trouble". There is a whole lot of useful information in many other threads as well... it just requires a bit of time to read some of them. I almost never play private matches... VERY few of my friends have any desire to do so. In the last week of playing, I only had a full lobby of friends once... for a couple of hours. Other than that, I have been diving headfirst into the cesspool we call quick play by myself... or with only one or two friends. On a side note... I have seen far less toxicity in quick play recently, but it is still there. You are welcome to send me a friend request on steam... being that is where you play. You will see it quickly enough. Personal experience is the good argument for stalk. Many of us are not full of shit, we are legitimately trying to help others learn to play better. Also... hours recorded in game by steam are not necessarily the hours you played... just hours in game. My time outside smoking while I am in the afterlife club are also recorded. But I like sarcasm. Don't take the jabs personally. I have a great many hours of experience in quick play... by myself as well as with one or more friends. I am not always playing with friends... and no... I am not ignorant. I am one of those rare people that can admit when they are wrong when presented with facts. The more hours you play, the more weirdness you will see. Remember, this place has a death curse... and achievements awarded for dying a lot. No one ONLY dies in any one way. It is not required to run out of stamina to be caught in Jason's grab... or to be turned into a pincushion... or to be slashed to death. Good players realize this. Even the best of us die first sometimes... it happens. If by mindgames you mean a sneaky Jason using stalk, or being sneaky without using stalk (yes, that happens too)... then anyone can fall to that. If by mindgames you mean throwing around insults... then do not send that friend request. I do not put up with people like that. Myself... and those I keep in my friends list play to have fun... not to insult and annoy others... But yes, sometimes there is sarcasm... and when you can hear someone say it, then it is far less insulting. Text can be so easily misunderstood. I am not insecure at all, my hands are firmly screwed to the mouse and keyboard... which can sometimes make typing difficult. I was also thinking about getting a seatbelt for my chair, just to be a bit more secure... And don't ask how I screwed the second hand down with the first hand already screwed down... that one takes some explaining. You are missing the point that I have been trying to get across... It is the player behind the counselor, not the counselor. I can only speak to personal experience... and this is just what I see in the game. Being I am not full of shit... come and play some games with me... and we will see how many others I can get into some matches... You might just have some fun while learning that yes... every counselor other than Vanessa is not utterly useless. I have way broader interests than you would think... and I am a veritable fountain of information on a great many subjects... Only narrow minded people that do not know me would call me narrow minded. I know how to play every counselor effectively, and have done so many times with each. I just like A.J. for several reasons, and Mitch for several other reasons... not the least of which, he reminds me of Tommy Chong. Jenny is great for several other reasons... and Shelly... well, who doesn't get a laugh out of his aerodynamic haircut?... But every time I play Chad, I feel like I need a shower. In the end, we all have our preferences. You do not have the right to tell ANYONE they do not have the right to reply to whoever they wish... actually. People that run thick skin and medic die just as much as everybody else... Do you know why its popular?... I do... and it is not the guarantee that you will survive that many think. The ability to go through another broken window or two... does not help so much when every window is broken. Taking another slash or two... only gives you ten seconds more life while standing in front of Jason... and standing in front of Jason will almost never end well anyway. There are already too many med sprays in camp in my opinion, I do not need to double them up to do well... and neither of these perks will help you in any way when you are grabbed. I didn't call you a troll. I said your post "makes you look like a troll"... There is a difference, and it is not even subtle... Even though you did ask nicely, I cannot call you a troll again... that would require me calling you a troll before you said that. Also... my argument only looks frail to someone who does not understand the game and how it works. The rage buff gave Jason absolutely no buff that helps him catch any counselor... It did not even change my playstyle from either side of play. It did make piñata parties a rarity... and that is a good thing... but it also made it easier to kill Jason by not allowing stuns... hits that do not stun do full damage, while a hit that does stun does less damage. A six pack is never enough, but it is a good start.
  14. I would never twist the arm of any gamer to play a game they don't enjoy. This game isn't for everyone. People try it and like it, love it, or don't. Some have a bit more tolerance to bugs and toxic behavior than others. I can vouch for the inability to focus on just one game. I have a great many titles myself, with so little time to enjoy them. Family, work, friendships and hobbies must also be kept in mind. That's why cloning needs to be permitted.
  15. I think the player count went down because there are many players that don’t care to continue with a game that’s filled with cheaters and many bugs/glitches. This is why I’ve said before that fixing this game and eliminating the cheaters from the game needs to be done ASAP not “soon”. See, there’s people like us who don’t care and have much love for this game and will continue to play it even though we have to put up with bugs, glitches, and cheaters. And then there’s players who won’t deal with it and will leave the game entirely.
  16. @The Milwauking Dead the things we are especialy fond of can let us down the most. im with you on that sir. it was very sudden, and it hit me like a ton of bricks! this was my first time really playing a game of the future, so it was my first experience of a game being updated with new features. shit was crazy to me.. and yeaah maybe they had their priorities all wrong when the deadline approched. i wont argue that some things havent been handled the best. thanks for sharing your opinions.
  17. I'm the same way. The best part of the game are the chases. When I'm Jason i want the counselor to give me his best everytime and when I'm counselor I want to bring the best out in that Jason and have him get a good kill. Now if the counselor was emote dancing and tea bagging along the way I may get a little pissed, and think of as a troll, but its still his right. The way to get revenge on those ones is to kill for mama. 😈
  18. Stunning through a window only makes sense if you (and your weapon) could magically phase through the wall and broken glass still in the window frame without injuring yourself in the attempt... There is literally no way in hell you could swing a bat through a window like that without the magical phasing part... let alone not injure yourself on the broken glass. I was having a blast spectating (if that was the match I am thinking about)... I still don't feel you had to do that... but it was very nice of you. The rest of us do not mind waiting... A great chase is just fun to watch. The Steam summer sale felt like literally every game was on sale... I picked up another couple games myself. We cannot expect everyone to play this game exclusively... there are so many other games to play. Personally, I can only stay away from Crystal Lake for so long... There is just something about this place that keeps bringing me back.
  19. I’ll try this out. Thanks dude. At 1:20 oops. I f’d up on that but they thought they could continue there dance party anyway only for it to get interrupted lol 2:19 leave it to the dumb blonde who stepped in her own trap for an easy kill later on anyways 😁 sometimes u gotta take advantage of counselors if they’re that dumb. And that’s a good waste of shotguns 😂
  20. Someone said the P-word. I need a shower after hearing that. All joking aside, a lengthy time frame of increased XP/CP wouldn't have been a bad thing. It's the same cycle every time. Something brings in a bunch of new players, and a fair number of those players move on. I think that's just gonna be the future of this game, as bad as it is. I am thankful for the players that decide to stick around. That's not unlike other players (some forum members) that do the same thing. It all seems to be a matter of perspective from player to player. One person's "exploits" are another person's "tactics". I've seen a great many people in a great many games use the mechanics of the games outside of the developers' vision of intent. I believe you can think outside the box, but still play within the boundaries of intention. Is there such a thing as a clean cheater?
  21. I think that's the hard thing to determine. What was intended and what wasn't(well some things are blatant obvious like roof glitch). Only way we ever find out if a close one wasn't is the day it gets patched out. I just like to have fun with others, so if something I'm doing pisses people of I just don't do it rather it was an exploit or not. Just had this instance the other night with a long time steam friend of mine. I was last left and making it tough on him to catch and kill and he got a little pissed and yelled and called me a troll since other people that were dead in lobby were waiting for match to end. In my head I was having fun running him all over, but he didn't enjoy it, so i just stopped and let him kill me even though i had another knife and 2 spray uses left. It is what it is.
  22. If it wasn't intended, then yes and they shouldn't use them. I don't. Some of those are worse than others. At least stunning through a window somewhat makes sense unlike stunning through a solid closed door.
  23. Yeah some of the morph points in this game are really really bad. Like Crystal Lake when the car is near the water. If you click anywhere near that car, you're on the beach on the opposite side of a fence. Now, imagine if you put a trap right on that morph point as a counselor and someone was getting the car going as Jason morphed over? They could finish their repair, start the car, fill the car and drive off before Jason has any chance of getting out of the trap, around the fence and near the car.
  24. I still don't agree, when the intended purpose of the trap was to trap Jason. The issue if anything is that the devs restricted where Jason could morph in that leave him with a handicap. Kind of like his engine upgrade grab. Its long and clunky, so baiting and stunning became a useful tactic. Would you call that an exploit? The intended purpose of a stun is to stun. IDK, just the way im thinking, maybe im grasping at straws here. I would be happy as hell if I ever got morph trapped. Kinda like I am when i nail a morph grab,. lol
  25. So is shift batting cheating? Side shift? Shift pin? Hitting Jason through a window? I don't think any of those were intended by game design, but they exist and people use them.
  26. An exploit is any action or effect used by a player in order to gain an advantage over the competition when said action/effect was not intended to be a part of the orginal game design. A player using exploits is no different than an athlete using performance enhancing drugs to gain an advantage in his/her sport. There's no place for it when the majority are trying to compete legitly clean.
  27. What morph trapping is, is putting a trap on the exact Jason morph point. He hits the trap right out of the morph and can't do anything. Near the Pack Lodge was a highly used place for this because that extra 5ish seconds it takes Jason to get out of the trap could make the difference in the car starting/gas put in or not. Now the thing with morph trapping, as opposed to just putting a trap behind a door as a counselor is, when Jason shakes off the morph trap it doesn't move. It'll stay exactly where the morph spot is. So after Jason has left the area, you can just reset the trap and if Jason morphs back, he's back in the same trap. Morph trapping requires you to know the maps and morph points. It's abusing a mechanic of the game to your advantage. Is it cheating? I wouldn't say it is but it is definitely an exploit.
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