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  2. It was a whole lot easier to see if you played for a good length of time before the engine upgrade. If it was possible to have less than no sympathy for someone, then people who drive other players away would receive less than no sympathy from me.
  3. Beyond doubt Kane defined how Jason moved and breathed, like when he turns his head first then follows through with his body. So he will always define Jason Vorhees on any level. Having said that, CJ did an outstanding job with his posture, fast walk, and quick turns of his head to spot a new target. I will also give props to Richard Brooker in that his size and menace broke new ground with Jason and began the trend of the super strength Jason, followed by Ted White. Warrington Gillette brought an adult Jason to the big screen and did an amazing job with his sinister stalking. And the rest of the Jason actors did well in their own rights. But Kane is the iconic and essentialJason and deserves his niche in fandom appreciation
  4. I actually have not seen that one... Perhaps that was intended to be used in killing Roy with Paranoia mode or something... or it could be fake. We may never know. But why would Roy's mask be with his clothes?... perhaps this could have been something meant for a future virtual cabin... or like I said... It could be a fake... Fan art is a thing... and some of them look like they were screenshots taken from the game. There are lots of fake screenshots made with photoshop and other programs that I have seen... @Sprayable Spaghetti™ Sales has posted quite a few in the steam community that he has created and some of them look great... His "Ghost Jason" from Part V with the worms hanging out of the mask would have been a nice addition to the game... but they were created by him... not GUN. Many others have done stuff like this too of varying quality... But Spaghetti Salesman has some really good ones.
  5. Had to check the number of Jason games I have played so far... and I am at 638 matches now. Over the course of that many games, I know I have faced a great many kill squads... but I hesitate to say... "hundreds". Many of them did not get a chance to make a kill attempt... I would not even go so far as to say I have faced 100 actual attempts... but it has been quite a few... Pretty far into double digits at least... I cannot say for sure. But like I said, I stopped counting the number of times I died as Jason a while back... I just keep track of the number of times I survive against Jin in a row now. Grabbing the sweater before Tommy arrives is always the worst thing a kill squad can do and I have seen that a great many times... so sweater girl just made herself a priority target and no one dies until she dies... leaving no attempt possible. The most successful kill squads I have played against or just been in a match with do not grab the sweater without Tommy present... but not necessarily waiting until the mask is off... The demasking stun is the absolute best time to use the sweater stun... If it is timed properly, there is no escape from the stun. But the weapon may not bring him to his knees... and other mistakes can still be made, but kneeling Jason most often ends with his death. The absolute safest thing you can do in this game, is let me drive the car... and get in with me... or let me drive the boat... and get in with me... Neither is still not completely safe, but I very often get the four seater out with three passengers... and I have got the boat around +Water Speed Jasons and escaped... The salt really flows when you escape in a boat with a +Water Speed Jason right on your ass. I do not escape 100% of the time with either option... but if I am driving the car or boat, my success rate is pretty frickin' high. @glowing ooze The bear hug does take a bit of room to light up... but I keep that one on all my Jason variants as well, just for the bunny wabbits. "I will hug them and squeeze them and call them George." I do keep choke on all variants as well, just for grab kills in the battle for the car or fuse box. I only change up the other two kills, and try to do it quickly after each match that I use these in... Before the environment kill glitch thingy, I most often went for environment kills at every opportunity.... and I am happy that this is the next priority to be fixed. I do not like the choke kill, and do not like using it.. but in many situations it is your only chance to get off a grab kill... So it stays on all of my Jason variants. Jin is a good kid... well... not really a kid... but I am old enough that I can call almost everyone here "kid" and it is still reasonable. He doesn't always come out dancing on Jason's grave, but he does it more consistently than any other player I have seen. I don't make this shit up, I am just being honest Jin... I just call it like I see it and give credit where credit is due... You lived up to it the day I named you "THE Jason Killer." You earned that name. Six or seven tries without him killing you is pretty damned good. I have played quite a few times with Jin… and have watched him consistently kill other Jason players that I consider to be very good players... Even if it is a fluke when I survive against him, it still feels like an accomplishment... and a greater accomplishment the more matches I manage to not die against him in a row... That is why these days, I only keep track of how many times in a row I survive against him before he kills me again. Play enough games against Jin and the number of times he will get you will add up quickly enough... At this point, he is responsible for almost every time I have died as Jason.
  6. It was, the car flipped for miles it was a beautiful sight 😂
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  8. Same. I grew up a console gamer. Never been able to adapt to keyboard/mouse play. Controller is just natural to me.
  9. This is one time I wish they hadn’t answered the question, lol. That really sucks to know 7 was on the way. 7 and 8 are the two I was waiting for.
  10. Thanks man today I will try. Do you play with the keyboard and mouse? shift can be held in place? How would it be with keyboard and mouse? . I look like a bot with keyboard and mouse haha
  11. Ive always thought the graphics were pretty good. Im on PC Epic settings on 1440p 75hz 32".
  12. I don't expect this to change anything, but have at it people.
  13. First death was about 1 year after release. Kinda wish it had been sooner, because it is a freeing feeling once done. Died about 4 times total and don’t really care anymore. Only time I will actively try and prevent it is if the players are toxic or cheating in some fashion just to try and get the kill.
  14. Equality is what everyone should strive for... anyone against equality for everyone is the enemy of freedom.... #ALL Lives Matter Pushing political view in movies is bad... political crap just divides everyone as the views of all people are different and it just kills the stories.... Disney's shit job at continuing the story proves this beyond doubt. I could not even make it through "Solo"... but Rogue One was alright. We can talk about other stuff without completely derailing it.... @thrawn3054 Many of them were good books... and some were great, or at least close to great. Admiral Dallaa was also a good villain... that suncrusher was the best superweapon in the books... or movies for that matter. Why destroy one planet when you can just wipe out the entire solar system?... A much scarier weapon than a death star... and it also changes the gravitational constant in the "local" area... which would greatly affect many things over time... including their hyperspace routes. Just slashing away does not always work out well... particularly not against you. Although they are probably going to add the flare gun and firecracker stuns back at some point, I don't think the rate of damage towards rage needs adjusting at all. Most of the people I play with barely take a swing at me and I often do not even see rage mode unless I am playing against someone who wants to fight Jason. If players want to bash him around, there is a price now... as it should be. Matt did say in the stream on Tuesday that adjustments to rage will probably be made... but damage building towards rage needs to stay. The battle for the car never worked well against a Jason that knows how to do it... even before the rage buff. The ONLY way they were getting away from me in this situation is if the driver was running the grease monkey perk... and everyone that wants to escape gets back into the car before it gets started. As a counselor, I never hang around for the battle for the car... I leave and try to draw Jason away so someone else can circle back and get it started again. My death is irrelevant if it leads to even one escape. If Jason follows someone else, then I go back and get it started again... and pick up as many players as I can get away with. The counselors have all the chances they need here if they can work as a team and use their heads... and if they cannot work as a team, then Jason barely needs to work for his kills and will wipe the lobby pretty quickly... This is as it should be... Teamwork is what gives counselors an advantage over Jason in these situations... and this DOES NOT mean ganging up on him for a piñata party beside the car or fuse box... There are many other tactics that are far more effective. His biggest weakness against a team that wants to escape is that he can only be in one place at a time. Most of my friends have learned this, but there are a few hold outs that continue to try... I don't see so many battles over the car unless I am playing randoms that do not know any better... which almost uniformly leads to four easy kills while they try and use me as a piñata beside the driver's window... This can lead to early rage... but that is on the players... They ALL know that this brings rage on quicker, but they don't care as they think they will be escaping soon and someone else will have to deal with a raging Jason... Too many players think only of themselves, and ANY team will suffer for having team members like this... As the game stands now, team work put Jason in his place... no teamwork puts counselors in their graves... A really good Jason player can often do well against a good team, but he will never do well against a good team 100% of the time... Also as it should be.
  15. @Ahab, I wasn't being literal. Here's the point I was conveying: practice makes perfect used to convey that regular exercise of an activity or skill is the way to become proficient in it, especially when encouraging someone to persist in it. proficient ADJECTIVE competent or skilled in doing or using something. synonyms: skilled · skillful · accomplished · experienced · practiced · trained
  16. The more the merrier @OCT 31 1978. @Strigoi, the graphics are what they are at this point. As much as many people would like them to improve, it's very unlikely.
  17. Im not sure exactly. I played with it awhile back in offline match. I know you can hold shift in place by holding back on the left joystick and holding down RB. also can shift back and forth instead of just straight by holding RB and directing left joystick left or right. Can also shift turn on a dime by using left and right joysticks at same time while holding RB. Shift length is still the same though so it doesnt help with getting someone that is far away. Just gives more precision getting around objects/in and out of doors etc. There is also a weird shift that happens if you activate shift right after aiming a throwing knife..
  18. use the X box 360, I'm going to check if I can do it with keyboard and mouse and obviously with joystick. I appreciate your response
  19. I also use joystick 360. Can you go back and look forward in that way for example?
  20. Same, and yeah i run into shit all the time. Also accidentally go into combat stance when i try to make a quick turn at times or start jogging when i turn sprint and am an easy grab(this happened to me twice last night).. lol
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