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  2. Yes! Six would probably like the marathon challenge, and we could definitely use more good players!
  3. The biggest problem with that though would be Jason helpers. If they use perks to start with a med spray and get 2 uses out of it, then they just search the map looking for more spray, they can just set off all the traps so that they can't be used on Jason. Ecen worse tgey could set all the traps in useless areas that Jasonwould never go.
  4. @Alien_Number_Six "... But I will no longer be engaging with the forums." Couldn't help it? It'd be nice for you to actually play with us like you used to instead of streaming and playing solo. We've been doing a Movie Marathon idea that @Redrum138 came up with (I think). Having another willing participant would help fill the lobby when we group up (best played with a full lobby, MAYBE -1). As for the forum, don't waste your time calling anyone out, and I don't mean "be nice to everyone". If people are going to fuck off, they will always do it and moreso when called on it (because, you know, only the elite know how to glitch slide/roof hop/ abduct/etc...). They know better, but don't care, so long as they get any sort of rise out of someone. Just play with us and forego the bullshit cheaters and douchebags.
  5. @TimDuke 01 Nothing is over until it's dead and buried. Except for when a lighting bolt from a new patch brings it back to life.
  6. I haven't come across any people roof glitching in a while.Not complaining. I just wonder if it has just run it's course or are they actually banning people doing it and they are afraid of a ban.
  7. 1. They NEED to fix their NETCODE or SERVERS (upgrade?) or both. If you watch PINGS they randomly just JUMP up to YELLOW/RED every game now. Before DEDICATED I would HOST ALWAYS. And me and my friends and strangers never saw YELLOW unless they were from the UK(im from Ohio usa). That was THE ONLY time. Never red either. 2. Give Jason back his OLD GRAB, so you can SHIFT GRAB again. 3. Keep RAGE but have it take TWICE as long to get, and give Jason double the Health points across the board. 4. Then fix all the TERRIBLE BUGS. Like falling through a MAP, COunselor GLITCH, Roof Glitches, Knive Glitches, Enviro Kill glitching. 5. I probably forgot sme other probz, but yes start there to get this game back on track!!
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  9. Funny thing about this is if someone whose never played the game from the outside asked what year this video is from before they bought the game. 2017, 2018 or 2019? You might as well just tell them all of the above.
  10. Actually repair is more overpowered for low repaired stat councelors. If that Vanessa is one skill check away when the mess up they can still easily get the part in quickly. Jason could've already used shift just before the mess up is heard and the morph quite often in favour for the councelor. If less time to the end of the repair is less time for Jason to close them down. I have tested this tons of times, with the timing in high tier lobbies and got the part in and survived. Also when all good repair councelors die quickly from a good player playing as Jason. Especially when there can only be 4 to 5 skill checks for that Vanessa. I also think that 99% of the time is inaccurate, I have repaired and seen lots other experienced players as a Vanessa etc, repair the entire car and boat without messing up once. Including no choice situations. So assuming that councelor will make a mess up is an underestimation. I have also seen people being suprised by this and wanting to be friends for that reason.
  11. It’s pathetic how they have done nothing but nerf the shit out of Jason in every patch since launch ,but they are so hesitant to give Jason any kind of buff, the don’t want to upset the entitled baby’s, trolls and 8 year olds who easily kill Jason.. This is completely the opposite game that Gun was marketing when they wanted money from backers pathetic Gun
  12. Im talking about making it a standard, (making the game moreof a challenge) fighting competition not knowing your competition is harder than knowing who you are up against when it comes by. Information is power. Its like a fight, the more you know about someone else, the easier it is too find a way to win. The unkown is more challenging often. Plus I dont really care for tournaments, I've been top five in the world in another game and not bothered about it. but at the the end of the day the game for councelors needs to be more challenging in different ways. How many times has someone boasted this that or the other when competing in competitive sports including gaming only to be blasted away by someone better and previously unkown before. Then everyone flocks to observe and check on how this person plays the game to better their skills. Plus im not on Playstation anyways.
  13. I watched a person with the tag Sir Mang on PS4 team up on a streamer the other day with Jason. "Sir Mang" was Jenny and driving around trying to hit the streamer while Jason hunted her inside the cabins. Jason was a guy with a tag that read "not really that good" or something similar. Tell us @SirMang why should we bother listening to anything you have to say if this was you? @Brogan322 has a decent point. He also knows the streamer in question as well. But hey who knows. Maybe someone else goes by the name Sir Mang on PS4. I personally dont think its likely. If you want to comment on teaming perhaps you shouldn't do it.
  14. Who else remembers this game from around 2008 and 2009? It was created by a single man in a company he had called HavocGames and it has Part 3,Part 4,Part 6, Part 7,and Part 9 Jason! And even lets you play as Pamela Voorhees! The game itself is very old and the original website is no longer up......so any real downloads likely dont exit unless its in a ZIP type file.
  15. I play solo and have done during this game, when I find myself in lobbies with parties of people. They allways go for the person they dont know first and team me as a councelor. Last night I had time to play only two rounds. The first was Higgens Small. Two level 150s in a clan Jason councelor tag team.
  16. Here is a new video of some of the issues on Xbox One X. After the new patch. 😄
  17. @mattshotcha @Kodiak @JPops @NthnButAGoodTime @Ralph Wiggum777 @DamonD7 @GunMedia_Ben After the new patch on Xbox One X. 😂 I am sure the team is doing their best to hotfix what they can.
  18. The support told me that it had to be my internet while half of the players have this problem. Is it done on purpose to stop playing and buy their next game?
  19. Yup. Finally able to get in today but then this, 20-30 minute searches for lobbies with 5 players. Match starts and 1 or 2 quit. Think it's time to shelve this for a while.
  20. He doesn't need repairing. I probably know this player. He prefers to fight Jason. The updated Rage doesn`t allow to fight vs Jason until the end of the match and this player is offended that Jason is no longer a whipping bag.
  21. Speaking of traps; could you guys allow Jason to place his traps over his disarmed ones? This would really help with protecting objectives 😂 @mattshotcha
  22. Learn how to repair. I've been the only one multiple times as Vanessa (not ideal), Fox (ideal) or Tommy (very ideal) and repaired the car and/or police to get out. It'll help putting Tinker perk on low repair counsellors. I have a legendary Tinker perk that does +20% speed, makes it faster & easier imo. Also: I'm having a graphical error on PS4. Chad and the other male counsellors are supposed to be in assless chaps but their chaps are assed. Can we get a hotfix on this?
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