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  2. I suspect Savini and Jason X will be included but locked in the data, thus allowing for hackers to get them. And it's notoriously easy to hack the switch.
  3. Very true! All I want now is a game with very little bugs and glitches in it. As long as the servers are still up then that is all that matters. And who knows! Maybe they are secretly working on a new horror game we don't know about while also supporting this game with bug fixes. Wes was teasing something on Twitter months ago so maybe they could be working on something now. That would be awesome!
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  5. @OCT 31 1978, that card made my day. Thanks for that. To all the fathers out there, enjoy the day and everything that comes with it. To those who are fortunate to still have their father among the living, let them know you care. To those who are not as fortunate to have your father still with you, know that they live on through you. Have a safe and pleasant holiday everyone. 😎
  6. Thanks for the thought,but i don't celebrate Father's Day anymore since mine passed away unexpectedly a few years ago.
  7. Same with Xbox. I see a lot of new low level players all the time. New gamer tags and I think consoles have much higher playerbase. Is there anyway we can get a player count for consoles?
  8. EAC is garbage.At least that is my understanding from a few hackers that I have watched on YouTube. The one guy use to post how he was hacking DBD like crazy and guess what they use.EAC.
  9. Testing to find stuff is one thing. Testing to find stuff, and re-testing once it's "fixed" is an entirely different matter. Given the amount of time between patches lately, I'd like to believe there's more testing going on now than in the past. We'll never know, as that's not something they're gonna elaborate on with us.
  10. I've never come across a game that's had so many patches badly mangle the game 2 + years after release. Can't see it ever being properly fixed tbh, I mean even the tripped out rainbow blotches on pinehurst are still present. The jason environment kill break free glitch is as bad as it gets - please get someone to test this stuff, I mean I'm not trying to purposely bash but how could 30 minutes of testing not bring up this issue?
  11. I don't know which version you're referring to as having low numbers,but every lobby I go in on ps4 its full of players under level 20, it's very alive and well on ps4, never a problem finding a match. This is EU servers BTW.
  12. Hi Enzo, welcome to the forums, if you find the time please make an introductory post here. As for you suggestion, I wholly agree.
  13. If this could work I wouldnt be mad!
  14. SUGGESTIONS; As a devoted fan of the game, who’s been around to help kickstart, I wanted to be vocal about some suggestions I have for the game. Frankly, if no new content will be coming to the game, I feel it isn’t necessary for so much grind in order to get such basic game features. I propose that the weapon selection level unlock be dropped to level 50, considering how it shouldn’t require a week’s long, OR LONGER, grind for something so essential to a slasher game. That is my only true concern with the game; everything else is fine considering they are purely cosmetic. The weapon selection, however, is a feature that SHOULD not be so high up in ranks for the game that this is, and prohibits certain fun elements of the game from being enjoyed. I am one of hundreds of fans of the game who believe this strongly as well, and would love to see an update that fixes this issue, and brings down the ranking of weapon selection to a NON GRINDING tactic (Ideally this is a feature that should be unlocked at a level such as 10 or so, and with each Jason unlock, a new weapon is unlocked too).
  15. I think you are way over-simplifying his original post. There are many things on there that have nothing to do with solo-killing Jason. Again, not liking the guy doesn't mean everything he says was wrong. I wholeheartedly agree with a few of his points (particularly regarding perk-rolling), some of them I'd agree with some caveats (such as making the mask more powerful -- I agree with @tyrant666 that Jason should be able to put it back on), and some of them I wholeheartedly disagree with. But what I cannot agree with is "That guy sucks, don't listen to anything he says." This is a lazy and unproductive attitude. As a community (and ultimately, society) we ought to be able to take and evaluate criticisms from a wide variety of perspectives. Sorry for getting up on my soapbox there. I'll step down now!
  16. The first rule of business is to make that money... 😎 At least we are still getting support for this game in the way of fixes. As long as we get client side access to our progress at the very end, that's all that matters.
  17. Regardless of who Gun may have chosen to hire, cleaning up someone else's mistakes is rarely an easy job. I feel for anyone who ever has to endure that.
  18. I most likely won't. I've got a few Switch units in the house, but I bought 8 copies of this game previously for my household already.
  19. I haven't used RPG Maker in quite a while. I might have to look into that one.
  20. They said it was headed for a spring release, but it looks like it’s been bumped all the way to late August....
  21. I just don't see why Gun didn't hire developers more qualified to fix their game, you would've thought after Illfonic they would've learned their lesson. I'm guessing it comes down to money and they could only hire who they could afford with a low budget. I'm not saying Black Tower is worse than Illfonic, but both companies do sure make lots of mistakes when it comes to fixing their game.... You really wouldn't know it was a different development studio if it wasn't for Gun filling us in and letting us know.
  22. You can win by... 1. Running out the clock 2. Killing Jason 3. Cop Escape 4. Car Escape 5. Boat Escape Some feel the easiest way to win as counselor is going for the Jason kill. The first 3 win conditions allow for ALL the counselors to win if alive, meanwhile the car and boat only offer a handful of escapes. Some might say it depends on the map. The launch maps, the small maps or the DLC maps. For me, in order. 1. Killing Jason - Requires the least amount of effort and a only a bit of competancy 2. Running out the clock - Sure its dependent on your perks, your items and your character but it doesn't rely on anyone else but you and the Jason player 3. Cop Escape - At times, you could probably flip 2 and 3, but calling the cops against a decent Jason usually requires more than one player 4. Car Escape - Requires multiple parts, can only escape with 4 or 2 5. Boat Escape - The weakest escape method, can only escape with 2, can't defend yourself in the water
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