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  2. No I have not. I should start diving everytime though. Last night I got grabbed slow crawling through window twice while Jason was stalking.. sneaky lil bastard!
  3. Just had this happen. I have the prompts no problem, but everytime I try to go through the window, it just keeps me outside after the animation plays. The only way to get through the window is if I dive. Anyone seen this before? PC for me.
  4. Next time you're stuck in a choke stance try to get in water. It'll go back to normal.
  5. The context kills work fine in offline bots. Can't imagine how they screwed these up, but its not the first time they've screwed those up before.
  6. 1 Generally focus on getting one car part in at the start of the round before Jason gets there, if I got keys I will camp the car lol 2 The phone house, take out the traps at least or bait Jason back to another objective 3 The boat, you can usually solo repair the boat and escape if he never checks it out and is busy elsewhere 4 Kill Jason, if Tommy is in and he knows what he's doing we can go for the Kill but often I'd rather have at least one objective done before I try that or got my hands on the mask for that extra advantage 5 Survive the night, generally the last resort, I usually hide in big buildings to make it harder and more time consuming for Jason to find me
  7. Some will throw down 2, but makes no difference if have health sprays and medic perk. Tank, hop in side. Run Jason around. He gets tired of chasing and morphs away. Repeat previous. And if he just used morph before you tanked first trap, you have time to spray and tank second usually. And with how the 2 are placed, usually means cant lay down a third that will get easily triggered as the previous traps now stop that. Also remember, the longer the battle at house, the easier it is to get Car/boat going at other locations, so dont be afraid to kite around the house and allow others to escape by other means even if you end up failing. Note: from time to time you will run Jason around for 5+ mins and think people are getting shit done, only to die and spectate everyone dancing around a fire afterwards.. lmao
  8. I'm curious as to what you mean by properly trap. I just usually throw a trap down and be on my merry way.
  9. You got a name for this one? Very nice little island by the way.
  10. It's really not, but thank you anyway.
  11. The other night I did an environment kill and it glitched then someone hit me to try saving the person and it kept me in the choke stance and didn’t normalize until a car ran into me. I wasn’t able to do anything for at least 3 minutes not able to do anything except walk around in the choke stance, until I hear a car start and I walked out to the road and stand in front of them and lucky me, they run right into me and I normalize again. I haven’t heard or seen it this bad before.
  12. I noticed this as well the other day. I don't even bother doing enviro kills anymore.The game is forcing you to slash everyone which everyone seems to hate.
  13. I just noticed that there are wooden pallets under outhouses. Around when the game came out there wasn't any wooden pallets. The pallets might have been placed there because the animation of getting into a hiding place needed flat ground.
  14. Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood Friday the 13th Part 3 Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives Friday the 13th Part X: Jason X Friday the 13th (Original) Friday the 13th Part 2 Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter Friday the 13th 2009 Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan Freddy Vs Jason Friday the 13th Part 9: Jason goes to Hell Friday the 13th Part 5: New Beginning
  15. Amazing man! You could make a game! (A RPG one)
  16. Now lets not say anything hasty...... Wait....thats illegal.....
  17. I had a couple of me mine go wonky, but usually the grab kills work fine, and most of the time at least the window toss, door slam, and chiropractor kills work fine (yes, I know "they should all work fine")
  18. So slotted kills are now glitching like environmental kills. Smh. I did The Curb Stomp kill and it glitched into the “force choke” broken animation until the counselor broke free. WTF. This game really is deteriorating.
  19. what is the four digit number under your discord name? can't add you without that.
  20. Do you have a discord it would be easier to explain and show you.
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