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  2. Now lets not say anything hasty...... Wait....thats illegal.....
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  4. I had a couple of me mine go wonky, but usually the grab kills work fine, and most of the time at least the window toss, door slam, and chiropractor kills work fine (yes, I know "they should all work fine")
  5. So slotted kills are now glitching like environmental kills. Smh. I did The Curb Stomp kill and it glitched into the “force choke” broken animation until the counselor broke free. WTF. This game really is deteriorating.
  6. what is the four digit number under your discord name? can't add you without that.
  7. Wait but didn’t Miller say burnt umber and burnt sienna over the off white ? And then finish it with a thin wad of raw sienna? on second thought I need help lol like I base coated it off white(ivory) and what step should I do next?
  8. Wait but didn’t Miller say burnt umber and burnt sienna over the off white ? And then finish it with a thin wad of raw sienna?
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  10. Also we need to be able to skip the intros to. Gets annoying having to watch the same intro multiple times
  11. Well why do we need one? Hitman doesn't have one the mission ends once you're spotted. Time limits you. Maybe I want to stalk longer hear what counselors say, or just watch them do funny things the point is simple we don't need one. Gun please remove it.
  12. Illfonic is indeed working on a new game: I sadly feel that this won't be the same as F13 where it's one totally OP player and 7 weak characters who's goal is to escape, but rather, the terribly unfun gameplay of Evolve. The ability of the "group" of people to fight back has to be so severely toned down that, if the players are going to have guns, the predator will have to be bulletproof. I just don't see it turning out good until I see much more. As for F13, what is odd is that the Uber Jason and his 6 kills were put in during the May 2018 update that gave us the challenge mode. June 11th was the cutoff date when the lawsuit was fully started.
  13. @DontZzz34 and @TimDuke 01 you are correct the person posting that Bullshit is full of it.... Both games have been affected by the lawsuit... Both had a cut off date pushed on them to get any content that they could into the game by the courts because of the lawsuit.....the puzzle game added some new content that was released after the cut off because it was completed and hidden within the code of the game....this was Ghost Jason and I believe one other Jason skin. Gun also attempted to get as much as they could into the game but unfortunately couldn’t finish the assets or map in time.... this is obviously Jason x and Grendel Map and other weapon kills.... as some of these made it into the code but were never finished... we have all see the kills and Jason x skins by now. it is the reason for no new content and if the developers did attempt a cash grab they wouldn’t bother continuing to address bug fixes or balances adjustments....no proof will be provided by that poster on steam because there isn’t any that contradicts the facts. That poster needs to ask themselves if it was a cash grab why wouldn’t they continue to put out DLC that would obviously make them more money since all they care about is a “cash grab”.......the weapon kills and PJ pack....would be easy money the community would Gobble it right up.... this ridiculous conspiracy theory is null in void by facts.... If they could continue to create new content they would....it’s the unfortunate truth.
  14. 5 second google search. f13killerpuzzle @f13killerpuzzle Yes, we are under the same legal restrictions as the Gun team on new content for our game. Nobody is lying or using that as an excuse to 'quit' working on the game.
  15. This one is small, about the size of (or slightly smaller than) Packanack Small. There is no boat, one four-seater, and only one exit. This was designed to keep counselors under constant pressure.
  16. I think they’re full of bs honestly lol. They need to have solid evidence for anyone to believe their claim. But let us know what they say
  17. I pointed out as a reply that the puzzle game was affected.Waiting for a response.
  18. I know. That’s what we’ve all seen. But that person who posted that, where did they get that info from that both parties said the game wasn’t affected
  19. From everything I've read,Both this game and the Puzzle game were told to stop content.
  20. Did they post any evidence of that??? God id sure hope that isn’t true..
  21. Ok someone is spewing this on the Steam discussion board. That lawsuit had nothing to do with the game. Both parties in the lawsuit have stated themselves the game is not affected. The devs took the money and ran. They pretty much abandoned the game.... I woudn't buy another game from them, if it was two dollars.
  22. Find a broken environmental kill, limp a Counselor and grind up some XP. Problem solved. As for lowering the level, I don’t think that’s in the cards man.
  23. Yes please, not asking why you want the time limit removed... just going to assume it’s for playing and getting better at stalking. Could we have a toggle to allow for instant recharge on Jason’s powers, please Matt. PS. Don’t forget to let us spawn in as a Counselor too, lol.
  24. @mattshotchaYou're probably already aware this, but if not, just in case, a quick reminder that Tommy Jarvis intro dialogues are still missing. For more info related to this, here's the thread I created awhile to give a breakdown of the whole thing. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25458-thom-mathewstommy-intro-dialogues-are-missing/
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