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  2. Live bug assistance

    That's true. The professional thing to do would be to send Brigadius a PM instead of addressing it here. I wish I wasn't such an obsessed fan. I'd rather not see shit like this.
  3. This is a very nice idea. Thanks for tossing it out there!
  4. I set my xbox location preference to North America to filter out the Euro-polskis that always shout at you in game chat on most games. 9/10 for Friday 13th everyone speaks English which is good for teamwork. The downside is of course the ping but the game only lags when the host is based in Antarctica.
  5. A Speculation

    They won't to avoid spoilers, but that's moot since we are left with Roy, Pamela, and a possible 2ND original Jason design that was promised in the original campaign for this game.
  6. A Speculation

    It seems odd that if they cannot get Jason from FvJ/JGtH/NHA they would flat out say they are not doing Jason X, per Ronny, as a unique Jason. They are literally cutting out a potential movie Jason for little apparent reason. Well if what @damnenchiladas said is the case, and I'm sure it is, I suppose we'll have to settle for another re-imagining never seen in a movie. If find that a bit sad. A Jason that has appeared on a movie screen is much more appealing to me than an in-house design turned from a sketch into a toon. Not that Savini is bad or anything like that. He looks nice, but I have no investment in him as part of the franchise. As far as I'm concerned, he's just a marketing gimmick for the game (which is fine too - for development they needed marketing to bring in those funds).
  7. Live bug assistance

    I think you're probably right. Still, a community manager being upset that a member of the community tried to contact them is one of the dumbest things I may have ever seen in my time here.
  8. Live bug assistance

    I think there's no point in investing any substantial time in this forum. It's dead.
  9. @IronKnight55 you are a child You love emotes & dancing Your favorite counselor is Tiffany. You wish you could twerk in the game. oh your definitely a child.
  10. End of Round Screen

    They could even work additional achievements/badges into these awards.
  11. F13 App Beta testing!

    There is nothing masterful about Apple except for their thievery.
  12. That would be a nice option. First game if the day today I go in to Quick Play, select North American servers. I was met with a lobby full of Asian symbols, pings around 300, and some guy saying, "I am a Japanese meatbar, meatbarl, meat-barl" Some girl tries to clarify, "Met-bar" He states again the he is a "Japanese meatball" They must have been from various Asian countries, I can't read their language (the names) so I don't know, but they were all trying to communicate in English. Maybe it was a mix of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean players or something. Can't lie, it was entertaining.
  13. i disagree i love the environmental kills now just as much as i did when i started playing and i doubt im the only one
  14. Live bug assistance

    Whining? Didn't you ask him to PM you? Don't be a dick.
  15. A Speculation

    I could get on board with this. I missed out on Savini Jason, and would love something original that I could get my hands on.
  16. bro the search function is kinda broken even if has been discussed the search function almost never leads you to exactly what you're looking for
  17. What race are you?

    I live in Brazil. So, my race is a mixture of several other ones. I'm a descendant of Native (South)Americans, Black people, White people and Jews too.
  18. I've suicided on accident a few times.
  19. A Speculation

    Sigh... Okay Ben, Vincente, we'll get together and I've got an IP for you. I'll get Vincente the treatment and script. Fire off the sizzle reel to Ben. Go the Distribber route on the film and full indie with the game. No big fat cat CEO's or any of that shit. I've already got a developer I work with so, that's covered. Fuckin' Hell.
  20. ok i will admit you swayed this was not a great idea it just something that popped in my head
  21. A Speculation

    I’d like another original design. When the game was released, it said we would have 2 never before seen Jason designs. We only have one so far.
  22. Mommy isn't watching, dad says it's ok.
  23. Next Update?

    They will talk about it friday or next week.
  24. Reminds me of the Goldeneye multiplayer end screen with best shooter, lemming award, etc.
  25. As long as knifes aren't nerfed, I love playing as any jason in quick play. If I'm playing private with really good players, I'll play as part 8.
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