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  2. Aalke

    Legendary Perk Bonus Stats

    please improve it too 2-5 % in all perks and the second stage 5-10% it would it make way more a LEGENDARY perk 5% for max is kinda a joke.
  3. The Wolf with that Toast

    Ginny Field: The Psychologist

    You know , they said the same about Melissa. Man , Ginny was pretty ugly.....she even pissed because of a mouse. Jason was confused as fuck....atleast he looked like that. @tpb1992 , welcome to Forum! Don´t Forget to introduce yourself! http://forum.f13game.com/forum/5-introduce-yourself/ We are happy to have you here!.....Well , atleast most of us.
  4. Well i was kidding about Ralph! 😆 But everyone else still stands
  5. Aalke

    Legendary Perk Bonus Stats

    the legend dary perks should go up to 5-10% as a legendary 5 % is not that much.
  6. But the cabin theme is pretty scary. Even today , I sometimes could shit my pants. It´s theme got a big fanbase probably.
  7. So , I haven´t really found an existing thread for this (only that it is too high poll) , so sorry if it does exist. So what are your combinations? I´d really like to hear them! Mine are : Part II - Spear (I think it fits him really well , actually all Long weapons would fit him in my opinion) Part III - Machete (He just needed it so badly , even though I don´t use him) Retro Jason - .......(I Need some Inspiration guys , Fire axe? Shears?(to enhance his goofiness) Pickaxe?(to enhance his goofiness) Maybe the Machete? Or the spear again for thr kinda goofiness? I am just gonna go with the spear) Part IV - Battle Axe (It Looks really awesome on him , but he Plays kinda awkward now with the Battle Axe and the kills fit him also really good) Part V - (Because I hate(d) Part V for some reason.....I actually like him more now with the Pickaxe......I just get really angry when I see him in the Intro.....I wasn´t online like 2 months so maybe I changed now [hopefully]) Part VI - Fire axe (The Fire Axe kills are awesome and I really dig it with him [I don´t like the machete kills , because they feel kinda lackluster to be honest in my opinion {except the DLC kills , they are awesome}. I also use him sometimes online , so I don´t want to look like this guy , who puts a machete on every Jason. I only like the machete aesthetically]) Part VII - The (normal/Wood cutter) Axe (I don´t like his stats really [I would if he had +Morph] and I don´t really care much about him , so I gave him the axe which gets recommended by many People. I would like to feel more with this Jason) Part VIII - The Shears (I didn´t know , what else I should have given him and I don´t use him so I gave him the Shears.....But I kinda dig it now and the kills look awesome on him!) And now mah final Boy.........mah main.....The holy......unholy.....fuckin´..... Part IX from Jason goes to hell - The Pig splitter (It Looks so freaking awesome on him and the Chop suey kill is awesome on him! Even the Music with the bells fit perfectly!) Well Savini.......I don´t have him but I would give him probably the Fire Axe. And if the Sledge hammer Comes out , Part IX and Part VI are going to get it because I have Special relation with Hammers. Hopefully a scythe Comes too , because I would Switch Part IX´s Sledgehammer with a scythe every now and because under his mask you can see his bones which kinda reminds me of death himself and I really like the Grim Reaper. And Uber Jason........well , probably the uber-Machete....or maybe the Fire Axe.....Maybe even the Pig splitter. That was much to write. Thanks for reading , I would really like to hear your combinations! -This came from a Wolf with that Toast. Yeah.
  8. Well Super Mario Bros. is one of the most played and sold games of all time with a giant fanbase,you cant say that about the NES Friday the13th ,thats the difference.
  9. DamonD7

    Come on guys

    This is very true, for everybody. So long as we can stick to opinions about the game, the debate can be very productive and useful. When it drifts into deriding and needling each other, much less so.
  10. Gun Media actually directly stated in a tweet (I forgot where or when they tweeted it) that they will not be adding Crazy Ralph into the game as a playable character.
  11. I'm with you on Ginny, she needs to be added and Amy Steel voicing again! There is also a plethora of other well liked and/or distinctive characters they could add, i mean we have Tina Shepard(either as a hero character with perks she can use similar to Jasons' Perk Wheel in regards to her psychic powers or as a regular councilor), Megan Garris, Eva Watanabe,Jessica or Diana Kimble(whichever fans would like most) Creighton Duke(could be a new Hero character like Tommy, either randomly switch whichever one gets called in or if a Voorhees residence map is made Duke comes in when called instead of Tommy) hell there are some people who really love Sheriff Garris cus of the beating he gives Undead Jason in Part 6. There's a veritable expanse of choice for film characters but Ginny needs to come first! But we have to agree who THE most powerful and game breaking character addition to the game would be....that's right......Crazy Ralph!
  12. I haven’t noticed a power swing either way. As Jason, I have not had much trouble getting at least 3/4 of the group. A weird car glitch allowed 2 to escape once and I have used Part 7 at least once. As a counselor I have had about a 50/50 survival rate. I play strictly QP w/o a mic. On a side note, hosts are still rage quitting. I experienced that at least twice as a Jason. Overall, I am liking the balance so far from what I have experienced.
  13. I noticed that my "Gorgeous Guy" emote idea is in the game now. It's called, "Flirt" I think
  14. DamonD7

    Hey there

    Welcome to the forums! Glad you're enjoying it, and hey, thank you for following that profession even if it cuts into your gaming time. The world is a better place with people like you, believe me. If you're interested in finding new players from here, I'd suggest the general Gamertag thread. Lots of tags from members on there so it's worth a browse, and you can put your own there too. There are also some groups around in Player-Run Challenges and General forum and so on, such as the Good Sportsmanship Club in General, if any of them catch your attention. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/
  15. Aalke

    Perk System Update & Legendaries

    http://prntscr.com/jmwqtz ive no fucking idea what to sell anymore. i need more perk slots please.
  16. JennyMyers1984

    Jolly's Speed Stat Overhaul

    I just don’t value speed as much as stamina. It’s a personal choice I guess. Why would I choose Chad over Tiffany when it comes to speed and stamina? Sure, Chad is a little faster but Tiffany’s 6 speed and 9 stamina will easily outpace and endure more than Chad’s 9 speed and measly 4 stamina. Other than Chad’s weapons not breaking as easily, there isn’t really a reason to chose him over Tiffany, Buggzy, or Vanessa. I do see your point on Victoria, she is very slow. It’s just that she has high stamina and can endure more chasing her high stamina. She is a very solid addition but looking at her stats, they are better than Chad. She has better composure, repair, stealth, and stamina. Chad has an edge in speed, luck, strength but the luck advantage is minimal and both of their strength stats are low. It comes down to what you value more and I just value stamina over speed. Fox has average stamina (5) with decent repair. She has the highest stamina of any repair counselor, but she is very average in terms of her stats. Nothing goes above a 7 and nothing goes below a 3, she is very middle ground. She is pretty underrated honestly. With composure it comes to balance I think. Jenny takes a LONG time to get to full fear and if she recovered quickly than she would never suffer from fear penalties. If Chad, Tiffany, and Vanessa took a long time to recover from fear then they would be in full fear basically the entire round. They are wimps and it doesn’t take much to put fear into them. This is why composure is a double edged sword. Stealth and composure should work hand in hand to offset Jason’s sense to some degree but as you said, it’ll most likely never happen.
  17. Because the new engine update was supposed to fix a lot of bugs but instead it runs even worse than before. @Krystal what the hell are you smoking? PS4 is a broken mess right now. You must’ve only touched SP challenges so far.
  18. JasonLives86

    Roy Loves Doritos

    I thought so 😄
  19. Ker Juice

    About the graphics...

    I'm on Xbox One, and it looks just a smidge better. I bet PC players can really appreciate the change and see more of a difference than us console players. I'm just grateful the rain has returned to XB1.
  20. LordVoid

    Roy Loves Doritos

    little bit of both 😄
  21. You already think you have freed yourself and Jason is killing you. Is it broken? Is this a deliberate action to give an empty hope to the player?
  22. jahzaveamanaie

    No XP In Single Player Challenges???!!

    it bugs me so much they mentioned they would carefully consider the level cap, 4 months later they quickly announce its 113 before the update comes out. i was 95% sure it would be in the 44-80 range simply cause theres absolutely no unlockables / rewards from 44-105 or so and weapon swapping is a trivial thing for a slasher game that i figured would come soon after unlocking the last jason, or like in 5-10 level steps youd unlock the respective weapon after unlocking hte respective jason. they lied to our faces man they just hurried up and quickly chose 113 because it has friday the 13th in it. smh
  23. DamonD7

    New to the forum, longstanding F13 fan

    Welcome to the forums! I never had an NES but I'm of that older generation too (ZX Spectrum in 1986), and there are quite a few real old-school gamers as well. Even some Atari guys. Glad you're enjoying the update! If you're interested in finding new players from here, I'd suggest the general Gamertag thread. Lots of tags from members on there so it's worth a browse, and you can put your own there too. There are also some groups around in Player-Run Challenges and General forum and so on, such as the Good Sportsmanship Club in General, if any of them catch your attention. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/
  24. Anyone else experiencing a bug after you hit Jason with combat lock or attempt to hit him with combat lock, I am not able to interact with items, doors, weapons Etc afterwards
  25. JasonLives86

    Roy Loves Doritos

    Ok, but are you sure it's not Cheetos? 😄
  26. lHeartBreakerl

    Come on guys

    I couldn't help but notice that you didn't include anything about MP in here. Wonder why
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