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  2. Deborah, I play her cause I expect to lone wolf every game. If I'm playing with friends then I'll maybe change it up. But she can fix anything very fast even with Jason on her and if you equip some stamina or speed perks you're basically set.
  3. Just gonna throw this out there: There is a difference between sex and gender. Sex is based on biology/one's anatomy, gender is an outdated, close-minded social construct.
  4. Have an option to be able to pick a counselor only one time per player i mean once a counselor is picked up an another player shouldn't be able to choose the same counselor it brings variety in characters and is more roleplay. - friendly fire toggle on/off - Objectives only - No items ( except objective and weapon ) - no mini-map - Vote To Kick - IDLE kick
  5. I now main Kenny. I can literally do whatever I want.
  6. The problem comes from taking a break. The more I play the more desensitized and accepting I become to the things I don't like. And I don't need the numbers, I need the experience, and multiplayer is not the right experience for me as it is now. I unfortunately expect too much quality from my entertainment. Most things seem to be delivering nowadays, but I guess not everything can.
  7. While I do like the idea of Jason picking up (bear) traps, I don't think all Jasons should start with the same amount as this would make part 2 even weaker /pointless than he already is. Another suggestion that I've read is that Jason should be able to re-open traps (without moving them) which counselors already had STEPPED in (not the ones disabled by pocket knives). This would also encourage counselors to use their knives on traps more often and reduce tanking.
  8. While the game depicts it as a little red Swiss Army, it's clearly something with a spyderhole/thumbstud
  9. Was there an increase this weekend? I found the last 5 I needed in 8 hours of playing on Sunday morning. Now have all Pamela tapes and 1 Tommy tape.
  10. Vendetta Against Savini Jason?

    I've used him more in offline than anywhere else. I enjoy his destruction rate and how he can combat stance through a fortified door in mere seconds. Online (with a good player controlling him), he's definitely the Jason you need teamwork to be successful against. Some of these salty nuts are bitter they were too lazy to pay a couple bucks for him before the window closed.
  11. Who run the official twitter account

    Time where you were the only one he confuse me but thanks for the reply. PS: i Have my reply you can close the thread.
  12. Still don’t know how councelors manage it. You generally need both hands to open a pocket knife. They’re not switch blades.
  13. I'd love to see the ability to fill up remaining player spaces with bots. If you have a core group of say, four people you like to play with, you can completely escape the buggy confines of quick play with a full, balanced lobby. The bots are incredibly stupid, but having them around would allow the human players the right amount of time to get things done with a good challenge.
  14. Toggle chase music Toggle red marker Set the amount of items per match Set gamma across the player base. Basically, let the host choose the match conditions for what there is in a match.
  15. Redhead Trope?

    NO! 2 sexes are more than enough for any game.
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  17. Horror Movie Podcasts

    Thanks mate, I'll have a look at Shock Waves
  18. Since there is an empty 8th slot on the Counselor's stats screen, I've come up with a little idea to add a bit more diversity between Counselors and their play-styles. The Dexterity stat will affect the accuracy of flare guns and shotguns when aiming, and the stun duration if the Counselors manages to land a hit. Also, in place of Luck, the Dexterity stat will also affect the chances of a more favourable QTE mini-game when attempting to make a repair. Suppose if Chad were to have low Dexterity, this would mean that he will need to rely on using melee weapons to combat Jason, as he will struggle with Flare Guns and Shotguns due to his low accuracy and shortened stun time if he lands a hit. Also, Chad can no longer reliably repair with a 2/10 Repair and expect a 5-6 skill-check anymore, as he can no longer use his 10/10 Luck to gamble for a more favourable QTE mini-game. Granted for this to work, everyone would have their stats re-adjusted to ensure that everyone doesn't have a 5/10 Dexterity stat by default. What are your thoughts?
  19. I love that this thread has been revisited. There are a lot of good points here and the devs would be wise to take note.
  20. I liked that idea. Most everything you and @Alkavian said I agree with. As far as icons not appearing, it ups a number of factors. Comms are even more important. And I pity the last counselor trying to dodge Jason while looking for a part. It's the stuff you speak about years later. After seeing the two seater and boat on Jarvis' map, I figured that escape doesn't have to be fair. I'm also not the biggest fan of all the eggs being set in the cop escape basket. Making counselors use every escape method also means guys like New Blood Jason don't have their strengths negated. Now it's going to be a race to get out in the car or by police, because the hapless fools using the boat are going to have a rough time of it.
  21. Marked items, item frequency, mini map on/off
  22. I can sympathize. It's disappointing this thread was made back in October and we have yet to see any of these ideas implemented. I am sure some are too complex for them, but there are some solid ideas that could customize gameplay and make it more interesting, as well as keep gameplay fresh for the clubs and groups that play together often. For Xbox players, we can't even toggle rain on and off. Then again it slows our frame rate down so much it isn't worth having on. @Risinggrave that is an interesting concept to only let a couple people escape to the cops.
  23. It is a Twitter account for the game, several members of Gun have access to the account and post to it, myself included.
  24. That sounds a bit too early for it's times.
  25. I can't believe we're already in January and the only private match options we have to toggle is rain. Friendly fire was supposed to be a toggle option a long time ago but looks like they forgot about it, it's the main reason why my group avoids private matches cause if Jason grabs someone you can't shoot him without killing the other player(most of the time). I agree with everything @Alkavian posted above as well as @TheHansonGoons mention about item locations on the map being a toggle option.
  26. Future achievement ideas

    At least it will only take 6 matches to achieve. 😁
  27. That is one reason I suggested choosing objectives available on the map. Would make things real interesting. The objective icons definitely need to be an option. Some of us who have been playing for a while love the way it used to be. @Alkavian came up with a fantastic list.
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