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  2. You are right. I hadn't read all of the replies when I posted that. I went back and re-read them, and understand what you were saying now. My apologies. I can admit when I am wrong.
  3. You also used to be able to do two dodges to the right and end up behind him. That is gone now too. Jason rotates with you. I don't use Dodge.
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  5. tea baging

    I feel the same way even though I'm respectable to even Level 150's that are playing the game honestly. I had a Jason trying to grab my character through the window where I was standing at the window and he was trying to grab and trying to get in. That told me off the bat that the guy was brand new to the game. I didn't know if he spoke English or not but if he did, I really did want to speak to him and give him some game play tips. He was left with 0/7 kills and I was playing with a group of friends. All of us told him Good Game Jason at the end because we felt bad for the new guy but none of us were dicks to him at all. Strange enough, when I was new in the game as a counselor, I actually came across Jason who would help me in game give me pointers on how to play. I ran into one 150 Level Jason leading a bunch of newbies giving us gameplay pointers to playing as a counselor about putting together car parts and setting traps, all stuff we couldn't learn playing Offline. There are good people out there. The whole tea bag on strangers thing is rather immature imo. It's funny if you do that with your friends but that's about it.
  6. I recently switched back over to Xbox from PS4 and noticed I'm still getting booted out of the game at random. I'd really like to know what actually causes it and how GUN/Illfonic can fix it in the next update if possible
  7. After this patch, Jason grab range was slightly increased. Now Jason can grab you when you dodge backwards. Most of the guys gonna say that "why you dodge? RUN YOU FOOL!". Running is not the problem. The problem is you get grabbed after you dodge. Jason made 120 degree turn and grabbed me while there was a gap between me and him. I hit him dodge immediately backwards and Jason became a Jedi and force grabbed me. I agree that Jason needs a buff but you guys buffed him the wrong way. The countless times that Jason killed used an exploit and I arrived here and open a thread how embrassing this is.
  8. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Oh, I prefer the pink one too, I was just thinking animation wise. But you're right, the flowiness probably doesn't help.
  9. Cocky Vanessa players annoy me, they act like they have some skill when using the most OP counselor in the game. The irony of it all is I put just enough pressure on them to keep them from being effective if not completely ignoring them for the most part. I rarely use Vanessa but when I do...I always live/escape and it is a constant reminder of how freakishly OP she is. Nerf Vanessa, Buff Jenny Gunmedia ffs.
  10. No it doesnt, honestly the ONLY problem i have with the drawyers is that in 1 house you can have 3 maps and 2 walkie talkies. They need to evenly spread them out through the map so its not all piled up in one spot. Same with the weapons currently. It hap[pens that a single house has 4-5 weapons and the next 3-4 houses are empty. I would not mind to remove the flashlight and let it be one of the searched items, would make it a bit more interesting other than that its all fine as is.
  11. Why do you like this game?

    I love playing as Jason and killing everyone. I usually go part 4 Jason and slash everyone. It's especially satisfying when i'm being gang attacked and I manage to turn the tide.
  12. The mindless masses in QP never cease to amaze me.. So, to answer your question: Everything... Everything that people do in QP annoys me.
  13. Double trap the fusebox. It's good insurance because not only do counselors have to deal with two traps, it buys you time to morph back there assuming your morph isn't ready yet. I used to think the same way about having more steps to call the police or give Jason something to work with, but now I don't think this is the case anymore since double trapping have save me from getting calls done.
  14. I am actually pretty okay with these. Good suggestions. I don't think jasons hit detection needs to be lengthened per say but actually widened and smoothed over. There are times where if you are too close to jason his swing will not hit you when it should, just as if you are a tad off to the side.
  15. April 13th

    Exactly why I give him +Fear lol.
  16. When I find the car keys, I drop them at the nearest car (although not still fixed) increasing the chances for all that someone after fixing the car will start it (anf if lucky picks me up on the road home). what annoys me are players which pick up my dropped keys (sometimes right in front of me) and run away with it (to be later killed in the woods). I even called after someone to let them where they are, no reaction
  17. never gonna happen crispin glover will never let his likeness be used for this or anything else
  18. April 13th

    one the snowflake represented winter not Christmas the demo was part of the map which they said they are no longer following and paranoia jason x and grendel have or had no specific timetable
  19. I was just going by the words he used in the post to me.
  20. Jason Coming to DbD?

    Ehh. DBD has a stronger player base and count, hopefully the new engine and dedicated servers help the game. Jason doesn’t make sense in DBD, but it does at the same time with the entity.
  21. The killers put survivors on hooks to please the entity. That's the whole point lol. It wouldn't seem weird to me because that's what Dbd is about. The killers are trapped within the realm of the entity and are tasked with sacrificing survivors.
  22. Did you ever see Michael or Freddy do it? Freddy might be more inclined to do so as a creative kill, but more than likely not. The only "licensed" killer in DbD that ever used meathooks was Leatherface, than the original trapper in DbD was an outright copy of him before they even had the rights to use Junior Sawyer. Any iconic cinematic killer is going to be underutilized in DbD. Michael, Freddy, Leatherface, Pinhead...etc should all have their own games. I don't care too much for Dead by Daylight anymore, the gameplay got kind of stale for me. I hope Jason is never put into the game.
  23. This actually happened to me a few days ago, it was really confusing
  24. I disagree with your points. Small maps negate stealth pretty well as cabins are largely clumped together and let's you keep track of a lot of counselors with sense. Objectives spawn closer to one another due to smaller area and make it easier to juggle objectives. Cabins are closer together so destroying doors, windows is easier to keep track of as well as power boxes. If anything is ridiculously skewed to one side's favor it's Extra Large Maps (Jarvis and Pinehurst) Parts spawn miles away from objectives. Fixers struggle to go anywhere without running out of stamina. Cabin clusters are farther apart making you completely vulnerable in certain areas of the map if Jason has destroyed the parts. There is the chance to only have a 2-seater car spawn on these maps making it even harder to get multiple people out alive.
  25. I figured that if we are going to add characters into the game might as well add the poster boy of the cleaver kill. Jimmy’s Stats: Idea Composure: 2 Luck: 2 Stamina: 10 Speed: 7 Stealth: 5 Repair: 3 Strength: 6 Since he only has stamina as his main strength, he plays somewhat similar to Vanessa. Also he would be the first character to feature 10 stamina.
  26. There’s actually a way to prevent your self from being wiff punished as Jason, when you miss your grab just move your camera to the side and Jason, will move in that direction, also when you place down a trap, you can immediately enter combat stance. So yes, it’s not hard to fight Counselors, that use these tactics. But other tactics is very hard to Counter, like double PK stun, double bear trap stun and hitting through doors and windows, its hard to defensively break doors and windows with J6 or Savini, because their weapon will get stuck in the window frame leavening you vulnerable to a stun.
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