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Ultimate Sweater Girl:

Composure: 1/10

Luck: 6/10

Repair: 1/10

Speed: 8/10

Stamina: 10/10

Stealth: 1/10

Strength: 8/10


Speed and stam for survial. 8 Strength for a higher chance of putting him on his knee's. 6 Luck for weapon durability.


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12 hours ago, kingkylie said:

hopefully by the sims you mean the sims 3, with presets but also sliders. something like the sims 1 would be lacking, and the sims 2 would be almost there. a creator like sims 4 would require LOTS of money and time. personally i'd be fine with preset faces or parts of the face but only if it came with some sliders; including body (leg length, leg thickness, waist, shoulders, butt, maybe even feet)

I was thinking the Sims 3 as that is the last Sims game I really played, skin tone, eye color, leg length, leg thickness, waist, shoulders, butt, age( I think might be acceptable because Jason did kill two old men the Death Curse guy in part 2 and the graveyard keeper in part 6, If i am not mistaken in part 4 he killed some in morgue who were older)  

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my stats would be like my real life stats lol

The Horror Expert

Composure 7

luck 8

speed 5

stamina 3

strength 2

repair 3

Stealth 7

i dont get scared easily

im good at hiding

i can get lucky in many things

but im not fast and i run out of energy really fast

im not that good at repairing

i am not good at fighting

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Me: The Loner

Composure 5 (I'll try, but there is a serial killer after me)

Luck 5 (I mean, I'm average. I'm not blessed with luck, but I'm also not cursed with bad luck)

Speed 5 (I can run, but only in short sprints)

Stamina 4 (Same as Speed)

Strength 2 (I got noodle arms)

Repair 8 (I mean, what do you think in my spare time?)

Stealth 6 (I usually seem to disappear from conversations, so I have practice)

Pros: Less afraid when alone in dark, lower fear slightly faster when in hiding spot, climb through windows/hiding spots slightly faster

Cons: More afraid when around other counselors, weapons break faster, slower swimmer

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