Quitters & friendly-fire. Its single-handedly destroying the game.

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Just now, Emperiex said:

This makes no sense at all. I play on PC & I rarely crash, if ever. And if I do, it's usually because my laptop needs to be restarted. They're rage-quitters, stop making excuses for them.

Sorry, more specifically:


You said, anyone who doesn't think rage quitters are a problem is in denial.


To which I replied, or they are on PC.

When someone quits on pc I may lose a few points as Jason, but I do not lose the whole match. I also do not lose much if the jason quits on me. I get at least 500 points. Not that xp is the end all beall, I get wanting to have a full match with all the excitement and the running and the chasing and the whatnot, but on PC we lose very little.

My understanding, and I could be wrong here, but, on console you lose everything if the host drops out. You get nothing.

So, as I am on PC is do not see it as a serious problem and I do not feel I am in denial, I am just in a different game state than the others.


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I'm not saying it's a huge loss if they quit because I suck it up and move on to the other counselors, just that it's annoying and the kill should automatically count once it starts so even if they quit, it still counts on your tally. I think that'd be a fair trade...either that or remove the ability to quit once the kill is initiated.

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Penalizing people for leaving the match early just isn't going to happen, and I'll explain to you why just as you tried to give your reasons.


Firstly, the game doesn't require a max number of people for the game to launch.  You're assuming you'll kill that extra player that dropped.  He could very well fix the car and drive 3 others out with him leaving you with much less than a single kill.


Second, many of these people got this game to be Jason.  They have no interest being otherwise.

Third, you cannot force people to play just so you can have a "good time" yourself.  Nothing more selfish than that.  You lose absolutely nothing by them dropping.  They're just as likely to escape and help others and you were to kill them.  I've been in games where I'm Jason and theres 2-3 people in there.  It is what it is.  You ultimately don't want these people in the game with you which brings me to my next point


Fourthly if you ban people for leaving early you have no reason why they may have disconnected.  You're much more likely to lose gamers this way if you get dced for whatever reason- and have to wait 20 minutes for a game.  I'll guarantee you'll be seeing people demanding refunds at an extraordinary degree and that's not a good business practice.


Finally, you'll just have people that will now grief or go suicide themselves just as the game starts.  As I said you DO NOT want these people in your game because they're not going to help you anyways.


And you wanted an answer to your problems so here it is: game only with friends and all your issues will be resolved....

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