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You can't ban people for everything. This is getting out of hand. A glitch in the game being exploited is not cheating. Enough already. Also I have been in a game where someone got killed on the rooftop. The guy playing Jason threw knifes or whatever they are called at him until he died. So funny and great. We were praising him and laughing our butts off.

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On 6/6/2017 at 10:19 PM, Jimmy said:

A built in game option to record your matches would make it much more efficient, helpful and convenient to a lot of non tech savvy players and would make most griefer's and hackers think twice, as they know they are being recorded.

World of Tanks has this same option to record your matches if you want. Simple solution to a rampant problem, send in the vid and let Gun Media make the judgment call on the evidence at hand.


Another suggestion have is to have a game recording option that doesn't just record a persons screen, but rather all of the data of which player was where, for hold long, where they moved, and what they did, including the Jason player. Think of it more like a "log" or "register" of data that is compiled as the game is played, that can be used to "reassemble" as game as it took place, kind of like "Ghost" data in racing games or "Replay" data in a Football game, if you will.

If a player can REVIEW the way a match went down, especially by watching players and Jason players actions, they can catch Jason or others, using exploits or fast/speed walking hacks, etc.

It would specially be good to get the audio transferred to and from players, such that if people are using Discord to help Jason, or using Discord to defeat the voice mechanic of the game (not being able to hear people unless they are within feet of you, walkie talkies, etc.) you can have the needed proof to get the right people banned. 

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