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What changes have you noticed since beta?

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Those of us who played the beta probably played it quite a bit - I mean I think everyone had fun playing it :) Since then, we've had all sorts of new trailers and screenshots shown to us. What changes have you guys noticed since the beta? Here's the ones I've noticed.

  1. Sense has been changed so that Jason now sees people closer to him rather than everyone on the whole map (source: Thread on these forums)
  2. Melee weapon swing speed has been altered (source: Watch the Tom Savini Jason reveal, and watch the wind-up animation A.J. does before she gets grabbed. It's noticeably faster)
  3. The final counsellors have been revealed! Bugsy, Adam and Eric are now in the game (source: Thread on these forums and the F13 Game official Twitter)
  4. Counsellors can now run each-other over with cars (source: J6 demo video)
  5. Jason has throwing knives! (source: One of the more recent videos)
  6. Jason has traps! (source: Thread on these forums)
  7. Jason's rage ability has now been changed from being manually activated to being automatically activated during the match (source: Thread on these forums)
  8. Jason has a new ability - stalk! (source: Thread on these forums)
  9. Flare guns can now be used as weapons (source: Post-beta feedback video, and the Tom Savini Jason reveal video)
  10. Firecrackers can now stun Jason (source: Post-beta feedback video)
  11. The police phone box now requires a fuse (source: Thread on these forums)
  12. The pitchfork is now called the 'Devil's Pitchfork' and is now wielded by Tom Savini's Jason (source: Tom Savini's Jason reveal video)
  13. Counsellor stats and stamina have been adjust (source: Thread on these forums)
  14. XP icons have changed (source: Tom Savini's Jason reveal video)
  15. Each Jason gets their own unique music (source: Wes Keltner's Twitter)


What else have you guys noticed? Provide some info and a source and I'll add it to the list :)

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Well I mentioned it on a new topic just yesterday, but I noticed the XP meters have changed. They no longer say 'XP' on the left, but instead display an appropriate icon such as a shield or an axe for the action taken. With the educated guess being that there are a few different icons, for visual variety.

Source is the Tom Savini's Jason reveal video.

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