What's up guys! Glad to be part of the community.

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What's going on everybody,

My name's Andy Abdulah, born in NYC, raised in Boston. Long time 60's, 70's and 80's horror movie fan. I wanted to introduce myself to the community as a long time fan of the Friday the 13th series, as well an American convert to Islam.

Besides gaming, if you have any questions about Islam please feel free to ask. I feel it's important in these times to reach out to people who might not know anything about Islam, in an attempt to clarify common misconceptions as well as make the effort to simply get along without compromising our own personal beliefs.

Regardless, can't wait for the release of this game! I don't know about you guys but who else is playing this bad boy on PC?

Let's get it!


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Hello and welcome to the forums!


While I generally keep and open mind and absolutely relish the chance to learn more about another person's beliefs, I believe religious discussion might be a bit of a hot button for some so I'll hold my questions for a later date and place. :)


Anyway, great to add another fan to the F13 Army! Hope to see you in-game!

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Thank you guys!! I apologize for the late reply. I was expecting an email regarding the replies but I guess I have to change my settings.

Thank you all for the warm welcome, I'm blown away by the positive response.

Thanks again and hopefully the game releases soon!

- Andy.

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Welcome! Hope you have fun playing the game! =) And I think everyone will agree that all religions are welcome. (I even saw a thread started by someone from the UAE!)

That said, I'll echo others and say that this isn't really a religiously-oriented forum, and there's potential there for some stupid flamewars, so we might want to avoid talking about it. After all, Jason doesn't care what religion you are, he just wants to kill you.

From what I can tell, there's no hard/fast rule on the off-topic section, but there's a warning that talking about your religion or political party can go bad places. (Obviously everything is political in its own way -- for instance I brought up the changes in societal and legal implications in alcohol use among college students from the time of the first F13 movies, versus today. I consider that already pushing it, on my part. I had to think a while before deciding to actually post about it. Definitely will not bring up political parties with it though.)

It would suck though if we devolved into arguments about Christianity/Islam/Subgenius/FlyingSpaghettiMonster, or Democrats vs. Republicans vs. Whigs. =P So be careful. =)

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