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Hey everyone! Glad to finally be making my introduction post (I was an original Kickstarter backer), and officially join the forums. Up until now, I've been skulking around like Jason in the trees, preferring to jump in between forums. Just a bit about myself as an intro, though! I've been a horror fan for several years now, and am usually that one friend that is up for seeing any horror movie out there. Probably my fave horror series would have to be the Saw movies due to their continuity in story telling and soundtrack. My primary gaming system is Xbox, and if anyone wants to get some games going when the game comes out, my gamertag is Saint Patchy. Glad to be on the forums, and I'll be seeing you all at Crystal Lake!

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Welcome to camp!


I'm also an original kickstarter, but I didn't officially join until after the beta.


I never even posted an introduction, so you've got one up on me!

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