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Leveling After Max (AKA "Prestiege")

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I hate the word Prestiege.  Call it something else.  Prestiege belongs in Call of Duty.




I'm curious as to how they can keep things interesting, and I have an idea.


Y'know how they were saying that Tom Savini had a bunch of ideas for extremely eccentric kills, I believe one of them was with a lifeguard tower...  I think those kills would be a great reward for after unlocking all the game has to offer.  Just an extra set of things to unlock.


I know this game isn't competitive, and I love it for it, but progression can still be fun and lasting :D


So just absurd kills for Jason, and obviously we need some very special cosmetics for the counselors.


These kills would be rare to come across, as there aren't many life guard towers, but they would make the kill feel all the more special.



How would you handle Max Level progression?

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Words they could use:








Something along those lines. I don't think "prestige-ing" is even necessary in this game though.


Well I used the term to describe the game after max level.  I don't think "prestige-ing" is necessary either.  I think  restarting your progress is kinda annoying.


I'm just wondering what we can do for Max Level players to continue playing toward something.

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