Favourite Horror Author?

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Stephen king


I love "IT", i already read it like 3 times.

Are you excited for the new movie?

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Robert R. Mcammon, hands down, his novels read like films that suck you in and visualize your imagination.

The 80's Twilight Zone tv series did one of his stories entitled "Nightcrawlers". The story was about a Special Forces/Ranger team in Vietnam, whose members were forced to take an experimental drug that had side effects unforeseen...whatever they thought about, would materialize in real life! The team was ambushed on a recon mission and all but one were killed. That one vet came home and would dream of his buddies coming back to get him, and wherever he went, those undead soldiers would return and shoot up everything and everyone.


I also had an affinity for Peter Benchley, I didn't care for his style, but loved his marine based stories.

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