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Darrin Howard

An Outline of Story mode

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I Think there should be two options like most games. Story Mode Campaign Or Multiplayer.

In the story mode campaign you meet other counselors in the day time at a cabin.the rules are gone over and your duties include helping the college kids campers whenever they need help.theres diffrent maps and camp are given a walkie talkie radio to be called when the college kids need help.if jason attacks their cabin you must go there and help. during the day all is you go into town to get camping food or to the diner.jason generally does not come out during day time,so you have time to gather items and prepare for dark.searching through hidden cabins reaveals books and journals where you can gain knowledge of crystal lake and jason. another good adventure is that a counselor or camper must go to the cemetery and dig up a body and remove the head,

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