I am here, and I bring Chadface to all.

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Hi there, my name's Nick.

I'm sure I'm not alone here, in growing up engrossed in the horror genre.
From slashers, to thrillers, to literature. I just enjoy it. This is even true for game media.

My first foray into survival horror was on the PS1, in the Dino Crisis games, and Alien: Resurrection.
Dino Crisis was right up my alley as the designated "dinosaur guy", Resurrection is the reason I have a multi-step procedure for clearing facehuggers out of rooms.
The most recent survival horror game I played (other than this beta) was Alien: Isolation.

Having played about two years of AVP 2010's multiplayer, I brought my war face to the new encounter.

I brought my war face to the F13 beta, as well. I didn't survive the first game, but I got away in the second game.
Then, there was one game which was exactly what I'd hoped. A struggle, that I was able to overcome through quick thinking and good timing.
I can't wait to play this game again.

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