What do you think it will take to actually kill Jason?

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1 hour ago, DamonD7 said:

I do hope you get the 1000, man :)

Oh, I will. 


1 hour ago, GrandMasterLynx said:

I was the one who told you guys that what they said about being able to kill Jason in the Beta was all BULLSHIT and so many of you told me they said YES YOU CAN KILL HIM they had the STATS TO PROVE IT so they LIED to everybody who bought into their BULLSHIT but not me I knew it was all a LIE 

Dude. We get it. You're so much smarter then the average pleb. Nothing ever gets past your eagle eyes and rock hard attitude.

And your mastery of caps lock means we all know about it. 


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It's just sad to me that everybody defended them when they said yes tou

can kill him in the beta and showed stats that said nobody killed them


why would they fake the stats why would they say we can kill him in the beta we'll just to build up the hype so yea it's really sad you can trust them since they lied to you you gotta ask yourself what else they're lying about and will lie about 

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2 hours ago, Risinggrave said:

Dude. We get it.

THIS. So much this.

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