Young Bloods VS Old Dogs

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(Rules may change depending on conditions of the game at beta launch)



Lotta old people who plan on playing this game... Have experience with the franchise, eh?


Let's see that experience put to good use.


Two teams. Young Blood and Old Dogs.



Young Bloods include anyone 29 and younger


Old Dogs include anyone 30 and older



There will be seven on each team. We can schedule a day in which everyone can get together.



How this will work:


- Every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, there will be a competition in the form of a match.


- Every week (if possible) we alternate between the two teams: Young Bloods and Old Dogs.


- One team will play as Counselors and one as Jason every week, alternating between each other.


- The whole team will play as Counselors whereas one representative from the other team will play as Jason. Once the game is over, the person who played Jason will pick the next one on their team who will be Jason next. When that team gets their turn as Jason, the person the last Jason picked will play next.


- Jason kills are the only points that count. The more players the Jason player kills, the more points for his team he wins.


- Scores will be kept here.


- Reward is bragging rights or whatever the team puts forth.


= For any week where a team member can't show up, you have the option to pick someone else not part of the team (so long as they are not on the enemy team) to join temporarily, be it a random, a person from the forum, or even a dev. Age is irrelevant. The whole team must consent though.



Any clarification needed or any confusion found, message me and we can try to sort it out here in this thread or in messenger.





Young Bloods: 0


Old Dogs: 0

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There is no way to know for sure that this set up will even work.  This is just a suggestion, and I wanted to be the first to post here :D:P

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18-30  = young bloods

30 and up  old dogs


is my suggestion for  the division maybe



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Does 13 count you as a young blood? Hehehe, I am going to get a lot of hate because of my age aren't I?


Nah. As long as you don't act immature :P


Which applies to everyone.

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39 year old dog in da house, ready to slice n dice some pot smoking, under age drinking, sex having not watching me before I drowned badass kids!!!

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ok so or me Tuesdays or Sundays can work for me ,  I figure we have a beta coming before the end of the year and that's about a month and a half so lets get some communication on this idea. Cause I likes it

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