Will Pamela Be a Playable Character? Ever?

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I've just mulled over this and i think my thought's have already been iterated already. If pamela were a killer i think she would play best like counsilors. I imagine her having the same map blip as councilors. No big red she is over here. Just oh someone is heading my way or someone is in this cabin. It would be great if she could hide in wardrobes and spring out to get you. I think she would play like a solid snake playstyle. DON'T GET SEEN. 

No morphs, no shift's, no stalk. She doesn't have a cue music to need it. 

Simple quick stealth kills and sabotage. I think it would turn the game on it's head and have a unique level of suspense if there were 9 counsilor blips on a map and players knew one of them was a pamela but which one. How would that impact team play.

Maybe pamela could find some cable cutters to disable the cars breaks. Has she managed to make the car a death trap before you've repaired it. The idea's are overwhelming to say the least but that being said wes is right on whether the game would allow for such a shift in playstyle. 

The fantasy will do for me though

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Here is what I imagine.

If Pamela becomes playable, it will ONLY be for the Challenge mode since her entire thing was the sneak killing.

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At first I thought, "what's the point?" But then I realized that mechanics where you could choose to be either Jason or Mrs. Vorhees would be AWESOME!!!! She could have the stalking ability as is. Another ability could be charm, she charm the counselors and stun them for 3 seconds. Run like a counselor. Stun resistant. Less strength and more stamina and be killed easier just like a counselor. Whether or not she has a grab kill is up in the air. Playing as her is a huge risk because counselors in a group would fuck her up. However, of you played true to the films and played Mrs. Vorhees very stealthfully you could pick the counselor's off one by one. If done well, it would be a welcome addition to switch up the game.

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What about no shift, and morph is changed. Make her really weak at breaking down doors. Like 10 hits. But she can climb through windows. But if she climbs through a broken window, she gets hurt.

Instead of knives, give her some sort of healing spray, similar to the med sprays.

Morph only works to morph into a cabin under a bed or a closet. Can't morph anywhere else.

Also give her permastalk, so no music cues. Never shows up on the mini map unless hit by a flare or when DASHING (see below).

The idea here is that when counselors run into cabins and lock the doors, they never know when Pamela might come sliding out from under a bed or bursting out of the closet to kill them.

I'd give her grab kills, but not by lifting by the throat. More wrasslin'.  Bear hug from behind struggle, leading to her kills.

She can't morph into the water to stop a boat; instead, she summons child Jason to take the boat out (same mechanic, though).

She is susceptible to damage like counselors. She doesn't get bloodied, but after taking so much damage, her sweater appears torn up/shredded. At that point, if someone stuns her with a bat or other blunt-force weapon, someone else can finish her with a machete only (decapitation).

Instead of shift, she'd have DASH, where she runs really fast, screaming that savage, psychotic scream of hers the entire time.

Instead of the shack, have her jeep, which she begins in at one of the exits at the very start of the game. She can get in and out of it, and drive around the map and even run people over. When being driven, the jeep appears on the map, but vanishes if the engine is off. She can only drive it for about 60 seconds at a time, with a 2-minute cooldown. Have the body of dude who dies in the opening cinematic in the passenger seat.


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