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speaking of boobs and this game it is just like any other M rated game you can have people getting slaughtered blood and gore but show one tit or a vagina and people lose there shit  i never understood the ratings board at all.. i guess getting your heart ripped out is natural but showing an animated boob is not lol

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20 hours ago, Dr. Lecter said:

Oh teh noes! If only our plucky little game had made a boatload of money off sales, and could afford to handle that kind of bureaucratic bullshit...

The main foe is Time.

To add those things, they would need to make a special addon. Said addon would need to go through microsoft, sony, and steam for approval and re-rating since it's different from the core game.

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On 9/27/2017 at 10:15 AM, Trish said:


I'm disappointed you can't use bots online to fill in extra empty counselor slots.  Is there any chance this may be added in the future?


I agree as well. I was just posting about how I get together with friends to play (to avoid all the horrors of online play that people constantly bitch about) but there often aren't 8 of us, and it is nearly impossible for only 4 counselors to survive against Jason. It would probably be more difficult to make counselor bots interact with real players instead of only other counselor bots. But even if they just flailed around to distract Jason, or maybe found some of the items and brought them to the boats and cars it would give the few real players a chance to escape instead of having to resort to just hiding and surviving. They don't have to interact completely believably. They just have to be there to fill up slots. That would help immensely for games with fewer total players.

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