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Found 30 results

  1. So with the nice news that Jason will get to swap weapons, what level do you feel this should be active? I personally would vouch for 50, 55, or 60. This is based on when all Jason's become available to the player. I have a suspicion that Uber will be unlocked at 55 (5+5 = 10 = X ), hence me thinking that perhaps 60 would be around the level the swap would be plausible to unlock. I only recently got to start playing my PS4 version of this game, which is strictly offline as I refuse to pay for PS+, but as a result, my level only JUST reached 48 as my only option is to kill bots and I don't even get all the EXP for "no survivors" or even make any badge/achievement progression. EDIT: Perhaps it could be a reward for accomplishing all the singleplayer challenges.
  2. With the announcement of switchable weapons probably coming in April, I think this could open up a new type of dlc. Weapon packs. These packs would have 1 weapon that come with 3 kills. These weapons could range from a shovel weapon pack all the way to that one weed wacker with a buzz saw weapon pack. Here are some ideas for some weapons: 1. Shovel weapon pack 2. Sledgehammer weapon pack 3. Combat knife weapon pack 4. Fire poker weapon pack 5. Sythe weapon pack 6. Weed wacker with a buzz saw weapon pack ( I don’t know the name of that thing ) what do you guys think? Any ideas for a weapon pack?
  3. Switching Weapons as Jason ?

    Imagine if you can change the weapon of your personal Jason before the match start (in the lobby), and each weapon has its own kills, so with that all Jasons could have different kills of all Jasons depends of the weapon he has, for example you can arm your Part 2 Jason with the machete of the part 7 Jason, now he would have the same kills than that Jason. I think that would make the make less monotonous and more interesting as playing as Jason.and remember in the movies Jason used different weapons, machetes, axes, what do you think?
  4. I believe that Jason is very weak when it comes to dealing with mobs. I find Jason is stunned far to easily and in a large group that leads to chain stunning and it is happening with all weapons. when dealing with a group you are forced you into combat stance to avoid being stunned. Combat stance also moves very slowly and maybe it is a bug but after you have blocked an attack you can't attack back for a few seconds. This makes dealing with a crowd almost impossible since from that point on they can simply knock your mask off and kill you, or just wait out the round slapping you with weapons anytime you try to kill someone. Also the weapons seem to be much more durable then i remember them being. I am not complaining I am just pointing out that if your goal was to have a scary unstoppable force in your game then something should be done about the stuns, maybe give Jason a better way to deal with the mobs. I love this game and i just want to see it get better thanks for reading "I don’t know if it’s just me but seems like All of the Jason characters are to easily stunned Even on the first hit of the match which is the main reason not to fear Jason me personally I think that’s a bigger problem than his speed I think Jason should have to take a few hits before stunned full health and one hit by one of the girls shouldn’t stun Jason maybe if they have a really good perk but it seems to happen to often please fix that problem too it would really improve the fear of Jason as a councilor I don’t fear Jason at all knowing i can hit him once and get away"
  5. At launch you could search through several houses and find nothing of use besides a weapon. Each match consists of endless searching draw after draw, it's a bit bland and extremely repetitive. With the new update scaling back items we've run into the same issue. The problem isn't the total amount of items its the limited quantity especially on these huge maps. I have two suggestions to fix this along with some examples. First, items should be also be found outside cabins and drawers more consistently and within Jason's cabin. Campfires are great, but how about spawning items along the beach (not just when someone escapes or dies), within the forest, along the road, etc. Increase chance to spawn @ specific locations dependent on the item. So, it's likely we will find a wrench in the repair shop and a flare gun in the boat house as opposed to in the forest on the ground (though there should still be a very small chance that makes it possible). This makes searching feel a bit more like searching. You're looking around the cabin for anything useful (besides objective items and weapons). There should be an abundance of items that counselors need to decide what to keep and what to leave behind. Second, itemization needs more variety in the game. There are very few items to be found within the campgrounds and the newly introduced towns (Jarvis Residence & Youth Center). Counselors search endlessly (and frantically) through cabin after cabin just to find... well nothing now. A whole town with nothing to equip yourself to escape or fight - seems a bit silly. To give you a better example of what I'm thinking about here are some simple examples that I would hope (though I'm an expert by no means) easy to implement. Generators: Counselors can attach Generators to Electricity Boxes before they are broken to keep the power on for an additional amount of time after Jason breaks the box. Perhaps this causes the lights to flicker (as it does when it's destroyed) while in use. That can make for an interesting chase and kill, eh? Backpacks: Increase Inventory by 1 - 2 slots or ability to carry boulders with less speed penalty Toolbox: Counselors can repair the radio with a toolbox. Rosemary Beads: Counselors are able to hold their breath much longer and do so quieter. Also prevents sense detection for 30 seconds (can be used outside or inside) Epi-Pen: Increases Counselors top speed by a specific number for a short period of time (3-5 seconds), after 1 minute your max stamina is reduced for an additional minute Scissors: 100% increase speed to escaping Jason's grasp, after 1 minute your max stamina is reduced for an additional minute Hammer & Nails: Adds defense to barricaded doors for an additional swing from Jason. Prevents an undamaged door from Rage Mode. Lanterns: Place able light object that illuminates a small area reducing fear for 30 seconds for those in range for its duration. Boulders: Reduces overall top speed significantly but can be used to destroy bear traps. Firewood: Increases Campfire light radius and temporarily reduces fear but effect is lost very quickly outside of its radius. Compass: On use it reveals the location of cops may arrive from, with a % chance to be inaccurate. Flippers: Silly, but I was trying to think of something that would increase swimming speed significantly. Life Vest: Like a pocket knife for the water, prevents one drowned death from Jason. Bandages: Increases top movement speed when limping. Road flares: Player made way points that are put on the map for other counselors. Crowbar: Grants the ability to unlock locked doors (not barricades) As you can see, none are game breaking - but allows for a more dynamic game play experience from a counselors perspective. Yes, Jason should have an advantage but as players we spend 90% of time playing this game as a counselor so there should be more ways for us to play. My goal was to create ideas that are focused on escaping Jason and not fighting. These items should all be consumables like everything else. The update is fresh and fun, but overall the game is still a bit stale and now that there is less to do than before. Thoughts?
  6. In the movies Jason has been using other weapons, for example a double sided axe in the final chapter and a machete in part 3. The Jason should have a main weapon definitely, but actually give the player an option to change to another weapon, for example part 3 Jason starts with an axe then when the game starts he has his axe but when he goes into a house he can ditch his axe for a machete. well for the bat he can just choke the counselor with it or he can play a quick game of tee ball with the counselor, and for a pot or a pan he can just wack the counselor's head off with them.
  7. I did a thing. I had some help. That thing is here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10596-the-playbook-techniques-and-strategies/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-199050 We can talk about it if you want. If not, that's fine. It's there, though. It's a list where the total amount of swings for each weapon are defined, the cost of durability for blocking Jason's attacks, and the amount of damage that can be blocked before being staggered and eventually: death. Minus Tommy Jarvis for the last one in particular. If you like combat, it may be of use. Thank you for your time.
  8. This is an idea I've just thought about and I'm unsure if there's a topic discussing it so here goes. For adventurous types who want to kill Jason but aren't great at combat, there should be an alternative to dealing enough damage to remove his mask. Perhaps using a shotgun or even the flare gun to shoot and ignite a gas can for a high-damage dealing explosion? It should be nearly enough to remove Jason's mask, but can insta-kill counselors if they're too close to the blast radius. Damage will also fall off the further the distance to the explosion, so if Jason can move from the epicenter in time, his damage received will be reduced. Keep in mind this will eliminate that particular gas can, limiting escape options. What do you all think about this idea? Should it also be possible to shoot the gas tank and a repaired car for the same effect? Or would the limiting of escape options make the game far too unbalanced? I look forward to everyone's thoughts and suggestions!
  9. I have seen people discuss this in regards to the fuse but something i was thinking about to make the game a little more challenging would be if all items/collectibles and weapons spawned randomly all over the map. Rather than having the collectible tapes being solely found in drawers it would be cool to find one just laying on the dock or on a bench by a tent. Same with the repair items/health spray/weapons, i think it would create for a more fun and difficult match if you never know wether you will find an item in a cabin or along the path in the woods or near the dock.I personally think that with the current way that items spawn it becomes more often than not predictable for players to know where they need to look for items to escape just minutes into the match. I hope this is something that devs consider for a future update
  10. This is a work in progress and is going to be worked on further in the next coming days. Special thanks go to @Alkavian and @Tommy86 who suggested I run tests and have other info based on Mechanics in other threads: Rydog's Guide working on updating if changes are needed. This might be in a different thread or further down the line The Playbook by @Alkavian All Tests are being done without perks to isolate the Strength stat and using a Machete The stats so far: Kenny vs Pt3 (base HP for Jasons) 5 normal swings 3 combat swings 5 bear traps and 3 normal swings 10 bear traps and 1 normal swing So from this we can determine so far that 5 bear traps on Jason is equal to 2 normal swings. 2.5 bear traps are equal to 1 non-combat swing. I went ahead and tested several more times with each test and everything seems consistent. I went ahead and tested to see if 13 bear traps would remove his mask, however they did not. I even did an extra 2 and it seems like there is a cap to damage on the bear traps at the least, always needing at least 1 swing from a weapon, in this case the machete, to remove his mask. Buggzy (Max Strength) vs Pt3 3 normal swings 2 combat swings During this test a new discovery was made. While testing we ran into more stuns than with Kenny. With this we discovered that swings which end in Jason being stunned NO DAMAGE!!! This is reflected in the following trials thanks to @BomberBuddy 4 normal swings, 1st one being a stun hit 3 combat swings, 1 being a stun 2 stuns and 1 combat swing (mask still on) This could possibly be the reason why there are many inconsistencies with Jason mask removal. Update: stuns do no damage to Jason. In the tests we removed the stuns in the count towards the damage and came to the original number without stuns each time. Deb/Jenny(Minimum Strength) vs Pt3 8 normal swings 4 combat swings With these tests conclude, at least on the machete, its safe yo assume that combat stance actually DOUBLES your damage rounded up. So for 1 strength you take 4 swings, half of 8 and for Kenny you take 3 swings, half of 5 which is 2.5, rounded, is 3. Jason Damage +Weapon Damage: 2 to cripple, 4 to kill =Weapon Damage: 3 to cripple, 5 to kill. Throwing Knives: 2 to cripple, 4 to kill So if we conclude that Jason has 100 health like @Alkavian stated below, this means counselors do as well and they do the same amount of damage to one another. HOWEVER Jasons combat stance does NOT double his damage like counselors. Also this means that with a normal strength Jason, its better to combine knives with swings since theyre the same as +Weapon Damage. If there is anyone else that would like to help test the number and mechanics in the game on PS4 please feel free to add me on PSN.
  11. Hello people, as you know we are nowhere for the arrival of Jason Part IV to the game. We know that your main weapon will be a pig splinter and as we can see on the map of future DLC are still missing 3 Jason to see. Theyare probably Jason Uber, Jason Remake, Jason Part X, Roy Burns or some new design. And I wonder what main weapons they use, I know that for many it is not important, but I have not seen all the movies and I'd love for a veteran in the universe on Friday the 13th to give me some examples of what weapons Jason could use in the future. I would also like others to give me ideas of future weapons that do not necessarily come out in the movies but that Jason could use inside the GAME. Thanks for reading this post.
  12. I had recently watched the Friday the 13th reboot and I noticed Jason threw what looked like a fire axe at Lawrence when he was trying to escape. So I was wondering why cant Jason throw do this game, to do this anyone playing Jason would have to have at least 1 hand kill ex: Head Punch or Bear Hug. These hand kills would be for when Jason doesn't have his weapon, I know this could be a bugs with this. This could be applied to any Jason even with the new part 4 one (as of 10-5-17) Please leave feedback, any help is awesome!
  13. It's back. This time with a bat.
  14. Has anybody got any ideas for new weapons, either for Jason or Councillors? I have an idea myself: Weapon: Chainsaw Owner: Jason Reason: Just imagine this. You are searching drawers when suddenly you hear a mechanical rumbling behind you. You turn to see Jason charging at you with a chainsaw in one hand. He grabs you and, before you can break free, throws you to the ground and cuts you in half while you scream. I know its not like Jason to have a chainsaw, but that would be awesome.
  15. Switching Weapons as Jason ?

    Title says it all, I'd love to have part 6 Jason with a machete, as he is my favorite but I really like part 7's kills, clearly it wouldn't be very hard, as one guy was able to do it the course of a day or so; This video has J8 with a machete, J7 with an axe, and so on, this is a feature I'd really love to see, and it shouldn't be very hard to do.
  16. Jason could start out in the shack and take either an axe off the shelf, or a machete from his altar. Meanwhile off in the map, he can find axes on chopping blocks that counselers are too weak to pull out, fishing spears in the boat place, etc. Or, he could select a different weapon (Which costs CP to buy) in the menu, so you can have P3 jason with a machete. Weapons would cost a high amount, like 2k each, so you can have more invested into each Jason counterpart.
  17. I haven't seen a post for this, but what do you think about having jason be able to use what ever weapon he wanted, instead of just one? For example part 7 Jason instead of just using a machete, you can pick the axe and etc. Or maybe, he can pick up random weapons for him on the map to kill counselors?
  18. While screaming and running for my life during my matches, I always see a lot of pots and pans laying around but rarely(if ever), do I see them in use by players(myself included). I thought perhaps that these items could serve a second purpose in creating a new type of distraction to use against Jason. Most notably, giving the counselors the option to making popcorn. Counselors could grab a pan, make a run to a kitchen and/or pantry area for the popcorn, then either a) turn on the stove(mini-game similar to the repair function?) or get to a campfire to start making a fresh batch of corn(which would work similarly to the radio). Once started, a batch could last maybe 3-5(roughly)minutes or until Jason disposes of the menace, whichever comes first.
  19. Hey guys, I've read a lot of tips on here for the best ways to use Jason, but I'm still finding it difficult taking out all of the players during a match. I'd say I've only had the chance to play as Jason 6-7 times (which is kinda crazy for how many matches I've played). Only once have i been able to kill almost everyone. Most of those times I've used my Savini Jason. I love the way he looks, and his weapon destruction is great. I think the pitchfork is bad-ass because of the distance, but it takes this Jason so long to complete a whole swing...when you miss your mark it makes chasing a player pretty difficult. I also find its way to easy for players to get out of a grab. Anyways after just finishing a match where I only killed 1 of 7, I'm thinking of practicing with a new one. So, can anyone recommend another Jason or offer up some tips of how to get to playing flawlessly? Also, does each Jason have a different speed at which they use their weapon? Like I said, the pitchfork has it's perks but it's so fucking slow. Is a machete faster? Part Six and Seven seem appealing because I find sense/shift to be very important, I may try them out next. Thanks y'all!
  20. I was thinking about how jason should be able to change weapons like he does in the movies. He always killed people with different weapons like the harpoon gun, the spear from the harpoon gun, his moms machete, the ax in his shack, maybe the body of a counselor like thrown it at them to cause more fear, and maybe using the car as a couple executions like kill with hood or car door and use the keys to start the car and ise the tire to skin the victim.
  21. I would, personally, like to see some secondary weapons for jason. Gimmie the hammer, butcher knife, combat knife More machette! Less axe!
  22. I was attempting to barricade the door when Jason broke it. Afterwards I couldn't open any windows or use the gun I had equipped. All I could do was run. Needless to say I didn't last very long...
  23. So I dunno if this is a xbox only issue (Might be) but I can never stun Jason at ALL with the tree branch. And I Haven't seen anyone do it either. Is it bugged or do I have the worst luck alive?
  24. Have a lot in mind with the game, I know that they didn't reach goals with their Kickstarter campaign but be awesome if these were included into the game in the near future... More Weapons for Jason and Counselors Either have a new weapons to choose from for each Jason Character or have weapons scattered across the map, like the Counselors, to were everyone could pick up these weapons, if not everyone, just only Jason but switches out the main weapon, like the Counselors... Weapons such as the Tree Trimmer, Hammer, Harpoon Gun, and other weapons used by Jason from the movies... Other Playable Characters aside from Jason/Tommy Jarvis Pamela Voorhees, Imposter Jason (Part 5) Creighton Duke, Jessica and/or Diana Kimble (Part 9), Reggie, boy Tommy Jarvis, Crazy Ralph, Tina Shepard (Part 7), Rennie Wickham (Part 8), Tsunaron and Kay-Em (X), Sargent Brodski (X) Have a "Heros vs. Villian" Mode Have all the listed characters above instead of the standard Counselors have characters like Tommy Jarvis or any characters listed above to pick an choose to fight Jason or escape the camp. More Skins for Jason Part 1 Jason- boy Jason, Part 5 Jason- Imposter Jason, 2009 Friday the 13th Jason, both Jason X skins, Freddy vs. Jason Jason skin (I know they don't have the rights to this Jason but still would be awesome), maybe some new created Jason skins? Jason X- Spaceship Map I know many of fans didn't like the movie but I was one of some that did, an this would open up a whole new Map an variety of new Grab Kills for Jason an new weapons for the "Counselors", a way to get out would be find the computer an to turn it on then find a radio contact help an unlock the security door to reach another ship alongside the ship you are already on, just like in the movie. Jason Takes Manhatten- Ship Map Again just like Jason X, create the same layout as the ship from the film to let loose an kill upon. Jason Takes Manhatten- Streets of Manhatten Map Play as both in the streets of Manhatten. Jason Goes to Hell- Voorhees House Map Love to play in the Voorhees house from this film. 2009 F13 Remake Camp Now this would be a fun map also to experience playing in the tunnels under the House. New Jason spawn locations Like in movies have Jason spawn like he does. Part 2 Jason- Shack, Part 6 Jason- in the Graveyard, Part 7 Jason- Underwater in the lake. But change it up soo it's the same every time... New Spawn Cutscenes I thought they said that they were gonna do this at the beginning but I may be wrong but anyways instead of at the campfire have two Counselors having sex then get impaled by a Pitchfork, or all the Counselors are swimming an one gets dragged under from Jason then they all swim out of the water then the game begins, but would like more intro cutscenes. Alright well I think this will be enough for now please let me know if I left anything out, I believe that is it if not I'll think of some more later or let me know, but yea this would be my top Favorite Game of All-Time if all this were to be put into the game on top of the #Fridaythe13theTeam Wishlist they had on their page. Thanks for an amazing game so far F13team!
  25. Disclaimer: I have search for a thread about this topic on this forum and what not and couldn't once find one thread about it and I tried to look on youtube videos FOR hours about this being a concept and nope....no real subject but I hope the staff wont be irritated about this question/suggestion if it was asked or posted and lost......... We know a single Jason Voorhees has a machete in the game and the others don't but what if we can switch from a "Primary" to a "Secondary" weapon? Example (For those who dont understand): jason with an axe switches to a Machete. Thoughts? Feedback? its all open!